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Mademoiselle Boleyn A Riveting Portrait Of Anne Boleyn As A Young Girl, And Her Unconventional Education In The Court Of The King Of FranceWhen Her Father Is Assigned The Task Of Spying On The French Court, The Charming And Sweetly Innocent Anne Boleyn Is Delighted By The Thought Of A New Adventure And She Is Not To Be Disappointed, For Her Beautiful Sister, Mary, Has Been Handed A Mission To Let Herself Be Seduced By The King Of France In Order To Uncover His SecretsMesmerized By The Thrilling Passion, Intrigue, And Betrayal That Unfolds, Anne Discovers The Power Of Being A Woman Who Catches The Eye Of A Powerful King And, As She Grows Into A Beautiful Young Woman, She Undergoes Her Own Sexual Awakening, Each Daring Exploit Taking Her One Step Closer To The Life That Is Her Destiny

Robin Maxwell began writing novels about the historical figures she had been obsessing about since graduating from Tufts University with a degree in Occupational Therapy Her first novel, The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn, now in its 24th printing, won two YA awards and has been translated into fourteen languages The Wild Irish an epic tale of Ireland s rebel queen, Grace O Malley closed ou

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  • 15 August 2019
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    I was reminded tonight of having read this book and it made me think about what it was that I liked about it This tells of a different time period in Anne Boleyn s life, from when she is a little 9 year old girl and going over to the French court with her sister Mary, and finishes upon her return to England years later Their father is as manipulative and power hungry as he was in the tv series, with not much middle ground Maxwell has Mary as the bed hopping sister with Anne learning from giving in too soon If you are looking for a sweet Mary or multilayers to their father s character, you will be disappointed Anne is really too young to have formed a well rounded personality yet, but the innocence through a child s eye perspective is done with good affect.What I truly enjoyed about this book was the glimpse into King Francois and Queen Claude s decadent court For those looking for the English court, there is very little here But you do get the politics between the countries with a unique insight The relationship between Claude and Francois was fascinating to me and I wanted to know so much He and his philandering, flaunting ways, she in her quiet, steady resolve Queen Claude comes across as a very sympathetic yet strong character, one I want to know about.The other is that we see the last years of Leonardo da Vinci s life when he was at the French court Maxwell admits that there is no historical proof that Anne and da Vinci ever met, but they were at court at the same time and there is reason to believe that they met and certainly knew of each other I doubt they had the relationship depicted here but I liked that it inserted him into the storyline and I like to think that that deck of cards did exist Some of the other interaction between them seems too far fetched, but it isn t anything that really affects the direction of the storyline or actual historical events For those who are looking for a different perspective of the Boleyn girls, this book certainly will do that for you with the added bonus of learning about a King and Queen rarely seen in historical fiction.

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    Excellent In a word, that s it, excellent A very interesting viewpoint of the early years of one of British history s most misunderstood figures Anne Boleyn is typically written off as a royal bimbo aptly that would be Catherine Howard or worse, a royal maneater ala Catherine the Great, but with less power Truthfully, my take on Anne is that she was modern than the times could allow and her power was only destroyed thru a rewrite of who she actually was She had the misfortune to be surrounded by a father and an uncle who were willing to sell anyone or do anything in order to gain the glory and position they felt they deserved, and she was far too close to a monster who just happened to be King and well aware of the power that title came with This historical fiction tells of Anne s growing up years in the french court and the intrigues and pecadillos that she undoubtedly witnessed and learned from Although the book is fiction, the facts behind it are not The book takes you to a world that is unimaginable in wealth and depravity, a world that is no place for a child but is her world that she had to live in Truly, 15th century european court life was not a child friendly environment, but neither was 15th century regular life The adaptations and coping skills talked about in this book are sad when you remember that this is a child that you are reading about Highly recommend

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    Caution to anyone who does not like to read raunchy books Some sections made me blush However, as anyone familiar with the Rennaissance court of Francois I knows, Francois got around Further, women at that time period were used as pawns to advance the power of their families Thus, while the virtual prostitution of Mary Boleyn is shocking for modern tastes, ambitious parents would often push their young and presumably unwilling daughters into the beds of kings While there is no historical proof that Mary Boleyn was forced to be the kings mistress by her parents, we do know that Mary Boleyn was very promiscuous while in France and later became Henry VIII s mistress I have read that Mary Boleyn s family forced her to return to England because of her promiscuous behavior, but this does not mean that the cause of the behavior was Mary herself Indeed, she later became a lady in waiting to Queen Katherine of Aragon in England in Henry VIII s sexually corrupt court, so it is plausible that her parents were not all that disappointed in her behavior and that she only left France because Francois had tired of her and her job was done The raunchiness of the novel is also necessary to explain the forces that shaped Anne Boleyn Anne comes of age in this corrupt surrounding and sees how her sister is humiliated and degraded because of her promiscuity Anne carries this knowledge with her to England and refuses to give herself to King Henry for 6 years Most women in her position would have given herself to the King as his mistress, particularly since divorce was not a realistic option at the time Another important facet of the book is the influence of Princess Marguerite on Anne, which has an important impact, as we all know, on subsequent English history This portrayal of Anne as a highly intelligent women which we know she was and one who garnered great respect in the French court is very important to understanding Anne in her most famous role as Henry s second queen Lastly, the picture Maxwell paints of the Boleyn family is very helpful in understanding how a woman such as Anne ended up as the wife of Henry VIII in the first place While we cannot possibly know all of the internal thoughts and machinations of the Boleyn family, we do know that they were ambitious Maxwell helps us understand what it was to be the daughter of such a family and how little autonomy Anne actually had over her body and herself In sum, I think this is a must read for anyone interested in the English Reformation and Tudor history This is also a must read for anyone interested in King Francois I and the early part of his reign.

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    Anyone who is truly interested in Anne Boleyn will want to read this book, and I think be pleasantly surprised Even enthusiasts of Boleyn or the Tudor period might want to consider Maxwell s take The novel is a coming of age story that examines Anne s early life at about nine years old and her time in the Netherlands and then when her father, Thomas Boleyn sent her and elder sister Mary to the French court Everything about this book was fascinating, especially as it was written in first person, from Anne s point of view The main thing that keeps this story going is the wide array of characters that all have an extraordinary relationship with the main character We have Charles, the boy who is the future Holy Roman Emperor whom Anne meets as a child living in the Netherlands Marguerite, a French duchess who resists the catholic church, and Anne at times lives in her household One can argue perhaps marguerite would influence Anne s future, and steer her towards making the later decision to convince Henry to break with Rome There a lot of titillating scenes that will keep people interested too The main thing that was so wonderful about this book is that this may be the only novel that shows Anne might not have been as scheming, ambitious and cut throat as history says History is written with a bias, especially by those who knew Anne Boleyn The author paints the young Anne as a considerate, even sensitive girl who has a strong, moral code, but not a rigid one It is believable as this Anne is well read, intelligent, political, and still interested in her own advancement, just like history said she was However, she appears a much nicer person than what history says, and this might actually be accurate The only thing that wasn t very good was some inconsistency in the characterization For one thing Anne s father showed no depth of character Maxwell just made him out as someone who completely did not care one iota for his daughter s, accept for how well they could further his own ambitions I thought that one dimensional, even during that time Also, the French King Francois gets hurt in the story while hunting for a stag with the English king Francois falls into a coma and suddenly changes in the story, losing some of his rabid lust and letting Anne go free, instead of making her his newest mistress Maxwell has her characters saying that the King had a new personality since the coma However, towards the end of the book Francois completely regains back this disturbing part of his personality.

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    This novel showcases an intriguing snapshot of Anne s life, namely her largely unexplored childhood While the plot and incidents are engaging enough ,in my opinion, to make for a worthwhile read,you would think that any story focusing on her childhood would point out how she became the calculating schemer she revealed herself to be in England However,it is as if the novel assumes this part of her personality to be a spontaneous eruption Throughought the duration,she is portrayed as a rather moralistic innocent, whose only encounters with selfish or twisted thinking come from run ins with others.She is also blessed with the favor of all the important people at court for no apparent reason.The result is a charmed life that never needs to evolve cunning for immediate survival, and leaves one at a loss to tell from whence all her legendary skills of flirtation and manipulation ever came.This being said, I do not mean to imply that the story itself was any less than engaging I found the plotline and included events to be fascinating and well worth the read.

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    This book did it I have fallen helplessly in love with Robin Maxwell and her delightfully delicious historical fiction.I just happened upon her Jane novel when browsing a local bookshop, and while I initially purchased the book for its subject matter, I found myself back at the bookstore looking for her other titles because I so much enjoyed her style and unique voice.Fortunately, I was not disappointed, and both purchases have brought me nothing but satisfaction.I enjoy her light touch, which makes reading easy and quick, all while not sacrificing depth of character, plot, or history.Ms Maxwell manages to cram so much content into her books while making them seem as airy as a beach read Hence, I apply the saying She makes it look so easy Seriously, she does But it s SO good, too Needless to say, I will be back at the same bookshop picking up of Ms Maxwell.

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    This was an enjoyable read, entertaining, well written, with a large cast of supporting characters I really liked Poor Mary Boleyn, I felt for her the most The history was well done, and it was interesting to look at the time period from a different direction The only drawback was Anne herself When you tell a story in first person POV, that person has to be present at all the important events I don t mind that at all But Anne s special ness was laid on a little thick every royal person loved her best, every man desired her, every woman mentored her when I got to da Vinci it was a bit too much I d have liked her to have foibles, to show fire and spunk, the things about Anne we love so much.

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    I really liked this book Anne was portrayed in a positive light for once , and accurate or not, it was sort of refreshing.My knowledge of the Tudors is embarrassingly limited, I m afraid when I read fiction based on historical fact, I never know what s fact and what isn tso I end up taking EVERYTHING with a grain of salt I DO know that no one, famous or not, is all bad or all good with that in mind, this book was a nice counter to all the negative portrayals about her I ve read recently.Ugh, incoherent reviewsorry.

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    Robin Maxwell considers her Mademoiselle Boleyn to be a prequel to her previous rather excellent works as it tells of Anne s youth before she rather fatally catches the eye of the lecherous King Henry IVIII, much of it spent in the French court of King Francois and Queen Claude daughter of King Louis XII She befriends Leonardo da Vinci not mentioned in the history books but imagined, i suppose reasonably, by Maxwell It s been quite some time since i read her earlier works and, memory being what it is, though i remember liking them, i don t remember many of the details though i did recommend The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn to a costumer just the other day because of course i had Mademoiselle Boleyn checked out at home i just hate having to recommend books to customers even though it is a big part of my job when they are completely uncooperative in telling me about their personal likes and dislikes, Well, what do you like they so unhelpfully ask, as if we would have the exact same tastes, anyway I ve been watching The Tudors lately on Showtime and Maxwell seems to have her historical accuracy down much better than the creators of that show although i m not quite so much up on Anne s upbringing or the peripheral figures of the Tudor court as i could be history never was my strong point, much as i loathe to admit it But the Showtime people seem to have confused Henry s sisters as well as a few other characters which bothers me just a tad and i wonder what else they got wrong still and all it is a very interesting series and i would recommend for its entertainment value and for some of its historical value.From what i know Maxwell got right i tend to trust her other details and she does have some interesting after notes Overall, i can highly recommend this book and it gives a much better and much sympathetic and i do see many of Henry s wives as quite sympathetic characters they really were victims of there age and the only one i would wish to be is Anne of Cleves she had it the best of anyone of her time and all because she was judged to be ugly go figure portrait in my ever so humble opinion than that, ahem, other, Boleyn, historical receiving so much attention of late

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    I have read so many books on Anne Boleyn over the last few years that you d think I d have exhausted all of the possible plots by now I did fear as much but was pleasantly surprised by Robin Maxwell s take on this popular character in Mademoiselle Boleyn.Mademoiselle Boleyn is a novel that chooses to explore Anne s earlier life rather than the life we all know the rise and subsequent decline of Queen Anne of England A majority of the novel takes place in France during the early 1500 s as Anne at the tender age of 12 serves as one of the ladies in waiting to Queen Claude, the weak and deformed wife of the scandalous King Francis I.Along with her sister, Mary Boleyn, Anne finds herself falling victim to her father s ambition As Mary rises up the ranks as the French King s mistress, Anne becomes aware of the need to preserve her honour and dignity as she grows from an awkward, timid child into a confident and beautiful young woman With guidance from none other than Leonardo Da Vinci, the kind Queen Claude and the headstrong Marguerite de Navarre, you start to see the makings of a Queen, the kind of Queen that could make a powerful man change all of England just to please her.I was hesitant to read this book at first, but am ever so glad now that I ve given it a fair chance Despite being rather lengthy, I did finish this novel in almost record speed time Trust me, it s not your predictable Anne Boleyn meets Henry VIII kind of story.

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