The Family at Red Roofs

The Family at Red Roofs Molly, Peter, Michael And Shirley Are Thrilled With Their Lovely New House On The Hill It S Just Perfect, And They Ve Heard It S A Lucky House, Too But The Luck Doesn T Last Long, As Their Father Goes To Work Abroad And Their Mother Goes Into Hospital Then Some Terrible News Changes Their Lives

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➱ The Family at Red Roofs Read ➹ Author Enid Blyton –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Family at Red Roofs
  • Enid Blyton
  • English
  • 25 October 2019
  • 9780861639489

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    Another book I loved as a child Children keep the family afloat, with mom in hospital and dad missing Classic raw material for a Bollywood feel good movie Has it ever been made into one, I wonder

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    The Jackson children Molly, Peter, Michael and Shirley are ecstatic They are moving from their stuffy dinky little house to a beautiful warm home on a green hillside called Red Roofs Big plans, bigger dreams, loyal help, an loyal new pet and the promise of a glittering future makes the four children work hard, play harder and generally look forward to life with a rosy outlook But suddenly their father has to go abroad on work and their mother falls grievously ill And just when the children are dealing with these unpleasant surprises, they receive some news that leaves them completely at sea and anchorless Money has suddenly become the biggest crisis of the moment and the young lot have to grow up quickly Dolls have to be shelved and so do dreams It s time to get jobs and keep the family together, fed and clothed The Family at Red Roofs is a beautifully written tale about how life can hit you with unexpected roadblocks Whether you sit down on the curb with a woebegone expression or shed your misery and decide to deal with the problem constructively is all up to you And along the way you learn who your true friends are and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.For a children s book from an author renowned for creating childhood Shangri Las, this one has a dollop of realism While Blyton starts off with her customary optimism and unbelievably happy surroundings, she quickly takes a detour down life s harsher surprises The siblings, ranging from sensible teenagers Molly and Peter to the mechanical genius Michael to the not fully comprehending but eager to help Shirley fill you with a sense of vicarious pride Any parents would be proud to have a set of children like the Jackson quartet And a special shout out goes to the endearing and fiercely independent but utterly dependable Miss Wren Jenny Wren and the young man of few words, Jack Daw Jackdaw Two of Blyton s finest supporting cast members, they lend a veneer of hope in troubled times.I enjoyed reading this book I truly did It made me smile, introspect, tear up just a little bit and ultimately, it infused me with the need to be thankful for what we have been blessed with I couldn t ask for from a book.

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    one of my fav books..

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    Embarrassed to admit I actually cried while reading this book as an adult EB s family stories are a bit mature than her other books, and this one is probably the best.

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    I grew up reading a translated version of this book multiple times, and remembered loving it so much to the point of obsession I had always admired stories about young kids working hard and earning money to either survive or increase their quality of life, and where I grew up, this type of story was few and far between.I decided to read the book for the first time in its original language English this year, and to be honest I was a bit nervous I was preparing myself to be disappointed, especially after hearing from a lot of BookTubers about their various issues with Enid Blyton s books understandable as they were written at a different time, and no longer necessarily reflect values we d like to instil in children by today s standards And at first, I was the usual character introduction chapters were dragging, the kids cared about shallow things, and I could see the issue of characters showing intolerance towards diversity and being judgmental very quickly.Having said that, once the main plot started I couldn t put the book away I suddenly remembered all the things I loved about the story, how the characters grew up and learned from their mistakes It was also bittersweet that I recognised the same feelings I had reading this in English, a language I didn t even comprehend when I read and loved the translated version many many years ago I m sure it s a testament to the evolution of language across nations and culture somehow, which I m not going into right now in this review.So, the verdict is I still love the book and its message about growing up and focusing on things that really matter whatever it is, as different people have different perspectives Yes, some of the view points are dated and should be read with caution but if we could put a pin on these and file them away as no longer relevant to then continue with the story, I think it s still a lovely tale of family, friendship and coming of age.PS reading this now also highlighted the stark difference of people s lives in 1945 compared to today, in terms of pace multi tasking hadn t been invented then.

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    I thought this was going to be a light hearted family story but was quite moved by the predicament that the children find themselves in when just after their father goes abroad to work, their mother is taken seriously ill As the story progresses each child shows their own strength of character in taking on extra responsibilities and adjusting to a change of fortune, and then in all working together to make the most of the situation they find themselves in A heartwarming tale.

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    A pleasant journey back in time to one of my favourite books when I was nine Enid Blyton certainly told a good story, but was it sexist Wow, the girls do this and the boys do that, everyone to their allotted functions, Daddy works and looks after Mummy, it was quite revealing.

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    Dare I say anything on the internet, this book was to me the most incredible, unblytonesque enid blyton book i had ever read Indeed as a child of blyton, i must say, as perhaps an odious, precocious, child i remember concluding this to myself, that as an Enid Blyton reader, like many, i had read, literally hundreds of her books, and had been vaguely aware of her, sexism, classism, anti americanism, but i had borne that in mind, and disregarded it it was part of the humour of the package I do remember this book and being astonished by it, unlike other books of hers for some reason i only read it the once and was surprised ,quite a lot of her work was rather similar, comfortingly so, but i do remember this as an almost stand alone work, it seemed to have real hardship and an unpredictable ending, I was gladdened to see it here, feeling it to be a lesser known work part of the odious child lives on i see but it was fantastic, and touching. goodness enough has been said about enid blyton, unfairly as she never had the right of reply, all allegations having being levied after her death, but really i do feel JK has nothing on her, anyway, best wishes.

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    Lovee with book so much Rada2 mirips ama House at The Corner tapi beda2 rasa tipis walaupun sama bagusnya I love Enid Blyton s books, bukunya itu sarat cerita kehangatan keluarga and betapa ketika badai menghantam, we must stick together as family, bahu membahu melewati cobaan.Gua baru tau kisah hidupnya si Enid dari teman gua and in a way gua ngerti kalo maybe for Enid, writing was an escape world for her from the harshness of reality.Salah satu kemiripan nih buku ama House at The Corner adalah sang tokoh bokap dua2nya menghilang di tengah cerita untuk kemudian berkumpul kembali bersama keluarga di akhir cerita.Ini mungkin harapan Enid agar bokapnya balik lagi ke keluarga tapi sayang ngga kesampean karena setelah bercerai, kalo ngga salah sih bokapnya menikah lagi, huhuhu..

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    Buku ini sangat memorable Buku novel tebel yang pertamaaaa kali kubaca, dan karena buku inilah, aku jadi suka baca novel sampai sekarang Berkesan banget makanya sayang, bukunya udah nggak tahu kemana T__T kayaknya waktu pindah rumah, ditinggal di rumah lama beserta buku buku Enyd ku yang lain.Ceritanya sederhana, tentang keluarga yang tinggal di rumah beratap merah Terus ada masalah masalah yang terjadi dalam keluarga itu Aku lupa persisnya apa, tapi aku masih inget coklat panas yang diminum Molly malam malam wkwkwk yang diinget itunya doang Pengen baca buku ini lagi Baca ulang 5 Jan 2014 Kesan yang didapat nggak beda sama waktu SD dulu Tetep suka banget 3Dibaca untuk Lucky no 14 Reading Challenge

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