Spider-Man: New Ways To Die

Spider-Man: New Ways To DieI m going to say one embarrassing thing here You decide which of these things is that thing Comic books ruled my life from age 8 until 14 Magic the Gathering took over that role from 14 17 Comic books have once again become a prominent part of my life, and thankfully Magic has not In all my years reading and collecting comics, I ve never been a big fan of Spider Man Scratch that I was at one time a very big fan of Spider Man During the McFarlane years I just realized I associate comic book time the same way most old folks associate real time Like the Reagan years of the Truman years Only I ll talk about the stint of a specific artist or writer Ah, boy, those were the good old days, we had McFarlane and Michelinie in there doing a bang up job And they were McFarlane was a damn good man to put on the spider books Stylistically it was the perfect fit I read Spider Man all through his run and into the Maximum Carnage and Separation Anxiety storylines And even though every crossover that came after McFarlane left the spider books, I read them Until they regained their hokiness and became intolerable Damn this team for drawing on my nostalgia and bringing back the symbiotes and Eddie Brock But damn them for doing a terrific job and making it something I want to read instead of feeling like I just have to read it to be up to par Grade B Amazing Book, Spider Man New Ways To Die Author Dan Slott This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Spider Man New Ways To Die, Essay By Dan Slott Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You As a Spider Man story, it was OK, but way too much going on, too many characters Norman Osborn is back and nutty as ever with his Thunderbolts and Law and Order in his pocket Harry yawn, Goblin typesPeter having issues working However, there is one thing that elevates this right up there for me the return of Eddie Brock Having seemingly wasted away, he reappears and what ends up happening to him in this story is nearly as poetic and great as comics can be sometimes For that alone it elevates an otherwise over crowded and muddled story The Eddie parts kept me glued to the pages. That one was quite a ride, reminding me of good old 70 s spidey Plotlines running all the time and quite some tention. Wow quite unexpected World The art is good It s beautiful, characters are distinct just pure goodness The world building really surprised me With Slott coming unto the book the pieces have been iffy and I was wondering why people liked him so much Well the world building here is much focused and thought out the pieces from the past and the new ideas he brings to the world is very impressive and pulled me in Story The pacing was good, the drama was on point, the pieces of character hit the right emotions, it was good I really was surprised by this arc So far I ve not been impressed but with the Thunderbolts and Brock and Osborn this was a very strong and impactful arc Sure we are heading to familiar territory with Osborn and the girlfriend is clearly the one we ve been wondering about but it s well done Good job Characters Not a lot of development for Peter this arc but Slott picking up the Osbornes and doing his own thing is familiar but also very well written Some villain reveals are very obvious especially the Goblin wannabe at the moment but it s good Slott also writes good Spidey dialog so I like that too Solid arc from Slott More of this please.Onward to the next book The New Ways To Die story by Slott and JRJr is really solid Spidey tale telling With great, classic art, lots of quipping, a little intrigue, and lots of A and B lost villains to keep Spidey busy. Every so often comic books have to reboot the storyline yet still keep in mind all continuity Think about it, Peter Parker Spider Man has been a teenager since 1962 So the story has to be changed a little each time This reboot, while being a soft reboot, will keep some of the old ideas and for an old fan may even turn some on their head The gist of this book in particular is to create another character, Anti Venom Norman Osborn Green Goblin is head of the group known as the Thunderbolts, a group of villains that have somewhat reformed and are fighting crime One of the members of the Thunderbolts, Max Gargan, was formerly known as the Scorpion, one of Spidey s enemies, now takes the mantle of Venom, and to become even cooler Gargan in his Scorpion suit takes on Venom You have to know symbiotes to know how cool this is Spider man is the hated criminal, at least hated by Osborn, and is constantly trying defame the Spideman.While the Venom symbiote latches on to every cell of its host, when it originally bonded with Eddie Brock it gave him cancer While battling cancer Brock s white blood cells anti bodies fight off the symbiotes lingering effects they combine with the symbiote remnants to create the killer of all symbiotes, Anti Venom It s great to get the comics in one story arc instead of having to wait month to month That is why you ll catch me always checking out these trade paperbacks and graphic novels. So this is the volume where Slott covers the creation of Anti Venom, which always felt a little silly but does make sense in the longer term as connected with Martin Li s fate as revealed later on Throw in the Thunderbolts under the command of Norman Osborne and we have quite the interesting little story, especially given in this post Brand New Day world even Norman Osborn no longer remembers who Spider Man really is I really enjoyed that side of things and this story really plays to the strengths of Slott when it comes to making this feel in sync with the prior stories Good stuff. Well, this was an intense story line, and the first BIG arc since Brand New Day started This had almost everything you d want John Romita Jr s pencils, classic Spidey villains such as Venom and Norman Osborne, new villains like Freak, Menace, and Mr Negative And Marvel s newest symbiote, Anti Venom Eddie Broc. One of the better stories Dan Slott crafted during his tenure on Spider Man but that s not saying a whole lot The art is all that elevates this from average to exceptional by this point JRJR was a seasoned spider professional and it really shows.

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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