I See by My Outfit

I See by My Outfit In , Dr Martin Luther King Jr Articulated His Dream, JFK Was Assassinated, And Zip Codes Were First Introduced To The US The World Was Monumentally Changing And Changing Fast But In The Eyes Of Future Fantasy Author Peter Beagle And His Best Friend Phil, It Wasn T Changing Fast Enough For These Two Twenty Something Beatnik Jews From The Bronx, Change Was Something You Chased After Night And Day Across The Country On The Trembling Seat Of A Motor Scooter

Peter Soyer Beagle born April 20, 1939 is an American fantasist and author of novels, nonfiction, and screenplays He is also a talented guitarist and folk singer He wrote his first novel, A Fine and Private Place , when he was only 19 years old Today he is best known as the author of The Last Unicorn, which routinely polls as one of the top ten fantasy novels of all time, and at least two of

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  • Paperback
  • 238 pages
  • I See by My Outfit
  • Peter S. Beagle
  • English
  • 11 February 2017
  • 9781933572079

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    This is really such a delightful romp In the Afterword of the 2001 printing of the book, the author summarizes the book thus a road book, an account of a cross country journey on two small motor scooters by two New Yorkers in their early twenties wise ass Jewish artists both, utterly urban and Eastern, with absolutely no idea that the Rocky Mountains were that big, the Mojave Desert that wide They camp out, they freeze, they get rained on, they have mechanical crises they look up old friends and the friends of friends, they encounter remarkable strangers they have adventures, as happens in all proper road books A fitting summary, but what makes it fun to read is the lighthearted youthfulness that comes through in the telling The author was in his mid twenties when the book was published I was impressed by the quality of writing in one so young There s a youthful freshness in his outlook on their experiences, and some insightful observations about himself and life in general Books like this make me a little wistful, as they remind me that I was born about twenty or thirty years too late.

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    Peter Beagle Are you one of the most underrated stylists of the twentieth century I don t know, I just know your prose is pitch perfect and sweetly honest and I could read it forever.This is billed as a travel memoir, and indeed, if you want to read a book about the author of The Last Unicorn riding cross country with his best friend on scooters in 1963, here you are But this book is really the story of a friendship, of growing up and, of course, apart It reads like a novel, and perhaps for this reason I felt like I got to know Peter and Phil like they were my own friends Most memoirs are like funhouse mirrors, but this one felt like a window.I know I ll be reading this book again.

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    First, thanks to my father in law Dan for gifting me this book I ve never read The Last Unicorn, so I don t have any associations with Beagle s best known work, but I have traveled across the country by car, not scooter a bunch of times it s one of my absolute favorite things to do This travelogue made me pine hard for one of those trips, and to think of all of my past road trip companions my mother and father and brother, Jen, Maggie, Evan, Mike, Bill, and Annie There s something about traveling together that way that syncs you up to a person that nothing else can Even other travel, with planes and trains, or even hiking, with the trails pre blazed, isn t the same as spending day after day in the car, making individual decisions about where to stop and where to go Particularly in this vast country where, by language and historical accident, you can go pretty much anywhere without permission or difficulty I can t wait for the day when I get to this my wife and sons and equally but separately, just my wife.If you ve traveled this country by road and loved the small misadventures and quirky people met on the way, read this one.

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    Beagle rides on a motor scooter with his buddy across the USA The cops are always nagging them The world has changed since the 1960s, and I think the watershed in this instance was a scene in Dumb and Dumber.3.5.

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    Peter S Beagle s autobiographical account of his cross country scooter trip with an artist friend is very much a slice of Americana quintessentially 60s, a kind of low key ON THE ROAD for a literary, clean cut American type with a softer, sentimental core, indicative of Beagle s usual bittersweet style Those looking for a fantasy novel will be disappointed, but those searching for something gentle and unique will be pleased they took the time to read this subtle little volume about being young and having no where in particular to be any time soon.

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    I read this for the first time, many years ago late 70s early 80s When I searched for other books by this author I could only find A Fine and Private Place and The Last Unicorn, but I had limited resources for searching then, no internet As a native of northwestern Ohio My favorite line forgive me for misquoting this, it really was a long time ago was all the streets in Toledo Maumee being named after Mad Anthony Wayne There is only 1 street but it s a long one

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    Enjoyable read It wasn t exactly what I was expecting it was about the long friendship, in the context of a specific journey , but that s OK Beagle s an excellent writer, and you can see his bent for fantasy coming through in some of his word choices And I know it was consistent with the times butwowtraveling across country on motor scooterswithout ANY protective gear That could have ended badly, and Beagle admits as much in the Afterwords.

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    What a blast from the past I d forgotten a time when you had to explain why you were growing a beard, and called people dad instead of man The best line in this book is still Only dogs and escaped criminals walk in California A lovely evocation of friendship, people met on the road, and the hopes of the vanished sixties.

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    A road trip of two best friends, to see about a girl My favorite parts were when they took on the personas of something ridiculous to discuss something The lone ranger and tonto, a general and his collective men

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    Yes, I m falling for Peter S Beagle This nonfiction road trip recount is the best kind of travel story I m ready to be off on the road to see what I can see and who I can meet.

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