Hot to the Touch

Hot to the Touch Phoebe Schneider Is A Baby Masseuse She Works Especially With Traumatized Babies So When She S Approached To Help Fox Lockwood A Man Through And Through She S Resistant But Phoebe Can T Deny Helping Someone In Need In The Process, Phoebe And Fox Come To Realize That He Isn T The Only One In Need Of Healing

Jeanne Grant

[Read] ➪ Hot to the Touch By Jennifer Greene –
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Hot to the Touch
  • Jennifer Greene
  • English
  • 22 April 2018
  • 9780373766703

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    This is one of my go to reads Please write books for the Lockwood Brothers

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    2012 Review Holy f ing hell It s been three and a half years since I read this and I have to go back on nearly everything I wrote then about it What is this I don t even.I am just so shocked right now See, I just finished this book thank god and thought I d look at what I wrote last time before writing my notes up Yeah, I knew I liked it back then that s why I picked it out to re read But Just no.I mean, all the other things I gushed about, no I don t see them here either, but WTF was I saying about the wonderful deep viewpoint Where I must have been on a diet of total crap back then, seriously starved for any sort of viewpoint Cause this Was not particularly deep or evocative At all And voices you can forget right away I compared this to the excellent style of Suzanne Brockmann back then, and that just makes me squirm and wonder if that means my memories of her awesome skill as a writer are complete nonsense as well I just can t believe that Dammit.I was gushing about the lovable side characters which are about as deep as a puddle On tiled floor That is uneven so the water runs off That s about how important they are to the story as well And how much they appear.And I totally hated Phoebe this time What the hell is going on huff Well Anyway, the first thing the book lost points for this time around was the entirely unsafe sex Pregnancy or STDs are not even a consideration One might argue that it was a different time and back then people were not as alert about the medical dangers Except for the fact that pregnancy has always been a concern when having sex and this was published in freaking 2005 Which also makes me shake my head at the assumption that masseuse equals whore That made it seem like it was written in the eighties, maybe In a pinch the nineties, perhaps But I am fairly certain that by the time 2005 rolled around the term was already massage therapist anyway Of course an eighties hero would have been a brutal jerk and Fox was as nice and bland and average as you expect from brain fluff of its time Yes, I called him average I am totally going back on one of the most broken heroes ever from last time Bleh God, we must get this back on track I was still hanging in there, deciding that this was a mostly okay book, even if felt deplorably shallow Sure, Fox had all this horrible trauma and physical issues to deal with the latter of which in the end seemed to fade away like magic , but aside from that We were back to struggling with gender roles And I am so f ing tired of male female gender roles Okay, in this case that constituted actually a huge plot element, the way Phoebe saw her sensual nature as something unseemly in a woman paraphrasing this wildly That didn t change the fact that we had to deal with the stereotypes again And sexual carelessness Grr, I can t let go of that one.The romance y thing also happened out of nowhere Gay romance is not a stranger to that, of course Bad or average books will have protagonists falling in love at the drop of a hat Hell, my own last story does it, this same kind of denial struggling thing Although I hope to hell I m better at it The fact that it s a common plot element does not make it feel any real In this case it was like So apparently these two were a match made in heaven and when they meet they just fit against their will And yet this masqueraded as your normal, falling in love kind of romance Um, okay In the end it had nothing to do with who they actually were, no love happened because of who this other person was That s the letdown for me.I also got a little tired of the way the denial was always phrased She did not want him to stay Her heart did not hurt at the thought that he might leave As a stylistic tool, this is fine on occasion, as long as it s poignant and either unambiguous or subtle But to use this all the time makes for boredom, irritation and sometimes haziness about what the f the character is feeling anyway People are not necessarily in touch with their feelings and some may deliberately deny them That s perfectly fine But either be subtle or lay it out straight Don t do this weird opposite of what I say thing on a constant basis It just makes the character look stupid If you re gonna lie to yourself, put some effort into it, dammit No, it s not cute and funny when it goes on and on and on.Gah.I think at that point I kind of gave up I merely finished the book And I might not have ended up quite as foaming at the mouth over this if I hadn t looked at my previous verdict Cause this s F ing twilight zone.It honestly scares me that I can t rely on my previous judgements at all any Not everything s a miss but, god When it s scary, it s scary.

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    This book needs to be a part of a series Phoebe and Fox are hurting in different ways The older Lockwood Brothers decide to intervene for their younger brother and teacher turned army vet The power of touch is very powerful And the porch scene is smoking hot

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    just enough of a story to feel the depth to each character with the romance enhancing the story instead of overpowering itgreat quick read

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    Loved it I read it again every year Wondering if Hero s brothers got their own stories

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