Texasville With Texasville, Larry McMurtry Returns To The Unforgettable Texas Town And Characters Of One Of His Best Loved Books, The Last Picture Show This Is A Texas Sized Story Brimming With Home Truths Of The Heart, And Men And Women We Recognize, Believe In, And Care About Deeply Set In The Post Oil Boom S, Texasville Brings Us Up To Date With Duane, Who S Got An Adoring Dog, A Sassy Wife, A Twelve Million Dollar Debt, And A Hot Tub By The Pool Jacy, Who S Finished Playing Jungla In Italian Movies And Who S Returned To Thalia And Sonny Duane S Teenage Rival For Jacy S Affections Who Owns The Car Wash, The Kwik Sackstore, And The Video Arcade One Of Larry McMurtry S Funniest And Most Touching Contemporary Novels

Larry McMurtry was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on June 3, 1936 He is the author of twenty nine novels, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Lonesome Dove, three memoirs, two essay collections, and than thirty screenplays His first published book, Horseman, Pass By, was adapted into the film Hud A number of his other novels also were adapted into movies as well as a television mini serie

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    Question Can one of your favorite authors write one of the worst novels you ve ever read Sub question Is 542 pages of scraps from a favorite author better than no novel at all These questions were compelling to me than anything in the first half of Texasville, Larry McMurtry s sequel the first of four continuations, actually to his acclaimed 1966 novel The Last Picture Show Published in 1983, this book is a crushing disappointment, a massive jokefest that takes place thirty years later in the fictional town of Thalia as it still struggles to survive, hanging on now through the oil bust of the early 1980s.The sequel focuses on Duane Jackson, a former Prom King who as a high school senior was married to town beauty Jacy Farrow for a few hours before it was annulled Duane made millions in the oil boom, built a huge house and married a whirlwind named Karla he has four sociopath children with With the oil bust, Duane is twelve million in debt and for reasons than that, depressed He shuttles between his office, the Dairy Queen and city council meetings which he presides over as mayor and is in charge of planning a centennial celebration for the county, which debates whether to acknowledge the existence of Texasville, the county s first town that has been lost in the sands of time.There was an opportunity for a compelling novel here, one that shows how every material item a teenager in the 50s might ve yearned for money, cars, drugs and a multitude of sexual partners, or marriage and kids, or all of the above is available as an adult in the 80s, but happiness remains as elusive as ever McMurtry isn t interested in writing a novel that can stand up to The Last Picture Show and is content to simply let the reader hang out with the characters as they exchange jokey banter or obsess over sex in order to stave off boredom A little bit of this would ve been fine at the service of a story, but the jokes are all that s here Imagine 542 pages of this Karla had also encouraged the kids to scribble their plans on the calendar, on the theory that it might make it easier to find them in case of emergency She had tried to start calendar training when Dickie and Nellie were teenagers, but it hadn t worked well.Dickie liked the idea of a calendar, but his entries had often alarmed his mother His very first entry read Go fuck girls Many of his plans seemed to involve criminal violence Once he wrote Go start a fire Or he might write Go beat the shit out of Pinky Pinky had briefly been a friend Karla was always having to tear pages off calendars and buy new ones for fear that Dickie s entries might be used against him in criminal proceedings.Larry McMurtry s novels are given to a lot of banter and broad comedy he enjoys a car stunt almost as much as Burt Reynolds did in the movies he was making in the late 70s but Texasville felt like a first draft being passed off as a finished book Every chapter is exactly the same Duane is depressed, women enter stage right to say something crazy, he drives somewhere else, men enter stage left to say something ridiculous, Duane remains depressed I gave up at the 50% mark It s one of the most self indulgent pieces of free writing that I ve ever had to read and bares no resemblance to the quality of The Last Picture Show.

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    This is McMurtry s sequel to THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, featuring Duane and some of the other characters An enjoyable read at 3.5 stars.

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    It s rare to find a book that really, truly, makes you laugh out loud Many are humorous, and you think That s pretty funnyclever But Texasville will get you kicked out of church for cracking up I should add that I ve read it three times, and it s not short I just go back to it every once in awhile because nothing can pull me out of a funk like this book.

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    Too many characters without enough differentiation, such that after 542 pages I still wasn t sure nor did I care who Billie Ray and Bobby Sue even were These people were hard to care about, the new rich in small town America reeling from a loss of fortune I spent too much time in poor Duane s brain, and his midlife crisis just wasn t that interesting He never does figure out all the women in his life, who run him ragged and manipulate his every waking hour His kids and grandkids are out of control and his many mistresses unreliable Duane himself is frustratingly stuck, and he never gets out of it This reads like a long slog narrative, even the many chapters seemed arbitrary who really plans 97 chapters, seemingly arbitrarily chosen McMurtry seems to have dialed this one in, almost as if he was fulfilling the terms of a contract for a certain number of words, thumbing his nose at his publisher I have no knowledge of this, pure speculation.Yes, I was disappointed, having loved the other two I ve read by Larry Horseman, pass by and The Last Picture Show I ll read Lonesome Dove someday, but I won t be reading his entire lexicon, as I had once planned.I m glad this is over, but I don t regret it The humor was there and he s a talented writer, just not at his best, and I did learn about small town life in Texas where the people congregate at the Dairy Queen and swap their empty headed drivel I know this is the way it is in some places, I just didn t need to read 500 pages of such.The plot plodded and the end just stopped abruptly as if the word quota was met Moving on to something better.

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    This was quite different in tone than the first book of this series, The Last Picture Show TLPS was a coming of age story about 3 teenagers trying to make sense of their worlds in a dusty town with no visible futures for them There s a scurrying to find place and direction In Texasville, there s also a scurrying to find place and direction but from a middle age position The same three characters are again the center of the story but with the focus on one, Duanne While TLPS is warm and touching, Texasville is humorous and farcical, with the action meandering all over the place This is Duanne s coming of age story He s trying to figure out where his life is going and what the point is It s very hard to get a feel for any of the characters, except perhaps Sonny my favorite from TLPS The characters are rather broadly portrayed without any glimpse into their true thoughts or psyches Yet, this is an interesting bunch of characters and they grow on youyou just don t get to know them well All in all, an interesting continuation of The Last Picture Show, yet difficult to get a true grip on I will continue this series with Duane s Depressed that s not looking too rosy for Duanne s future Larry McMurtry s writing is enjoyable and I trust that he ll close this series with the answers and resolutions for everyone.

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    The guy who told me to read this said I was in for quite a laugh That proved to be true, at first most characters are immediately likeable, and the crude and shameless use of foul language is a masterpiece However, as I plunged deeper into Texasville, I became increasingly sad This is a book that displays human nature, and the sadness of it No matter if you are a bank president, an oilman, a housewife or just a total nobody, everyone is just as miserable as you are I d like to think that the book s central thesis is the grass isn t greener on the other side.Beautiful but heartbreaking That being said, I could not put this goddamn book down.

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    If I could give this book 6 or even 10 stars, I would Texasville takes us back to Thalia, Texas, thirty some years after the events of The Last Picture Show McMurtry has taken a few liberties with the timelines of the series, which bothers me a little but not much anyway, Texasville takes place in 1986 and we once again meet up with Duane, Sonny, Jacy, Ruth Popper and Genevieve.Whereas LPS focused most on Sonny, T ville is Duane s story Duane has made his fortune in oil and is living large, though he only has a few hundred in the bank and is in deep debt He s married and has four kids, two of them grown, and this brutally hot summer the town of Thalia is celebrating its centennial with a huge party also, Duane s high school class is holding it s 30th reunion.Duane s wife is materialistic, oversexed, snarky but loves him to pieces His kids are variously serial brides, dope dealers and preteen psychopaths Even his dog is neurotic and also stupid, but fanatically loyal.And Sonny Poor Sonny McMurtry apparently took to heart the famous writing advice Kill your darlings He doesn t kill Sonny, but he s let the years turn him into a sad, lonely, mentally unravelling character who owns several local businesses like Sam the Lion used to, but lacks his dignity or force of personality.Jacy has grown up and moved away, then come back to town She is mature, less spiteful, but still self absorbed and sometimes high handed with others.Ruth Popper, now that her husband is dead, works as Duane s secretary, and she is easily the happiest person in Thalia Her long ago affair with Sonny seems to have saved her soul, if not her life.The book s outstanding feature is its humor McMurtry almost seems to be sitting next to you as you watch events in Thalia unfold, elbowing you in the ribs, winking, and laughing just as loud as you are at the hilarious situations that develop, whether it s a tumbleweed invasion during a parade, Duane taking out his frustrations on a wildly expensive but hideously tacky hippo shaped footstool, or his eleven year old twins seriously foul back talk It s clear McMurtry had a lot of fun writing this, and I had a lot of fun reading it.

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    Thirty years have passed since Duane Moore and Sonny Crawford graduated from high school in Thalia, Texas The events of The Last Picture Show are a distant memory to everyone except Sonny, who continues to live in the past and occasionally gets lost there Duane has married, gotten rich in the oil boom, raised a bunch of kids, built a 12,000 square foot house outside of town, and is now 12 million in debt The boom is over, and disappointment, the dominant mood of the characters in McMurtry s earlier book, is settling in again.This time, however, disappointment and depression are mostly played for laughs Sonny, the poignant central character in Picture Show, has been sidelined in this story by Duane s domestic conflicts, his efforts to remain optimistic in the face of bankruptcy, and his affair with a married woman who is also carrying on with Duane s dope dealing, womanizing son McMurtry plays up the ironies and absurdities of life in Thalia where, as Duane observes, everyone seems to have gone crazy The married and unmarried swap partners with the free for all abandon of romance as it s portrayed in country and western songs And a kind of lunacy grips others, whose adventures push the narrative into wildly implausible episodes of farce, such as a mammoth egg throwing fight on the closing night of Thalia s centennial celebration.The melancholy mood that dominates The Last Picture Show makes only a brief appearance in this much longer novel, as Duane remembers a young employee killed in Vietnam And readers, like me, who are fans of McMurtry s earlier work, will be disappointed that McMurtry treats the sorrows of his characters this time so lightly At worst, the behavior of the town s residents gives Duane headaches and he comes to a realization that his success as an oilman and a respected citizen is not an achievement that gives him much self esteem The liberated 1980s women in his life wife Karla, mistress Suzy, and old high school sweetheart Jacy constantly remind him that he s less than adequate as a man And at 48, he understands that he no longer has the energy he once had.Meanwhile, there are pleasures to be had in the novel In particular, I enjoyed the endless varieties of ironic and humorous disputes that characterize the verbal exchanges between the characters Duane has a comic ruefulness that both protects him and reveals his vulnerability And finally, that is the central theme of this novel as all the middle aged characters and there are a host of them try in one way or another to come to terms with lives that haven t lived up to expectations.

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    Only if you really want to know what s become of Duane, Sonny and Jacy since Last Picture Show I didn t care for it.

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    The spin off follow up to The Last Picture Show we witness Dwayne and all the characters of Thalia, Texas as in soap opera like fashion interact and manage not to kill themselves or each other I just gulped this one down as it was the perfect antidote to a a lot of crap going on in my life It s nothing deep or thought provoking just the myriad of situations and people who get themselves involved with sexual indiscretion, drugs, infidelity and all aspects of small town life where everyone goes to the same Dairy Queen and everyone knows everyone s business.love it.

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