Spider-Man: Death of Gwen Stacy

Spider-Man: Death of Gwen Stacy In This Shocking And Moving Story, The Green Goblin And Spider Man Face Off Atop The George Washington Bridge, With Gwen S Life Hanging In The BalanceCollects The Amazing Spider Man , And Webspinners Tales Of Spider Man

Gerard Francis Conway is an American writer of comic books and television shows He is known for co creating the Marvel Comics vigilante the Punisher and scripting the death of the character Gwen Stacy during his long run on The Amazing Spider Man At DC Comics, he is known for co creating the superhero Firestorm and others, and for writing the Justice League of America for eight years Conway wr

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  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Spider-Man: Death of Gwen Stacy
  • Gerry Conway
  • English
  • 15 September 2019
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    You d be hard pressed to hear me praise anything about the early portion or just about any portion other than this one of Gerry Conway s run on The Amazing Spider Man I don t know that he disliked Spidey, but I do think that he liked humiliating him a bit than his fellow writers In one climactic battle, Conway had Spider Man taken out by the evil, powerful and menacing Aunt May What Go ahead, reread that sentence It s true Aunt May knocked out Spider Man by hitting him in the head with a vase That means, of course, that at that point, May had done what Sandman, Mysterio, Kraven, and Molten Man had all failed to do Take out Spider Man.Combine that with that whole Doc Ock courting Aunt May storyline, not to mention starting this rolling snowball of hell, and you can see why Conway isn t my favorite writer But I have to admit, he handled these issues like a pro He does just about everything right and exceptionally well, which makes me wonder about the rest of his run, but anywayThere are a lot of obvious things in this comic that make it great You ve got the tragic story of the death of a loved one, the climactic final battle between two mortal enemies, and a tale that runs the emotional gauntlet But there are a lot of less obvious things that make this comic a great one Take for example, this panel from issue 121 image error

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    One of the most classic spider man stories of all time A bit dated but the shock value of the death of Gwen Stacy still holds weight Many things are going on in Peter Parker life amongst them the fallout of the death of Gwen dad captain Stacy and the drug addiction of Harry Osborn and Spidey s ongoing battle with the maniacal Green Goblin Definitely one for the all time classics

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    I was perhaps not the ideal reader for this volume I have little experience with the Spider Man comics, if any my only knowledge has been gleaned from the films, Wikipedia article skimming, and a novelization of, I m given to understand, the Peter Mary Jane plotline in the Ultimate comics Mary Jane by Judith O Brien, for anyone wondering it actually remains a favorite novel of mine to this day, because it so accurately reflected high school life, and because it made me an eternal lover of Peter Mary Jane Since I ve been a devout Peter Mary Jane shipper since childhood they re one of the first fictional couples I remember really loving, before even Roswell s Max and Liz or The X Files Mulder and Scully I just wasn t expecting to get so wrapped up in the death of Peter s first love After all, he moved on and found happiness eventually with Mary Jane, so I knew it would be okay That would negate the emotional impact, I thought.Except that it really didn t Even knowing next to nothing about Peter and Gwen s history together, next to nothing about the storyline in the comics up until then, I was still emotionally devastated by the story and surprised by how effective it was even years later I can see now why this is such a landmark story, not only for Spider Man but for comics in general It s truly a feat.At first, I admit, I got a good laugh at the artwork One of my favorite Doctor Who episodes has a moment where the Doctor s former companion reveals K9, the old robot dog that used to assist her and the Doctor in the classic series, now worn out and broken Rose, the current companion, looks at the very out of date robot and says, Why does he look so disco That was pretty much my reaction When Peter s walking around wearing gold chains and painfully Technicolor suits, and Harry looks closer to thirty than college age yeah Stack that on top of Peter s habit of exclaiming that old school expression of annoyance, Nuts , and calling Gwen Gwendy and I was well, there was a lot of cheese apparent in some parts of the story As a modern reader, it was a little hard to get past some of the dated aspects.That said, though, the plot itself still felt relevant From what I understand, from context and Wikipedia readings, Peter begins the story broken up from Gwen, who has fled to Europe after the death of her police captain father He was killed trying to save a child from a falling building cornice, and Gwen blamed Spider Man Her grief pushed her and Peter apart and led to her going overseas, and now Peter is left alone in New York with his best friend and roommate, Harry Osborn.Peter s day is about to get pretty eventful His Aunt May, at least, seems to be recovering well from the death of his Uncle Ben, going out on the town with Anna Watson On his walk through the City, Peter, as Spider Man, follows speeding cop cars to the site of a building where a man, stoned on LSD, is about to jump off Spider Man saves the jumper, but drugs are about to hit much closer to home Harry, seething with jealousy over the way Mary Jane s been flirting with Peter ostensibly to make Harry jealous , decides that LSD and pill popping would be a great solution to his problems, a way to forget about Mary Jane.Though Peter worries about his friend s seeming pill addiction, he s got bigger problems Harry s father, Norman, is the Green Goblin unknowingly When he s Norman, his memories of being the Goblin are safely buried, but could be triggered at any time of undue stress which would lead to him remembering that Peter Parker is Spider Man, something Peter can t risk Unfortunately, over the course of the next few months, Norman is about to remember, and when he does, the Goblin will rob Peter of the love of his life and maybe even Peter s own principles.To start with, I d read a bit about the anti drugs angle in this story, but I was surprised at just how strongly it was present I will give the writers credit for knowing that they were in a position to reach many, many kids, and that they probably did so admirably In 1973, drugs were still as big an issue as they are today, apparently Yes, it gets a bit soapbox y, but Spider Man saving the jumper was admirable, and seeing Harry s spiral into schizophrenia as the result of his taking LSD was heartbreaking.Reading this, never having had much experience with old school comics, I was surprised at how knowing the creators were, occasionally throwing in little metafictional notes reminders to the reader about certain things from issues past, for one thing I got a giggle out of the third issue, where Peter and Gwen separately philosophize about missing the other, and when we finally get back to the action, the panel notes, And now that the longest soliloquies since Hamlet have come to an end It was fun to see the writers really knowing their audience, probably thinking that the young predominantly male, I d assume audience reading the comics just wouldn t care about Peter Parker s romantic life I haven t read many comics at all today, so I don t know if those little nods still exist Somehow I get the feeling they don t, that these are charming remnants of a bygone era For one thing, the cutesy, knowing tone is at an end by the time Peter arrives in his apartment to find Gwen s purse and a weapon of the Green Goblin s.What a confrontation it is What a death scene What aftermath I knew the outcome, of course I did, but I was holding my breath as soon as Peter swung up to the bridge to see the Goblin with an unconscious Gwen There s so much at play here that it stunned me, and the pages immediately following Gwen s death left me sobbing I saved you, honey Don t you see I saved you These are Peter s denial ridden words when he realizes his beloved has died and sadly, that it might have been his fault No one will ever confirm or deny, it seems, as it s been debated in the decades since the storyline wrapped, but it might have been Peter s heroic actions that caused Gwen s death He caught her by the ankle with his webbing, and the telltale SNAP effect by her head seems to indicate that whiplash killed her, although the Goblin says a fall from that height would have killed anyone.Was Peter at fault, for reasons than one because the Goblin knowing his real identity put Gwen in danger for associating with him, because his catching her might have killed her after all Was he at as much fault as the Goblin That s the question that seems to drive his downward spiral The fifth issue chronicles Spider Man s vengeful pursuit of the Goblin, and it s just breathtaking That s the only way I can describe it Even not knowing much of Spider Man outside of these few issues, I could see just how much he d been driven off the deep end by Gwen s death No Do I hear you begging, Goblin Don t make me sick, friend why should I show you any mercy What mercy did you show Gwen Answer me that, Green Goblin ANSWER ME THAT Those are Peter s words as he attacks the Goblin, tormented with grief It s the same standard thing you see in nearly any TV show or movie that features this sort of a confrontation after the hero s loved one has died at the hands of the villain, but what astonished me is that all of the emotion is conveyed through words, not even so much the artwork We don t see much of Peter with his mask off after the death happens He s in the suit nearly all the time, leaving us blind to his facial expressions A medium which can use art to show emotion chose not to, instead leaving nearly all the weight on Peter s anguished words that was incredibly brave, and perhaps made it even moving to me, someone who s touched by words than anything.After the confrontation is finished and Peter s still standing, the groundwork is seemingly laid for the future Mary Jane is profoundly affected by the death of her good friend, and stays to comfort Peter I think it was a wise choice to include a small snippet, after the close of the final issue, of a recently penned Peter Gwen story A glimpse into one of the last nights Peter and Gwen would ever share, it s a moving meditation on regret and remembrance after loss How many moments in our lives go by like that We ll do it tomorrow, we say No, I don t feel like it you go without me Maybe some other time But those tomorrows we take for granted don t always come I don t think that many comics can claim to have made their readers think so much, to feel so deeply, as this one did With a still timely anti drug message, a moral struggle for the ages, and a landmark death in the history of comics, this volume, scarcely over 100 pages, still packs a powerful punch over thirty years later I ve emerged from this reading experience with a better appreciation of the Spider Man mythos as well as the history of comics, and for that I m grateful For any Spider Man lovers or even doubters, for anyone who wants a glimpse into comic book history, see if you can find this one if you can, it s well worth a read Peter loves and misses you, Gwen I think I will, too.

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    When a series has been around for as long as The Amazing Spider Man, you can t help but have, to some degree, a sense of inertia There is a certain status quo, and it can t really be avoided What made this book really exciting was the feeling that something was happening Opening with the three part Harry Osborn drug story was a nice move on the part of the Collections Editor, as it really set the stage Not only did it include the previous encounter between the Green Goblin and Spider Man and set the stage for the Goblin s hatred by showing Harry s sickness, but it was a hell of story in its own right, and it really showed how much Peter cared about Gwen.Lee was on his game in that story it was over written, but the characters emotions were very palpable and there was a real sense of depth to the Harry s problems and Peter s concern, and Gerry Conway built nicely on those feelings to craft the finale Even Peter s final reaction, the emptiness that he felt after the Goblin s death was realistic and believable Plus, the opening salvo in the maturation of Mary Jane Watson is fired on the story s last page.Gil Kane is a hell of comic artist Although Kane is a strong and distinct storyteller, Frank Giacoia s inks have a nearly over powering effect on his pencils The lines are much thicker and blacker then I am used to from Kane, although his layouts remain strong I also appreciated that he often drew Spider Man from strange angles, enhancing the sense of vertigo that comes from swinging around the city and sticking to odd surfaces.Plus, a nice, nostalgic back up by JM DeMatteis and John Romita Sr reflects on Gwen and Peter s relationship.

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    As a huge Spiderman fan, Spiderman the night Gwen Stacy died is a Spidey story that any Marvel or comics fans know about, and it s not hard to know why In any type of fiction or media, the love interest stays there When readers or fans grow attached to the love figure, epically once the hero has a future with her, the writer usually hears the fan base and continues to go along with what the readers like In Spider Man s world, today, Mary Jane is that girl even if a deal with the devil un doing the marriage between Pete and MJ , and to kill her off today would just be the exact same impact and dare that Gerry Cornwell and fantastic artist Kil Ganesh did ages ago with the night Gwen Stacy died Would Marvel today kill off Mary jane The girl Gwen Stacy was the Mary Jane in popularity during the 60s and early 70s This comics classic is brilliant, as not only is it a very important part of the 50 year Spiderman history, but further because of the effects that this story had in any general genre doing one of the most ground breaking story arcs ever As I the title and cover already shows, Gwen Stacy dies Being honest it kinda sucks having to live with the Internet and everything spoilers as I am sure like me that anyone going into this story already knows who bites the dust after the teasing cover of Amazing Spiderman 121 It would be such a real thrill seeing such a cover today in a Spidey book with no gimmicks not knowing what It s a shame that in some cases this story is so known that we don t get the same exact real un expected turning point that made this story so ground breaking to readers in the first place But this also makes the story even impressive, as this also shows that the story is t just loved through the waste less shock value However, this book is t only just great through the death of Gwen Stacy, as there s loads of other fantastic strengths For example I really do like the opening page through ASM 121, showing the super hero with the care and emotions and other concerns other then justice through life the of Peter Parker It was very wise of Cornwell to introduce another plague of drugs with Harry Osborn s life, the best friend of Peter, as the 2rd part of the story also shows yet again one of the most shocking parts of the story, Peter turning on a friend Super Villain wise, the Green Goblin here is truly used to great effect in this story, with great development as well The returning memories of Normans Osborn s Amnesia is also used wonderfully, having a villain at first a ticking time bomb, waiting to strike The goblins actions in this story are also impressively believable in this fight Coming from the guy who he thinks has made his son sick Peter Parker , along with huge money problems in business, the Green Goblins intentions in this story are high, and as I said before, believable The intentions that the Green Goblin have here are sick, and just cruel taking the girlfriend away from Pete s life Personally you have to hate Osborn and what he brought upon Spider Man s life, and if we were in Spidey s shoes in this case, you ll explode with revenge and anger And this is yet again another huge big event in the story, and why I think part 2 is even so thrilling then part 1 s climax Spiderman is a hero, but he has limits He saves people, deals with the bad Guy and goes on But when he fails to save a person, further the person he loves, somebody so much in both Peter Parker s life s, you ll snap and declare to do actions far beyond what you go on Wrong Goblin You killed the women I loveand today s you re going to DIE , Spider Man s dialogue here is fantastic, as the characters intentions here shows another believable character in the story, even so well then the Green Goblins with Spiderman acting in such a non normal manner un like the Goblin who, killing a character is typical considering the role of the villain However, The hero with limits Even thrilling.I would also state that in part 2 of the story Spiderman is t Spiderman in part 2 On a night like this, is this the friendly neighbourhood hero every one says We ve seen Spiderman totally mad before, but not like this With great power comes great responsibility and whereabouts in this story is this morale Answer it s broken Forgotten Buried underneath revenge This is Spider Man s darkest night, sinking to the intentions that the Green Goblin lives for The fact that it only took the moment in which Spider Man was in the act of acting upon his revenge realising his shocking aim just shows how far Spider Man s was pushed here.There s also a pretty nice moral of the story to add as well, near the end But the epilogue is beautiful and heart breaking, and I love it I love it because it just shows how totally awesome Mary Jane is rather then her beauty It s a upsetting moment for her, un wanted and only wanting to comfort her and Pete s loss, but once she chooses her stay, this just shows how much MJ is in character being truly caring No wonder that his girl would prove to be even bigger Gwen The art Fantastic Gil Kane is a real talented artist who is even able to draw art with emotion through no dialogue at all Image reading this story without no words at all You could still see Spider Man s total shock with just the drawn shaking You could still see a real stunned Peter Parker with those possessed eyes You could still see that the range of Spiderman battling the Green Goblin even without Cornwells dialogue You could still see how awesome Mary Jane is in The final page even without Pete s words The list goes on and for a pretty long while Kane also draws some of the most iconic pages of all The last page of Spiderman holding Gwen, fists up full on range is a image nobody forgets either.All in all this story is wonderful but further unforgettable with emotional beats, believable characters and damn right amazing story telling with art work that truly brings Cornwall s story into play Just Read This.

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    A classic story that s worth reading This collection provides just enough of the issues before the titular death to provide some context, though not enough to really understand the relationships or feel the tragedy of what happens It s also VERY MUCH set in 1973, with all of the typical Marvel style attempts at cool lingo, clothes, and ham fisted social commentary I love that stuff, but I could see it being distracting for someone who wants story than time capsule I liked the little epilogue at the end Peter Parker looks through old photos and remembers his last date with Gwen that the creators made years later It s sentimental and sweet, and provides a little d nouement for the collected edition which you wouldn t get by stopping at issue 122 of an ongoing series.

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    Collects Amazing Spider Man issues 96 98 and 121 122, and material from Webspinners Tales of Spider Man issue 1Even though this is a well known tale, the emotional nature of the story still hits hard This is likely the greatest tragedy in Peter s life, even so than the death of Uncle Ben The writing and storytelling is definitely of its time, feeling very dated, but I think this story still holds up.

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    This one is pretty fun Some kind of heavy handed anti drug memorandums, but aside from that, it was all well written and told an interesting story Much better written than Stan Lee s 60s Spiderman.

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    Noteworthy for actually killing a major supporting character and keeping her dead, but that s all there is to it The writing isn t very good some terrible depictions of drug use and drug effects and a death with no real drama.

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    This is Spiderman at his best, and sadly, at his worst The Death of Gwen Stacy has always been at the core of what makes Spidey, well, Spidey I liked the nod the director used in Tobey Maguire s outing on film with the final outcome of the battle between The Green Goblin and Spiderman.

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