Cupid And The Vicar

Cupid And The Vicar She Vowed Never To Marry, And He Vowed Never To Marry Her Serena Fenton Was Anything But Serene, Though She Was Eager To Leave The London Marriage Mart For A Quiet Life In The Country With Her Brother, The Vicar But The Vicar Longed To See Her Settled With His Dear Friend Marcus Browne, Earl Of Granville If Any Man Could Handle His Headstrong But Beautiful Sister, Marcus Could The Vicar Had Not Foreseen That Serena Would Be Quite So Bad Or Marcus Quite So Good The Match Seemed So Utterly Hopeless That There Was Only One Thing Left To Do Was It Permissible For A Vicar To Play Cupid

Judy Christenberry,

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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Cupid And The Vicar
  • Judith Stafford
  • English
  • 03 October 2017
  • 9780373311620

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    Early in her career Judith Stafford aka Judy Christenberry wrote several regency romances Some were under Stafford and the others were under Christenberry Then she took off writing contemporary romances and is still going strong today The author gives us an unusual storyline because you have two heroes and two heroines.Serena Fenton is young and wants to be independent, something unheard of at the time Her brother is the vicar of a small village and his closest friend is Marcus Browne, the Earl of Granville Serena comes to live with him and her first meeting with Granville is lacking to put it mildly Completing the foursome is the earl s sister who secretly loves the vicar The writing is competent at the beginning of the story and I was happily expecting from this romance.I am only assuming that Ms Stafford was tweaking her writing skills at this time This would have been better if the vicar and Marcus s sister had a stronger story and left the other couple with a weaker secondary romance I felt very little chemistry between Marcus and Serena I am not sure what their ages were but I would guess there is at least a 10 year difference Serena still has some growing up to do and Marcus could take a cue from the vicar and learn a little patience The author mentions several times throughout the romance that Marcus was happier before he took on the title of Earl of Granville Still, there was very little chemistry between the two.Daniel, the vicar, has always loved Cleopatra, Patty Marcus lets on that he is expecting his sister to make a respectable match Marcus, one brick shy of a load, doesn t realize that he needs to let his friend know that it would be fine if he pursued Patty He assumes that Daniel will learn this on his own Because of Granville s smug conversations, Daniel thinks he is not good enough for her What started out with strong characters, the romances started to drift By the time I was finished I found the endings to each romance somewhat rushed and unbelievable I would only recommend this book to someone who is a fan of Judy Christenberry and wants to read something that she wrote early in her career.

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    This was a good read, but the ending was a bit unbelievable for me The connection between Serena and Marcus was slim at best so the coupling just didn t feel genuin and believable I did enjoy each of the characters though, particularly the relationship between Vicar Daniel and Patty It was a good read, but not one to keep on the shelves permanently.

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