Drowned Wednesday

Drowned WednesdayInhalt Arthur Penhaligon wei nicht, was er davon halten soll, als er von Lady Mittwoch, der dritten Treuh nderin des Hauses, eine Einladung zum Mittagessen bekommt Ist das ein Trick, mit dem sie verhindern will, dass er den 3 Teil des Verm chtnisses findet und den 3 Schl ssel beansprucht Als seine Klassenkameradin Blatt ihn besucht und Mittwochs Boten ihn abholen wollen, landet durch ein Missgeschick Blatt auf dem von Mittwoch geschickten Schiff, w hrend Arthur allein auf einem sinkenden Metallbett auf der Grenzsee zur ckbleibt Doch Arthur muss bald feststellen, dass es nicht das schlimmste Schicksal ist, in Seenot zu sein, was ihm auf der Grenzsee bl hen kann Und schon bald muss er nicht nur versuchen, Blatt zu retten, sondern bekommt es auch mit Piraten, Meeresmagie, seltsamen Seem nnern, Seeschlachten und einem riesigen Wal zu tun.Meine Meinung Der 3 Band der Fantasyreihe Die Schl ssel zum K nigreich ist wieder eine gro e berraschung und zeigt eine neue Facette des Hauses, dem Zentrum des Universums, auf Nach dem Unteren Haus und den Fernen Weiten lernen wir nun ein neues Herrschaftsgebiet des Hauses kennen die Grenzsee, die zu 90% aus einem riesigen Meer besteht.Folglich ist der komplette Band ein einziges, abwechslungsreiches Meeresabenteuer inklusive Schiffbruch, Treibgut, Bergungsschiffen, Piraten, Piratensch tzen, einer versteckten Pirateninsel, Verfolgungsjagden auf dem Meer, K mpfen und Meeresungeheuern Nur dass der meilengo e Wal in diesem Fall Lady Mittwoch ist, deren Fresssucht f r ihre Verwandlung und eine Sintflut gesorgt hat F r Spannung ist somit gesorgt Und da Garth Nix immer neue Ideen hat, macht er auch aus dem Meeresabenteuer wieder eine einzigartige Geschichte voller gro artiger Magie, Wendungen und Anspielungen Besonders ein Seitenhieb gegen die Chroniken von Narnia lie mich schmunzeln, vor allem als dann sp ter die Aufl sung kam Sch n fand ich auch, dass Blatt, die in den ersten beiden B nden immer nur kurze Auftritte als Nebenfigur hatte, dieses Mal eine gr ere Rolle bekommen hat Nicht nur, dass Arthur sie endlich eingeweiht und ihr vom Haus erz hlt hat, sie ist jetzt erstmals beim Abenteuer selbst dabei Auch mit Susi T rkisblau gibt es ein Wiedersehen, doch im 3 Band nehmen die neuen Figuren dieses Mal einen gr eren Raum ein da sind der Doktor f r Hauszauberei Scamandros, der Seemann Sonnenstich, der Kapit n Katzenkissen und noch ein paar Figuren mehr, aber ich will nicht zu viel verraten Insgesamt ist es wieder eine tolle Mischung aus ungew hnlichen Charakteren, aus bekannten und neuen Figuren.Fazit Auch Kalter Mittwoch war wieder ein Lesevergn gen. Lady Wednesday is an interesting villian Her story is really tragic and shows not all of the trustees are cruel and heartless She tried to fulfil her duty and her gluttony overcame her It s interesting that the hunger set upon her after accepting custody of the 3rd key What is it about the keys that are bringing these sins upon their bearers And as Arthur is forced to wield the keys , as we know he will have to as he faces the remaining four days, will we see these sins manifest in himself I m also trying to see how or if the seven virtues are in play with this series They might be reflected in the different parts of the will But i m not sure.We started to see a shift with Arthur from a victim of the house to a person taking an active role in choosing his destiny I m looking forward to seeing how his shift in his paradigm will affect the story and how the remaing days will respond. On The Third Day, There Were PiratesWednesday Has Rolled Around, And Arthur Penhaligon Has An Invitation To Return To The House That He Can T Refuse Drowned Wednesday Has Sent A Ship To Pick Him Up From The Hospitaleven Though His Hometown Is Miles Away From Any OceanFrom Hospital Room To The High Seas, Arthur Finds Himself On An Adventure That Will Pit Him Against Pirates, Storms, Explosions Of Nothing Laced Gunpowder, And A Vast Beast That Eats Everything It Encounters Through It All, He Is Drawn Deeper Into The Central Mystery Of The House Arthur Must Find The Third Part Of The Will And Claim The Third Key Not Just For Himself, But For The Millions If Not Trillions Who Will Suffer If He Doesn TThe First Step Surviving Life Aboard A Ship On The Border Sea This book presents a bit of a change of pace from the first two Instead of having to fight the holder of the Key for its possession, Lady Wednesday, or Drowned Wednesday as she s now known, would be happy to give both the Key and her portion of the Will to Arthur The only problem is, the other Days tricked and trapped her thousands of years ago and she has no idea where the Will is hidden now.And that s the challenge for Arthur, this time He has to track down the Will and free it In the process he s shipwrecked well, bedwrecked would be aaccurate term , takes a trip on a submersible with the Piper s rats, and has to go up against pirates Drowned Wednesday may be willing to hand over her Key, but that doesn t mean getting it or the Will is going to be any easier for Arthur A ravenous whale, shipwrecks, pirates, storms, jumping between worlds, and this time Arthur doesn t have a trace of the power from either Monday or Tuesday s Keys to help him out He s on his own.The story is a good one, moving at a fast pace and building up good tension Once again, though, I have a problem with Leaf For once she s being included in the story, getting sucked into the House and then impressed as ship s boy on one of Wednesday s ships, but she s barely there We only see glimpses of her on a couple occasions and she hardly has anything to do with the story itself Even the part she plays at the end could easily have been done by another character, Suzy, for instance I don t see why she was included here, but I really wish that she d get a better part in the next few books.On the good side of things, though, I liked that Arthur couldn t rely on his magic this time around, only on himself and how clever he could be in a given situation I really liked that he realized at the end how in over his head he s gotten, how he can t possibly be that clever or lucky all the time He has to carry at least one of the Keys now, otherwise the next time he and people he cares about could be killed.Arthur s growing up, far faster than any kid should have too, definitely, but there s no choice for him here At least he s willing to learn, though He does spend too much time on the why me in this book, but it seemed at the end that he d gotten that out of his system He knows what he has to do now and although he may not like it, he s determined to do it and not to be caught powerless the next time Good for him The next book promises to be very interesting indeed. I enjoyed seeing Arthur going after the trustees in this installment rather than being taken by surprise It was also nice that Lady Wednesday didn t want to kill him I liked the different pirates and sailors Arthur ran into in this one, definitely made it stand out from the Far reaches and the House It seems like things are building up for a larger conflict with Saturday or Sunday so that will definitely be interesting I liked seeing Leaf in this a bit , but I think she gotthan she bargained for I love the different manifestations of the Will and I can t wait to see what will happen when Arthur gets all of it and the keys. Definitely my favorite of the series so far Also the one I have the least to say about, because it s really just a strong continuance of an already strong story It s worth noting that Garth Nix, in my experience at least, doesn t have problems with writing excellent middle books it s where most series fail, but here it s clear that Nix is just hitting his stride with these books The titular character s role is different than those of her predecessors, which I loved the maritime world of her realm is fascinating and the characters Arthur meets there are quite entertaining indeed I particularly liked the fact that the stakes do seem to be getting higher, at least in terms of how much Arthur is being changed by his experiences he s going through a true character arc, albeit slowly, and it s nice to see how much he s grown and yet know how much further he has to go Also worth noting the non House world sounds evenquasi science fictiony than ever, with the mention of nanonic healing enhancers the foreshadowing that makes me really excited to see what the Morrow Days are like and some geniuine heroing isn t easy scenes where Arthur must make the most expedient choice for the good of the many, even if the few are counting on him to save them first.A few quotes I liked a lot Somehow yep seemed the most positive thing he could say Stronger than yeah andheroic than yes He hoped he could live up to it Mind you, that old Primus doesn t really read like normal folk She just sits there absorbing it Like dropping a biscuit in tea Oops Sorry, Cillian, that this review isn t longer It s 1 15 in the morning and I have to take the book back tomorrow You ll get a better one for Sir Thursday, I promise. 4,5 Pre m a zatia najlep ia as Zbo ujem cel t to s riu tie svety, o Nix v Dome vytvoril s magick , n dhern , ialen no proste neskuto n A v tejto s aj pir ti A je mi plne jedno, e som na tak to knihy pristar pod a ist ch 13 ro n ch jedincov zjavne patr m u do starobinca , neviem sa u do ka ostatn ch kn h Arthur Penhaligan was only chosen as Heir to the Architect s Will because he was about to die of a brutal asthma attack But to the surprise of the magical beings known as the Morrow Days, he not only survived, he also managed to wrest control from Mister Monday and Grim Tuesday Each of his triumphs only serve to whip his foes into a greater froth of rage, and they are drowning him in paperwork, pursuing legal action and threatening his mortal family Arthur has barely returned from his adventure against Grim Tuesday when he s magically whisked back to deal with the next of the Morrow Days Lady Wednesday Unlike her fellows, Wednesday would love to relinquish her power to Arthur, but a fiendish pirate named Feverfew has control over it To save the Border Sea from being eaten by the voracious Wednesday who no longer has control of her appetite , Arthur must defeat Feverfew all while he has no magical power, a broken leg, and asthma.This might actually be my favorite of Arthur s adventures yet Nix is gifted at creating fantastical magic and creatures without ever seeming derivative or cutesy clever There s danger in the magic, particularly to the mortal main character, who is surrounded by magical creatures who don t need to eat, drink, or breathe, and can even survive beheading Even Arthur s allies are a bit casual about his bodily needs like breathing But there s also wonder and imagination in Nix s world a counting house is turned into a sailing ship, but remnants of old magic remain and so every day at teatime cups of tea and biscuits appear out of the sea in the exact location of the former tea room every inch of a sorcerer s skin is tattooed, and the tattoos reflect his current state broken masted hulks sinking when he s depressed that abruptly gain masts and bouyancy when Arthur asks him if he s really recovered enough to help the rats the Pied Piper piped away from the mortal realm have become Risen rats who will help anyone in exchange for new informationit s all wonderful and memorable, and viewed through the eyes of a very nice, relateable boy It s all a bit mad and topsy turvey and out of Arthur s control, but he s smart, good hearted, and hard working, so it might turn out all right after all It s a bit like a mash up of Treasure Island with Alice in Wonderland very fun Dieses Ende Langsam wei Arthur, wie das Haus und alle seine Reiche funktionieren und es macht Spa , seinem Weg zu folgen Vor allem, weil er beginnt, selbst aktiv zu werden. A medley of literary and Scriptural allusions drift in and out of this book.A touch of the story of Jonah and the whale, with a hint of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea thrown in A whiff of Celtic legend in the reference to the Red Hand, and also of Norse legend mediated via Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy plus ahefty dollop of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, both in the Raised Rats and the sea that spills over into a bedroom There s also a glancing nod to The Silver Chair in the thought that perhaps Arthur is not actually invited to a feast, so much as to be the feast Then of course there s the odd allusion to Alice in Wonderland and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.Like the salvagers in the book who picked up flotsam and jetsam from the Border Sea, Nix has raided the rich froth of many classic works and blended together the finest story in this series so far.This one packs an emotional punch largely because Drowned Wednesday is such a tragic figure It was hard to feel any sympathy for slothful Monday or greedy Tuesday but gluttonous Wednesday is a victim of the wiles of others Hmmm just noticed as I wrote that last sentence that three of the seven deadly sins have turned up I guess that means there are going beOnce again, as in Grim Tuesday, there is clear evidence of Nix dealing with his own name and these are my favourite kinds of books I just love the whole Jacob wrestling with the angel aspect of this sort of fiction.Arthur has received an invitation to a feast of 17 removes from Lady Wednesday and he s anxious about it Holed up in the hospital with a broken leg and a return of his asthma, he realises that it only a matter of time before someone from the House arrives to spirit him away His friend Leaf comes to visit and is there when a huge wave breaks into the room and washes his bed away Leaf is rescued by a ship with shimmering green sails and Arthur is accidentally left behind He s alone on the sea in a sinking bed, rapidly moving towards a line of storms Picked up by the Moth, a ship converted from a counting house, he finds he has made an enemy of the dread pirate Feverfew His thoughts of approaching Lady Wednesday for help are met with stunned horror It seems that Wednesday went mad some millennia ago, turned into a whale and began eating everything in sight She s even eaten her own officials Nothing escapes her voracious appetite and she has become a monstrous leviathan hundreds of miles long and wide.Arthur finally realises that he needs to find the Third Key to help both Drowned Wednesday and everyone else on the Border Sea And, according to some mercantile minded Raised Rats that he meets, it s hidden by sorcery in the one place no one can ever get to and come back alive Inside Drowned Wednesday s belly.

Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia, to the sound of the Salvation Army band outside playing Hail the Conquering Hero Comes or possibly Roll Out the Barrel Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra the federal capital and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver Reed typewriter.De

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