PassageAndy Goldsworthy S Passage Focuses On The Journeys That People, Rivers, Landscapes, And Even Stones Take Through Space And Time A Cairn Made By The Renowned Sculptor In The Scottish Village Where He Lives Reveals The Influence That His Work Close To Home Has On Projects He Creates Elsewhere A Series Involving Elm Trees, From Glowing Yellow Leaves To Dead Branches, Exemplifies His Work S Vigorous Beauty As Well As Its Association With Death And Decay Creations On The Beach And In Rivers Explore The Passage Of Time, While A White Chalk Path Investigates The Passing From Day Into Night Passage Also Includes The Garden Of Stones, A Holocaust Memorial At The Museum Of Jewish Heritage In New York, Where The Artist PlantedOak Trees Through Holes In Hollowed Out, Earth Filled Boulders Documenting These And Other Recent Works, This Beautiful Book Is An Eloquent Testament To Goldsworthy S Determination To Deepen His Understanding Of The World Around Him, And His Relationship With It, Through His Art His art is always beautiful and inspiring What I enjoyed best about the book, though, were his journal entries while he s creating the pieces. I gave this 4 stars for the amazing art it records, but it was a bit disappointing as a book It is a lot wordier than I was expecting, and I thinkso than the other book by this artist that I read before though maybe not it was a while ago That isn t necessarily a bad thing, it can actually be sort of interesting to read the thought that went into the projects, or to compare the artist s thoughts on his work with the reviews or articles by third parties that are included The problem though is that the text tends to be concentrated and not sufficiently interwoven with the pictures And there is a strong tendency for the artist to talk about works that aren t pictured, and conversely for many of the included pieces to have no explanation. The book was wonderful for the photographs of his works, but also for the text Some articles written about him and his work, as well as journal entries giving insight to his work process, his challenges, and his insights Highly recommended For those unfamiliar with Goldsworthy s art, familiarize yourself The journal entries brilliantly complement their photographs of ephemeral and permanent work Who s to say they are not all permanent or all ephemeral I continually wished to step into the photographs and experience the work fully, but alas, they only tantalize Passage is close cousin to Time , perhaps a theme developed from time It frames works made just after Time as operating in a smaller scale of time, most wonderfully the wide angle photo sequences of Three Cairns.P.S When I reread this, I will specify particularly good entries to make this reviewuseful. I had never heard of land art before reading this book However, there has been a screenshot of circles of stones along a Scottish shoreline that has moved and delighted me for years I don t know if Goldsworthy was the artist of those pictures that I have kept and treasured and looked at again and again and again But I do know that I will look at his images again and again in years to come Not only do his sculptures express the human relationship to land and place, but they are beautiful, and ephemeral I was shocked to discover in the book that many of his creations are left to be dismantled with the tides, or to dissolve back into the forest, or to melt into the river they are suspended above How true, and right, and perfect Yet some of Goldsworthy s sculptures are meant to endure, like the cairns he built in Scotland, Long Island, and San Diego These installations are riveting also, but in general move me less than those innatural settings With the following exception the book documents an installation at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC It is a scattering of hollowed out, massive boulders, into which scrappy little chestnut oaks have been planted so that they seem to spring from the rock itself These small oaks were planted by Holocaust survivors as a memorial to the 6 million murdered by the Nazis I must say, reading this section of the book and viewing the creation of this moving tribute had me in sudden shower of tears so unexpected One survivor said as she filled the stone with soil that she had spent two years in Auschwitz, and lost six members of her family to the gas chambers, and that now she had a place to bury them We plan to go to NYC this fall I hope to have the opportunity to view Goldsworthy s tribute then. beautiful photos and a glimpse into the artist s inspiration I am amazed at his diligence and the length of time spent photographing his work I love the non attachment that is displayed as his work is consumed by nature Makes me want to go find some brightly colored leaves and pin them with thorns Inspiring. If one is a genius, then one can cross continents, culturesworlds even In this extraordinary account Andy Goldsworthy from Anglican Yorkshire comes to New York and manages to turn every other Holocaust Memorial out there, on their heads This is a living breathing memorial it is about triumph, it is about the victory of time I won t spoil it but remarkably moving. Impressive images combined with generally interesting explanatory diary entries that explain how Andy Goldsworthy puts together his nature based artworks There is a level of obsession there that is both admirable and hard to understand But the gorgeous end results speak for themselves. Using found natural materials like clay, leaves, bark, sticks, rocks, and ice, Andy creates shockingly beautiful and fragile structures Everyone should pick up a book of photographs of Andy Goldsworthy s sculptures, because that s probably the only way they ll ever see one of his works of art.

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist living in Scotland who produces site specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings His art involves the use of natural and found objects, to create both temporary and permanent sculptures which draw out the character of their environment.

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