Trouble and Her Friends

Trouble and Her FriendsLess Than A Hundred Years From Now, The Forces Of Law And Order Crack Down On The World Of The Computer Nets The Hip, Noir Adventurers Who Get By On Wit, Bravado, And Drugs, And Haunt The Virtual Worlds Of The Shadows Of Cyberspace, Are Up Against The Encroachments Of Civilization It S Time To Adapt Or DieIndia Carless, Alias Trouble, Got Out Ahead Of The Feds And Settled Down To Run A Small Network For An Artist S Co OpNow Someone Has Taken Her Name And Begun To Use It For Criminal Hacking So Trouble Returns Once The Fastest Gun On The Electronic Frontier, She Had Tried To Retire But Has Been Called Out For One Last Fight And It S A Killer The crackers time is at an end the Law has come to the net, and Trouble skips town and her lover But one does not leave that easily, and three years later Treasury is on her back, there is an impostor that took her name, and there is nothing she can do but to go back This was a refreshing take on cyberpunk tropes if still a bit dry, and full of technobabble I abhor The characterization was good, the world building solid, and I came to care what happens to Trouble and her friends, naturally The plot dragged in the middle, and some interesting plot moments were picked up and immediately dropped I d like to knowabout secretary schools, thank you very much , but all in all, it was a solid book I can t rate higher because cyberpunk Ugh. A pretty good cyberpunk story, read as part of my patented Cyberpunk Appreciation Program or as some people call itresearch.I will warn that it starts really slow I feel that the first couple chapters could probably be removed and sprinkled into the rest of the book as backstory and the whole thing would be stronger for it. Trouble and Her Friends is old school queer cyberpunk enough said It is a little on the slow side, but I found that the pacing worked for me I needed to get to know Trouble and, well, her friends , and get settled in the world and the old school view of the internet and how it works I enjoyed the sheer number of queer characters a lot, although it was a little jarring to have a world where they re clearly somewhat looked down on From my comfortable position here, it feels like most things are pretty okay on that front.Once you get a handle on the lingo, it s a pretty easy read It s not hard to guess where certain plot threads are going surprise Cerise and Trouble reunite they keep talking about Seahaven and its Mayor for a reason but it takes its sweet time in unwinding all of that There s no sudden jumps ahead without pausing to consider, and the characters typically do not do stupid unhelpful things that cause themtrouble Each step is a step forward,or less.I really enjoyed visiting this world, even though it s one that took its time The details of the net, the brainworm, the way the characters could hack in a sort of virtual reality, were all fascinating and so were their relationships and goals Honestly, I was going to compare it to a sort of cowboy story for the internet before they wore white hats in the final section.Reviewed for The Bibliophibian. rating 4.5 5There is just so much to think about analyze with this book I m not sure where to begin I ll admit that I m not familiar with cyberpunk, it has always been on my tbr lists but this is the first I ve been able to get to it Some other reviewers have said that this book borrows too much from other cyberpunk books but I wouldn t know, haven t read them yet.That said, wow I loved this ride The descriptions and details of the world inside the net were so vivid it felt like I was inside it myself All the actions, the cracking done inside made sense.Also, the plot was fascinating, although I did figure a part of it out earlier than they did I still didn t get it quite right The story takes us through multiple settings in the real world as well as on the net In summary, Trouble left the underground cracking hacking world after a law was passed that would crack down on illegal activities on the net In doing so she left her partner cracking partner and lover and friends, and disappeared But three years later someone has stolen her name to do bad, bad things on the net Now, law enforcement is chasing her and she has to find who is defaming her name before its too late I love the relationship between Cerise the partner and Trouble, especially when they are forced to work together again to find this newTrouble They are both strong, independent, and capable women and the sparks fly like crazy However, this is not a romance, it has a few relationship y scenes but they are tertiary to the plot and everything else that makes up this novel It also has two sex scenes that seem positively prudish compared to most what s out there But still hot Published in 1994, this novel dates especially the technology 20 years, and yet there are many still relevant societal critiques For example, control of the net As I was reading this book I read news stories about the federal court that struck down rules designed to prevent the nation s largest broadband service providers from charging content companies for access to Internet fast lanes It is a step closer toward corporate control of the internet as opposed to the neutral free forum that it has been until now This novel presents similar themes and explores questions of control and policing the net.I absolutely adore this novel, there is so much goodness in there I am sure in a few years I ll be picking it up and reading again

Scott studied history at Harvard College and Brandeis University, and earned her PhD in comparative history She published her first novel in 1984, and has since written some two dozen science fiction and fantasy works, including three co authored with her partner, Lisa A Barnett.Scott s work is known for the elaborate and well constructed settings While many of her protagonists are gay, lesbia

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  • Paperback
  • 379 pages
  • Trouble and Her Friends
  • Melissa Scott
  • English
  • 22 September 2019
  • 9780812522136

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