Ottoman In An English Master Gunner, John Hawkwood, Arrives In Constantinople He Intends To Enter The Service Of The Byzantine Emperor, Whose Capital Is This Astonishing Meeting Place Of East And West Now In Dire Threat From The Ottoman TurksBut Even Gunpowder Cannot Prevail And, In , Constantinople Falls To The Foe By Fate The Hawkwoods Have Already Changed Allegiance, And Now Serve The Conquerors In Their Victorious Surge Across Eastern Europe And The Mediterranean ShoresThough Showered With Wealth And Privilege, They Need Every Ounce Of Political Cunning To Survive The Swirling Intrigues And Bloody Massacres Which Dominate The Ottoman Realm For Four Generations The Hawkwood Men Are Military Leaders And Envoys, While Their Women Are Beautiful Captives Or Dutiful Concubines Trained In The Arts Of Sensual PleasureBut Always The Grim Spectres Of Betrayal And Sudden Death, Of Ravishment And Torture Lurk Behind The Gilded Pillars Of Their Palaces And HaremsAn Historical Epic Which Relates The Exploits Of The Hawkwood Family Of Master Gunners Between And , The Date Of The Battle Of Lepanto The Story Revolves Around Constantinople And Recreates The Dying Years Of The Byzantine Emperors And The Conquest And Magnificence Of The Ottomans

Peter Grange,

❰Read❯ ➳ Ottoman Author Alan Savage –
  • Hardcover
  • 800 pages
  • Ottoman
  • Alan Savage
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
  • 9780356191256

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    Just arrived from Sweden, kindly sent by dear Bettie This is the story of three generations of the Hawkwood family, starting with the battle in Constantinople, showing the power of Ottoman Turks and ending with the famous battle of Lepanto By the end of the book, Miguel of Cervantes appears as a character of this drama.

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    It s better than the average historical adventure romance novel with its well researched subject matter and well used language though there are minor issues here and there Still, it doesn t go beyond the usual Orientalist outlook of the works produced in the genre It doesn t necessarily have to go beyond what it is anyway, it s fun to read, given that it s a rather long novel for what it is.

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    Good solid historical storytelling.I feel slightly guilty at only giving this book 4 stars but I can t get away from the fact that whilst I found the book for the most part totally enthralling, at times I was tempted either to skip pages or actually did so.The portrayal of the Ottoman court and its culture was superb as were the descriptions of the military expeditions, but I found the descriptions of the Hawkwoods domesticity hard work, especially the sex scenes So much for making love not war Having read the author s Regiment Trilogy , which not only captured the essence of military life, but also described the domestic life of the period so well, I found my lack of empathy with the Hawkwood family life, a little disappointing.Having said that, please do not be put off reading this impressive story by what is after all, a matter of my personal taste You would be missing a treat.

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    Good historical background but this book can t decide what it wants to be Adventure story, history lesson, romance There are jarring shifts between the story and the history lecture Not bad, but could have been so much better than it is.

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    Not for meStopped reading at 4% wanted a book about the ottoman empire not the hawkwoods, really disappointed, the start just didn t let me Get into it.

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    I would give it a solid 3.5 if I could I will say this right off the boat, for me this book was really hard to finish, because there is so much information the author is always throwing at your face But for that reason I also like the book as well, we get a lot of information about everything which gives us a very solid setting, along with well developed characters I believe that if there was less information cut from certain places it would have not been such a slog to get through the book and still be an effective story I received this book from Endeavour Press for a review.

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    All about the Hawkwoods Up the gunners..Alan Savage is a pseudonym of Christoper Nicole.

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