Gemini3.5WRINKLYBOTTOMS VILLAGE LADIES KNITTING CIRCLE, BELL RINGING BUDDY READING CLUBMINUTES TAKEN FROM MEETING DATED 15 OCTOBER 2013 AT WRINKLYBOTTOMS VILLAGE HALL.MEMBERS PRESENT President Mabel Braithwaite Vicars Wife Vice President Gladys Sidebottom Mabel s sister and Homie Flora Pickles village spinster Fanny Crump butchers wife Connie Biggerstaff knitting instructor Macky be it noted refused to give last name 7.30 PM Meeting starts Mabel Welcome Ladies Nice to see a full house this week cough First of all I was so pleased that for our last meeting we all enjoyed that wonderful classic by our favourite lady Miss Austen Thanks to Fanny for requesting we read Sense Sensibility Most illuminating and a worthy addition to our growing collection of inspiring reads Flora is that kettle on Custard Creams and Garibaldis plated up Flora All done Mabel Can I just say Connie did a marvellous job with that tea cosy Who would have thought you could knit the leaning Tower of Pisa Anyhoo sorry for interrupting Lady president Carry on with what you were saying, I ll just add a few BourbonsMabel cough Right ladies and now we get to this weeks contribution Gemini requested by our resident knitter extroidinaire Connie I think I ll leave this cough to her to explain Over to you Connie Connie Don t look at me like that Mabel Braithwaite I mislaid my readers I THOUGHT IT WAS A BOOK ABOUT TWINSETS Flora Harrumph Yes well, there wasn t a lot of knitting going on in that story, was there Connie Biggerstaff Tsk tsk Connie Mutter Always my fault Mutter mutter bet you read it all though..mutter Crabby old spinster mutter need a man Mutter Or cats Fanny Easy done Connie, I thought it was a book about star signs or jewellery making Without my glasses that earring on the front looked quite fetching but that ear looked very strange Gladys Well I woz like totally macking on it homies It woz just what this cougar wanted foshizzle Mabel Gladys I thought we d all agreed that once we d read 50 Cents bio we d put that to bed Gladys Aight shorty Macky I ve actually read this before a long time ago and I remember enjoying it despite the taboo subject matter which might not suit everyone, but we all have our own comfort zones and know if its something we can enjoy or not, as the case may be Personally m m twincest doesn t shock me as much as I thought it would but I must admit I d forgotten how much sex there was in this story Oh boy do these guys get down and dirty a lot Gladys WORD It woz tha shiznit I woz lovin da bling bling nipple chains They woz kickin Flora Well I was scandalised SCANDALISED I say So much so that I had to read it twice or was it three times Just to see if I d read this dirty dirty story right the first time I m incensed ladies INCENSED All that grabbing and inserting of body parts Hot wet kisses and groping All three nubile bodies entangled together in a hot tight little naked pile Grinding and writhing Slipping and sliding in a sweaty frenzy Tattoos and piercings in places that no god fearing person would expose Oh dear is it me or has the central heating just turned itself up Macky I must admit I did like the three guys a lot, as characters they re endearing and there s no doubt they really do have chemistry I ve read a lot of M nage s, they re my guilty pleasure but I just wish the sex had been toned down to let a touch story in There are smatterings of things going on in the background which if they d been expanded would definitely have enhanced the book After a while it did become repetitive and I found myself zoning out a few times when the love scenes kept on coming one after the other Flora are you Okay You re looking a bit flushed Flora You said coming One after the other Oh dear I feel a bit faint Mabel Yes well I must say I was a little overwhelmed at the beginning but like Flora oh for goodness sake someone give her a cup of Earl Grey and an egg and cress sandwich, that should put some colour back in her cheeks Where was I Oh yes like fainting Flora, after I d read it a second time for group purposes of course ladies, I found myself warming to the the boys on a whole The incest will definitely divide some readers but we must of course remember cough that this is fiction and as adults its a choice we can make as to whether we choose to read about it or not Do you agree dear ladies Gladys I m down with that, Bizzle BOUYA Can t dis that Mabes babes Fanny Yes I agree overall, even though I was hoping to learn how to make a friendship bracelet and find out a bit about what 2013 held for Scorpio s, I actually did enjoy the book Mr Crump seemed quite pleased I was reading it too After a lovely supper snacking on my husbands prize winning sausage we retired for a very early nightMr Crump s meat and two veg is legend as you know ladies Macky I ve just finished another Book by Chris Owens called 911 which is also a m nage and of the two I liked that one better for its storyline In this I would have liked to have seen drama and conflict arising from the situation and less sexual activity, even though I have to admit there are some sizzling scenes My favourite scene comes right at the end when they dress up for Halloween and I have to say what transpires is not just hot its steaming However, overall I still think in this case less would have been Fanny Yes me and Mr Crump re enacted that scene Oh my golly gosh did I say that out loud Gladys Fanny Crump What up girlfriend That s just wack Connie mutter Knitting pattern book Mutter Someone else can pick next time Mutter mutter A nice mohair twin set Mutter Should have Stuck to knitting tea cosy s Mutter mutterMabel So my fellow Buddy readers haw haw I do so love that modern reading term Are we decided on averaging our rating at 3.5 Flora I m not sure I think I might have to read this terrible smutty book of naughty horny sex one time fans self Can I hang on to those smelling salts Mabel Connie mutter Whatever Mutter I m sure It said twinsets Mutter Stupid reading glasses mutter Macky Yeah, that s fine with me I vote we round it up because second time around and despite my niggles, I still enjoyed it Fanny Mr Crump would have given it 5 sigh Gladys YoThat s jockin my style homes 3.5 is tight I m feelin the vibe shawty Mabel Excellent Now who has any ideas for next weeks books Connie Want another try Connie Mutter Mutter WHERE WAS MY BIB CUS I NEEDED ONE While reading certain books you sometimes discover new things about yourself While reading Gemini I discovered twins in a relationship makes me drool I am no virgin to all that is brotherly love, but somehow I am almost died reading this, and kept looking out for the to strike me down and if it did, I would be disgraced by the amount of drool around my burnt body.Gent is a tattoo artist with nipple piercing attached by a chain just saying cus that shit is important When a button up dude walks in the shop looking like he don t belong, Gent is instantly attracted When said schoolboy hottie says he s also getting nipple piercing Gent gets all kinds of hard in his pants and is hoping to see schoolboy Paul again When Gent gets his wish and finds out that Paul got his nipples done for another guy, the guy being Paul s twin brother Jaime It seems they both want him to come to them Gent is thinking his life is about to get interesting.There is no big plot factor here, there is a twin, there is Gent, and all three get naked Many, many, many times I guess there is little bit of a down, cus the world will only see paul as Gent s boyfriend and he can never publicly claim that they both belong to him without giving away the fact that both Paul and Jaime like to naked with each other.The name of the book is because all three share a birthday, does it have some deeper meaning Nope, they are Gemini, and now they are Gemini and that other guy I think the book would have been perfect if there were a few conflicts but there is just sex and sex Don t get me wrong I am not complaining.I should warn you guys that if you aren t into brothers getting naked Then this book won t be for you, cus nothing is off limits to Jaime and Paul.Reflection I never really thought of the dangers for a tattoo artist I forgot that they work with blood and needles and need to be over the top safe This book brought that to light, and I now have a newfound respect for the artists. To sum up Gemini I short circuited.There s a lot of fucking going on It s a Chris Owen story It should be expected Plus you know the kink level on the kink o meter, it s not a constant 10 out of 10 but when it does hit a high point they are bursting and strong I meantwins And they found a third to make a smutty triad in tattoo artist, Gent And they find a lot of positions and kinks to try out in Gemini wipes mouth Dear sweet Cheesus, there s nipple piercings and chains and fisting and spanking and exhibitionism The kink factor alone is 5 STARS Butthe story itself is 3 STARS at the most because it barely scratched the surface of any of the guys The twins, Jamie and Paul, have some shady past with their last lover we never find out about that or learn his name , Gent s name is Gentleman WTF no clarification and we never learned what Gent looks like a pet peeve of mine it s 1st POV from Gent The story is basically PWP, nothing major happens to the throuple They just get together and form a bond with minor hiccups.But, uh, those scenes especially in the bar and clubfucking in public, hoping to get caught Makes me just average out my rating to 4 STARS Because those scenes are effing worth it Porn demon approved Going to drink some ice water now Wow I don t even know what to say about this book It was so kinky, naughty and dirtyand I loved it The sex is relentless and so hot I was afraid my computer might overheat I can t wait to read of Chris s stuff. Gent Is A Little Wild, A Little Jaded Maybe When He Meets Paul, He Thinks He Might Just Have Found Someone Fresh And New, Someone Who Ll Play, Maybe Someone Who Will Be Than A One Night Stand Pretty Quick, Though, Gent Finds Out With Paul He Gets Than He Bargained For He Gets Jamie, Too, Paul S Twin, Who Wants Him Just As Much As Paul Does Gent Thinks Maybe He S In Over His Head, In For A Weird Triangle That He Can T Handle, But As The Three Come Together In An Explosion Of Passionate Fireworks, Beginning To Explore A Whole New World Of Heat, He Learns That There Can Be A Lot Fun In Having Two Well, damn I was so ready to get my twincest kink on and this just didn t do it for me.What I was expecting angsty nail biting Oh My God Are they really going to do it Are they Are they What I got groaning with annoyance Oh My God Are they really going to do it Again And again And AGAIN At the start of this story Gent enters a relationship with twins, Jaime and Paul The twins have already been in a relationship for years I guess this justifies there being absolutely NO angst about this issue Hello They re twins They re fucking Gimme some dramaI was expecting to read a story about these brothers who were battling their feelings for each other with Gent Nope Just Gent and his boys having sex, all the time Nonstop Constantly I didn t have any sort of issue with the twin thing because there was so little character development I almost forgot they were separate people This was, without a doubt, PWP.I gave them a bonus star for practicing safe sex. 7 12 11 Don t kid yourself this is a sex fest with a whole lot of story around it This is my first mmm menage story and I like the first person POV I found the birthday celebration very romantic and I m not a romantic person The thoughts and emotions and caring that went into the gifts spoke to a well matched triangle Each character had their own special relationship with each other and the love and caring wasn t rushed It does have a taboo aspect to it that I don t need to belabor it didn t take anything away for me I have never read anything the way this story is written and I like it I ll be reading Chris Owens.ETA 3 11 12 I still adore this book even though mmm is not my preferred sexual mix just to tell you how much I like it Yes, there s lots of sex, yet, you pick up little gems that make you understand the relationship is moving forward Not even my typical kind of writing style that I like Yet it s a reread for me I recommend this with the caveat of if you re ok with the taboo element.ETA 4 22 14 Rereading again because I love my boys And in the two years since I last read Gemini, I like mmm see 3 11 12 review comment, lol a lot and read mostly mm. Okaaaay now I was expecting a bit plot, but nope.The story definitely needed a bit time filling us in on their history, previous relationship and how why it ended, Jamie s past mysterious trauma The only holes left unfilled in this one were in the background story sorry, couldn t resist There was a really hot club scene at the end, but I could really, really, REALLY have done without the fisting chapter I was holding our boy in my hand cringe and all of the spanking Not my cup of tea.It s worth a read, but just be warned that literature isn t exactly what I d call this one PS Who the fuck names their kid Gentleman Gent for short. Sweet bejeezus This book has no heat rating because it incinerated it.Jamie, Paul and Gent make those guys in the daisy chain scenes on Greek pottery look like amateurs At first, I was just going to rate this Smutacular But honestly, this is emotional porn on multiple levels There are issues being worked on heehee yeah, they re working it Seriously, I actually teared up a bit and the discussion of needs and the objectification of the twins were real and their happiness to find someone who Got them was raw and HAWT Favorite quote It s like he used up all the sounds and words he had, now he s just going on sensation. 2.5 starsA three way with twins by the author of Bareback Sign me up right Unfortunately this was disappointing I never got to know these men, there was no relationship development, no drama, nothing much outside of the bedroom at all I wanted a story with drama It should be hard enough making the three way work but add in brothers I wanted something besides scene after scene of sex The thing that kept me reading was that there were hints of issues that might come back to stir things up, but they never did Frankly I skimmed most of the sex scenes since without the emotional attachment, they didn t even do it for me.

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