The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: Coming Home

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: Coming HomeJ Michael Straczynski Is A Man Who Has Made His Mark In Many Ways Whether In The World Of Science Fiction And Television With The Hit Babylon Or In The Comic Book Industry With Such Books As Rising Stars And Midnight Nation Now His Unique Vision Comes To The World Of Marvel And The Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man Joining Straczynski Is A Man Of Equal Legend John Romita Jr Regarded By Many As The Definitive Spider Man Artist Of The Last Decade, Romita S Unique Pace And Superb Storytelling Perfectly Complement Straczynski S VisionCollects Amazing Spider Man Vol This is my first ever time writing a Goodreads review, so please be gentle So, my sister is a social worker and her clients are all NGRI cases NGRI as in not guilty by reason of insanity Yes, it is a real thing and no, you cannot fake the defense in a court of law, like it frequently appears on TV Unbeknownst to me, one of her clients in the state mental hospital gifted her this book for her nephew, apparently, because it had come up in conversation that he likes super heroes and she, in turn, gave it to my son when he was over for a visit.This book had clearly been around the block, having been donated to the hospital from a library ages ago and passing through countless hands of the seriously mentally ill before arriving in my son s hands Miraculously, all of the pages were intact having clearly been taped over the years, etc , but it did have some questionable sticky spots and other scuffs My son was, of course, thrilled, but I couldn t help but want to wear a pair of nitrile gloves just to handle this thing.But herein lies the problem My son is five As in, preschool age Now, I am not opposed to my kid being exposed to real world stuff within reason and he does love super heroes, but this book is almost hilariously not suitable for a child of his age Do I act like a responsible parent and explain to him that that it was a nice gift from Auntie s client, or do I throw caution to the wind and let him be exposed to this book that he was so excited about I decided that instead of being an asshole parent in his eyes, that let him keep it, so it quickly became his first pick for bedtime reading.School shootings, excessive violence, some weird man running around without shoes Jeez Louise, I should never have let this happen I have never been a comic book reader and have no clue how to judge this version of Spider Man, which is why I m going to go ahead and give it a middle of the road three stars, but the artwork was cool and the story kept both my five year old s attention and mine I liked all of Spiderman Peter Parker s internal dialog that he was having with himself Somewhat surprisingly, the child did not find any of the subject matter scary Now I m stuck with the challenge of how to make this thing disappear, so that he will quickly forget it s existence and I won t have to worry about what mystery substances are covering this thing.The moral of the story is to never accept a comic book as a gift for a child from a man in a mental hospital and to sit down your sister and have a serious conversation about what reading material is appropriate for preschoolers, because this sure ain t it. There are two ways, that I know of, to re imagine a superhero s origin One way is to start completely from the beginning, changing, altering and adding to the characters already established story This is a technique Spider Man has seen a lot of The second approach is to retroactively insert details or ideas into the origin that changes the story without altering events we re already familiar with That s the technique JMS tries to employ in this volume of Spider Man s Amazing brand While I appreciate the approach that s taken, I can t say that it works very well Spider Man and science go hand in hand not necessarily science fact, but still science in a sense A large majority of his villains can be put into the science gone wrong category, Spidey himself is the victim in part of such an origin, he invents high tech gadgets, and multiple jobs he s had over the years revolve around science Now, I won t try and say that everything has to stay the same and nothing can change, but the attempt here to turn Spider Man s origin into a mystical one doesn t rest well with me The overall scientific feel behind the character works really well and while there are certainly mystical aspects surrounding him, the insertion of the element here in such a crucial part of his story just doesn t fit At least not if you ask me.That misstep isn t enough to completely mar the experience, however JMS writes an overall entertaining story, far from perfect though it may be For one, he writes excellent dialogue He really nails the balance between witty banter and serious colloquy that makes Peter such an entertaining character He also weaves a decently suspenseful tale here It s far from the best example, but JMS s rendition of the Spider Man refusing to give up in a hopeless situation story is no doubt entertaining It lacks heart though Spidey s motivation for his persistence is a bit too distant to really affect the reader the way the best of this type of story can.On the art side of things, Romita Jr s pencils are equal parts good and bad On one hand, when the costumes are on and the fists are flying, the art is great The nearly three issue long action scene is wonderfully drawn in a way that almost makes you feel the impacts On the other hand, characters often times feel anatomicallyweird And faces seem a bit off I realize those aren t the most descriptive critiques, but trust me, the people in this book are odd What s not odd and totally awesome, however, is the coloring Each and every page is filled with beautifully vibrant and brilliant colors Very nearly the best part of the book.Coming Home is a Spidey tale that does what it gets right really well and what it gets wrong really not well It s not hard to recommend to a Spidey fan, but others may want to look elsewhere For now, at least. 3.5 stars Enjoyable re imagining of Spider man It is always risky when you take an iconic figure and show him in a brand new light and Straczynski handles it beautifully Recommended I m an old Marvel comic book reader and as part of my second childhood I ve subscribed to this series to get a nice collectible set of memories I was also hoping to be brought up to date with the parts of Marvel s comic book canon that have changed since I stopped reading the comics.I am also a great fan of J Michael Straczynski s work in Babylon 5 and therefore looked forward to the first issue in the series where he teams up with John Romita JR to tell the Spider man story Coming Home Unfortunately, my expectations weren t met Let s deal with the artwork first I m not a great fan of Romita JR s art There s nothing wrong with it, I just prefer a simpler graphically realistic style This is purely personal preference and if you like this artist s work this will be a plus for you.Now onto the story.Straczynski tries to break new ground by putting a mystical spin on spider man s origin and it just didn t grab me the same way some of the other great spider man stories have Mind you, it wasn t all bad I thought Straczynski s observation about the common theme of Spider man s enemies was very clever and I also liked how Peter Parker, in a sense, defies his supposed mystical origin to resolve the story, though that resolution made the scientist in me cringe.What I didn t like was the Earth based origin story for the major villain Why haven t we seen this guy before He s been around long enough and should be a major player in the world To my mind, this character should have been given an off Earth origin in line with his mystical nature.The other gripe I have is that, considering the duration of the epic battle through the streets of New York a place which has than its fair share of superheroes I had trouble believing that no other hero came along to intervene in the fight and protect the innocents that were endangered by the villain Anyway, I suppose it s still worth a read if you re a spider man fan, but I am now hanging out for some of the other stories in this series. This is an excellent graphic novel, the first in a new series by Marvel The story and artwork is top class, and the book itself is hardback and very nicely bound and presented, well worth the introductary price of 2.99 To be honest I looked up some of the upcoming stories in the series and found that the paperback versions of these graphic novels sell for about 12 15 each This series normal price is 9.99 a novel, which are all hardback and are cheaper than the stores, very unusual and very impressive for a collectors series All in all highly recommended. J Michael Straczynski s run on The Amazing Spider Man is controversial and often falls under heavy criticism because of events that take place in the last few volumes, but we must keep in mind that this was a very strong run for several volumes, and this first installment is decent Straczynski is given the task of returning Peter Parker to the role of Spider Man after a lengthy absence and sets up some themes that will be important through his run on the series In this volume we are introduced to a new ally and a new enemy There s a lot to like here, I like Ezekiel and the notion that Peter s spider powers are totemic I like the way Peter becomes a teacher and how the issues of a rough, urban public school are dealt with by the material Peter is characterized on spot and often very funny Now here s what I didn t like Morlun is a painfully lame villain There is absolutely nothing to him He s got no personality and his use as a threat is the clich d unstoppable hunter It feels like such an easy road to take You ve never faced a threat like this before Well, I d argue that he has, but even overlooking that, it s a lazy approach to making the threat seem formidable We re told that Peter can t possibly survive a confrontation with Morlun, but we the readers know he ll be okay When Peter realizes how serious his problem is, he never does the logical thing and ask for help from The Avengers, Dr Strange, The Fantastic Four or any number of super hero allies he has right within the city, friends who would surely even the odds drastically Even if Peter was too proud to ask for help, Morlun s activities are wrecking the city and causing all manner of damage, death and injury He would unquestionably raised the attention of New York s Marvel super heroes not to mention the police. For a group challenge, I needed an Eisner winner This one won Best Serialized Story of 2002 It was easily accessible on Marvel Digital Unlimited, and it s also the beginning of the JMS run that I have meant to read for years Excellent stuff I don t know what was going on before these issues, but it s clear we re experiencing a sea change in Peter s life He s lost MJ, and he has a new job as a science teacher Plus, some dude named Ezekiel has shown up and fed him all kinds of wacky info about animal totems JMS gets Peter s voice exactly right Like most comedians, Peter uses humor to mask his own pain That comes through on every page, as Peter deals with his own memories of bullying and eventually has to face a seemingly invincible foe In fact, Peter s battles with Morlund remind me of Batman vs Bane in the Knightfall story JR, Jr s art has for my money never been better There s humor and action and variety It s gorgeous work I ll have to read some of this run Oh, and that last page, though I m giving this 5 stars because it was amazing Get it Amazing I am so sorry. Hard to not give this 5 stars, despite it being a very different animal to the other 5 star books on my list However, I feel it deserves it as being one of the most interesting, original, and downright enjoyable Spidey stories for a long time Amazing NEEDED a breath of fresh air, and JMS was the right man for the job Plus the issue long slugfest halfway through will not only have you on the edge of your seat, but is one of the most smartly written superhero punch ups you will ever see Spidey is hopelessly overmatched, yet still finds ways to desperately hold his own and keep going, even getting you to believe he might have a chance of winning

Joseph Michael Straczynski born July 17, 1954 , known professionally as J Michael Straczynski and informally as Joe Straczynski or JMS, is an American writer and television producer He works in films, television series, novels, short stories, comic books, and radio dramas He is a playwright, a former journalist, and author of The Complete Book of Scriptwriting He was the creator and

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