The Gilded Cage

The Gilded Cage Post Civil War New York Was A Golden City Where Wealth Waited For The Bold And Everything Had Its Price It Was Here That Well Born But Impoverished Lucy Markham Sought Fame And Fortune On The Stage Under A False Name And Became The Toast Of The Town And The Target Of Every Man About Town It Was Here That Handsome, Iron Willed Millionaire Josh Dylan Came To Put The Seal On His Success By Conquering Society The Moment Josh Saw Lucy, He Wanted Her But Only As His Mistress The Moment Lucy Saw Josh, She Fought To Quell Her Desire For Him For Neither Could Afford To Surrender To The One Thing That Threatened Their Carefully Laid Plains Love

Edith Layton wrote her first novel when she was ten She bought a marbleized notebook and set out to write a story that would fit between its covers Now, an award winning author with than thirty novels and numerous novellas to her credit, her criteria have changed The story has to fit the reader as well as between the covers.Graduating from Hunter College in New York City with a degree in c

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  • 03 December 2019
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    Encore Encore Although you ll have to wait until the very end to see what that means it was kind of cute Joshua Clayton s father forever chased his dreams of wealth in the West, but it was Josh who was able to build a financial empire after his parent s death Leaving the family home in Wyoming Territory, Josh heads to New York to seek even greater wealth and power but he soon finds that s easier said than done without the right connections On a trip to the see the HMS Pinafore Josh is instantly smitten with the the show s new star, the beauteous but oh, so innocent Lucy Markham As an actress in New York society the equivalent of a loose woman , Lucy is inappropriate wife material, but very much suitable as a mistress Can Lucy fight her attractions to Josh and remain pure or will she submit to his charms Will Lucy fall for the machinations of her stage manager and give everything up for fame and fortune on stage Is Josh willing to lose any potential happiness with Lucy to gain the wealth and power he desires by marrying the daughter of the powerful Jacob Van Horne Despite the cheesy cover, this one is pretty tame as far as sex goes and thumbs up to the author for handling it realistically and honestly Josh was a perfect Western gentleman who knew when no meant no and not barge on like the typical romance alpha male I liked the details on the women s clothing, especially the constraining effects of those corsets thank goodness those are a thing of the past I did enjoy this, especially the theatre backgrounds loved hearing about Gilbert and Sullivan, and how they were plagiarized in the US , but it is definitely on the light side and might disappoint those looking for a meaty look at post Civil War New York Although since there s not many novels set in that period beggars can t be choosers It is a good book and a light easy read that can keep you entertained on a rainy weekend afternoon, but neither is it a great one 3 5 stars.

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    Reading this on holiday reminds me a bit of Edith Wharton s House of Mirth.Continue to be impressed by Layton Up until the last minute I thought I might have hit upon a romance without a happy end I have a weakness for characters who find themselves somehow not in their proper place hence my nick penelope wasn t supposed to wander, was she and this is definitely one of those For that reason I give the book five stars, although there are other weaknesses, of course Nonetheless an excellent read.

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