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VALIS and Later Novels This Volume, The Third In The Library Of America Gathering The Novels Of Philip K Dick Following Four Novels Of The S And Five Novels Of The S And S Brings Together Four Books From The Later Phase Of Dick S Career, When Religious Revelation, Always An Element Of His Fiction, Became A Dominant And Irresistible Theme Here, Dick Moves Beyond The Constraints Of Generic Science Fiction, Producing The Works Responsible For His Growing Reputation As An Irreplaceable American VisionaryThe Collection Opens With A Maze Of Death , A Darkly Speculative Thriller That Foreshadows Dick S Final Novels Mysteriously Summoned To The Planet Delmak O, A Motley Group Of Colonists Attempts To Survive Together In A Hostile New World Along The Way, They Are Forced To Confront Not Only One Another, But Also The Nature Of The God Or Mentufacturer Who Determines Their DestinyDick S Life Was Changed Utterly By A Psychic Break He Later Referred To As The Events Of His Sense Of Everyday Reality Fell Away, And He Experienced What He Came To Believe Was A Mystical Revelation The Writings Of The Remainder Of His Career Attempt In Various Ways To Understand And Explain This Visionary ExperienceIn VALIS At Times Close To A Memoir Of What He Went Through He Creates A Harrowing Self Portrait Of A Man Confronting A Vast Active Living Intelligence System, Torn Between Conflicting Interpretations Of What Might Be Gnostic Illumination Or Mental Collapse In The Divine Invasion , The Life Of A Solitary Off World Colonist Is Hijacked By A Local Alien, Who Turns Out To Be The Yahweh Of Judeo Christian Tradition Returning To Earth With His Pregnant Wife In Tow, Dick S Hapless Herb Asher Finds Himself Thrust Into The Middle Of An Apocalyptic War Between Good And Evil Conceived As A Sequel To VALIS, The Novel Is A Powerful Exploration Of Divine Revelation And Its Human ConsequencesThe Transmigration Of Timothy Archer , Dick S Last Novel, Is By Turns A Theological Mystery Story, A Roman Clef, And A Starkly Disillusioned Portrait Of Contemporary California Life Based Loosely On The Career Of Bishop James Pike, Dick S Close Friend And A Kindred Spirit, The Novel S Title Character Gives Up His Comfortable Place In The Church Hierarchy In A Tragic Quest For Enlightenment Seeking An Ultimate And Shocking Truth Behind The Sacred Texts Of His Religion, He Leaves Behind A Wounded World A World That His Daughter In Law, One Of Dick S Most Fondly Delineated Characters, Must Begin To Piece Together

Philip K Dick was born in Chicago in 1928 and lived most of his life in California In 1952, he began writing professionally and proceeded to write numerous novels and short story collections He won the Hugo Award for the best novel in 1962 for The Man in the High Castle and the John W Campbell Memorial Award for best novel of the year in 1974 for Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said Philip K Di

[BOOKS] ✬ VALIS and Later Novels By Philip K. Dick –
  • Hardcover
  • 849 pages
  • VALIS and Later Novels
  • Philip K. Dick
  • English
  • 11 September 2019
  • 9781598530445

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    I chose God over the material universe Philip K Dick, The Divine InvasionI know I know I gave most of the individual novels Valis Trilogy A Maze of Death 4 stars, but gave all four books together 5 stars The math doesn t add up, but shit man, that is the whole dilemma of life The Universe doesn t compute God doesn t compute Just accept it, bro.1 A Maze of Death Read August 2013 3 stars 2 Valis Read 2011 4 stars need to reread soon.3 The Divine Invasion Read August 2013 4 stars 4 The Transmigration of Timothy Archer Read August 2013 4 stars

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    The three Library of America editions of Philip K Dick s work contain nearly all of his best material, with only a few notable exclusions Valis and Later Novels, however, just might contain his very best Besides A Maze of Death, published in 1970, the others here are his three final novels before he died in 1982 Sometimes referred to as the Valis Trilogy, these three loosely connected novels represent a huge leap forward in terms of Dick s prose, as he was able to dedicate time to these compared to earlier in his career when he was forced to pump out a book every 6 months to make ends meet These stories show him struggling with the events that shaped his life beginning in February of 74, in which he had a deeply spiritual invasion of the mind, which Dick attributed at various times to God, aliens, the Soviets, and even a future version of himself Valis is Dick s attempt to explain what exactly happened to him in that time period Structured within a semi autobiographical framework, it is a mind bending extrapolation of nearly everything going on in Dick s head at the time, and is considered by many, including me, to be his masterpiece It even includes dozens of actual passages from the Exegesis, his reflections on the events of 2 3 74, as Dick referred to it Although people new to him may want to start with something else, every fan should read this and proceed to be awe struck No other PKD novel has of a falling down the rabbit hole vibe, not even Ubik or Three Stigmata The Divine Invasion takes these same ideas about God, or Valis, but structures them around a traditional, futuristic framework It asks the question, What if God were living among us, as a human child Of the four novels in this collection, this is probably my least favorite It s still definitely worth a read, and works a lot better when read directly after Valis There are some great ideas here, unfortunately it doesn t always quite work, at least for me The Transmigration of Timothy Archer can very well be considered one of Dick s straight novels, the first he d written since the late 50 s, and unfortunately his last This is one of Dick s most beautiful works, based on his real life relationship with the semi famous Bishop Pike, and features many of the same themes that permeate Valis and The Divine Invasion, although they are much toned down and based in reality here A very well written and absorbing novel dealing with the lengths one will go for faith, in somethinganything A Maze of Death was published four years prior to his experiences in 74, and the only reason I can think of as to why it s included is that there s definitely a religious bent to it It sort of serves as a springboard for his later works Plus, it s one of Dick s greatest novels, and absolutely had to be included somewhere in these LOA releases It features many of the same concepts as his previous novel, Ubik, in that there are a group of people trapped in a world that may not be what it appears at first to be, and has a similar And Then There Were None type horror vibe Suffice to say, if you like Ubik, you should definitely like this as well It s one of my very favorite PKD novels.The book itself is absolutely beautiful, with great annotations and a chronology of Dick s life at the end For those not familiar with LOA editions, the typeface is smaller than the Vintage trade versions, but about the same as my older mass market paperbacks of these novels As an example of the print size, the stories here are about 20 pages shorter than their Vintage trade counterparts, meaning the print is about 10 15% smaller, I d guess.All in all, this is an essential collection for PKD fans Those new to his work may want to start with one of the previous two releases from LOA, but anybody familiar with his style should have no trouble comprehending anything here And once you turn the final page, you just may see the world a little differently than you did before Even if you re like me and don t have a religious bone in your body.5 Stars

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    800 pagine di affascinanti farneticazioni. Valis Divina invasione 1 2 La trasmigrazione di Timothy Archer

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    i ve really come to love PDK, but this collection a bunch of human shaped exposition machines blasting out humorless profundities like so many breezy farts whooshing out of a loose anus but the transmigration of timothy archer is something else entirely it dispenses with the sci fi elements and windy assthoughts, and turns out to be a pretty affecting piece on belief and loss.

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    Sci fi meets theology This is the last volume of PKD collection by the Library of America, and after reading all three LOR volumes and thirteen novels included in them, I can say he s one hell of an interesting author, though not all his works are mind blowing.In PKD s final phase as presented in this third LOR volume, he turned to everything religious and theological, starting with VALIS, followed by The Divine Invasion and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer Of the so called VALIS trilogy, I liked The Divine Invasion the best, and thought The Transmigration, one of PKD s few realistic novels, slightly boring VALIS is a weird story where PKD engages in self indulgence by incorporating his own diary entries speculating on divine revelation and personal cosmology that, I felt, could have been better left out entirely.So, to sum up A Maze of Death was really good It s a characteristic PKD novel where reality and dream become suspect This was actually my favorite novel in this volume.The first half of VALIS is boring PKD rambles on in theological matters that could have been cut by like 50% without losing anything When the protagonists watch the eponymous sci fi film, things get a lot interesting The Divine Invasion is a bit interesting than VALIS, though the interminable quotations, both biblical and literary that Manny and Zina dish out at each other can get frustrating The Transmigration of Timothy Archer is pretty boring Here, PKD writes a realistic novel without any sci fi element, and it disappoints The protagonist engages in way too much introspection that s supposed to reflect the root of her problem obsession with words , but the presentation of it doesn t really make the story one bit exciting as she rambles on in a redundant, pretentious, and allusive manner that only annoys the reader This is probably the only PKD novel I was glad I didn t have to read any when I finished.All in all, I recommend the following PKD novels from his LOR oeuvre Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Ubik Now Wait for Last Year A Scanner Darkly A Maze of Death The Divine InvasionThe others included in the LOR volumes are either overrated or not worth it.Anyways, after three months of immersing myself in PKD s world, I must say it was a good time.

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    per molti anni dopo averlo comprato per completismo dickiano e perch costava usata assai poco sono stato restio ad iniziare questa trilogia in parte perch non reggo trilogie e saghe, in parte per la fama di apice folle e difficile della produzione di dick poi dopo averlo iniziato mi son trovato a divorarlo, pagina dopo pagina, libro dopo libro fantascienza no, qui la fantascienza solo una scusa, in valis il primo dei tre libri c ad esempio pi la pi seria descrizione della schizofrenia che mi sia mai capitato di trovare in un libro, tutta retta dal protagonista, divina invasione sembra pi giocare con i luoghi comuni della fantascienza per parlare d altro di religione, come in tutti i e tre libri , mentre la trasmigrazione di timothy archer semplicemente un romanzo serio , che a tratti sto delirando ha ricordato quasi un don de lillo folle non so dick non mi mai parso tanto lucido quanto nelle parti dedicate alle malattie sia mentali che fisiche , alle relazioni umane si parla, e tanto, di a e di affetto reciproco, di morte e delle nostre reazioni ad essa e si senta che l ansia religiosa una ricerca seria , non il delirio di un folle che si messo in cerca di dio tra trattati e libri sacri e se forse dick era cos nella vita reale il romanziere in qualche modo riuscito in qualche modo a tenere soto controllo le ossessioni quel tanto da non sommergere il romanzo non tutto gira nel verso giusto il finale di divina invasione ad esempio fin troppo frettoloso nel chiudersi come se dovesse per forza arrivare lo scontro che stavamo aspettando per poi chiuderlo in breve e chiudere il romanzo ma nella sua totalit un gioiello.

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    My reviews of each book in the collection A Maze of DeathVALISThe Divine InvasionThe Transmigration of Timothy ArcherDamn This is a good collection of books For me, Philip K Dick is one of those authors who leaves me dissatisfied every time I finish one of his stories Same thing happens with Flannery O Connor, Roberto Bola o, Tao Lin, H.P Lovecraft and Thomas Pynchon It s like, each of their works is getting at something intriguing, but it never really gets there Which forces me to read So basically these are my favourite authors, because I always want to find out what their entire body of work seems to be getting at Dick always said he was writing about two things The nature of reality and the authentic human being The books in this collection are all meditations on these things, some frenetic and difficult to digest than others And, like any good work, they re all unsatisfying, just enough to want to read another and another and another , until it feels like you as a reader are trying to understand the same things the author was And like, isn t that what reading good fiction is about My books stories are intellectual conceptual mazes I am trying to figure out our situation because the situation is a maze, leading back to itself Philip K Dick, p.836 of VALIS and Later Novels.

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    Volumen final de la colecci n de novelas de Philip K DICK publicada por The Library of America Este tomo contiene cuatro novelas, incluyendo la Trilog a VALIS A Maze of Death VALIS The Divine Invasion The Transmigration of Timothy Archer Los libros de The Library of America se distinguen por su cuidad sima edici n, que no escatima en detalles y se concentra en preservar y rescatar la obra de los escritores estadounidenses m s destacados Vale mucho la pena conseguir tantos tomos como lo permita el bolsillo.

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    Actually, I ve never read this particular volume this rating is for the SFBC exclusive edition of The Valis Trilogy my dad got in the 70s that he never read and I first tried to get through when I was around 12 It would have to wait until later in my teen years for me to actually understand Dick s writing enough to finish it off, but those three novels the ones in this edition minus the perfectly fine but unrelated A Maze of Death make for a brilliant, beautiful, occasionally mad and tremendously moving trilogy that was extremely formative for me and still stands as my favourite work of Dick s no offense to Ubik, A Scanner Darkly, Flow My Tears and the rest If you re going to add a fourth, though, why not Radio Free Albemuth

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    Warning Sci fi blasphemy ahead I was so bored I gave up on this volume halfway through The first story, A Maze of Death , started off mildly interesting, sort of a futuristic Ten Little Indians with a Dickian reality might not be what you think it is tilt but the bizarre religous themes felt tacked on, distracting, and pointless.In the second story, VALIS , drugged up losers endlessly regurgitate loads of philosophical and religious bullshit and occasionally attempt suicide I stuck with it as long as I could in hopes that the payoff would be worth it No dice.I was excited to open my first Dick novel Sadly, I ll just have to be satisfied with enjoying some of the movies based on his work.

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