The Mistress

The Mistress October , One Small Spark Ignites The Entire City Of Chicago, Sending Its Residents Into Panic But Amid The Chaos, A Case Of Mistaken Identity Leads To An Unexpected New LoveAs The Historic Fire Ignites Across Town, Kathleen O Leary Finds Herself Dressed In Borrowed Diamonds And Silk, Enjoying A Lavish Masquerade The Penniless Maid Has Caught The Eye Of Dylan Francis Kennedy, The Rich, Handsome Gentleman All Of High Society Has Been Speculating About The Night Feels Alive With Magicand Ripe With Promise Then Fire Sweeps Through The City, Cornering The Young Lovers With No Hope Of Rescue Desperate To Share Their Last Moments Together, Kathleen And Dylan Impulsively Marry Incredibly, They Survive Now, As The Fire Burns Down To Cold Ash, Kathleen Must Tell Chicago S Most Eligible Bachelor That He Has Married A Fraud But The Joke S On Her For This Gentleman Is No Gentleman While Kathleen Had Hoped To Win Dylan S Love, He Had Planned Only To Capture Her Heart And Steal Her Fortune Dylan Kennedy Con Artist, Gambler, And Ne Er Do Well Has Been Unwittingly Caught In His Own Game Now The Real Sparks Are About To Fly She s been featured in the national media, including NPR s Talk of the Nation, and is a popular speaker locally and nationally According to Publishers Weekly, Wiggs writes with refreshingly honest emotion, and the Salem Statesman Journal adds that she is one of our best observers of stories of the heart who knows how to capture emotion on virtually every page of every book Booklist characterizes her books as real and true and unforgettable She is the recipient of three RITA sm awards and four starred reviews from Publishers Weekly for her books The Winter Lodge and Passing Through Paradise have appeared on PW s annual Best Of lists Several of her books have been listed as top Booksense picks and optioned as feature films Her novels have been translated into than two dozen languages and have made national bestseller lists, including the USA Today, Washington Post and New York Times lists The author is a former teacher, a Harvard graduate, an avid hiker, an amateur photographer, a good skier and terrible golfer, yet her favorite form of exercise is curling up with a good book Readers can learn on the web at

[Epub] ❧ The Mistress By Susan Wiggs –
  • Paperback
  • 395 pages
  • The Mistress
  • Susan Wiggs
  • English
  • 20 March 2019
  • 9781551667577

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    The girl Kathleen O Leary is maid to one of the ladies at a posh female academy she s managed to suck up lots of book learning helping her mistress study As a lark, a couple of the forward thinking students decide to experiment and see if they can pass Kathleen off as a lady at a posh party She s a smash in her fancy dress and borrowed jewels and catches the eye of the hottest bachelor to hit Chicago in years but little does she knowThe guy Dylan Francis Kennedy may look and sound like he s the son of some hoity toity old money family, but truth is he s a master of deception, a con artist, a flim flam man, acrobat and man of all trades and names Dylan s down on his luck big time, and thinks Kathleen and her are just what he needs to save his bacon from her erstwhile partner Dylan kind of absconded with the funds from their last scheme So, it s October 8, 1871 Chicago s on fire and Dylan and Kathleen find themselves in a spot with no hope of survival Long story short, they marry that s on the jacket, I m not spoiling the marriage is consummated boy, is it consummated , and then the truth about their identities hits the fan that s on the jacket, I am not spoiling.My thoughts The first half with the fire and the near death moments was pretty intense I loved the chemistry between Kathleen and Dylan he is quite the handsome scamp , and they sure did sizzle when it came time to hit the marital bed Extra points to Wiggs for using the pot o honey trope and making it sexy That said, the latter part of the book kind of dragged on a bit too long setting up the big sting to catch the bad guy Four stars for the first half, three for the latter, rounded to 3.5 stars.My copy, dead tree version via FOL sale, then switched to Kindle edition via library loan.

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    This is the second book in the Chicago Fire Trilogy by Susan Wiggs The other two are The Hostage and The Firebrand I enjoyed both these books very much, as well as The Lightkeeper Unfortunately, I can t say the same thing about The Mistress I couldn t empathize with the con artist hero, just as I have problems with pirate heroes And if I don t like the hero, than I have problems with the woman who loves him The book was good enough for me to finish it It has quite a bit of action in it and it is set in a great city during a historic disaster So that kept me going But I can t give it very high marks.

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    5 Stars

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    This book is the second in as series written by Susan Wiggs What drew me to purchase the book 1 It is set in the United States and 2 it takes place on the night of the Chicago fire When Kathleen O Leary daughter of the woman who allegedly started the Chicago fire accepts a dare from two upper class girls to pass herself off as the daughter of an upper class family, she earns the attention of the most sought after bachelor in Chicago Dylan Kennedy What Kathleen and her friends don t know is that Dylan is a con artist looking for a wealthy girl to marry so that he can make off with her money What Dylan sees is Kathleen, dressed in borrowed finery and wearing borrowed jewels He doesn t know that she s a maid to the upper class daughter of a wealthy local family.A hot wind blowing in from the Illinois prairie on that hot October night carries a spark from the chimney of a Western Division family s home, finding a welcome in a haystack in the O Learys barn The spark catches flame, the fire spreads, and the rest is history Kathleen and Dylan try to outrun the fire and seek shelter in the City Hall When it becomes apparent that City Hall will soon be a pile of rubble, Kathleen and Dylan accept the fact that they will soon perish The town clerk, pinned under some fallen rubble, signs a marriage certificate while a local priest marries them The mayor himself serves as witness By sheer luck they escape the encroaching fire and in an abandoned Pullman car Kathleen and Dylan create sparks of their own Only later, after the worst of the fire is over, does Kathleen try to find her family But will Dylan remain with his wife or will he leave in search of a true upper class wife when he learns Kathleen s secret of being a maid I loved this book The tempo of the story is set by the all consuming fire and we are led through the pages in rapid succession, hoping for a happy ending that is at all times threatened by the forces of nature The Mistress is a true page turner Kept me on the edge of my seat couldn t put it down I have since bought the first book of the series The Hostage and have ordered the third The Firebrand The research that Susan Wiggs has done is evident in the smallest details, i.e., taking us down street after street and giving us the landmarks to track the movement of the fire You won t be disappointed in The Mistress

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    Most days Kathleen O Leary is a penniless maid But tonight she takes a risk and masquerades as a glamorous heiress.Kathleen is one of four friends introduced in the first book in the trilogy The Hostage These friends are Deborah Sinclair the protagonist in The Hostage , Kathleen O Leary, Lucy Hathaway whose adventure is described in the third book of the trilogy, The Firebrand and Phoebe Palmer, a sometimes foil to all three of them.I do love historical fiction but am not necessarily a fan of historical romance This series has made me re think my stance Perhaps it is because The Great Chicago Fire of Oct 8, 1871 is also a character in these books and seeing its effects on people, both poor and rich, is mesmerizing.I am committed to finishing the series, so on to The Firebrand

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    Definitely not Wiggs best book Of all her works, this is the one, I think, with the weakest central characters Maybe it s because I always have a hard time relating to materialistic people, but the fact that the two leads spent most of the book mourning their lack of or in pursuit of of the finer things in life left me feeling rather disengaged That being said, this still has all the trademark Wiggsisms that make her books such fun to read There are the little period details, the protofeminism and the comfiness of a close family that keep me coming back to her novels.

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    These are the kind of books everyone loves to escape reality for just even a moment Book two entails from the chicago series, Deborah s servant She impersonates herself as being of the fine people and meets the man of her dreams Or so she thought The fine gentleman helps to keep her safe in the midst of the fire, as their feelings grow Can t say much without giving the good stuff away The ending of course ends happily and predictable But, Susan Wiggs, always seems to make you want Can t wait for the last book to come out.

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    The Mistress GWiggs, Susan 2nd in Chicago Fire TrilogyMasquerading as members of Chicago s upper crust at a glittering ball on the eve of the Great Chicago Fire, Kathleen O Leary, a beautiful young maid, and con man Dylan Kennedy find themselves falling for each other, unaware of their mutual masquerade.It was cute.

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    So, I thought he was actually what he said he would be and I imagined the plot would go a different path Not as fond of the main couple as I imagined when finished the first book and didn t read the blurb for this one

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    I loved the historical information about the Great Chicago Fire and the action that goes along with it.Although I enjoyed the story, I have a hard time liking the male lead when he s a con man.

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