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Chicago PoemsFrom the city of broad shoulders to clouds moving in on cat s paws this collection is Sandburg s love letter to the city of Chicago It s a collection of tough blue collars workers, immigrants, questions on war WWI and suspicions of government It is written in plain language of the people he represents and hits with a punch but at the same time eloquent. Highly recommended and most enjoyable The format for the Kindle version is a bit odd in spots but not hard to overcome Great poems about Chicago and some other topics as well. I thought I liked Sandburg I read Maybe many years ago and it seemed funny, witty and different And short, by all means Not in this volume Maybe he believes me, maybe not.Maybe I can marry him, maybe not.Maybe the wind on the prairie,The wind on the sea, maybe,Somebody, somewhere, maybe can tell.I will lay my head on his shoulderAnd when he asks me I will say yes,Maybe.At times, reading Chicago Poems feels like reading prose not the short and witty stuff I expected The city gets mythical proportions with its factories where people work for 6 dollars a week, the skyscrapers, the bridges, the subway, the cripples, the girl who s killed by the fire a.s.o I cannot understand poets fascination for the country, the land, the city, whatever Thankfully, not all the poems are devoted to Chicago Take At A Window, for instanceGIVE me hunger,O you gods that sit and giveThe world its orders.Give me hunger, pain and want,Shut me out with shame and failureFrom your doors of gold and fame,Give me your shabbiest, weariest hunger But leave me a little love,A voice to speak to me in the day end,A hand to touch me in the dark roomBreaking the long loneliness.In the dusk of day shapesBlurring the sunset,One little wandering, western starThrust out from the changing shores of shadow.Let me go to the window,Watch there the day shapes of duskAnd wait and know the comingOf a little love I was thinking of reading Plath s poetry before moving on to her journals, but now, I don t know, I might just skip it. Well, by far on of the greatest collections ever of one of the greatest American poets I really love it, not only because I live in Chicago.And here is my little contribution to this great city One Poet in ChicagoThis city is scary and supreme.Its shiny lakeshore with white yachtsand seagulls and herons, tiltingquietly upon the marble waves.The hard blowing wind,licking the rind of the imposing trees.Those crazy and beautiful people,walking up and down the streets, as the Sears tower pierces the alabaster sky.A long time ago, in some small house,Carl Sandburg was writing his dreams.Not too far away, Hemingway learned his way with the shotgun.This city of butchers, gangsters and sky drinking poets.This city of uncertainty and misunderstood simplicity.This city of fondnessand knives leading to oblivion.But it is still early One of these days when you wake up with words in your head transforming into money,unallowable poet s dreams God did not give His permission to each and every scrivener.Cup of coffee or the unsolved color of the whiskey which absurd will the poet pick and choose This city will take care of it Back in the day, you could see the little Gwendolyn Brooksskipping rope with the words forming in her head.Now, the slam joints are full of screaming typesetters.This is your place under the sun City of destiny Do not leave it The stones of the ruined city wallwill never say Goodbye Over Christmas, while visiting family in Indianapolis, I stopped in Half Price Books I d already planned to get this year s books from the library, but I hadn t arranged for one before leaving town, and I wanted to make sure I had something in hand from my reading list to get started with I found a hardcover copy of Seinfeldia It was early in the day I had hours to kill before dinner with two of my sisters and I settled down in front of the Classics and Poetry section My mind was hungering for something There it was The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg It hit me like a bolt out of the blue I snatched it from the shelf, sat on the floor, and immediately got lost in Chicago, Masses, They Will Say, The Shovel Man, A Teamster s Farewell, Muckers I left the book on the shelf I should have purchased it , added Chicago Poems to my reading list, and, when I d returned home after the holidays, found a copy in my local library.Upon Sandburg s death in 1967, Lyndon B Johnson observed, Carl Sandburg was than the voice of America, than the poet of its strength and genius He was America After reading, and reflecting upon, Sandburg s first published collection of poetry, 1916 s Chicago Poems, truer words were never spoken Sandburg sees people, events, things, as they are sometimes raw, unflinching, unblinking, concretely other times beautifully, elegiacally, figuratively but always always openly, honestly, ever traveling, ever seeking ALIVE No poet s poet, nor writer s writer, Sandburg is a poet of the people, for the people Unsentimental, straight talker, swagger in his gait If only Carl Sandburg were here to train his pencil, his eye, his words, on America today how we d cheer, how we d weep, how we d wrap ourselves up in the comfort of someone who understands us, who sees us, who loves us, who said, I am credulous about the destiny of man, and I believe than I can ever prove of the future of the human race and the importance of illusions They will sayOf my city the worst that men will ever say is this You took little children away from the sun and the dew, And the glimmers that played in the grass under the great sky, And the reckless rain you put them between walls To work, broken and smothered, for bread and wages, To eat dust in their throats and die empty hearted For a little handful of pay on a few Saturday nights.Sandburg described quite starkly and poignantly the faces tired of wishes, empty of dreams. 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Chicago Poems Poems For Chicago Poem By Chicago Poems Written By Famous Poets Browse Through To Read Poems For Chicago This Page Has The Widest Range Of Chicago Love And Quotes Chicago By Carl Sandburg Poems Academy Of Chicago Hog Butcher For The World, There Is A Wolf In Me Fangs Pointed For Tearing Gashes A Red Tongue For Raw Meat And The Hot Lapping Of Blood I Keep This Wolf Because The Wilderness Gave It To Me And The Wilderness Will Not Let It Go Chicago Poems Wikipedia Chicago Poems Is Acollection Of Poetry By Carl Sandburg, His First By A Mainstream Publisher Sandburg Moved To Chicago Inafter Living In Milwaukee, Where He Had Served As Secretary To Emil Seidel, Milwaukee S Socialist Mayor Carl Sandburg S Chicago Poems As I Read From The Chicago Poems Section, I Liked How The Poems Were Filled With Characters Brimming With Pride And Predicaments, Much Like Randy Newman S Record Good Old Boys, Which I Was Listening To A Lot At The Time The Words Seemed Like Song Lyrics To Me, And I Decided That Someday IPoems That Capture The Essence Of Chicago Every City Has A Soul, Unique To Its People And Buildings Chicago Is No Different, And It Has Inspired Many Poems Written By Poetry Heavyweights Like Gwendolyn Brooks And Carl Sandburg, These Poems Only Just Begin To Capture The Essence Of Chicago Sandburg Expertly Weaves A Mantra For The City Of Carl Sandburg Chicago Poems Table Of Contents Chicago Poems Chicago Sketch Masses Lost The Harbor They Will Say Mill Doors Halsted Street Car Clark Street Bridge Passers By The Walking Man Of Rodin Subway The Shovel Man A Teamster S Farewell Fish Crier Picnic Boat Happiness Muckers Blacklisted Graceland Child Of The Romans The Right To Grief Mag Onion Days Population Drifts Cripple AChicago Poem By Carl Sandburg Poem Hunter Which Is True Because In The Poem, He Covers All The Major Things That Are Negative That Go On In Chicago Yet The Good Outways The Bad It Seems As If Sandburg Has Become Attached To The City Itself And Will Defend It Even If It Is Wrong Just As I Would Becasue In My Eyes, Chicago Is The City That Keeps Going And Will Never Stop Improving Itself I used to write poetry like this in college Thankfully, I no longer do As poetry goes, it s not very good But in a time when we have Republicans cutting food stamps and Headstart while sucking up to the rich, Carl Sandburg is a breath of fresh air Like these MASSES by Carl Sandburg AMONG the mountains I wandered and saw blue haze and red crag and was amazed On the beach where the long push under the endless tide maneuvers, I stood silent Under the stars on the prairie watching the Dipper slant over the horizon s grass, I was full of thoughts Great men, pageants of war and labor, soldiers and workers, mothers lifting their children these all I touched, and felt the solemn thrill of them And then one day I got a true look at the Poor, millions of the Poor, patient and toiling patient than crags, tides, and stars innumerable, patient as the darkness of night and all broken, humble ruins of nations TO A CONTEMPORARY BUNKSHOOTER You come along tearing your shirt yelling about Jesus Where do you get that stuff What do you know about Jesus Jesus had a way of talking soft and outside of a few bankers and higher ups among the con men of Jerusalem everybody liked to have this Jesus around because he never made any fake passes and everything he said went and he helped the sick and gave the people hope You come along squirting words at us, shaking your fist and calling us all damn fools so fierce the froth slobbers over your lips always blabbing we re all going to hell straight off and you know all about it I ve read Jesus words I know what he said You don t throw any scare into me I ve got your number I know how much you know about Jesus He never came near clean people or dirty people but they felt cleaner because he came along It was your crowd of bankers and business men and lawyers hired the sluggers and murderers who put Jesus out of the running I say the same bunch backing you nailed the nails into the hands of this Jesus of Nazareth He had lined up against him the same crooks and strong arm men now lined up with you paying your way This Jesus was good to look at, smelled good, listened good He threw out something fresh and beautiful from the skin of his body and the touch of his hands wherever he passed along You slimy bunkshooter, you put a smut on every human blossom in reach of your rotten breath belching about hell fire and hiccupping about this Man who lived a clean life in Galilee When are you going to quit making the carpenters build emergency hospitals for women and girls driven crazy with wrecked nerves from your gibberish about Jesus I put it to you again Where do you get that stuff what do you know about Jesus Go ahead and bust all the chairs you want to Smash a whole wagon load of furniture at every performance Turn sixty somersaults and stand on your nutty head If it wasn t for the way you scare the women and kids I d feel sorry for you and pass the hat I like to watch a good four flusher work, but not when he starts people puking and calling for the doctors I like a man that s got nerve and can pull off a great original performance, but you you re only a bug house peddler of second hand gospel you re only shoving out a phoney imitation of the goods this Jesus wanted free as air and sunlight You tell people living in shanties Jesus is going to fix it up all right with them by giving them mansions in the skies after they re dead and the worms have eaten em You tell 6 a week department store girls all they need is Jesus you take a steel trust wop, dead without having lived, gray and shrunken at forty years of age, and you tell him to look at Jesus on the cross and he ll be all right You tell poor people they don t need any money on pay day and even if it s fierce to be out of a job, Jesus ll fix that up all right, all right all they gotta do is take Jesus the way you say I m telling you Jesus wouldn t stand for the stuff you re handing out Jesus played it different The bankers and lawyers of Jerusalem got their sluggers and murderers to go after Jesus just because Jesus wouldn t play their game He didn t sit in with the big thieves I don t want a lot of gab from a bunkshooter in my religion I won t take my religion from any man who never works except with his mouth and never cherishes any memory except the face of the woman on the American silver dollar I ask you to come through and show me where you re pouring out the blood of your life I ve been to this suburb of Jerusalem they call Golgotha, where they nailed Him, and I know if the story is straight it was real blood ran from His hands and the nail holes, and it was real blood spurted in red drops where the spear of the Roman soldier rammed in between the ribs of this Jesus of Nazareth. Tries to do for Chicago as Whitman did for America Top tips Skyscraper At a Window. I read this from my Kindle, which was great, but today, Joce and I went to the library to get the real thing I suspected the format of the poetry was messed up in electronic format, and I wanted to know for myself and the kids what the poems looked like in their pristine forms The librarian offered to help us and said she remembers reading Sandburg in school when she was a kid, which was probably forty or so years ago She mentioned remembering the fog coming in on little cat feet Both Joce and I instantly knew exactly what poem Fog she was talking about I find shared moments like this both miraculous and heartening Listing my favorite poems of his is silly, because they are all good, but I m going to list anyway because it will help me remember certain details further down the road So here goes Our favorite poems, besides Chicago , are The Telephone Wire wires carry the secrets of war and love The People history repeating itself I forget The Government corruption The Skyscraper souls everywhere Iron the line about shovels being the brother to guns The Old Woman homeless, sleeping in a doorway A Sphinx eyes open, mouth shut It was neat to read a body of his work and see certain themes and images repeated, e.g., painted women, war, unions, workers, the land, the buildings, the streets, big shoulders small shoulders, blood drops, red juice, fog, seas, prairies, etc It will be a several weeks before we all get to see Chicago again I love this time of year, but miss our frequent trips into the city very much I turned to Sandburg s poetry to stave off my cabin fever It seems to have worked, at least for now.Signed,Mommy of the Big Shoulders

Carl August Sandburg was an American writer and editor, best known for his poetry He won two Pulitzer Prizes, one for his poetry and another for a biography of Abraham Lincoln H L Mencken called Carl Sandburg indubitably an American in every pulse beat.For info see

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