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She Died Famous A Gripping Psychological Thriller About Iconic Superstar, Kelly Trozzo, And Her Suspected Killer, The Author She Commissioned To Pen Her Shocking Hollywood Memoir A Star Is Born Meets Gone Girl, In This Dark And Twisted Love Story With An Unforgettable Conclusion The Headline Read Hollywood Superstar Kelly Trozzo Found Dead With No Suspect In Custody, Authorities Turn Their Attention To Best Selling Author Kaleb Reed, Whose Obsessive Relationship With The Star Has Been Followed By Social Media And Tabloids Alike In His Online Confession, Reed Claims That His Relationship With Trozzo Began With A Tweet, An Unexpected Endorsement From The Pop Star Herself Almost Overnight, Reed S Novel Garners National Attention, And The Reclusive Writer Is Thrust Into The Spotlight But According To Reed, The Endorsement Came With A Price In The Days That Follow, Reed Is Invited To Trozzo S Los Angeles Mansion, Where He Is Solicited To Write Her Memoir Lured By Her Physical Appeal And Charisma, Reed Delves Further And Further Into Trozzo S Fantasy World, Ensnared By A Twisted Story Of Betrayal And Vengeance On The Night Of Trozzo S Death, Reed Finally Discovers His True Role In This Story, As Well As The Pop Star S Alternative Ending To His Famous Novel One That Leads To His Arrest Set In Hollywood, She Died Famous Is An Innovative Thriller That Exposes The Dark Side Of Fame And Obsession In Today S Digital Landscape The Story S Shocking Twists And Unreliable Narrator Will Have Every Reader Asking Who Killed Kelly Trozzo

Author and digital storyteller Instagram kmrutkin.

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  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • She Died Famous
  • Kyle Rutkin
  • 07 April 2017
  • 9780983683339

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    Kyle Rutkin came up with a genius plot idea but sadly the execution left me wanting a hell of a lot Two words to describe this book Disorienting and tedious So we have a lot of alcohol and drugs Like bucket loads We have a cast of unreliable narrators that all seem to suffer mental illness We have a story within a story being told only adding to the confusion We also have Greek mythology making appearances through out Hence, disorienting Every chapter is like an LSD trip of epic proportions but this wasn t a good trip folks Nope, not at all And it went on forever Every chapter is the same fucking thing Our two main narrators Kelly Trozzo the famous singer and Kaleb Reed the author she hires to write her biography they both have their heads stuck so far up their own selfish asses that I m surprised they can even walk upright I mean if I could tell two people to shut the fuck up it would be these two The both of them are just wretched human beings Actually every single character in this book is horrible, horrible, horrible And what about Kelly s fans the KTroops Y all are a little frightening to us sane people No one and I mean NO ONE should ever follow and obsess over a celebrity like this I ll admit I had to skim through some of the drug addled scenes and Kaleb s nightmare visions because who gives a shit, right Not me Still though I fought my way to the end even though I couldn t have cared less who killed Kelly because good riddance as far as I m concerned and guess what The ending sucked 2 stars for a genius idea this could have been great and for compelling me to the end even though I hated it Thank you to NetGalley and Greater Path LLC for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    REVIEW First of all I would like to give a huge thank you to the author himself, Kyle Rutkin, for sending me a free signed copy of She Died Famous to review Let me start by saying I absolutely loved this book It is dark, edgy, and completely captivating It is a story of not only betrayal and vengeance, but one of obsession, darkness, and the price you pay for fame It is also a story of handling your inner demons and how every single one of us are dealing with our own wounds The story itself kept me guessing all the way until the end because I spent the entire book having no idea who killed Kelly Trozzo This was so fantastic because so many books can be predictable She Died Famous was anything but The format of the book is new and so perfect for the digital age we live in The book is written in a combination of blog posts, news articles, and interviews with various characters This led to a fast paced and fun to read plot I loved hearing from so many different characters throughout Overall I would recommend this to readers who love mystery, suspense, unreliable narrators, and books that give you an inside look at what it means to live your life in the spotlight 5 5 from me Bravo Rutkin

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    Huge thanks to Kyle for sending me a copy of this insanely beautifully written novel for me and some friends of mine that all just happened to follow the KTROOPS, leaving in utter love with Kelly Trozzo and Kaleb Psychological thrillers are my favorite kind and this one may just be the best one I ve read in a very long time When I first got this book I flipped through the pages and noticed that there were actual headlines from magazines and news articles added into the book, and for me as a reader, it made things very interesting and extremely realistic It a fast pace book because there is seriously no reason to put it down You will find yourself reading it straight through yes, it was that addicting Each character is so unique I truly cannot believe how easily Kyle let the characters flow on paper This story with its dynamic between, Kelly the singer actress and Kaleb the nobody author, and her assistant Jez and BFF Lizzy all who would basically be nothing without Kelly, made this novel whole Each character played a very important role in this book and it was literally like watching it on television There are some erotic scenes in here that I totally didn t see coming, but absolutely loved They worked 100% I recommend this book to readers of any kind You don t have to be a thriller lover to enjoy or read this book It s an amazing, powerful and extremely fascinating read It has some interviews in it as well, which was nice to enjoy reading after going back in fourth with Kaleb s blog.Brilliantly written A visualization like you were watching it unfold before you.

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    As soon as I finished, I started re reading the book all over again Yes, it was that good I started this book when Britt geroniads encouraged me in a sprint reading session Once I started, I became fully engrossed, and could not stop turning the pages I devoured this amazing psychological thriller in one sitting Being an Angeleno myself, I love reading books set in Los Angeles I also enjoy dark Hollywood glam, and stories about the twisted lives of the rich and famous The book was set in a very unique format, with newspaper headlines and clippings, interviews, and blog posts The writing was amazing, and had a wonderful pacing that moved the story well, and made for a very entertaining and exciting read The story begins days leading to the murder of Kelly Trozzo, a Hollywood Superstar, and how the friendship between author Kaleb Reed and Kelly started Kelly sought out Kaleb by tweeting about his book to reel Kaleb in to write her memoir Kelly s tweet on how she loved the book made Kaleb an overnight sensation and a best selling author The characters were quite intriguing, and Kyle Rutkin writes each of them well Even those small parts are so thoughtfully written with such detail that it reads like it should be in the big screen If you enjoyed reading Daisy Jones and the Six, The Silent Patient and My Lovely Wife, you would absolutely love this read.

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    She Died Famous by Kyle Rutkin This story, whoa talk about DARK DAMANGED The book is written in a combination of blogs, news headlines, and t.v interviews And I loved this layout for the book, kept it going at nice fast pace.The characters were deep and disturbed starting with Kelly the actress singer, Kaleb the addicted and possibly insane author, Jez Kelly s assistant and Kelly s bestfriend Lizzy all of who had very important roles in telling this story All who would be nothing s without Kelly This was a dark, intriguing, erotic story of obsession, addiction, demons that live deep within the characters You will have to read the book to find out who killed Kelly Trozzo.Thank you to the author Kyle Rutkin Author for gifting me this book for an honest review.

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    This is Hollywood Your princess is cunning Price Charming is evil Dragons, demons, and darkness are hidden in us all There are no bluebirds, no fairy godmothers No shortage of monsters We must save ourselves 4.5 I loved She Died Famous This was such an entertaining read for me It was full of drama, and the format used was so perfect for the story that was being told I liked the characters in this book, and I was so interested in finding out who the murderer was It s always interesting when you know who was killed, and then have to work your way back to find out what happened Originally, I had given this book 5 , but after thinking about it, it s now 4.5 I adored this story, but the ending was unclear and confusing I ve spoken with two other reviewers, and read the last few pages than once, and I m still not entirely certain about what happens However, this doesn t change my love for She Died Famous The writing in this book is gorgeous, and I was fully captivated the entire time I was reading I had so much fun with this book, and I hope Kyle Rutkin continues to write suspense books

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    I absolutely love this story I flew threw it in two sittings and that was only because I was in the middle of travelling and had to stop, otherwise I may have read it all at once The first thing that drew me in was the format of the story We get to see this story through past journal entries, TMZ articles, interviews, etc The way we go from format to format is just one factor that makes this book so addictive and readable I will definitely be reading from this author and I highly recommend this to any thriller fan 5 stars

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    I love the title I was enad with this book before even turning the first page It came to me tied in a black ribbon and signed by the author There were two special bookmarks and a faux news article with the coordinating theme of the novel Lots of stars for a great presentation, however I couldn t justify all five.A series of news articles, blogs, and press releases are compiled to tell a complete story Similar to Daisy Jones and the Six, the format works because of the main character s celebrity status Unlike Daisy Jones, it s a psychological thriller and a dark one at that.Props to the author for a creative approach, but this was a challenging read for me Collectively, the dream like drug scenes, unreliable narrators, and collated media pieces made it difficult to discern the vital details shaping the plot Maybe that was the intent but it was a little much.In a positive note, there s a lot to like if the set up is something you can work with.

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    This book and I definitely did not mesh well We were a terrible match and I regret asking for the ARC I had to abandon it at %55 I don t care about self absorbed, shallow personalities that love to drink and snort coke and have major rage issues It is not what I enjoy reading and I am sorry to give such a bad review.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway I m teetering between 3 and 4 stars on this one Parts of it definitely deserved 4 stars, but the ending was no better than 3.This book is getting compared to A Star is Born, which I ve never seen but can see the comparison, and Gone Girl Because of that comparison, I was expecting a big twist, because Gone Girl had one of the best and most memorable twists I ve ever read Unfortunately, I was disappointed in that aspect In reality, I can t think of a single similarity between the two books, not one reason comes to mind to compare them, other than perhaps publicity A better comparison would be Daisy Jones The Six, for both the storytelling, part of which is in interviews, as well as the superstar lifestyle and drug use Another good comparison would be Verity, although Colleen Hoover did it better Although the storyline is not the same, there are a lot of similarities, including an unreliable narrator who is an author hired to write a book for someone else The writing style also reminded me of Cara Hunter, with blog posts, interviews, TV shows, book excerpts and other unique storytelling methods other than just paragraphs like most books I did just compare this book to three books I gave 5 stars to and couldn t compare it to another 5 star book But sadly, despite all of that, I can t really rave over this book It DID have a lot going for it Great characters that stay with you and feel real, and a really good storyline that I overall enjoyed But the ENDING just completely fell apart It set up this big mystery to be solved who really killed Kelly Trozzo, and how does it all connect to the fictional story written by Kaleb Reed that was really based on his dark past but the ending was so anticlimactic and confusing There was no twist, no big reveal I was left feeling like what just happened Maybe an epilogue or something would have made it better.So yea, I actually did really like this book I d say for sure 3.5, but almost 4 if the ending had been better It really had a lot of promise, and I think Kyle Rutkin is actually a really good author I d definitely be interested in reading his next book.

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