Spider-Man/Human Torch: I'm With Stupid

Spider-Man/Human Torch: I'm With Stupid It S Five Old School Adventures Featuring Your Favorite Webheaded Hero And His Pal, The Walking Matchstick Follow Them Through The Years From High School To Present Day, From The Negative Zone To The Coffee Bean, From Dorrie Evans To Mary Jane Watson Parker It S All Here Collects Spider Man Human Torch

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Spider-Man/Human Torch: I'm With Stupid
  • Dan Slott
  • English
  • 23 November 2018
  • 9780785140047

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    This is a fun story focusing on the friendship between Spidey and the Human Torch Dan Slott shows his love for 70 s Marvel comics by including the Spider Mobile and also a nod toward those Hostess Fruit Pie ads that were in the back of every Marvel comic for years Each of the five stories contained within portrays a different period in Spidey and the Human Torch s lives, often with hilarious dialogue There are references to the Clone Saga, the Human Torch s marriage to a Skrull, and other seldom mention events Like I said, it s a really fun story.

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    Slott and Templeton re tell early meetings of Spider man and the Human Torch in a fun collection suitable for readers of all ages Ty Templeton s art may be off putting to some readers, since it seems quite simple, but it s the simplicity of it that makes it good art It s very easy to follow and you always know what s going on, which isn t always the case in comic book art.You can also tell that Slott is a writer that loves continuity, and this is a story were he isn t afraid to show it You can place timeline wise when each issue takes place thanks to his nods at what was going on in the Marvel universe at the time And it doesn t drag the story down, it just makes it fun.

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    This book by Dan Slott before he started destroying Spider man to be replaced Spider Otto is actually petty good It collected the limited run Spider man Human Torch series that celebrates the unique relationship between Spider man and the human torch It s similar to Mark Waid s 1990s story Brave and the Bold doing the same concept with the Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern, though in this case, these two go way back as friends and rivals and these untold stories highlight it Of the first stories in the book, the first two are written with the vintage Silver Age feel of the 1960s including one in which Torch hires Spidey as his official photographer as he tries to grab the headlines eventually taking Dr Doom at the Latverian Embassy and one fun event where the two switch places as Spider man goes exploring with the rest of the FF while Torch tries to bust up a crime ring The third issue comes right in the Bronze age, in the 1970s after Gwen Stacy s death and with Spidey wanted for murder The fourth story is from the early 1980s and features a great guest appearance by the Black Cat The last is in a modern setting where Johnny at last learns Spidey s identity after a ton of other people in the Marvel universe and isn t happy about it.Slott really has some fun here He plays up the idea that while Spidey envies the Torch, the Torch envies Peter Parker And he tweaks Marvel convention which has the Statue of Liberty as the Torch and Spidey s meeting spot even though there s really no way Spidey could get there through typical means The book s not very deep, but it s fun and at the end, a bit heart warming It s worth a read for fans of these two great characters and their amazing relationship.

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    Man, I loved this It s the story of a friendship Ever since the early days of Marvel Comics, Spider Man Peter Parker and the Human Torch Johnny Storm have been friends These five chapters tell how that friendship matured from an uneasy rivalry to best buddies status It s also an exploration of past eras in the Marvel Universe It plunks you back into 1964, 1969, 1974, 1983, and finishes in 2005 the date this series was published We get to see why villain Paste Pot Pete changed his name to the Trapster, Johnny and Pete taking a joyride in the Spider Mobile, hi jinks at the Coffee Bean, etc.The writer, Dan Slott, is now the writer of the semi monthly Amazing Spider Man He gets what makes Marvel special, and is able to use events from the past to inform the present The final chapter shows how Spidey became part of the Fantastic Four family Since the recent events of the death of Johnny and his replacement by Spidey in the FF, this series takes on special resonance and emotional impact.Fun, funny, and touching all at once You can t go wrong with this one.

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    A fun series Spider Man and the Human Torch have always had a bit of rivalry over the years, although they are always there to help each other out when necessary This series explores the friendship between the two over the years, with each chapter being a self contained story and taking place in a different part of the characters histories Slott has a great handle on the characters, and injects quite a bit of humor One of the funniest scenes happens in the first chapter, when Spider Man encounters Paste Pot Pete There is also a neat reference to the Hostess ads that ran in all the Marvel and DC books in the late 70s and early 80s.Anyway, it is a fun story where nothing groundbreaking happens, but there are some great character moments.

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    This trade collects the entire five issue series Spider Man Human Torch.Slott and Templeton give us five adventures of the titular duo spanning a decade of Marvel Universe time and several eras of comics in real time Spidey and the Torch are usually at odds and always on each others nerves The stories here are light fare, but a lot of fun and are a nice homage to past stories, capturing an appropriate feel for each tale and making reference to major past events Key supporting characters for both heroes show up in full force and are used well, although this is Peter and Johnny s story through and through.Spider Man The Human Torch is a humorous trip through the formation of an important friendship for both heroes and a quick, enjoyable read.

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    First three stories are fantastic, the fourth entertaining and the last a bit of a mess due to having to work with the then current continuity However, the story that mixes The Red Ghost and his Super Apes, the Spider Mobile and Hostess Fruit Pies is a fan friendly mini masterpiece Fun stuff.

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    A light, heartfelt read about two bros who hate, envy, and love each other Not the deepest or most impactful story out there, but I can t complain when each issue leaves me smiling and wanting .

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    A fun trip down memory lane as Slott checks in on Spidey and Torch during 5 periods Light, fun reading with gorgeous art

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    Fun and heartwarming stories reflecting the beautiful friendship between the two protagonists Really loved the art reminiscing of the days of old.

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