Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires, #2)

Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires, #2)She wasn t nearly as frustrating this time around, but that didn t mean I didn t call her stupid multiple times, but at least I liked this one enough to continue the series, and am interested to know what happens next Full review to come Let me begin by saying that I was late getting into this book but when I did, let just say it held me captive and I did not want to go The second book in the Chicagoland vampire series is just a wickedly awesome as the first Welcome to Friday Night Bites, and we all reserve Fridays for eating out.So Merit is back and kicking a , a newly turned vampire her life just went from scholarly to fangtastic After being attacked while walking home from her school campus she was saved by the change of vampirism, first book Some Girls Bite Merit is not taking so well to the life of vampire but what can she do this is her life now Being named sentinel to Cadogan house one of the three vampire houses in Chicago, her responsibilities has just been raised to a high bar A job to protect her house and all the vampires in it and of course her Liege the very sexy and infuriating Ethan Sullivan Plus living in close proximity of him is proving difficult on her sanity and hormones.Life is getting complicated for Merit, seems that with vampirism comes a new celebrity status and everyone wants a peice of her She then gets thrust in the high society life that she was born to and avoided as a human, hopefully being a vampire she can fake caring about the rich and famous She needs info and Ethan has no problem with throwing her to the wolves to get what he wants, because their born enemy is on the loose and won t stop until she has destroyed them both and lead the vampires to a takeover so I guess hanging snooty is the least she can do.Merit is also dealing with things that she dare not share with anyone Seems there is something wrong with her vampire, and she realizes that she might not be like her species around her, just another thing to add to her chaotic life Pasts are revisited and let s just say the reunions are not at all pleasant, seems that her once close friends might not be human and carry a deep hatred for all that is vampire Can her life get any worse Yes it can Shifters are introduced and I think will play an important role in the upcoming books and we might get a few surprises like Merit wasn t human to begin with and that s why her vampire is all the powerful and problematic, but that s just me getting carried away.So Friday Night Bites is ride filled with mystery and some smoking hot sexual tension, you could cut the air and use a fan to blow the steam right out of this book Ethan and Merit make quite the team Old characters are back and new ones are introduced and the balance of it all is well done I am hoping that when an actual love scene does happen Miss Neill better make it good cus it was killing me how no one got naked So go ahead and take a bite out of this and don t wait until Friday. Vamps In Chicago You D Think Headlines Like That Would Have Provoked The Fine Citizens Of The Windy City To Take Up Arms Against Us Bloodsucking Fiends Instead, Ten Months Later, We Re Enjoying A Celebrity Status Reserved For The Hollywood Elite Fending Off Paparazzi Only Slightly Less Dangerous Than Cross And Stake Wielding Slayers Don T Get Me Wrong, Joe Public Isn T Exactly Thrilled To Be Living Side By Side With The Undead, But At Least They Haven T Stormed The Castle YetBut All That Will Change Once They Learn About The Raves Mass Feeding Parties Where Vampires Round Up Humans Like Cattle And Drink Themselves Silly Most Civilized Vampires Frown On This Behavior, Putting Mere Mortals At Ease With Their Policy Of Asking A Person S Consent Before Taking A Big Gulp Of The Red Stuff However, That Doesn T Make Good Copy For A First Time Reporter Looking To Impress His High Society FamilySo Now My Master, The Centuries Old, Yet Gorgeously Well Preserved Ethan Sullivan, Wants Me To Reconnect With My Own Upper Class Family And Act As Liaison Between Humans And Vampires And Keep The Unsavory Aspects Of Our Existence Out Of The Media But Someone Doesn T Want People And Vamps To Play Nicey Nice Someone With An Ancient Grudge Footsteps, and then he was next to me, his body behind mine, his lips at the spot of skin just below my ear I could feel the warmth of his breath against my neck The smell of him clean, soapy, almost discomfortingly familiar As much as the want of it disturbed me, I wanted to sink back against him, let him envelop me.Part of that, I knew, was vampire genetics, the fact that he d changed me, some kind of evolutionary connection between Master and vampire.But part of it was much, much simpler Merit Part of it was boy and girl.I shook my head No, thank you Don t deny it I want this You want thisWelp.I don t see any reason to deduct a starso I won t Like with all series I read, it s hard to write review after review for the same series with the same characters Things change, they progress, but the idea is the same, isn t it Well, in book two, I found that not only did the intensity increase in the severity with which Merit and her vampire brethren were threatened, but also, her attraction to the head vampire, Ethan, became such a tangible thing I choked on it Whatever the source, Sentinel, we have the information now Let s use it, shall we I bit back a grin, amused that I d reverted back to Sentinel I was Merit when Ethan needed something, Sentinel when he was responding to my snark Admittedly, that was frequently.It s not easy, these days, to build the same attractions to book characters because, well, I ve read so many books I build these relationships with my book men and while that s all fine and good, time has passed since I ve been on this site Books have came and books have gone, and here I am in October having beat my 2014 challenge with over two months to spare That s not to say I ve loved them all I d like to think that because I ve became picky that I m choosing only the best these days There are so many trigger words, phrases, ways of writing the blurb and reviews by friends that let me know whether to be cautious with a book or not That s not to say that while my system is super awesome, I don t miss a few hidden gems here or there based on my bias of horrid covers cough cough So, in essence, I ve missed a lot of crap, but gained a lot to swoon over But with this success comes a price The male or female lead has to work really hard for me to become obsessed with them now What used to make my heart stutter now barely scratches the surface of my seasoned soul I love my characters almost always But there has to be.oh, I don t knowsomething pivotal or memorable for me to fangirl or obsess or lose my breath over a look or touch like I used to so easily Ethan stared at the menu I have no idea what to do here There s the proof positive you made the right decision by bringing me on staff When the Mercedes was full of vampires and fried food, he drove to the exit, then paused at the curb while I made a sleeve of the paper wrap around his burger When I handed it to him, he stared at it for a moment, eyebrow arched, before taking a bite.He made a vague sound of approval while he chewed You know, I said, biting into an onion ring, I feel like things would go a lot smoother for you if you d just admit that I m always right I m willing to give you right about food, but that s as far as I can go I ll take that, I said, grinning at him.What I m getting at I fell in love with the two main leads at about 15% in book one 15% Really How hard is that, for me, these days Extremely difficult That connection is fragile, and now, with the progression through book two, is a tangible, unbreakable thread I love Merit and Ethan Sure, Ethan s hair makes me want to gag cut it off, Bro for all of usbut his persona is so strong that nothing deters or hinders me when I think of him I guess And FYI, Darth Sullivan is putting a crimp in our friendship I know you re living over there now, but you should still be at my beck and call I snorted Darth Sullivan would disagree, but I ll do what I can Merit, strong as ever, has dominated the vampire playing field She s Cadogan House Sentinel, and she defends Ethan and those residing in the House and under the Cadogan name But, her number one priority is the head master of the house Ethan One hand braced to keep my face from hitting the ground, tears spilled over, and I gripped my chest with my free hand, to rip out the pain, to rip out the vise that was squeezing the air from my lungs I struggled for breath, and a wave of pain, a morbid aftershock, convulsed my spine.I really enjoyed Ethan in this one They were forced, as Sentinel and head of Cadogan House, to go to events together in this one But, and what Merit didn t see that everyone else sees, mostly they were ruses to spend time together He hides behind a perfectly placed facade and rarely lets it slip but the closer he and Merit become, the she starts to see the man, not the vampire, underneath He s been betrayed, he has lived through his fair share of heartbreak and war and now supervising hundreds of those under him, but his greatest challenge yet is Merit and her stubborn attitude Catcher dumped a cutting board of trimmed asparagus into a steamer pot It s lotion. I m pretty sure science has advanced to the point that you can buy a single bottle that will take care of all that Missing the point, I said He s missing the point, Mallory parroted You re totally missing the point Now, not that this isn t present in every novel these days, the sexual tension in this story was so thick I could cut through it with a knife The way he looks at her, talks to her, touches her makes me melt into a heaping pile of goo Even when they dance, the way he looks into her eyesit kills me Their chemistry is off the charts he needs someone who can balance him out with his dominant attitude and tight ass ways And, in one scene in particular, my heart stopped This kiss wassmoldering It was nothing special, I mean, it was a kiss for chrissakes But.the delivery It s all about the delivery A smile of triumph, a groan of desire, possession, the primal need to take what you ve wanted since the beginningYeah So, heart attack inducing, as far as I m concerned My point, Sentinel, is that you are than a woman who hides in a library Ethan, I said, a hesitation, but he shook his head, gaze dropping to my lips, then drifting shut He leaned closer, his lips just touching mine Teasing, hinting, but not quite kissing My lids fell, and his hands were at my cheeks, fingers at my jaw, his breath staccato and rushed as his lips traced a trail, pressed kisses, against my closed eyes, my cheeks, everywhere but my lips You are so much than that Like I said, it s so hard to write non repetitive reviews about a series, but it seems I didn t have as hard a time as I previously thought I would, lol But there s something so refreshing about this series the idea that not everything revolves around vampires, their feeding, their need for blood, even though the whole story is, in fact, all about vampires and protecting themselves I does one do that Make a story that both centers around vampires but doesn t bow down to it for the story as a whole to make it work I hardly even think about the fact that they re vampires This author makes it so that it s extremely hot when it s brought to the surface Like, for real And this story wouldn t be possible without the snark of Merit She s witty and funny and she doesn t let anyone boss her around even her boss , but she knows her place Her and Ethan s banter is so funny and I can t get enoughhopefully in the next one they take their clothes off together Just sayin I tightened sweaty fingers around the handle of the dagger.But then, standing there in the dark, the blade in my hand, my heart pounding with the rush of fear and adrenaline, I remembered something Ethan had told me about our predatory natures For better or worse, we were the top of the food chain.Not humans Not animals.Not the thing that roamed the woods beside me Vampires.I was the predator, not the prey So, in a voice that sounded a little too breathy to be my own, my eyes on the spot between the trees where I imagined it to be, I advised that animal in the dark,Run For of my reviews, please visit Merit was attacked by a master vampire in Some Girls Bite, and to save her life she was turned into a vampire Since then, she s tried to figure out how to live as a vampire instead of a human, and as a warrior instead of a grad student This is a terrible book The author seems to think that if she just describes her main character as a fan of the Cubs and lots of junk food, Merit will be a well rounded, relatable character Sadly, she doesn t put any effort into making Merit s decisions make sense, or her interests consistent, or anything else I know about Merit s clothing than I do about the grad work she was supposedly so passionate about admittedly, her clothing is mentioned ever scene And the sexual tension just doesn t work for me, since her love interest is basically just Lestat in Armani exhaustively described Armani But what really annoyed me about this book is that it s supposed to be all about complicated, sophisticated back stabbing manipulation, and yet the dialog and plot has all the subtlety of ten year olds trying to get someone to ask what PEN15 means Not worth your time. Still a good read Just not as dynamic as the first book, imo It felt a bit like a stepping stone to the next book I m not sure how I feel about the whole Morgan thing I think Merit is getting crapped on all the time, by all her friends and family Everyone expects so much from her, and she doesn t really have anyone to watch her back for her I m hoping that will change in forthcoming books I listened to the audio of this book and the narrator is perfection for me. I feel the same about this book as I did the first in the series If you liked Buffy, are looking for something totally from familiar UF Romance territory, and are ok with the slightly YA ish tone VAMPIRE DORM ANYONE , you will like this book My patience with the whole setup was so and I enjoyed it than the first one for some reason Most people, judging on reviews, felt opposite, so I dunno.SPOILER I really got confused with the whole Morgan thing I thought Merit was super not sympathetic the way she was treating him, and I totally didn t get why Eric was trying to c % block them the whole time when in the last book it was set up that HE was the one who wanted them to be politically together, for the good of the house It made no sense SO basically, I was yelling at the book a lot but still couldn t stop reading. Awkwardness, thy name is vampire After Some Girls Bites introduced me to Merrit and her world, I was a little let down with this one.Merit has settled down in her new world without much issue embracing her new vampire state although there s some confusing bumps in there , aligning the new life with her old one including problems with her best friend, being a bit unfair to the current guy dating her, still flirting but resisting Ethan, juggling family issues with her father and trying to schmooze with her old family world considering her position in her House, and learning to fight and be prepared to battle the world as a Sentinel The world building for the setting is well structured, I suppose, with Vampire clans ran by different houses mainly politically aligned but with some disagreements The book continued Merit s adventures in the world, but it didn t hold my interest as much as the first since not much was going on that felt new or particularly tense You have a villain in the background still, but I felt sure the main character would be fine, so it s mainly filled with scenes of spending time with friends, learning to fight, and house politics Yeah, not that interesting really.I m liking the shapeshifter rivalry angle and wonder where the author s going with that could be some good future stories We ll see.Even though Ethan sounds appetizing, I m just not feeling a convincing chemistry between the two that draws much devotion I can t see that as a draw to the series yet since I don t care either way if they get together, but the author invests a lot of time with it.Merit is a decent sort but she s unrealistically talented I like when a heroine in a UF world stands out as special, but she s hovering on the dull border Usually that something special is dangerous, exciting in a forbidden way, or creates issueswhen the special fits in with everything pleasantly, there s not enough tension to keep it fascinating. This is not a good thing Re read 29.01.2018 Ah man, I struggled a little bit with this re read I mean, I just to love it, and now I m just liking it enough to finish it I really hope this doesn t continue throughout my re read of this series I m gonna be pissed if this is the case, as this used to be one of my favorite seriesThe characters Caroline Merit Mer Merit becomes vampire at 27, but is 28 in years , Sentinel of the Cadogan House Ethan Liege Darth Sullivan Sullivan 394, though became a vampire at 30 , master of the Cadogan House Mallory Mal Delancey Carmichael, Merit s bestfriend and a fourth class sorcerer Charles Chuck Merit, Merit s grandfather is the Ombudsman a liaison between the regulars and the sups Chuck s team his secretary, Marjorie 50 though we haven t met her , the computer prodigy and a shape shifter, Jeffrey Jeff Christopher 21 , and a fourth class sorcerer, Catcher Bell 29 There s also a Housed vampire who works for him that not even his colleagues knows about Joshua Merit, Merit s dad sucky dad guard of the Cadogan House, Lindsey 115 and who is also a psychic, and a good friend to Merit Lucas Luc , the head of Cadogan House s guard corps Morgan Greer, now Master of Navarre House, 72, though looks 28 who s a love interest to Merit Gabriel Gabe Keene, Apex of the Central North American, Jeff s pack leader Darius West, head of the Greenwich Presidium and Ethan s Sire haven t met yet, though mentioned Seth Tate 36 , the mayor Scott Grey, Master of Grey House Noah Beck, the leader of Chicago s independent vampires I wanted what most people wanted love, companionship.I wanted someone to touch I wanted someone to touch me back.I wanted someone to laugh with, someone who would laugh with me, laugh at me.I wanted someone who looked and sawme Not my power, not my position.I wanted someone to say my name To call out, Merit, when it was time to go, or when we arrived.Someone who wanted to say to someone else, with pride, I m here with her With Merit I wanted all those things Indivisibly.But I didn t want them from Morgan. Quick basic facts Genre Adult Paranormal Romance.Series Series, Book Two.Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Merritt is back in all of her vampire goodness I completely love this series for its snarky take on being a newly changed vamp As things currently stand, there s been some drama in human vamp relations view spoiler Good turned evil Vamp leader girl has been released from prison uh oh hide spoiler

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