The Off Season

The Off SeasonFresh, fun, and D.J learns some tough life lessonsI am so enthralled with this series The voice, the characters, I can t get enough of it Everyone needs to give this series a tryit would really surprise you That s the thing when I say that I was skimming along, it didn t have anything to do with the milk house or doing so well in school, or even winning all those football games and feeling like I was really part of the team It really meant just being crazy in love with Brian Nelson. For of my reviews, please visit Post reading thoughts I am such a bad read along partner, sorry Keertana and Leanne But this latest installment was just too good The Off Season was a massive step up from Dairy Queen I was a big fan of the first book Dairy Queen, but here Murdock just managed to take it a whole another notch, she had me bawling my eyes out every other page, had me snort laughing and shattered my heart into a million pieces.After a topsy turvy couple of months, D.J finally seems to be enjoying life, she s line backer for the school football team, with her on the team Red Bend have a real shot at taking the title Things are also better at school, D.J s on top of her classes she s also having fun spending time with Brian the Hawley quarter back and things at home have calmed down too But then D.J s put to the test when things hit the fan, it s not that one thing goes wrong, but everything seems to come tumbling around her Truly testing her strength as a person.I connected to D.J in Dairy Queen, but in The Off Season she really shone through, her strength of character was tested to the max I really felt for her as she d been through so much already in Dairy Queen to get as far as she had, only for everything to be snatched away from her in the cruellest way.The Off Season did have a sorrowful feel to it, whereas Dairy Queen was light and bubbly, the Schwenk family was pushed to the limits I enjoyed getting to know the rest of the family in this instalment, with Bill and Win away all the time, it was interesting seeing what they were really like after we d heard so much about them through D.J they both managed to add so much craziness to the mix Once again the main problem in the Schwenk family was their lack of communication In several situations by not speaking up D.J found herself in trouble I just wished she could have saved herself a lot of heartache and problems if she only spoke up when necessary.Curtis, D.J s brother really surprised me in this book, although we didn t get to see much of him as much as I d hoped, he really brought a smile to my face in his brief appearances Once again sport played a major part in this book, but I enjoyed the focus on it this time around a lot , whereas before it was about the winning and team spirit, this side showed how much sport was really important and played and central part to a lot of the Schwenk member s lives The way this one part brought the Schwenk family, friends and community together when they needed them most brought so many tears to my eyes.Leanne, Keertana and I had actually planned to read The Off Season together, as we d had so much fun with Dairy Queen But me being the great read along partner that I am accidently zoomed ahead and ended up finishing the book when I was only meant to read a few chapters This goes to show just how much a marvellous series this is and how much you re missing out on if you haven t picked this series up yet Books which keep you enthralled that you ve lost a sense of everything around you my sister did start shouting at me by one point as I d ignored her for so long are the best gems you can find Bring on book three Front and Center And this time I promise I will try to read this with Keertana and Leanne. I love DJ Schwenk I love that she is realistic, she isn t perfect, and a lot of the time, she has no idea what to say This book picks up where Dairy Queen left off DJ is playing football on her high school s team, sort of seeing the rival team s quarterback, and trying to keep her family s farm going In the first book, I became comfortable with DJ, her family, and the entire cast of secondary characters They actually feel like actual people and it was delightful to see the continuation of their story and the growth of each individual character Catherine Gilbert Murdock really threw me through a loop when she threw so much on DJ s table in this book The best part of this series, obviously in my opinion, is that DJ doesn t just wallow in depression when hard things happen in her life She deals with it She deals with life And that quality is contrary to a lot of YA literature out there in which the main character cannot get over their parent s divorce or moving to a new town or having no friends As one of four kids, I really appreciate reading books where family dynamics seem realistic especially those between siblings I m trying to figure out what it is about this series that just makes me happy and I think it s just that the entire Schwenk family and their town are good, hardworking people I kind of hate when people refer to small town America and that value system but, in the case of this book, it kind of applies I like the idea of a community rallying behind a family and of farmers helping each other when trouble arises Now, I know this can happen in the suburbs or even in urban areas but it just feels so much likely in a small town.I was ecstatic when DJ came into herself near the end of this one I listened to this an an audiobook The same person narrates the entire series which is awesome She does a fantastic job Especially with the Bob the Duck voice Hey baby, check out this winnngspan. Rating 4.5 Stars I swear, this series just keeps getting better and better The Off Season is an incredible follow up to Dairy Queen and if I wasn t impressed by Murdock s first novel, she s definitely made a fan out of me now I loved this one It was realistic, strong, and moved me beyond words It was a much gut wrenching read this time around and I felt like giving D.J a hug on so many counts If Dairy Queen is the steady climb to a better life, of realizing the flaws in life and coming to terms with them, of living and loving and making the best of everything, The Off Season is the slow decline back into a valley of despair, with just a hint of light at the end of the tunnel I love that Murdock s novels ring so true to real life itself and they give contemporary a whole new meaning With The Off Season, D.J s life finally seems to be getting back on track Not only is she seeing Brian Nelson, the incredibly cute quarterback on the rival high school team, but she herself is the star football player of her own school team Yet, as is expected, things slowly begin to fall apart, but this time, even D.J can t imagine just how much her very will is about to be put to the test You see, this is what I love about this series in a nutshell real It is all just so very realistic, putting its characters in tough situations and making them come to terms with what s at hand and find the inner strength within themselves to deal with those issues D.J., better than most other characters I know, is a force to be reckoned with Of course, she doesn t see herself that way, but truly, D.J is a solid rock D.J is that person who doesn t get fazed in a crisis and who you can count on not only for a shoulder to lean on, but to tell it to you like it is, without sugarcoating anything For me, the reason The Off Season was a stronger novel than Dairy Queen was all due to the characters Dairy Queen was an introduction of sorts to the majority of our secondary characters, but with The Off Season, we see them become far developed people on their own right, each dealing with their own problems Perhaps best of all, to me at least, is that we finally meet D.J s elusive older brothers In Dairy Queen, it was mainly the family dynamics between D.J and her parents that was explored, along with her younger brother Curtis, who plays an interesting role in this novel too With The Off Season, though, we see of Bill and Win and learn to understand their side of the story and fall in love with them too If there s one thing I ve learned from The Off Season, it is merely this that the Schwenks just never give up Although they re all inherently such different personalities, they all share similar character traits that bond them as a family, even to strangers It makes me wonder if all families are like this, if you just look close enough Murdock outshines when it comes to character development, which is why this contemporary trilogy is such a strong one Even better, though, is that she isn t afraid to put her characters through tough times and force them to make difficult decisions A lot of the choices D.J has to make in this novel aren t easy ones and even though some of them may have been able to be solved with simple conversation, Murdock writes everything so realistically that it is impossible not to see D.J s side of the situation The Off Season is, to put it bluntly, a heart breaker Dairy Queen was a slow build up of happiness and understanding, but The Off Season is about finding that inner trove of strength within you to persevere on in life, no matter what life throws at you This, dear readers, is why D.J Schwenk is one of my new favorite literary heroines Strength is what defines her and, in turn, what makes me admire her as much as I do Nevertheless, despite the sad situations, difficult choices, and tense moments in this book, there is a lot of happiness and joy in the beginning Further, the continual importance of football to the Schwenk family is ever present, making me wish I genuinely did enjoy football than I do I ve come to regard the Schwenk s as a family much like my own one with genuine flaws, tender moments, and family unity in times of hardship, despite their struggles with one another and overt distances In all honesty, they ve made a niche for themselves in my heart and it s hard not to look back on this series and just smile a secret smile that tells the world that you know someone special that they don t So, really, I can t emphasize enough that you need to meet the Schwenks, even if you re not a fan of football or a fan of much contemporary Murdock is a brilliant writer, master character crafter, and all round genius with plot, which makes this series one that simply cannot be missed You can read this review and on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. Life Is Looking Up For DJ Schwenk She S In Eleventh Grade, Finally After A Rocky Summer, She S Reconnecting In A Big Way With Her Best Friend, Amber She S Got Kind Of A Thing Going With Brian Nelson, Who S Cute And Popular And Smart But Seems To Like Her Anyway And Then There S The Fact She S Starting For The Red Bend High School Football Team The First Girl Linebacker In Northern Wisconsin, Probably Which Just Shows You Can T Predict The Future As Autumn Progresses, DJ Struggles To Understand Amber, Schwenk Farm, Her Relationship With Brian, And Most Of All Her Family As A Whole Herd Of Trouble Comes Her Way, She Discovers She S A Lot Stronger Than She Or Anyone Ever ThoughtThis Hilarious, Heartbreaking And Triumphant Sequel To The Critically Acclaimed Dairy Queen Takes DJ And All The Schwenks From Labor Day To A Thanksgiving Football Game That You Will Never Forget The Off Season is a solid follow up to Dairy Queen We follow D.J Schwenk into her junior year of high school as she continues to balance school, family demands and of course Brian Nelson In Dairy Queen D.J spent a lot of time figuring out who she is and who she wants to be In this second installment D.J applies the knowledge she learned over the summer The Off Season resolves a lot of issues left up in the air at the end of Dairy Queen and shows even what a motivated, hardworking, awesome girl D.J is This series has me hooked Although I love Murdock s decision to wrap it up in a trilogy, I can t help but mourn that after one book my time on Schwenk farm will be over On the other hand, it will be great to not have to read about the Minnesota Golden Gophers being a decent team As if At one point, there is a discussion about whether or not Win s college team Washington Huskies would have a chance of meeting Bill s team Minnesota Golden Gophers in the Rose Bowl Ahhahahaha Let s see Minnesota hasn t been to the Rose Bowl since 1962 and that is only because The Ohio State University declined the offer to go that year What the heck, Woody Therefore, it s been 48 years since this team has actually been to the Rose Bowl, further no other Big Ten team has gone so many years in between Rose Bowl games I say in between as if they have gone recently or have a chance of going anytime soon Another bit of trivia, in the 1962 Rose Bowl Minnesota did beat UCLA 21 3 However the year before, in 1961 Minnesota went to the Rose Bowl and lost to the Washington Huskies 17 7 Those two trips are Minnesota s only Rose Bowl invites As I said in my review of Dairy Queen, it s a sucktastic team UPDATE This series rocks Just finished the final installment, Front and Center and loved it Going back to rate each book in this trilogy 5 stars 8 22 11 I loved Dairy Queen, so I was very eager to read The Off Season It took a lot of turns I didn t expect, which makes it hard for me to review it, because as always I don t want to spoil the surprises for anyone else.Picking up essentially where we left off, D.J has passed sopho English and is good to go with football The team is totally psyched to have her Unfortunately, not all that far into things, a certain situation at school puts that all in jeopardy Add to it a physical consideration, which could impact her entire future, and D.J has got herself one tough decision to make.Brian is as charming as ever, especially on their trip to Minneapolis But it s not long before you start to get a feeling about him And possibly not the one you were expecting to have.One of the only lights to really shine in the midst of all this is Curtis, who sneaks around and wins himself an award, all the while never correcting anyone s misconceptions about what he was actually doing That s just the way it goes in the Schwenk family Communication pretty much does not exist.Which makes Win s accident all the troublesome Again, D.J., still just a High School kid, steps in to take the lead, pulling the rest of them along behind her, until everyone eventually learns to stand on their own two feet.I m not sure I saw any of this coming All in all, I think this book was nothing that I expected it to be But I still really enjoyed it, and it s a great testament to strength of character For all that she thinks she s not all that much, we could all stand to have a little D.J in us. I just love this series I love D.J s voice, I love the concept of the books, I love the world they re in.It s well written, it s funny, at times it s heartbreaking and at other times it just a plain old page turner. The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock is such a great book in so many ways I loved it Just loved it D.J Schwenk is truly a hug worthy and all around awe inspiring character Her self less acts and sincere motives had me applauding her efforts and truly moved at the sacrifices she made for her family and those she loved Regardless of the hard hits she took, D.J proved to be a fighter and came out winning in the end IMO About the book D.J Schwenk is having a great Junior year She s playing for Red Bend s football team and giving the guys a run for their money But before long, her life takes a turn down South Sucks Drive Her brother Win is seriously injured in a football game, and D.J is called to action She finds herself stepping up to the plate for her family to help her brother through physical therapy for his spinal cord injury and all the while she s still dodging the constant punches life keeps throwing at her, such as the People s Magazine article that causes her heartache and a so called boyfriend that doesn t want to be seen with her Not to mention, she suffers a shoulder injury that might lose her chances at a basketball scholarship which is her ticket to college Wow What else could this poor girl take Well in the end, the lessons she learns and the strength she demonstrates proves to be an experience that will have you inspired and motivated Go D.J I loved this book and all the characters, lessons and laughs that came with I will definitely continue on with D.J s story as the girl sure knows how to move a reader Great book that I highly recommend. D.J is back at it again in the sequel to Dairy Queen, The Off Season Things are finally on the upside for D.J She is friends again with Amber and even Amber s girlfriend Dale, and she is still sort of dating cutie quarterback Brian Nelson She couldn t be happier than playing football for Red Bend and the guys actually accept her as part of the team.But as we know, D.J s life has been anything but easy She injures her shoulder during practice and has to decide between continuing playing football and possibly sustaining her shoulder injury, which would keep her from playing basketball A basketball scholarship is D.J s ticket out of Red Bend Then things with Brian start to go downhill, he seems fine when they are alone, but he never wants to be with her in public To top that all off, Win is injured and D.J flies across the country to take care of him for her parents.I almost thought it was to much for D.J to handle, I know it would be than enough for me Ultimately D.J prevails like I knew she would Of all the books I ve read, D.J is one of the few characters I ve found myself truly admiring The Off Season was than I expected and I sincerely hope this isn t the last of Miss D.J Schwenk Even though I haven t seen anything official on there is a book cover with Dairy Queen III on it, I know I ll be keeping my fingers crossed

I grew up in small town Connecticut, on a tiny farm with honeybees, two adventurous goats, and a mess of Christmas trees My sister claims we didn t have a television, but we did, sometimes only it was ancient, received exactly two channels, and had to be turned off after 45 minutes to cool down or else the screen would go all fuzzy Watching or rather, watching Alfred Hitchcock s The Birds

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