The Cat Who Played Brahms

The Cat Who Played BrahmsA detective series that features a crime fighting Siamese cat must tread carefully The author misses a step here as the light hearted tone of the previous stories is gone, replaced with an overly convoluted plot, an affable main character turned snobbish, and the cast of Deliverance okay, maybe not that bad, but close. Meet Aunt Fannie here A nice smooth pace and a plot with twists and turns Qwilleran faces life changing decisions again. I don t know if it was just because I was on vacation while reading this or what, but I enjoyed this installment than any of the others in the series so far As usual the story is full of quirky characters, some new and some old The mystery itself is also very tame, but still likable When the identity of the killer was revealed at the end, I was surprised For some reason Braun s books always end up surprising me at the end And the cliffhanger at the end was great What will Qwill do take the money or take the assignment Readers will have to pick up book six in the series to find out 3 StarsKoko, Yum Yum and the guy who is allowed to take care of them, take some time from the big city and go to the big country Huge mistake but definitely puts our amateur sleuths to the test This was a continuation of the fun we have with Qwilleran and his cats owners. I m trying to go all the way back to the beginning of the series This felt almost like the first, but it s actually 5 It s interesting reading about the Michigan of years ago by now, all of these little towns would be full of strip malls, the Dimsdale diner would be gonezo, people couldn t just not print stories about murders someone would write a blog and then it would be on national TV , etc I like that in these earlier books Qwill seems a bit younger and there s a bit of an edge to the stories, but they re still cozy and full of food and descriptions of interior decorating and cats sitting on moose heads Reading these books is always such a treat. In this one, we see the introduction of Moose County and its group of interesting inhabitants This is where the series took a huge turn, from the main character living in the big city and barely scraping by as a journalist to his having a wealthy honorary aunt and everything that entails As usual, anywhere Qwill and his cats go they end up dealing with a huge mystery usually including an unusual death Truthfully I would avoid Jim Qwilleran at all costs because so many people die around him The book is a cute cozy mystery that was one of the first I had ever read in the genre It is a great light read that I always find quick and fun even with everything ending up involving a death. Maybe this should be 3.5 stars, but I don t mind rounding it up for the cats A delightful series with a good feel about it Fun to read, and interesting to try to solve the mysteries. I m only going to rate one of the books from the cat who series because for the most part they are all equally excellent in my eyes and there are far too many of them to go through one by one The books are by and large a laid back, easy going, day to day approach to mystery solving Of the ones I have read though, this was my favorite It was actually shifted the series from the setting of the first books to a new one, but that plays only a minor part in why I liked it Simply put some stories tie together nicely at the end and this was one of them.That s not to say these books don t have problems The possibility of a psychic cat is questionable and with some of these books it isn t too difficult to guess who will die and who will kill them before it even happens Largely due to only a few new characters being introduced But overall, I find the story enjoyable enough that the imperfections go unnoticed or actually add to the story and give it character. This 5th installment was my favorite so far With the move to Moose County, the series is injected with humor and whimsy, and the characters and mystery are engaging This time, Qwill s beat was no beat When the building he s living in Maus Haus from the previous book is sold and the residents given notice, Qwill decides it s the perfect time for a vacation For years, wealthy family friend Aunt Fanny Klingenschoen has been offering him the use of her lake house in Moose County, so he loads Koko and YumYum into his newly purchased car and off they go Qwill is a city boy and everything about isolated Moose County seems strange, but before long he gets to know and appreciate the beauty of the area and the quirky, friendly locals Of course, he and the cats are soon embroiled in a mystery this time involving escaped prisoners, a shady turkey farm, and smuggling.A few tidbits about Qwill s life are parceled out here We find out that his ex wife had a nervous breakdown, which led to his drinking problem Rosemary, his age appropriate lady love from the previous book comes to visit but the relationship is doomed as Qwill is backsliding into his preference for much younger women Although in fairness, it might not be Rosemary s age so much as the fact that she doesn t get his jokes He meets beautiful young doctor Melinda Goodwinter and clearly wants to pursue her despite the fact that she seems determined to put him in his place, constantly referring to his advanced age The biggest surprise in this novel is the incredible change in Qwill s circumstances Upon Aunt Fanny s death, he learns he is her sole heir and becomes an overnight multi millionaire The catch is, he must live in her Pickax mansion for the next five years If he declines, the entire fortune goes to an outfit dedicated to restoring Atlantic City, where Aunt Fanny had made her fortune This would be a huge blow to the citizens of Moose County, who for years have been promised funds from Aunt Fanny s fortune for various community projects.Qwill is torn He is not materialistic, and he likes his life as a reporter Down Below He s not sure he wants to live full time in this strange, remote part of the country What will Qwill decide We won t know until the next book Originally published 1987Body Count 4 view spoiler Unknown escaped prisoner murder drowning Qwill s new friend whose name I can t remember bludgeoned with his own candlestick Aunt Fanny murder pushed down stairs Tom the handyman suicide guilt about pushing Aunt Fanny down the stairs hide spoiler An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereIs It Just A Case Of Summertime Blues Or A Full Blown Career Crisis Newspaper Reporter Jim Qwilleran Isn T Sure, But He S Hoping A Few Days In The Country Will Help Him Sort Out His LifeWith Cats Koko And Yum Yum For Company, Qwilleran Heads For A Cabin Owned By A Long Time Family Friend, Aunt Fanny But From The Moment He Arrives, Things Turn Strange Eerie Footsteps Cross The Roof At Midnight Local Townsfolk Become Oddly Secretive And Then While Fishing, Qwilleran Hooks Onto A Murder Mystery Soon Qwilleran Enters Into A Game Of Cat And Mouse With The Killer, While Koko Develops A Sudden And Uncanny Fondness For Classical Music

Lilian Jackson Braun was an American writer She is well known for her light hearted series of The Cat Who mystery novels The Cat Who books center around the life of former newspaper reporter James Qwilleran, and his two Siamese cats, KoKo and Yum Yum in the fictitious small town of Pickax located in Moose County, 400 miles north of everywhere Although never formally stated in the books,

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