Vanished: The Truth About the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Vanished: The Truth About the Disappearance of Madeleine McCannOn The Evening Of May Gerry And Kate McCann Returned To Their Resort Apartment In Portugal S Algarve To Every Parents Worst Nightmare Their Daughter, Three Year Old Madeleine Beth McCann Had Vanished From Her Room Her Disappearance Sparked A Worldwide Manhunt Poster Campaigns, Distraught Pleas From The Parents, And Frenzied Media Coverage All Ensued But Still Madeleine S Whereabouts Remain A Mystery Portuguese Police Initially Commenced A Search For Madeleine S Abductor, But As The Case Dragged On The Waters Became Muddied And Controversy Dogged The Investigation British Police Were Called In, Suspects Entered And Departed The Frame, Sightings Of Madeleine Were Reported From Around The World, Accusations About The Thoroughness And Competency Of The Portuguese Police Were Made, And The McCanns Were Scrutinized In The Full Glare Of The Media Spotlight With The Portuguese Police Even Declaring Gerry And Kate SuspectsA Year After Madeleine Disappeared, Spanish Based Veteran Investigative Journalist Danny Collins Looks At The Clues And False Leads Gathered Over Months Of Meticulous In Depth Investigation In An Attempt To Piece Together Just What Happened On That Fateful Night definitely not what I was expecting to read about I found the book hard to follow at times, quite repetitive and some inconsistencies such as the wrong year being listed i.e 2006 on page 78 and 79. I normally don t write long detailed reviews but feel that I need to to enable me to express some issues after reading this bookI first one to state a rough blurb to anyone who has not heard about the event the book is based on and then what I say will be easier to understandMadeleine was a 3 yr old british girl who disappeared and has yet to be found whilst on holiday with her family in portugal what made it big was the fact that not only are they unsure what happened to her and her parents courted the press a lot but what led up to her disappearance I.e she had her twin siblings were left in bed alone whilst the parents were out drinking in a tapas bar over 120 meters away and the patio door was left open to enable easy entering when the adults came to check The first main issue I had was the fact that this was meant to be an investigative journalist who wrote the book and thus from my understanding is meant to look at all the evidence, state it in neutral way and then confirm what it may suggest then state their conclusions from what they found out However the writer started the book from the forward with an obvious bias in favour of the parents being niave and just unthinking who child disappeared and the police being silly there are mum and dad, the strong and silent heartthrob consultant Gerry and the cool and lissom Kate beautiful in her grief and in the next sentence its the stuff of fantasy, with the frail mother victimised by the cruel and arrogant chief inspector of police with a reputation of long lunches and throwing female suspects down the stairs or at least looking the other way when its done by his underlings Or when retelling evidence he states it points to his biased opinion then other scenarios For example madeline had a cuddle cat that she needed when she goes to sleep After she was taken it was found on a high shelf near the bed too high for madeline to place it in the book collins states the following It would seem unlikely the toy had landed there in a kind of Magic Bullet trajectory on being thrown by madeleine herself, although surprisingly this was one police theory could it be likely that an intruder carefully placed it out of the way so as not to waken the sleeping child before lifting her from the bed I have 3 points re this 1 He never suggested the third alternative that it was on the shelf as it was never taken down to give to madeline at bedtime because she was dead 2 if I was a stranger kidnapping a child and decided to move the toy I would just drop it on the floor and pick p the toy not carefully put it on the shelf 3 The writer concludes that the most likely to his mind is that madeline wondered out of the apartment in search of parents and was taken by someone who happened to see her and thus if that is the case then how would he explain the cuddle cat s presence on the shelf The other issue I have with this book and its writer he seemed to fill it with a lot of unnecessary historic events that do not relate to the story or enhance it but seems to be a page filler to bump up the total.Also this book was published just under a year after madeline was taken taken in 2007 and thus when he started and finished there hadn t been much time or new information to report and she is still missing Also with so little known and confirmed how can you call t the truth about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann I am unsure what happened and can not imagine how they would have managed to carry off the murder accident and hidden her body in such a busy place pre report and once the chaos startedWhat I can say is how irresponsible can you get leaving such small children on their own and how reckless considering there was free childminding and also babysitting within your apartment for a nominal charge Also the laziness of leaving the patio door open so they can have easier i would say quicker so can return to their drinking access Also I can not imagine why they would lie to the police when this could slow down or hinder the police application even if it made you look irresponsible.Actually this brings me to the another point highlighting the writers bias he saw it as naive digressions from the actual eventsseemly told for the most innocent reasons He don t consider or so it seems that they may have lied as they were guilty.and the last food for thought Gerry McCann once on their blog stated Anyone who knows anything about the 3rd May knows that Kate is completely innocent they were both suspects at the time question is is he subconsciously not wanting to lie and in his way telling us he did it or just a husband rushing to wife s defence with no thought to himself It makes me sad thinking about madeline , furious with the parents and annoyed with the writer the first 2 weren t due to how there writer wrote the book the fact it just reminds me how I felt at the time of it occurring Everyone knows something about Madeleine McCann or has at least heard the name, how could you not its been saturated in the media since May 2007.The is the story of a young family who went on holidays to Praia da Luz in Portugal, a mother, father and 3 young children, only 4 of them would return home.Theories abound on what happened to this little girl, was she taken from the room by persons unknown did she wander off looking for her parents Was she killed in some kind of accident and it covered up.We look deeply and I mean deeply into the handling by the police of this case, from the moment she was found missing nothing went right, crime scene s were ruined, information withheld, police with their own theories, public opinion would sway in the breeze as much as the facts in this case do.Brutally honest, well sourced and researched, if you ever wanted to know everything about the family and that first year then this is the book for you to read.If you do not enjoy lengthy legal opinions, debate of how things were handled and an overabundance of information then this book will leave you struggling with the sheer amount of information that is not directly related to the case That was my only criticism of the book, it at times became quite dry while discussing all these distantly related facts. Gee, talk about a pointless book that doesn t tell us what we already know It just seemed like what could have been fitted on an A4 page was drawn out into a 250 page book Boring I have to say this writer s probable scenario about what happened to Madeleine McCann make sense than most of the others put forward. dull and repetitious Good but at times quite dense and goes into unnecessary detail in my opinion. I did enjoy this book, however first and foremost the title The truth about the disappearance For a missing persons case that to this day is unsolved, I find this title extremely misleading and a little disrespectful.This book wasn t a hard read due to the fact it is based on theories and possible circumstances and outcomes of the case I did however feel the writer was at many a time biased towards certain possible events and or people involved with the case His view was supposedly going to be just from a journalists neutral perspective and I found it extremely one sided at times.I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the case of Madeleine McCann and to anyone generally interested in Missing Persons cases as other cases pre 2007 are mentioned often and to detail. Biased and exaggerates details that may paint the parents in a negative light, by saying for example that cadaver dogs will react to the smell of chicken corpse the cadaver dogs used were trained to react only only react to human blood corpse scent at the body farm and had a nearly perfect record of success.Also states that blood match found was claimed to be 100% match not true It was something like 17 of 19 marker match Doesn t mention that the soft toy had cadaver scent as well.Doesn t mention that witness testimony contradicted numerous times notepad of DIFFERENT timelines written by witnesses prior to being interviewed.Claims that blood on wall was masculine untrue Came from multiple sources Maddy included Parents even say it is and that it was from a nosebleed.Doesn t mention parents admitted to drugging the children in the UK but claimed not to in Portugal.There is a lot , but basically the conclusion drawn by one of the investigators on the case is Madeleine got up in the night to go look for her parents climbed on the couch and fell behind it and died and was undiscovered for a while and her body was moved hidden.Investigator wrote a book on this and the evidence that corroborates it called Truth of The Lie.Read both books and see which makes sense and which the evidence supports.This book, even if it did represent what actually happened and it is possible it does is written in a very biased and fictionalized way with a clear slant and misrepresents the facts of the case and leaves information out.

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