The Weight of the Sky

The Weight of the Sky Sarah, Like Every College Bound Junior, Deals With Constant Pressure From Teachers, Friends, And Parents Besides That, She S A Marching Band Geek And The Only Jew In Her Class So When She Gets A Chance To Spend The Summer On A Kibbutz In Israel, Sarah Jumps At The Opportunity To Escape Her World But Living In Israel Brings New Complications, And When The Idyllic World Sarah Creates Suddenly Shatters, She Finds Herself Longing For The Home She Thought She D OutgrownThis Lyrical Novel Beautifully Captures The Experience Of Leaving Behind A Life That S Too Small, And The Freedom Of Searching For A Place With A Perfect Fit

I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, where I m told that I was forever buried in books I began scribbling my own short stories in a spiral bound notebook when I was six Books and writing were and still are a haven for me, and I count myself so lucky that I have a chance to share my stories with others I currently live and work in New York City where, when I m not writing, I m riding

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Weight of the Sky
  • Lisa Ann Sandell
  • English
  • 20 July 2019
  • 9780670060283

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    I really did not click with this book I had forgotten that it was written in verse, and although I often like books written in that style, it really did not work for this story The verse did not feel intentional like she just hit enter every few words to make the book longer and it didn t add anything to my experience Aside from the style, the actual plot was pretty much the worst There were a few random read confusing time jumps, and I basically hated the main character She was flighty and actually the worst human I don t really want to say about this one I m just really disappointed with it and I absolutely would not recommend it to anyone else.

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    Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comSarah has just finished her junior year at a high school in Pennsylvania As a professed band geek and the only one among her friends who is Jewish, she is always on the outside looking in When her parents announce plans to send her to Israel to spend the summer, she s shocked that they would make plans like that without consulting her At least that s her initial reaction, because once she starts to really consider the idea, she realizes that might be just the thing she needs to find out who she truly is After a brief visit in Jerusalem with relatives, Sarah heads to the kibbutz, where she will spend the remainder of the summer Shy and withdrawn, it takes a bit of courage for Sarah to find her place in the group of kibbutz residents and volunteers Once she begins working in the fields, sharing meals with the others, and doing some exploring, Sarah finds she is at home here than back in Pennsylvania The land is beautiful and rich with her history and religion But underneath the beauty is a violence between people that Sarah just can t quite understand Lisa Ann Sandell uses verse to take readers on this self discovery type journey with Sarah I could sense her appreciation and inspiration, yet also feel her confusion as she spends time exploring her native land and heritage Thoughtful readers will find this a welcome addition to any library shelf.

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    I heard this author of young adult novels written in verse speak at a meeting of English teachers This first novel is a fictional representation of her own experience of a summer at a kibbutz Now that I ve read the book, I found it disappointing on several levels The book is written as poetry, but that is mainly so because the lines are short True poetry with imagery, thoughtful line breaks, careful choice of diction, or density is rare in this book Not that the writing is bad it isn t, but it s not poetry The characters, except for the protagonist, are barely developed And there s not much of a plot either Sandell spoke so well and so feelingly of her life as a bookish child, I had thought I would see of that here It was mentioned, but you will learn little than what I have written here Despite my disappointment with this book, I still look forward to reading her second novel Song of The Sparrow.

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    Israel is a somewhat unusual topic for YA I can t think of any books other than this one set in Israel, in fact The main character is an American Jewish teenager, who spends her summer on a kibbutz in Israel to try and find herself and her heritage And she does, and , and it s all in very lovely verse The topic is not something that I would be predisposed to read, but I have a thing for verse novels that makes me read virtually every one I hear of And I liked what I found here What I love about verse novels is how a good one can give you an intense look inside a character s head, and mission accomplished here Sarah is likeable and very, very real I enjoyed getting to know her.And how fabulous is the cover, by the way It s one of the most beautiful covers that I ve seen in quite some time.

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    Another winner from Sandell This novel in verse is about a Jewish American girl, Sarah, who feels isolated in her non Jewish community and school, pressured on all sides to make decisions about her future that she s not ready to make, but who begins to find her identity and formulate an idea of what she wants when she spends a summer volunteering at a kibbutz in Israel The author spent time on a kibbutz in Israel herself, so the details of life there feel authentic I enjoyed reading this novel as much for the descriptions of the scenery and life there as for Sarah s blossoming and growth I wish it were still in print so I could order it for my library Highly recommended

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    cute, touching, honestly a really wistful read Made me feel all fuzzy inside blekh Although i cannot technically relate to Sarah bc i m egyptian and muslim lmao i still somehow relate to her It s weird but idk, yes her character resonated with me ok that is all lol.

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    The Weight of the Sky The Weight of the Sky was most definitely not what I was expecting Based on my countless experiences with novels geared to teenagers, I had come to the sad conclusion that the majority of these novels are devoid of deeper meaning It seems as though teen fiction must contain the mandatory shallow and superficial aspects that appear to please teen readers The Weight of the Sky proves this theory of mine wrong Author Lisa Ann Sandell made the bold decision to write her first novel in freestyle prose, which is not a typical style of writing used in teen fiction However, this decision paid off because the reader was able to easily connect with the story I think that what teens can connect to most are the issues the main character, Sarah, struggles with throughout the novel First off, she is the only Jew in her Pennsylvania high school Needless to say, she feels like somewhat of an outsider She also hates the image everyone has of her as an insecure and unappealing band geek Add to that the incessant pressure her parents put on her about college applications, its no wonder she chooses to spend her summer away from it all volunteering on a communal farm in Israel Once there, all of her problems seem to disappear She instantly feels at home in Israel I ve only just arrived, I know, but I am part of this humming, this living And there has been life here for so long Jewish life Life that nursed me and cursed me, leaving me marked in school 44 After getting accustomed to the ways of the farm, Sarah s stay is blissfully peaceful, following a typical routine of a couple of hours of hard work, followed by nightly adventures with a group of fellow teenage volunteers It seems as though a safe little bubble forms around the farm, sheltering Sarah from the harsh reality of life in war torn, violent Israel This bubble is shattered when a friend of hers, who was an Israeli soldier, was killed while on duty She faces the harsh reality that life in Israel was not the same as the blissful and idyllic life on the farm She realizes that she, being an American, does not truly understand the fighting going on in Israel She realizes that it is not her war, and she returns home to Pennsylvania However, this trip to Israel was not all for nothing Sarah comes home a mature young adult who has experienced both the good and the bad that life has to offer She realizes that Israel changed her, and that she does belong there This leads her to decide to attend college in Israel I think that The Weight of the Sky touches on a lot of issues that many teenagers deal with in today s society Sarah deals with the insecurity that accompanies identity issues, as well as the pressure her parents put on her about her future Both of these are things that teen readers can actually relate to I think that this novel successfully deals with common teenage issues in a style that is unusual yet deeply satisfying I would recommend this novel in a heartbeat.

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    Sarah just finished her junior year high school, but feels out of place as the only Jewish girl in her school Often picked on for her clothes, weight, and religion, Sarah seeks a place where she can truly belong With a nudge from her parents, Sarah chooses to work on a kibbutz a farm in Israel Here, she learns that there is a world far beyond the small confines of her small town life back home.This book is a verse novel, in which the narration is told entirely through poems Due to this format, it was a quick read I love this format, and I have been a fan of Sandell since I was in high school, myself I could definitely feel the age gap, however, as there were parts where I found myself rolling my eyes, dismissing it as mere high school drama While consistent with the characters, some plot lines felt too young for me petty disagreements and miscommunication seemed to come out of nowhere throughout the dialogue.There is a heavy theme of war within the book, and mentions of tensions between the Arab and the Jewish peoples One quote did not sit well with me, as the main character describes a burqa as look un American However, I recognize that the perspective of this book is an American teenager in a world simultaneously familiar and foreign to her, and this line of thinking would be consistent with her narrative based on how she grew up She doesn t understand the new world around her just as much as she claims her newfound friends don t understand her American world.There was a lot of girl bashing in this book The blonde girls in the story were known to be either flirtatious, easy, or cheerleaders There was also a lot of I m not like other girls stated not only by Sarah herself, but also from the love interest, on multiple occasions.At one point, Sarah put tiny braids in her hair like an Indian because she is a lady of the land p 219 This part didn t sit well with me, either This is possibly due to the misnomer, or the idea that to work with the land is to be synonymous with a Native American, and so one needs braids The imagery described in this novel was beautiful the howling wolves, becoming one with the sea, smelling the earth and sky as coffee is boiled seven times like the Bedouins Overall, I think I would have enjoyed this book in high school, and I wish I had read this book back then While I am over the age of the target market for this book, I enjoyed and appreciated it It was a beautiful story of a teenager discovering her religious identity through Judaism.Meanwhile, the cover is absolutely gorgeous I love the color scheme.

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    Being the only Jew in her class, Sarah feels trapped inside of her small town in Pennsylvania So when the opportunity arrives for Sarah to spend her summer volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel, Sarah grabs at it A foreigner in her own religious country, Sarah feels alone Not being able to speak the language, Sarah feels very isolated But the advantage Nobody in Israel knows anything about her, where she comes from, and who she is Sarah is given a clean slate and a chance to shed the weight of her past Finally comfortable in the kibbutz, Sarah develops friendships that will last her a lifetime and memories that will always have a place in her heart I loved this book and read it in one day 100% recommended.

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    This book is about Sara, who is pressured by her peers and parents daily about her grades, college, etc In the summer, she goes to Israel to work on a kibbutz She goes through many changes and meets new people, and finds another side of herself I learned a lot of things from this book You need to enjoy things while you have it, and appreciate what you have in life Also, do what you feel you need to do I really like the form of this book, as well It is written in free verse, poetry form I thought this was really cool, because it made me pause as I went down a line, and think about what I was reading It was almost like poetry too, because it was well written and described almost everything as clearly, and serene, as it could possibly get.

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