Not Your Mama's Crochet: The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang (Not Your Mamas)

Not Your Mama's Crochet: The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang (Not Your Mamas) Forget Ugly Afghans And Dainty Doilies And Think Luxurious Throws And Sumptuous Sweaters You Can Crochet Cool Stuff That Will Make Everyone Envious Things To Spice Up Your Wardrobe And Your Pad, Or Gifts To Amaze Your I Could Never Do That Friends Choose From Nearly Thirty Projects Ranging From Elegant To Earthy From A Chic Shrug To A Recycled Denim Rug And From Fun Plush Toys To Sweaters Too Good For BoysIn Hip Style, This Guide Covers All Kinds Of Yarns And Materials, And The Tools Of The Trade The Basic Stitches, Shaping, Finishing Techniques, Blocking, And Simple Projects That Give You Close To Instant Gratification And Complex Ones That Take Some Commitment Suggestions For Customizing Every Design And Personalizing Every ProjectIntone Your Creative Mantra And Get Your Hooks Into A Terrific Project With Not Your Mama S Crochet, You Won T Just Make Unique, Chic Items You Ll Make A Statement

Amy Swenson is a knitting and crochet designer and software engineer living in Toronto, Canada Amy Swenson s modern knitting and crochet patterns are designed to fit and flatter, with contemporary stylings based on traditional stitch patterns Many feature textural details, including cabling and lace Delicious indigirlFacebook indiknitsInstagram indigirlTwitter indigirl

❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Not Your Mama's Crochet: The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang (Not Your Mamas) Author Amy Swenson –
  • Paperback
  • 221 pages
  • Not Your Mama's Crochet: The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang (Not Your Mamas)
  • Amy Swenson
  • English
  • 04 December 2019
  • 9780471973812

10 thoughts on “Not Your Mama's Crochet: The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang (Not Your Mamas)

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    I kept this and made stuff from this as long as the library would let me have it.Initially I checked it out grudgingly It isn t sexy and slick with lots of glossy pictures The projects are freaking fantastic I made my first garment from this and it looks terrific No it s not the ugly ass garments you see in most crochet magazines by contrast it is also not trying to tempt us with crochet that is so very clearly inappropriate for anyone over 24 not that this has stopped me Nope The items are creative and stylish not necessarily trendy The directions are easily followed and are wonderful for developing the confidence to jump into even complicated projects If you are a beginning or intermediate hooker, I recommend this book highly.

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    Not Your Mama s Crochet is a fun and trendy pattern book with some cute illustrations and section titles, like The Ultimate Smack down Crochet versus Knitting But aside from the kitschy feel to it, this is a solid little pattern book There s plenty of information here that I think all crocheters would find useful So although this book is designed for beginners, I think seasoned crocheters would also enjoy this one There s information on stitches, diagrams for reference and a section on yarn selection as well as 27 crochet patterns There s even a section on the history of crochet I think this is a nice pattern book for crocheters to sink their teeth into.The patterns are well written out with clear photos for reference The variety is nice here There s a little bit of everything for the novice crocheter to be able to make cute things, yet not feel overwhelmed I also noticed that the way the book is presented and written out, is user friendly I think anyone reading through it would smile a few times and be inspired to crochet.Swenson finishes the book off with information on buying yarn, different yarn shops and links for reference Nice touch disclaimer This review is my honest opinion I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book I borrowed a copy of Not Your Mama s Crochet The Cool and Creative Way to Join the Chain Gang from my local library for free.

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    To be honest, my mom doesn t crochet as far as I know so I can t say for certain whether this was her crochet or not However, I can say that 81 pages were devoted to the extreme basics and included writing and fewer pictures than I ve ever seen in a crochet book The patterns that are actually included include scarves, a dishcloth, scarves, vests, scarves, shawls, scarves, and scarves Did I mention that there are some patterns for scarves None of the patterns were tremendously innovative either Not Your Mama s Crochet might make a good book for a beginner if that beginner could ignore the fact that granny square patterns are still included and the patterns are all ordinary in every way If you re even an intermediate crocheter, the book falls flat Thus, library rent, don t buy

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    For years I ve been looking for a crochet book that lives up to the high standards I came to expect after The Adventurous Crocheter There are plenty of decent books out there, but nothing I felt I could really recommend for any level of experience or interest This is the book I ve been looking for.This is thorough, engaging, quirky, helpful, and I think it has some of the spirit of The Adventurous Crocheter in that it gives a good foundation for taking the leap into designing your own patterns Don t let that intimidate you this book has plenty for utter beginners and for the polished pros alike.

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    Read the ebook version from the library I liked about 1 3 of the patterns but loved the one for the rose coat The illustrating pictures are tiny on the ebook so it was hard to see details I liked the variety of projects and styles I can do simple projects and I learned a few things about harder projects that I think I could be successful at making.

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    This book has some interesting patterns for young adults and teens who are just starting to learn to crochet I just re read this book It has some fun patterns that are good for teaching to someone who is interested in learning.

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    Very easy to read and follow the instructions Great book for the new crocheter, or as a class book for a crochet class I like that it is written so you can skip around Cool and easy projects included to make this even of an interesting book.

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    It s great for beginners and intermediate crocheters and I did get some new ideas, so in general, I liked it The one thing that made it lose some stars for me was that I disliked every single pattern she suggested lol.Other than that, all was well.

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    I skipped part 1 since I already know how to crochet and started reading in part 2 the patterns It is a very easy to read book with some nice patterns although nothing I haven t seen elsewhere I did make myself a very quick very cute scarf.

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    The first part of the book has a lot of useful information about different stitches, yarn, etc The section about construction basic looks helpful As far as projects, there are only a few that look interesting to me like the market bag and the peek a boo plaid skirt.

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