Spider-Man: American Son

Spider-Man: American Son Following Immediately On The Heels Of , Spider Man S World Has Become Messed Up And Stressful Than Ever And The Fact That His Biggest Enemy Is In Charge Of The World And The Avengers Is Only The Icing On A Really Dangerous Cake Now Faced With Hard Choices About Family And Friendship, Spider Man Knows Exactly What He Has To Do To Save The World It S Time To Take Down Norman Osborn Collects Amazing Spider Man , Plus The Page Harry Osborn Story From Brand New Day Extra

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spider-Man: American Son book, this is one of the most wanted Joe Kelly author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 136 pages
  • Spider-Man: American Son
  • Joe Kelly
  • English
  • 02 March 2019
  • 9780785138709

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    Good story This Lily character is Just very delusional to me

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    I have a feeling this story won t age particularly well This was set during the Dark Reign, a time where Spider Man s prime arch foe Norman Osborn, also known as the Green Goblin, inexplicably became the top law enforcer of the United States as fallout from the Secret Invasion This was also Spider Man in his Brand New Day reboot, which restored his secret identity and a controversial annulment from his wife.This story would be difficult to follow if you are not updated with current Marvel Comics editorial direction I m not even a regular buyer of their monthly titles, but I do keep track of the latest news from comics news websites.The Brand New Day direction has resulted in what I believe the best Spider Man stories these past five years This new outlook is helped by a competent editorial influence and a brain trust of the best and up and coming writers in the comic book business One of these editorial decisions was to streamline the Spider Man line from three books to one main title, Amazing Spider Man which shipped three times a month This resulted in a stronger and coherent Spider Man voice, which distinguishes itself from the team books the character appears monthly This accelerated shipping schedule necessitated a rotating art team Fortunately, the four artists involved in this story arc have similar art styles so the art change in every chapter is not jarring The coloring team also helps in ensuring a uniform look.This story was about Harry Osborn, who has been both a disappointing son and friend to Norman Osborn and Peter Parker, Spider Man s alter ego This character has been, in various stages, a drug dependent, super villain and dead He returned in Brand New Day and cleaned up his act He has been sober and an entrepreneur He has had his troubles lately, with his failing coffee shop and a relationship that did not end particularly well Parker feared that his friend may succumb to the lure of drugs since he doubted his resolve Even his father continued to view his son with contempt and undeserving of his name With that kind of baggage the writing team managed to develop a nuanced character They gave him a backbone and in this storyline, Harry confronted his father and Spider Man He made a decision here that advanced his development as a character and an integral part of the Spider man supporting cast.

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    Harry is being manipulated by his father to become the next Captain America while Spider Man tries to stop the madness.A solid three star, especially if you include the artwork Almost a four star but not quite MY GRADE B

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    My girlfriend is Mexican like myself, with a darker tan, extremely beautiful, and had dyed her hair blond for a couple months We discover we were going to be parents And her name is Lilly As the months go by and her stomach starts getting bigger, I pick up this book You can imagine what a coincidence I thought this was Also when she gets mad, she can become quite a beast Iv finally gotten around to finishing this book and said fetus inside her womb is now my 3 year old son, and he is not a goblin.Then again he can be a little monster.

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    I love the last 7 pages, powerful stuff

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    Very surprised A meh Spidey story but a really good Harry story World I know this is a book from the 2000s I know but wow the female characters in this book is a bit too much, the way Sue Storm is drawn is pretty much how Catwoman was drawn in the 90s, nude and then with body paint, it s 2018 so it is kinda painful to look at The world building here is solid, it s a continuation of both Peter s current story but important it s a direct link to the situation with Norman Osborn and the Avengers, it s pretty interesting and a good stage for the story to play out It deals with history and I like that, pulling the Norman Harry relationship back into focus was an interesting move and one that has not been done in a while, good job.Story The Spidey angle of the story was rather meh, nothing much really happens to him except he gets tortured and tries to save his friend, and he is a good friend We see Peter be a loyal and good friend to Harry and that s a good thing to reestablish this for the Slott era, but as I said this is not really Peter s story, it s Harry s It s an interesting Harry story that starts off rather meh and kinda eye rolling stupid with the baby and all that but when you get to issue 5 and the confrontation happens and the emotions and history of the character come all together that single issue was pretty solid and entertaining, everything else before was rather meh.Characters Peter is Peter, nothing new here, he s a good friend This is Harry s story and even though it s his story he is still rather a bit all over the place and janky but it does all come together in the end with a satisfying confrontation and end, it s a good scene and worth the read of this story alone The other characters found here are rather meh and do fit the roles they are intended for, it s fun to have all the Rogues in Avengers tower but yeah, they only served their purpose.An alright story with a really good end that made it a satisfying read.Onward to the next book

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    Wasn t sure where this was going to go, but I suppose further addressing Norman Osborn as a hero and how his son Harry may deal with all this was rather long overdue The resulting story, which included efforts to make Norman even ickier since he s cultivated a relationship with Harry s goblin powered ex girlfriend was a little cringy but the whole story certainly made sense in terms of just how sick Norman can be Spider Man is in this story too, but let s get real and admit this is all about the Osborns again and that helped it move forward The way Spider Man was trying to shoehorn himself into the situation as a good friend was a little awkward but well intentioned nonetheless Apparently, Peter Parker is THAT sort of friend.

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    Well, this was pretty messed up Dear God is Norman evil.

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    Poor start, good finish

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    I m not particularly a follower of Spiderman nothing against the series, just not my thing I read this because I ve been enad with Joe Kelly since reading his graphic novel I Kill Giants which was a limited series he did for Image and is therefore fairly different from the stuff he writes for DC and Marvel to pay the bills This is a decent story arc about Spiderman and the continuing conflicts in the Osborn family between Norman also known as The Green Goblin, of course and his son Harry This TPB collects the 4 issues of Kelly s story arc American Son where Norman has turned into a national hero and taken over the Avengers with super villains posing as the original members Bullseye for Hawkeye, Venom for Spiderman and so on There were a few potentially dramatic moments in the story that were squandered by not being clearly explained like the coda involving Peter s journalist friend Norah and the article she s writing on the Osborn era Avengers Tower And while I liked the storyline overall, there was a little too much Osborn family angst Having said that, the best part of the collection in terms of story Joe Kelly, again and art Dale Eaglesham was the short story tacked onto the end about a really twisted and sad father son moment from Harry s childhood involving his stolen bicycle Out of a large crew of artists that worked on this book, including Phil Jimenez, Dale Eaglesham easily draws Harry the best.

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