Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt

Spider-Man: Kraven's Last HuntKraven the Hunter, aware that he s getting too old for this shit, decides to go out with a bang He drugs Spider Man, beats the shit out of him, and buries him alive Kraven, dressed as Spidey, goes on a rampage to prove he s better than Spider Man, until Spider Man digs his way out of the graveThe great thing about Marvel Unlimited is that you can finally catch up on some of the epic stories you missed when you were a kid This one was pretty bad ass.In some ways, Kraven s Last Hunt is the precursor for Superior Spider Man Kraven gets Spidey out of the way and goes on to show what kind of Spider Man he d make and then Peter gets to clean up the mess, such as dealing with Vermin and explaining why it looks like Spidey murdered some people Also, there s Peter dealing with exhaustion and claustrophobia for being buried alive for two weeksKraven s Last Hunt actually holds up fairly well The art is better than most of the art from the time period and the writing is actually some of the best Marvel had in the 1980 s Kraven has his finest hour and then Spider Man has one of his There are a couple moments in this storyline that remind me of Spider Man lifting that giant hunk of machinery off of himself during the Ditko run It shows what Spider Man is all about.There are some quintessential Spider Man tales everyone Spider Fan should read This is one of them Four out of five stars. Esta review puede contener spoilersHistoria at pica donde se aplica la regla inversa, el villano gana.Kraven el cazador parece estar atravesando sus ltimos d as y ejecuta su m xima aspiraci n, una demostraci n personal de lo que result imposible para l y todos Vencer al enemigo.El estilo del c mic casi sin di logos, narrado en gran parte en voz en off hace que el lector sienta a trav s de los pensamientos de los personajes Gran historia. Kraven, a long time Spidey villain, decides that he will hunt Spider man as apparently Spider man is the last creature he s been looking to defeat But he also wants to prove that he s a better Spider man than Spider man for some reason That s pretty much the set up but with a title like Kraven s Last Hunt , something decisive is likely to happen like a death of sorts and seeing as the cover has Spidey climbing out of a grave, I m guessing it s not him who pops it So here follows a review with some 25 year old spoilers How familiar are you with Kraven If the answer is who chances are you won t be exactly impressed by his introduction in this book as J M DeMatteis doesn t spend much time on his character except for a brief backstory at the start where we find out he s a Russian nobleman exiled from his homeland who likes hunting a lot Because there s very little of Spider man in the book, this is the character we re left with who we re supposed to relate to, empathise with, etc Except Kraven s a loony who eats spiders to gain their strength , is obsessed with honour for his family and sees him accomplishing this honour by killing a guy who dresses in a black Spider man outfit in this book Spidey s outfit is tr s emo black We re supposed to care about this guy It s a very shallow character portrait After killing Spidey, Kraven becomes Spider man for a while by killing criminals instead of stringing them up with web fluid which in his mind makes him a better man because Also he doesn t have web shooters or can climb on walls so I don t see how he s Spider man at all, he just has the outfit Then there s the third main character, Vermin, who s an obscure villain that s a rat human experiment gone wrong who murders eats women at night In a previous story arc Spidey and Cap spent an entire book taking down this character his inclusion in this book is simply for Kraven to defeat him as easily as he did Spidey thus making him better than Spider man what a dumb character But really Kraven defeats both characters far too easily to convincingly claim that he s a better anything, it s just plotted in this contrived fashion to give the character some validation before getting rid of him Spider man s barely in this book so be prepared for a lot of boring Kraven and Vermin stuff before getting to Spidey s appearances But when he does appear, it doesn t seem to be the real Spider man For instance, the first issue where Kraven defeats him No way would Spider man be defeated by a D list villain so easily And when he punches Kraven in the face Kraven s head should ve come off How many times have we seen Spidey do incredible things because of his super strength Punching Kraven, an ordinary human with no powers, full force in the face like he does should ve killed him In the end it didn t feel like a very substantial story and everything that lead Kraven to book his place on the bullet train felt very contrived It s like wish fulfilment for the villain before rubbing him out of the Marvel U I was even hoping for a and it was all a dream kind of ending We did see Kraven doing a load of hallucinatory drugs at the start, and it would explain how he was able to defeat Spidey and Vermin so easily Kraven s Last Hunt isn t nearly as brilliant as others would suggest It s not a very good Spider man book and feels like a bonkers acid trip Definitely not something I would single out as a classic. That creepy image of Spider Man in his black costume rising from his own grave is enough to tell you that this won t be your typical Spider Man story On its cover alone, this makes it an easy choice for my Halloween read number 2.This is a perfect melding of story and art, all beautifully done, from J M DeMatteis dark, psychological script, to Mike Zeck s lush pencils and colors and Bob McLeod s bold inks What results is something sublime that I am at a loss for words Multiple readings would not doubt help this work reveal its secrets to me in time.This is an essential comics read You don t have to be a Spider Man fan to appreciate it It stands on its own merits This is a tale that has aged gracefully, although the character mythos has seen a lot changes since the initial publication of this book. This is a story were one of Spider man villains drugs him, buries him alive for two weeks and then takes it upon himself to dress up as Spider man and fight crime while he is high as a kite It s as awesome as it sounds and it s one of the greatest Spider man stories ever.Kraven is a well established rogue for Spider man I wouldn t say he is A list like Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, but he s middle B list material I think his problem was that no writer had really done anything interesting with him before this point He has hunted and killed creatures of all kinds all over the world, but he has never defeated Spider man up to this point Instead of killing Spider man, which he reveals later in the story he could have easily done, he drugs him to the point of unconsciousness and buries him alive You have to remember that this is decades before Kill Bill, so this was a new and, perhaps, even terrifying concept Whilst Spider man is in the ground, Kraven then decides to take a lot of drugs himself, dress up as Spider man and go out into the streets of New York and beat up thugs It s also interesting that this was at a time were Spider man was donning his black costume, which is now regarded as a darker period in his life.The art is pretty great and holds up really well against modern comics Mike Zeck uses panels in a unique way for building suspense and adding to the creepiness throughout this story, especially in the Vermin scenes He s also great at drawing facial expressions, which helps show the anger of the characters throughout the third act It s definitely worth a read, even if you re not a die hard Spider man fan. I only inked and embellished this book over pencil art by Mike Zeck, but it s one of my best jobs, and the story is very good as well. 3.0 stars One of the best Spider man story arcs of all time Kraven the Hunter is portrayed very well as a gifted, talented individual whose personal demons and psychological problems have led him to focus on Spidey as the cause of everything that has gone wrong in his life A very good story line and one I remember liking very much Recommended Czytane ponownie po latach My l , e to bardzo charakterystyczne, e moj ulubion opowie ci o Spider Manie jest ta napisana z punktu widzenia kogo zupe nie innego, do tego jeszcze jego przeciwnika Ca y tom to tak naprawd zag bienie si w psychik Kravena owcy, gdzie poznajemy jego histori , kompleksy, neurozy To jest niesamowite Do tego tom poszerza znacz co mitologi Spider Mana i robi to nawet lepiej ni Powr t do domu , gdzie wy uszcza si ca teori Spider Mana jako totemu Ale Powr t do domu opowiada o tym, jak dzia a totemiczna si a, podczas gdy Ostatnie owy Kravena pokazuj jak ona dzia a i na tym polega si a tego tomu Chocia ma o mu Spider Mana w Spider Manie jest Paj k, Kraven i Vermin , to wci m j ulubiony tom Do tego zwi zek Petera i MJ nabiera tutaj g bi troski MJ, to, e wprost m wi, e bycie w zwi zku z Peterem bywa traumatyczne, jest wietnie, realistycznie przedstawione MJ b kaj ca si po mie cie, bo Peter nie wr ci do domu i ona nie wie, co si z nim dzieje, wiele wnosi do uj cia tej postaci Bardzo lubi te wizualn stron tego tomu Te kadry kopania grobu w deszczu, te paj ki gromadz ce si na nagrobku Petera, to praktycznie gotycka konwencja, oddana z intensywno ci , jak dot d widzia am tylko w Gotham To by aby wietna ekranizacja, co w stylu Kruka z 1994 roku, co , co chcia abym zobaczy No i Spider Man w jednym z moich ulubionych kostium w 3 I parafraza wiersza Blake a idzie do fika. Kraven The Hunter Has Stalked And Killed Every Animal Known To Man But There Is One Beast That Has Eluded Him The Wall Crawling Web Slinger Known As Spider Man And To Prove That He Is The Hero S Master, He Will Pull On His Costume And Become Him After He Shoots And Buries Him Six Feet Under Great Spider Man story A dark Spider Man story Spider Man gets defeated and tormented by Kraven the Hunter He burries him alive and steals his identity, giving Spider Man a bad name by being far violent than ol Webhead is He also sets Vermin loose on the world.This all is part of Kraven s plan to die happily after defeating and replacing Spider Man, becoming his superior in everything.I liked the art, it made me bump the Secret Wars omnibi to the top of my omnibus wishlist, because of Mike Zeck being the artist on Kraven s Last Hunt as well as on the first Secret Wars story Seeing the spiders gathering on Spider Man s grave, with the climax being Spider Man bursting out of his grave It s a powerful image.If you re a Spider Man fan and haven t read this one yet You re missing out It s considered one of the greatest Spider Man stories ever written.And with good reason.

Also Credited As DeMatteis, John MarcEllis, MichaelLombego, WallyBio J.M DeMatteis was a professional musician singer and rock music journalist before entering comics in the late 70 s.Credits include Spider Man, Moonshadow, Brooklyn Dreams, Justice League, Abadazad, Hero Squared, the Life and Times of Savior 28.Created I, Vampire , Creature Commandos, Moonshadow, Hero Squared co creator , Abadaz

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  • Hardcover
  • 168 pages
  • Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt
  • J.M. DeMatteis
  • English
  • 09 November 2019
  • 9780785123309

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