First Season

First Season It was a little bit boring even if there was some sort of mystery involved.Lento e a volte noioso anche se c era pure una specie di mistero.THANKS TO NETGALLEY AND SOURCEBOOKS CASABLANCA FOR THE PREVIEW I m pretty forgiving of Regency romances, but this one was truly dire Paper thin characters, nonsensical plots, anachronisms and fat shaming A pity, the other Jane Ashford book I read was much better. I didnt really enjoy this book, the heroine got on my nerves, she couldnt seem to decide what she wanted or make firm decisions I was torn between not finishing this book and seeing how badly it would end. 3 girl friends all come out at Almack s, London big wife market for young ladies Mystery, romance Good So 1983 Not good, secondary characters were the reason I kept going. Couldn t get through this Driven absolutely batty by how the token fat character literally has no personality throughout the first portion of the book other than being fat She s introduced eating chocolates while walking into a room She eats dinner She eats again at a party The MC s mother can only think of how pretty she might be if she loses some weight and has apparently zero other opinion until she does begin to lose some weight albeit by near semi starvation And that it happens in a month makes you wonder how big she actually wasAside from that, the fact that our heroine doesn t seem to like this guy, but then goes ahead and accepts a marriage proposal from him only because it s needed to set up the fight over her by the other romantic interest who has so little spine that he s too scared to court her properly and whatever I m done. LOVE WAS SO MUCH MORE DANGEROUS THE SECOND TIME AROUNDLady Anabel Wyndham Was In A Most Unusual Situation For Her First London SeasonBeautiful, Witty, And Still Young, She Nonetheless Was A Widow With Three Small And Very Lively ChildrenThus She Could Not Claim To Be An Innocent In Love No Matter How Little Experience She Had With The Ways And Wiles Of The Fashionable WorldAnd So When She Caught The Loving, Attentive Eyes Of Charming Christopher Hanford, And Then Aroused The Impassioned Interest And Hunting Instinct Of Sir Charles Norbury, A Handsome, Notorious Rake, Anabel Wyndham Felt Cornered In A Dilemma Of Choice And As Defenseless As A Schoolgirl With One Glorious Suitor Too Many

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[BOOKS] ✯ First Season By Jane Ashford –
  • Paperback
  • 219 pages
  • First Season
  • Jane Ashford
  • English
  • 12 December 2019
  • 9780451126788

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