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Rewriting Monday Reporter Pepper Malone Moved To Bailey, Texas, After A News Story Nearly Got Her Killed Now She Wants To Be Left Alone To Do Her Job In Relative Peace And Quiet But When The Newspaper S Staff Is Targeted By A Madman With A Grudge Against The Media, Pepper Is Drawn Back Into The Public Eye And Into The Arms Of The Paper S Handsome Owner

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  • Rewriting Monday
  • Jodi Thomas
  • English
  • 07 January 2017
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    Sweet Romance with a Mystery to Solve Mike McCulloch owns the local newspaper, the Bailee Bugle He s a man who has lived in the shadow of his older brother, who was the football star and the War hero Even though his brother is gone and he knows his brother s secret, he cannot shake the legend his brother has left behind The only bright spot in his life is his niece, Morgan who he has raised since his brother and his wife died in a tragic accident Mike is a man that does what needs to be done regardless if it is what he wants to do His life is passing him by until Pepper Malone waltzes into his office, breathing fresh air into his lungs, reviving him to take notice of other possibilities.Pepper Malone is a big time reporter but got caught sleeping with the story It wasn t intentional, but the result was the same With her reputation in shambles she runs away to Bailee to check out an inheritance left to her by her aunt Only her aunt isn t dead, but decides to stay in the small town for a while anyway She applies for the job at the Bailee Bugle She begins to realize how caring the town is and how much Mike has given up She finds herself attracted to the mismatched clothed Mike To her surprise she becomes friends with him, a first in her book to befriend a man She never let her guard down with a man She always had one foot out the door, but Mike may be the one to stop her from running.Not all is peaceful in the small town of Bailee There is someone attacking the newspaper, putting all who work there in jeopardy Mike is determined to find out who it is before he loses all that matters to him.I loved the characters of this story They re all interesting with a bit of back history to shape them Mike and Pepper, despite their differences, they are good for each other Mike is grounded and offers a place to call home, something Pepper craves Pepper is a free spirit, breathing life back into Mike who forgot how to live The secondary characters are wonderful, too Lorie, the owner of the bakery cares about everyone in the town as if it is her responsibility to take care of them I also like Heath, Lorie s ex husband who is still in love with her Their sweet story is endearing.Ms Thomas knows how to weave a tale with touching characters you want to know The mystery unfolds, while your rack your brain trying to think who the culprit can be If you re looking for a sweet sensual romance and a mystery of who done it, this story is not to be missed.

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    Patricia Anne Pepper Malone arrives in Bailee, Texas after getting the boot from the Chicago newspaper where she d been a reporter She doesn t have much money and is glad to stay at her great aunt Wilma s place while Wilma is at the local nursing home recovering from surgery Pepper is still recovering from the Chicago incident that got her fired and needs to find a job She ll stick around until she has enough money to find a new job in a new city.Mike McCulloch runs the local newspaper and just happens to need a reporter He also needs to find out who is trying to harm him and the newspaper There have been mild threats but they quickly escalate to menacing and violent So there s a mystery to solve.Pepper and Mike, along with several enjoyable secondary characters, make Rewriting Monday a delightful and light mystery romance Jodi Thomas s story made me smile and laugh through most of the book I really liked her writing style The banter between Mike and Pepper was great.I think Rewriting Monday would be a great beach read and I know it s a great middle of a snowstorm read.

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    I found this book to be a good mix of light romance, mystery, and intrigue.

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    This was a good beach read or listen Johanna Parker is an excellent narrator and her voice made me stick with the book Nice and relatively innocent book Some mystery and relatively innocent love story I love Jodi Thomas, she is proof that an author can write a good book without it needing to have R or X rated words or love scenes I m a fan of small towns and honest people, so it wasn t boring to me.

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    If you like contemporary fiction with a twist it wasn t bad at all I thought the book was OK I personally prefer thrill and action and or passion I suppose I m an intense kind of gal who needs to feel that intense emotion coming from the characters within the story.Like the reporter and the agent, I couldn t help profile each person Jodi did do an excellent job in creating her characters Each one had different personalities and backgrounds Thomas seemed to pair opposites together Pepper Michael main couple , Lorie Heath 2nd main couple , Sheriff Toad, and even Audrey Webster Bob Earl Orrie Opposites in a relationship are always fun because you never know how the relationship may turn out and individuals tend to balance each other out I did enjoy watching the couples evolve from beginning to end within the story The uncertainty of who they were before, during, and after the events that threatened their lives and relationships was interesting I thought I would be intrigued with Pepper and Michael s relationship since they were the main characters but instead I was fascinated with Lorie and Heath s relationship Call me difficult I found them to be the ones I wanted to read about It was this couple I imaginatively pushed and rooted on.Would I rewrite my past as some of the characters wished they had I ve been tempted to wish things were different but then I wouldn t be who I am or have the family that I have today if I had I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason If you haven t already, be sure to check out Jodi Thomas Author Guest Post.

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    This was just OK I m pretty sure if it hadn t been narrated very nicely by Johanna Parker I would have given up just less than half way through.The deeply predictable nature of the story I saw the major surprise coming about an hour into a 9 hour book wasn t enlivened enough by the characters or the setting.For romantic suspense, it had neither romance or suspense And there was one super annoying bit where view spoiler Pepper s ex bf who cost her her job, her reputation etc and landed her in this small town finally turns up Cue huge interesting and dramatic scene, right No, not so much He turns up, says come back to me She, predictably, says no thanks He goes again All over in less than 5 minutes Seriously That could have been done in a phone call and impacted nothing at all in the book hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this book Not one of my favorites but a good read I loved how a piece of my favorite book was inserted into this one I would have liked to know about the history of this town and a little about what happened to Pepper before she went there I ve always enjoyed the history in Jodi Thomas s books She definatley goes the extra mile with the makeup of the characters and the places they are from Love the history she writes in these books For me that s what makes them so great.

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    This was not a perfect story because I figured out the mysterious alley man s identity early on I found myself enthralled however from start to finish with the primary as well as the supporting cast of characters the author graced this book with.What really worked was how nicely everyone in this small town fit their roles and how easily a city girl from Chicago found her niche not only professionally but for the first time personally.

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    One of Jodi s best Lush writing and great story telling Jodi Thomas ability to take you into the world of her characters and stories is remarkable This book releases in April 09 and I highly recommend it.

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    I didn t like this nearly as much as the other contemporary Thomas books, but it was still a good book Plot was just a little too predictable and I didn t really connect to the main character at all But the switching of voice from first to third was interesting.

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