Spider-Man: Sinister Six (Marvel Premiere Classic)

Spider-Man: Sinister Six (Marvel Premiere Classic) I can rarely resist a book in the Marvel Premiere Hardcover format This one actually doesn t have much anything in the way of extras, but the first issue is a lengthy Spider Man Annual 1, which is an absolute clinic in storytelling by Steve Ditko Though, in fairness, I m pretty sure that Stan Lee is responsible for the bit where J Jonah Jameson converses with a spider, in the hopes that it can help him get in touch with Spider Man.The second part of the book is a 1990 storyline with a story by Micheline and art by Erik Larsen This was somewhat less awesome, and featured what may actually be the weirdest supervillain plot I ve ever encountered and I don t say that lightly Doc Ock kidnaps a satellite to put a chemical in the atmosphere that causes a horrible reaction in everybody who is addicted to cocaine Because there are so many coke addicts in high places, Ock believes he will be able to trade the antidote for power and influence Say together with me, WHAT Art wise it s interesting to see what Erik Larsen is doing with dynamic layouts but the trade off is some pretty hideous character designs, particularly for Mary Jane who has her own subplot, though unfortunately it s dumb Overall, reminded me of why I don t generally read comics from the 90s Still, this book was or less worth it for the Ditko story. When Still In High School, The Amazing Spider Man Faced One Of His Most Chilling Challenges When Six Of His Most Nerve Wracking Nemeses Formed A Cabal Of Crime The Sinister Six Years Later, Doctor Octopus Reunites The Team For His Most Remarkable Racket Yet, And Time Has Made Them Deadlier Than Ever Even As It S Made Spidey S Life Complicated Than Ever Can He Teach The Six A Lesson, Or Will They School Him Instead Plus The Fate Of A Longtime Spidey Supporting Character And Of Mary Jane S Greatest Enemy Guest Starring The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, And Collects Amazing Spider Man Annual , And Amazing Spider Man Despite being a big Spider Man fan I still have issues getting through some of the older stories with the corny writing, exposition and constant repetition As such, this collection has sat on my shelves for a while Having just read the Ultimate Six story it prompted me to go back to the original.I ve read the original Sinister Six story from ASM Annual 1 which kicks this collection off The plot is fairly obvious together we can kill him and routine with Spidey fighting the six one after the other with relative ease and no great drama Ditko s pencils are always great but the writing is dated for the reasons mentioned above Plus there are multiple cameos for no reason other than to try and sell their other respective titles also note the entirely pompous and pointless Dr Strange cameo in the second collection.The second Sinister Six tale is from the early 90s though from the outfits there s than a hint of 80s still hanging around As someone else mentioned the plot in this is completely mental and there are loads of secondary plots thrown into the mix making this potentially confusing if you don t know some of the Spider Man back story Nathan Lubensky, MJs stalker Plus as often seems the case in the earlier stories Peter can be a real arse and quite unpleasant an we have to contend with the older frail, ball of anxiety Aunt May who is semingly incapable of life I m glad they are putting out the older collections and they re still nice books to have but it makes me appreciate Ultimate Spider Man all the. The best sinister six compilation from 1 1964 to 1990 s the best Would have scored higher if the initial story written in the 60s didn t suck as much Cameos of various Marvel superheros in an effort to sell comics was really offputting They literally had nothing to do with the story The second story from the 80s was a lot better Hobgoblin kicks so much ass. Overall average The first story by Stan Pee and Steve Ditko feels like a good old fashioned cheesy Saturday day morning cartoon If you don t mind that, and a few obvious in comic advertisements then there is definitely some enjoyment in that half The Return of the Sinister Six, is ok but is plagued with a case of early 90s art, the writing started off somewhat strong but completely loses steam at the end The villainous scheme is ludicrous Also, how Spider Man takes down breaks apart the sinister six in this is extremely disappointing The ending feels underwhelming and makes the storyline feel like useless filler instead of the grand event it was meant to be Both stories are fairly underwhelming and aren t anything great, but not too bad. This trade collects Amazing Spider Man Annual 1, and Amazing Spider Man 334 339 The Annual comprises about a quarter of the page count and features the first gathering of the Sinister Six It s early in Spidey s crimefighting career, but each of his nemeses have had a couple of shots at him Frustrated by their failures, Dr Octopus proposes they band together and force Spiderman to faces them all in succession, on their terms Comics in 1964 were certainly different than those in the modern age, and Lee and Ditko s styles won t suit everyone, but they are masters of the early days of Marvel and Six s formation makes an interesting read.The remainder of the collection contains the six part Return of the Sinister Six It had been years since Electro, Mysterio, the Vulture, Kraven, Sandman and Dr Octopus joined forces to deal with their hated foe, both in storyline and out Peter Parker has married, Kraven has passed on see Kraven s Last Hunt , and Sandman gone straight But once again Dr Octopus has a plan, and to achieve it he ll need to seek his compatriots assistance once again.Michelinie tells a good story over these issues, weaving together relevant changes in the characters, strong subplots involving supporting characters, and some pleasantly unexpected twists and turns The story is still a bit over the top, but very good regardless Larsen s distinctive art style has it s weaknesses, but overall is done very well here and accentuates the story.Featuring a nice contrasting pair of stories, Sinister Six is a solid recommendation for any fan of Spiderman or his rogue s gallery.

Stan Lee born Stanley Martin Lieber was an American writer, editor, creator of comic book superheroes, and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics.With several artist co creators, most notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, he co created Spider Man, the Fantastic Four, the X Men, Iron Man, the Hulk, Daredevil, the Silver Surfer, Dr Strange, and many other characters, introducing complex

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  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Spider-Man: Sinister Six (Marvel Premiere Classic)
  • Stan Lee
  • English
  • 05 September 2019
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