Rimrunners Loki Is A Mercenary Ship And Bounty Hunter Bet Yeager Is A Killer Elite Earth Company Marine Whose Side Lost Now She Is Forced To Escape Aboard Loki, Surrounded By Enemies And Hunting Her Old Comrades And The Fighting Skills She Must Use To Survive May Be Her Death Warrant

Currently resident in Spokane, Washington, C.J Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field She is the author of than forty novels Her hobbies include travel, photography, reef culture, Mariners baseball, and, a late passion, figure skating she intends to compete in the adult USFSA track She began

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  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Rimrunners
  • C.J. Cherryh
  • English
  • 05 June 2018
  • 9780445209794

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    Not my favourite Cherryh book, but I still liked it She has an uncanny knack for exploring aspects of the future that wouldn t occur to me Like this book what happens when you re a spacer and you lose your job and become homeless Is it possible to conceal your identity in such an advanced society Considering that this book was written in the 1980s, when it was considerably easier to take on a new identity, it would be interesting to read something along the same lines written in this century It would seem to me to be almost impossible to disappear today, though I understand that there are books which give instruction on how to do that erasing traces of yourself, both physical and electronic.Bet Yeager is a difficult woman to relate to, but despite that I found myself rooting for her, especially as she started making connections with the people around her, despite herself Funny how friendship can change the shape of a life, pushing people in different directions than they would normally go Rimrunners is a tribute to the power of personal connections to pull people out of difficult situations.Book number 242 in my Science Fiction Fantasy Reading Project.

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    Loved this Gritty, rough, fast paced, superbly envisioned view of military grunts in space engineers, officers, a secret mission and an old hand on the edge I really cared about Bet and NG, struggling in different ways to be whole A great read, short but dense with action and feeling 3 in the Union Alliance universe For Cherryh, the Alliance Union universe books are mostly fantastic In order to read Downbelow Station 1981 Superb Merchanter s Luck 1982 Perhaps her best ever Rimrunners 1989 Very good Heavy Time 1991 good, but long windedHellburner 1992 good, but long windedTripoint 1994 very goodFinity s End 1997 SuperbForty Thousand in Gehenna 1983 good but uneven, important for Cyteen and RegenesisCyteen 1988 SuperbRegenesis 2009 Superb

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    Bet Yeager, slowly starving to death dockside on Thule Station she had been running hired crew on a merchanter, but they had to let her go and now she s trying to just survive until she can get another ship berth But ships are few and far between on Thule one of the old Hinder Stars stations, newly reactivated after the end of the Company Wars, and about to be scuttled because discovery of a new mass point has made Thule unnecessary as a stepping stone between Earth and Pell, and because nobody wants to leave an entire station around for Mazian and his fleet of now pirates to use as a base of operations and after run ins with a couple of Thule men have ended badly, and with bodies not, to be sure, that they didn t have it coming , she s just desperate enough to try for a berth on the Alliance ship Loki although Bet s deepest, most closely held secret is that she was actually part of the Mazianni fleet, a marine aboard one of Mazian s carriers until she got left behind when the Fleet fled Pell at the end of Downbelow Station , despite the fact that Loki is giving off a seriously hinky vibe once you re crew on this ship, you re going to stay crew on this ship, at least unless you give them cause to put you in an airlock without a pressure suit So Bet finds herself thrust into inter crew politics and rivalries just as cutthroat as the recently ended War itself, and finds herself hooking up with one NG Ramey one of Cherryh s patented deeply damaged characters despite being warned away from him pretty much from the get go and Loki is out doing Loki s business the whole time, but nobody will tell her exactly what that business is Another excellent, tense adventure from Cherryh, this one leaning almost into MilSF territory.

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    Alas, not the gushing love that I had for Merchanter s Luck I m still saying it every sci fi fan go read that book I m still in love with CJ Cherryh s worldbuilding and ambience and gritty details with the hard scrabble existence of her Company Wars series, which always circles around damaged misfits finding a place to belong, and everyday people caught between the teeth of a conflict bigger than them, trying to piece together some sort of life in the ashes of a war.This one also starts noirish, with Elizabeth Yeager s absolutely down on her luck struggle to survive on a decaying space station, and eventually needing to cover up a murrrrder I absolutely loved the first third of the book or so, and I deeply enjoyed the last few chapters of the climax manohmanohman her cooperating with that particular character was amazing, and I could have read their tense by play and grudgingly respectful dynamic forever, it was wonderful.Unfortunately, I pretty much hated everything in between, and it all boils down to NG Ramey and his entire storyline romance with Bet taking over the plot I can t quite sort out my opinions about it I think there s a progressive inversion of usual tropes here, what with Bet as a worn down 37 year old female lead who s also unabashedly casual about sex It s no big deal, she takes it without shame as just a fun way to pass time with her shipmates and she also aggressively pursues NG, who is aloof, standoffish, damaged He keeps trying to say no to her and her stubborn attempts to wheedle her way closer to him Unfortunately, it just really rubbed me the wrong way Because if the shoe had been on the other foot, if Bet had been male, then this would 100% have read as sexually harassing him, always putting her hands on him when he was loudly, vocally, and physically saying no , and when her approaches were clearly triggering his PTSD Her smartass attitude got on my nerves, too, when she purposefully antagonised her enemies and made her situation so much harder for herself I found myself missing careful, pragmatic Allison Reilly from Merchanter s Luck, compared to the loose cannon that was Bet.And the middle of the book devolves into that endless back and forthing, with Bet trying to get closer to NG and him shaking her off the pacing is completely shot, as most of the conflict kept rehashing Protecting NG , when I would much rather have read about the ship s activities and missions, the actual plot, rather than the drama Bet was instigating and escalating.I get that the point was supposed to be the importance of friendship teammates in the great lonely big nothing, but in which case, I feel like this book would ve really, really benefited from splitting chapter POVs between Bet NG like Sandor Allison in Merchanter s Luck because NG remains such a completely ineffable enigma that even by the end I couldn t get a good read on him Most of his dialogue was just repetitions on The hell or The hell with you or No , so I have no idea what to make of him, and didn t like him very much by the end, which makes Bet s love for him baffling to me I m also bothered by Bet still defaulting to calling him NG which is the nickname No Good , unpleasantly foisted upon him by an unfriendly crew , when insisting on calling him Ramey and her succeeding in renaming him amongst the crew would ve been a nice symbolic gesture.I also put this on one of my trigger warning shelves, because due to Bet s really precarious position at the start of the novel, the first few chapters walk the line of sexual assault a lot.Anyway, final verdict 2.5 stars, rounded up for the beginning and the end, but docked for all the pacing problems in the middle I still love rolling around in Cherryh s worldbuilding and life on these ships, though Onwards to Tripoint last semi spoilery gripe I wish we d ever found out what the beef was between Orsino Fitch It might not be super significant in the long run playing into those themes of innocents caught in a game being played out above them but since there were no other real reveals or twists along the way, I just would ve appreciated there being to learn about the context of this ship power struggle.

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    Storyline 2 5Characters 3 5Writing Style 2 5World 2 5I finally figured out what it is about C.J Cherryh books that bothers me She nags When she wants you to understand an element of her worldbuilding or character development, she pesters you with reminders To show concern on the behalf of one character toward another, we ll get some internal monologue of the type, I wonder if he s okay Then, the main character will run into a common friend and ask, Is he all right Cherryh is a good enough writer to keep it varied, not permitting us to guess the form of the next inquiry or contact Thus in the following interaction the protagonist will seek out the character of concern, and put a comforting hand on his shoulder or look at him with concern This might all happen on a single page And if it were only that page, then it wouldn t be so bad we could pass it off as a intense worry of one over another But Cherryh seems to think that this is both character building and a source of drama So these reminders will happen scores of times across a chapter and hundreds of times throughout the book Cherryh either doesn t trust her readers to pick up on cues or doesn t know how else to fill the story I would have understood and enjoyed the book better, however, with one hundredth of the cues.This third in the series Company Wars book is a lot like the second in the series The plot is minuscule I imagine Cherryh telling her publisher or editor the basic plotline and the response being, That s it Others would cover it in a chapter or a prologue, but Cherryh works to get a lot out of a very little Thus the Company Wars series inches along here, covering an event that could have been mentioned in a sentence in one of the other two books without any real loss to the series.I thought that the first book of the series, Downbelow Station, was overly repetitious and remarkably similar to her Chanur series The second, Merchanter s Luck, only had about 20% new material for a reader who had read Cherryh s other works Rimrunners has a little bit to offer, say about 40% new material Chanur and The Company Wars to this point are all the same the angst involved in being in a space station or a player in space battles Cherryh s angle seems to be to show you that the life is neither glorious nor adventurous but a trudgery of wearying daily life tedium What new she added to this was about ship board sex life This hasn t been a big element of her previous books, and I tried to treat it as a statement about something I never figured it out I thought perhaps there might be a free love point, a feminist empowerment angle, a gender equality lesson, somethinganything But the main character at times seems to hold herself above using sex as a form of capital Only later, she would use it exactly as a commodity to be bartered for other goods Sometimes sleeping around was treated as something that would give her a bad reputation and which she worried over, and then other times sleeping around was entirely normal and expected Male and female crew showered in the same rooms and had little privacy, the point seeming to be that there was nothing erotic about nudity Other times the guys would catcall and cheer when she took her shirt off I would never have suggested or been drawn to a book whose main worldbuilding was the sexual s among spacers, but once Cherryh set up that as a goal, I expected her to put together a world that had its own internal logic and consistency or to at least make a clear statement She didn t.

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    This is something of an unusual book for Cherryh Her viewpoint characters tend to be intelligent, somewhat highly strung, and to try to use logic to navigate through their problems Here, she gives us Bet Yeager While Bet is certainly not stupid, she operates on guts or instinct and determination than thought You will frequently find Bet described as a strong woman or female character Strong female character and strong woman are terms that get thrown around a lot in SF F reviews, and I find them to be problematic Mostly because they seem to be applied to young and attractive women who kick ass and take names, without any consideration of other female or feminine norms, or whether there are other kinds of strength.Jo Walton has noted that More than anybody else, Cherryh has thought about what it would mean to live in space Here, she s thinking about what it would be like to be a homeless woman on a space station At the beginning of the book, Bet is sleeping in an out of the way restroom, using the hand soap to keep herself and her clothes clean Later on, a man barges in, intent on having sex with her And even though she could have fought him off, she doesn t, because she is so down on her luck that she barely cares though she is hardly interested , and if she doesn t give him a hard time she might benefit from it afterwards.Please note that I m not being judgmental here I think this is a realistic portrayal As the story progresses, we see that Bet s background experiences incline her toward casual but much clearly consensual encounters I m not judging that either, because again, I think it s realistic and consistent with the setting and the character s background Just noting that strong woman and strong female character tend to go with characters who, if they have sexual experiences in a story, are because of romantic feelings Bet seems atypical of characters who get that label.I don t think Bet is weak by any stretch of the imagination I think she s tough as hell But reading other reviews and seeing how often strong came up made me ponder that label a little bit.Overall I d give this a 2.5 As you can probably guess, this is not the most enjoyable of books to read It s a lot like an extended character sketch and extended meditation on setting mixed together with a couple short stories worth of events Okay, maybe that s what most novels are but here the amalgamation is not good.The old review, which was taken from a brief summing up of the lesser Alliance Union novels, and so general as to be wrong view spoiler Worth reading if you want to see what s happening in certain populations after Downbelow Station, and to see brief cameos by major characters from that book There are no cameos from Downbelow Station characters here James Robert Neihart from Finity s End and Signy Mallory are mentioned, but don t actually appear hide spoiler

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    I know I know Bookshelves groan with kick ass heroines these days But I haven t found one who works better for me than Bet Set in CJ Cherryh s Alliance Union Universe it s about survival, reinvention and the forging of family.

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    Another company gem Bet Yeager is a marine stranded on an obscure outpost, and in desperation signs on to the Loki a spy ship chasing after some of her former comrades If Bet wants to live, she needs to fit in, and fast.This edition brings forth various forms of friendship and loyalty, with a good variety of shipmates working toward a very action packed finale that works I totally enjoyed this one

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    Rimrunners is the story of Elizabeth Yeager, a Marine with the infamous Mazianni pirate ship Africa Left behind when the Earth Company Fleet retreated from its occupation of Pell Station, Bet drifted to Thule, a dying space station in the Hinder Stars region of space near Earth Starving and desperate she signed on the Loki an Alliance vessel tasked with hunting down her former shipmates Aboard ship she falls in love with a younger engineer named Ramey, the ship s pariah and the brutal first officer s target of abuse Bet is forced to make difficult decisions in order to navigate Loki s complicated politics and keep herself out of the firing line.CJ Cherryh penned an excellent below decks story about those who serve in high pressure situations with no control over their lives Bet Yeager is an interesting post feminist character older, world weary, abashedly unashamed about her sexuality, yet completely willing to kill a man with her bare hands.

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    I m working my way through Cherryh s older books, and I liked this short novel about a stranded space marine who s desperate to get a job aboard a spaceship reduced to near starvation and prostituting herself, because if she takes a station job she ll lose her place in the hiring line.When she finally joins a ship she immediately pairs up with its most troubled crewmember and in befriending him, gets caught up in nasty local politics.This is set in the Company Wars universe, but can be read as a standalone novel.

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