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Mister MondayArthur Penhaligon S First Days At His New School Don T Go Too Well, Particularly When A Fiendish Mister Monday Appears, Gives Arthur A Magical Clock Hand, And Then Orders His Gang Of Dog Faced Goons To Chase Arthur Around And Get It Back But When The Confused And Curious Boy Discovers That A Mysterious Virus Is Spreading Through Town, He Decides To Enter An Otherworldly House To Stop It After Meeting Suzy Blue And The First Part Of The Will A Frog Looking Entity That Knows Everything About The House , Arthur Learns That He S Been Selected As Rightful Heir To The House And Must Get The Other Part Of The Clock Hand In Order To Defeat Monday That Means Getting Past Monday S Henchmen And Journeying To The Dayroom Itself Thankfully, Arthur Is Up To The Challenge, But As He Finds Out, His Fight Seems To Be Only One Seventh OverWith A Weapon Wielding Hero And A Villain Who Doesn T Make Mondays Any Nicer, Nix S Keys To The Kingdom Launch Is Imaginative And Gripping After An Action Packed Crescendo To The Book S Middle When Arthur Finally Learns His Destiny Nix Keeps The Drama Going And Doesn T Let It Fall By The End, You Might Be Winded From All The Fantastic Explanation, But You Ll Definitely Be Salivating For What S To Come It s Garth Nix Was there ever a chance I wouldn t like it That said, I wouldn t have read this book let alone bought it if not for a glowing recommendation from the great and wonderful Cillian BB And so here s a big thank you to her, because while my mind wasn t quite blown, I am glad not to have missed out on what seems a fantastic series.My primary reservation about the Keys to the Kingdom series is its target age group and yes, I know that s silly, because how could the man who wrote Sabriel ever create something puerile and immature And rest assured, fellow readers, that he has not While on the surface a simple if rather bizarre adventure story, Mister Monday has a great distinction in that it is the only book i have ever read where one of the things that compels me to read the sequels was the symbolism and allegories Buton that later and I promise not to write an AP Lit essay on the subject, even though it s definitely possible.First, there s the hero, Arthur Penhaligon Let me say that again Arthur PENHALIGON PEN HAL IGON.Now, quick, tell me which figure out of legend he probably resembles If you said King Arthur , you d be right.Not that this is a bad thing To the contrary a well executed twist on Arthurian legend can be great fun, and for me personally it s quite a draw There s definitely an element of the legends in this Arthur s quest, though it remains to be seen how large an element it is so far it s very interesting.Outside of his name, Arthur is quite a good lead Asthmatic and very much limited by hit, smart, shy, and courageous what s not to like One thing, actually, and that is I never got a sense of Arthur s hobbies What does he do when he s not in school or the House Hopefully that question will be answered later in the series.And then there s Suzy Blue, who Arthur meets inside the House I don t want to spoil anything, so I ll content myself by saying she s a typical Nix heroine, even if she s not in the spotlight smart, capable, and determined Give her time and she could stand proudly beside Sabriel.The world of the House itself comes next, and boy, this must have been fun to write The basic idea is that the House was created by the Architect to watch over the Secondary Realms that She also created Yes, God is a girl Garth Nix is awesome, or have I mentioned that already Inside the House, it seems, anything is possible For a writer, that s surely like the best playground ever build And boy, does Nix ever play the world of the Lower House is a strange, wonderful, and sometimes scary hodgepodge of quasi automatons, elevators that look like rays of light, traffic in sicknesses, windows into the age of the dinosaurs andFrom Mister Monday s antechamber, filled with the tents of those who ve been waiting centuries to the audience, to the lightless depths of the Deep Coal Cellar where a being that may or may not be a reference to Satan is chained, the House has it all and this is just the lower levels I can t wait to seeof it in later books.And that, of course, brings me to the symbolism I admit, I got a little wary when the Old One enemy of the Architect was first mentioned There was a part of me that worried it was going to become some trite moralizing story, with a big conflict between Good and Evil brewing, and that s kind of it but not quite The Old One isn t really the Devil he sa combination between a primeval force of chaos and Prometheus, and he suffers He also doesn t seem likely to be a major player later If I m right, the conflict is between Arthur and the Trustees who betrayed the Architect s trust, and so instead of being about Good and Evil it s about simple corruption and forgiveness There are shades of gray, and they are marvelous.Now, the Trustees This is what really intrigues me There are seven of them, named after days of the week The first and least is Mister Monday, this book s villain One of the characters identifies rather self righteously his problem as sloth So will all the other Trustees be defined by the Seven Deadly Sins view spoiler And, since Monday s downfall matched the classical punishment for his sin, will the others hide spoiler This is Garth Nix s series for middle grade There s a book for each day of the week, so that s quite a commitment as far as a series goes I found it very creative, unpredictable, and fast moving with solid writing and interesting characters Re read to refresh my memory before continuing the series. Okay, so I was all set to love this book Like REALLY LOVE IT I picked it up a few weeks ago but had to return it to the library, but because I was so SET TO LOVE IT etc., I went out and bought my own copy to take to New Zealand I just didn t believe a bit of it I thought the dialogue was rubbish Arthur came across really nothingy to me I loved the actual concepts, but it felt badly executed I m bothered, because it could ve been so fantastic, and I heard an interview with Garth Nix the other day and he sounded so wonderfully lovely and just my sort of bloke, but ARGH Maybe I just don t get it I feel like I have to justify myself with this, because it seems so universally loved But then, I m not a Sabriel et al fan either, so Anyway, none of that really matters because I managed to lose the book somewhere between Te Anau and Dunedin Perhaps it was my subconscious at work, SAVING ME FROM FINISHING IT I hope so. Mister Monday, the first of seven novels from Garth Nix, is a fantastical fantasy adventure which utilizes imagination.Adventure fiction has always been a part of my childhood, from Gulliver s Travels to The Famous Five Amongst these beloved treasures is a series of books that should be read by every child, The Keys to the Kingdom Within this series of books, Mister Monday introduces the world of dog faced security guards, ceramic komodo dragons that come to life, and an adventure that every child will be sorry to miss.The main character is Arthur Penhaligon, an asthmatic 12 year old boy who has an asthma attack and discovers he has been chosen to become the Rightful Heir of the House, by the conniving Mister Monday Through Arthur s adventures, he comes across many funny and likeable characters, such as Suzy Turquoise Blue who accompanies him for most of his journey, and a talking fragment, that takes the form of a frog, named the Will that guides Arthur Throughout the series, and especially in Mister Monday, the reader gets to see Arthur struggle and try to cope with his asthma, and with the knowledge of a world only he seems able to see.The main storyline of The Keys to the Kingdom is of Arthur trying to defeat the Morrow Days, the criminal key keepers of portions of the House, which is the centre of the universe Mister Monday takes place in the Lower House and deals with the deadly sin of sloth It is in this novel that Arthur starts his adventure and learns about why he has been chosen, and who exactly controls what happens in his world In the second half of the book, the reader learns, as well as Arthur, about the history of the House and the mysterious Architect.The vivid imagery and excellent description of characters and the surroundings invites young readers to share in the construction of an incredible universe The secondary characters are vibrant to say the least Monday s Noon, a servant of Mister Monday, appears as a scary henchman that would scare even grown adults with his ferocious attitude and actions Suzy Turquoise Blue, a cockney girl who becomes a close friend of Arthurs, and is a funny and charismatic character that brings a sense of light heartedness to the adventure.The writing is simply written and thought evoking in asking the reader to participate in the mysteries, and the description and characterization are second to none as the reader can fully relate to the multiple characters introduced during the first book Garth Nix has done a marvellous job in writing an incredible fantasy adventure that will last through the ages.The appropriate age range for Mister Monday would be Ages 9 and upThis book would be best being read out to a class, if it was read out then it would be suitable for ages 7 and up This book in particular will spark many imaginations for creative writing and will also help further the children s skill set in being able to describe, question and explore. The book starts off great, and then devolves into very dull and pedestrian YA fiction I bought it from our local used book shop on the strength of the first several pages, in which the world is established The beginning reads like a saga or a good role playing session there is an incredibly powerful artifact called the Will which must never be used but cannot be destroyed So the powers that be have split the Will into seven parts, and scattered those seven parts across all of creation We see that one segment of the Will has been taken to the last few moments of the universe, contained in a time bubble on the surface of a neutron star within an unbreakable box in the center of an eldritch clock face, guarded by twelve wardens who resemble nothing so much as Simmons Shrike The jailers visit periodically, to survey that everything is contained properly The Will is so powerful that even its segments are fully sentient, and by careful and patient subterfuge, the segment manages to trick one of the jailers into inadvertently helping it to escape It then sneaks into and possesses the jailer, manipulating him further to convince Mister Monday of the title into bestowing one of his keys of power the minute hand of a clock you can tell that clocks and Time are a big motif onto a mortal But when we get to that point, the story collapses into mediocrity.There s two major categories of problem I have with the book at this point First, the plot is such a rote copy of the template for modern YA fantasy novels that there is no tension, surprise or delight in reading it YA novels like this one feature a lowly junior high school student who is an outcast and or misfit usually from a broken home who stumbles across some amazing object that bestows astonishing powers upon the bearer The kid wrestles for some time with this, at first denying it, then letting his curiosity often fueled by desperation engendered by some external threat lead him to using the object to go to Another Place, where he spends some time bumbling around until he meets the Plucky Native The Plucky Native serves as a guide, then later a friend and or romantic interest The kid is still in denial about being the Chosen One, but when the Plucky Native is kidnapped threatened, he has to step up and own his powers so that he can save his friend lover The big bad guy makes an appearance, usually to try to reclaim the object that the kid has They fight, and all looks bad for the kid until he pulls some clever reversal and defeats the bad guy Then the kid tries to resume his normal life If you ve read any fantasy YA books in the last twenty five years, you ve seen this plot again and again The setting of this book is so imaginative, but the plot seems produced wholly by a template.The second major problem I have with the book is that the protagonist is singularly unlikable and unrelate able Reading Mister Monday, I had no sympathy for or connection with the kid Instead I found him whiny and irritating throughout. Artur Penhaligon je astmatik, kter se pr v p est hoval do nov ho m sta Av ak hned prvn den neprob hne tak, jak by m l norm ln koln den prob hnout Artur p i hodin t lesn v chovy m lem zem e kv li astmatick mu z chvatu, ale zachr n ho pomoc spolu ku a je t jedna, o hodn d le it j v c Kl V c, kter vypad jako hodinov ru i ka.Zjevil se mu toti pan Pond l se sv m v rn m sluhou K chalem K chala v ak posedla st V le Zakladatelky P inutila ho, aby poradil panu Pond l , e m Kl e men i v t p edat d t ti z druho ad e, kter je na kraji ku smrt Po smrti toti kl dostane zase pan Pond l Av ak po p ed n men ho Kl e za n m t pan Pond l podez en Uv dom se, e n co je patn A tady za n cel p b h.TOTO NEBYL SPOILER SPOILER VYPOV D D J P B HU, KDY TO TOTO JE OBSAH PRVN CH 5 TI STR NEK Kn ka se mi moc l bila L bily se mi ty steampunkov detaily Ty p ery Prost dokonal Psi v cylindrech D D U toho jsem se nasm laP ipravila jsem si jednu uk zku, kter nen nic zvl tn ho. Ale kdy jsem tyto odstavce etla, uv domila jsem si Toto je ta spr vn uk zka asn A takov steampunkov D A p esn pro to m m stra n velkou slabost Komis se narovnal a pomalu si od rouboval pravou ruku Zastr il si ji za opasek, potom si z kab tu vyt hl ruku o mnoho podivn j Tato nem la prsty, jen irok ost jakoby ze sek ku na maso Na rouboval si ji na z p st Jakmile pevn dr ela, sek ek se rozechv l a tak rychle rozkmital, e z n j byla jen ocelov mouha.Komis se op t p edklonil a p ibl il zbra k Arturovu z p st Chlapec vyk ikl, ale ne sta il n co ud lat, nebo se ho dotkla epel, Kl mu z nenad n vyst elil z ruky jako p Vno il se komisa i do hrudn kosti, vylet l mu ze zad a vr til se Arturovi do ruky.Nevy inula se dn krev Komisa ovu tv opanoval lehce zmaten v raz Vstal a ustoupil a odn kud z t la se mu ozvalo sk p n ozuben ch p evod Potom se mu zevnit roztrhl modr kab t a z hrudi mu z stala ochable viset rozbit pru ina Tu hned v z p t n sledovalo rachocen spr ky ozuben ch kole ek, kter se vysypala za zni enou pru inou a dopadla na zem.Komisa pomalu sklopil hlavu, aby se na sebe pod val, pozvedl nezm n nou ruku, aby se dotkl hrudi, potom strnul a z koutk o a z st se mu vy inul slab rek st brn tekutiny.Bylo ticho.str 138 I m not sure what to say about this book I liked it enough that I m planning on reading the second in the series, but I don t really know why It was a little bit tough to get through the first half maybebut I perservered and the story seemed to grow on me That being said, I don t feel the author did a great job of helping the reader to identify, or even care about, the main character s I guess the mysteriousness of The Will has me intrigued and I ve liked other books by this author enough to keep going. The one where dangerously asthmatic Arthur gains possession of a clock hand that embroils him in a conflict with supernatural agents one that takes the form of a strange journey in one realm, and a deadly plague in another.This was wildly original and yet also boring, which takes some doing Part of the trouble was the writing, which was often clunky and weighed down with unnecessary details Part of it was the plotting sometimes the rules and complications were just right, but other times they seemed arbitrary, put into place just to create some suspense The dinosaurs couldn t get in, but now they can, because he s changed the boundaries Can t use it until midnight What if I don t wake up in time Arthur gets involved in the supernatural doings in a way that s evenaccidental than it usually is in these kinds of books the object is quite literally put in his hand by someone he doesn t know, and after that happens, he lets us know that he s often gotten in trouble in the past for his curiosity, something that we saw no sign of until a motivation was needed I realize that the rules of POV are a lot stricter in slash than they are in regular fiction, but the POV shifts here really bugged me 95% of the book is told in Arthur s POV, and so it s really jarring when we go out of it for three paragraphs just so we can learn something that Arthur doesn t know Maybe they get better as the series goes along, but I don t think I ll be bothering 2007 Locus poll Sir Thursday 5 YA SFF right now i am on page 175 when Arther had met the Will and Suzy They almost got completly squashed when a elavator suddenly stopped They are also getting chased by man eating dogs wearing coats and bowler hats AWKWARD

Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia, to the sound of the Salvation Army band outside playing Hail the Conquering Hero Comes or possibly Roll Out the Barrel Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra the federal capital and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver Reed typewriter.De

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