The Roxy Letters

The Roxy Letters I was initially intrigued by the description It sounded like something that would be right up my alley I ll admit, when I first realized it was a story of letters, I was a little nervous I worried that it wouldn t hold my attention Boy, I was wrong This book had me laughing, not just a chuckle, but out loud There were some moments I went back to re read so I could laugh again I absolutely love Roxy She is so quirky and funny, but so real She beats to her own drum and her honesty is refreshing I loved so many of the characters Definitely recommend I received an ARC of this title in exchange for my honest review. Epistolary novels tend to be hit or miss for me because of how they re structured, depending on how successful they are at grasping then preserving my interest within their style limitations This one tottered over the line of diverting mediocrity, in my opinion It was neither bad nor great I liked it but wasn t wholly engaged I say that because, while I found some of Roxy s foot in mouth quirks and fingerbanging commentary to be amusing not to mention tacitly vulgar, absurd, and endearing in places, all of which helped to highlight her witty shenanigan riddled nature in spades, I felt the plot suffered a bit by sticking exclusively to one way letters to her ex boyfriend, Everett I suppose I wanted than what I received stylistically, you know What I mean by that is I think I would ve liked to see her start with letters only to then branch off into other mediums email drafts, phone notes, unsaved documents, etc because it would ve broken the chain of monotony, thereby adding a kind of modern day technological normalcy and suspense for the readers It would ve added something extra Something unique Also, by the halfway point, her continuing to write unsent narratives to her ex, whom she hardly interacted with throughout the book anyway, grew to be a bit tedious The love interest subplot felt rushed and underdeveloped as well It didn t spark much of a reaction from me because their connection was bland Or perhaps unremarkable is the better word Utterly forgettable.Despite that, I found Roxy to be an amiable, spirited character She s cut from a similar mold as Bridget Jones and Anne Shirley, meaning she s constantly hurtling herself from one Austin sized scrape into the next without realizing it until it s too late That allowed for a decent amount of comedy and familiarity view spoiler For instance, the vegan bologna ing of a meth van incident reminded me a little of Lorelai and Rory devil egging Jess s car on Gil Girls And don t get me started on the Girls Run the World pasty dance protest in front of Lululemon hide spoiler If I had started reading this book and it hadn t been a galley, I probably would have put it down after the first chapter I was pretty sure the tone wasn t for me, and Roxy seemed to be the kind of character who would drive me bananas spoiler she was But the thing is, I kept reading since I wanted to be able to give an accurate review, and by the end of the book she had grown on me And her wacky friends had, too And I wanted to know how she would resolve all the zany hijinks she d gotten into I think one way this book suffered was that it seemed like it was trying too hard to be Bridget Jones s Diary, but in Austin Roxy referenced BJD than once, so this seemed pretty clear to me The whole book is told through Roxy s letters to her ex boyfriend that she stops giving to him pretty much immediately, so it s basically her diary instead , and I really liked this setup, but I would have enjoyed it if Roxy had her own voice from the beginning it felt like she was always trying so hard to be witty Some of the plot elements were pretty predictable, but that s not necessarily a complaint I knew what to expect as soon as I read the description But those zany hijinks, y all they were so off the wall sometimes Again, if it hadn t been a galley, I would have said, okay, this is ridiculous and I m putting this book down But I definitely felt along for the ride by the end of the book, so your mileage may vary.The love story was cute, but felt like an afterthought, which is both a good because it felt like this was Roxy s story, not Roxy s love story and b bad because I really didn t care if she got together with the guy at the end and the twists, and the hijinks Mostly, my feeling throughout this book was that Roxy seemed too old 25 to be getting up to the sorts of mischief she does in this book But then I thought about it and realized that working a part time job at a grocery store, trying to make new friends and figure out dating, and making a ton of stupid mistakes was true for several of my friends acquaintances at 25 I was in grad school, which was its own foolishness so maybe it s not so far off after all I expect that will be a complaint from older readers, though Anyway overall verdict is that this book is all over the place but ends up being weirdly endearing. Roxy tells customers to f k off, dabbles in the fine art of blackmail, pilfers food from her employer not only for herself, but also for her favorite customers , fantasizes about some hot guy nibbling her sweet and sour peach, and generally says f k quite often What a charmer Obviously, I do not care for the main character, but that is not my biggest problem with the book I really dislike the fact that Roxy uses her letters to tell the recipient things he should already know like the names of his dogs I read the first chapter, then bailed I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review My thanks and apologies to the author, the publisher and NetGalley. This was exactly the novel I needed to turn my brain off for NaNoWriMo. I got to spend some time on the road with Mary when we were both promoting our books She s an amazing person, and she s written an amazing book This book is funny and fast paced, and it really makes its letter writing structure work But the stuff I ll always remember are the characters with maybe the best character being the setting, of Austin, Texas That s where Mary s from, and her novel is a love letter to hometowns, indie culture, and rom coms emphasis on com This is a great read, and you will finish it in a good mood and with a desire to make the world a better place. Many thanks to NetGalley and Simon Schuster for the E ARC in exchange for an honest review I knew I had to get my hands on The Roxy Letters as soon as it was compared to Bridget Jones I absolutely love BJ haha , and was excited to start this novel Add in the fact that it s written in epistolary style, really just sealed the deal Any time I read epistolary novels, I get nostalgic for when I was in middle school and one of the first YA reads I picked up was a book written in IMs My love for reading goes way back and I love when novels take me back to that simpler time when I could just read for hours, responsibility free.The Roxy Letters is very strange and not at all cutesy like the cover suggests For a women s fiction pick, it was surprisingly raunchy Roxy and the crazy people of Austin who inhabit her life were no short of entertaining I laughed out loud several times while reading this novel Mary P Lowry is a genius comedy writer and someone I assume as to be a little nuts because how else could she come up with all the shenanigans Roxy her friends, and coworkers get up to Unless of course Austin is really as weird as this book makes it out to be Roxy is definitely the millennial, southern Bridget Jones I also really liked the Whole Foods aspect of the story Most times characters have glamorous jobs, but Roxy starting off as a broke twenty something, hit a little too close to home and I appreciate the depiction of post college job outlook being bleak Even as far back as 2012, which is the year the novel takes place If you need a good laugh and don t mind some dirty jokes, Goddesses of Venus, and dachshunds look no further this book has it all and then some P.S I need a Texas Johnson of my own He s adorable. Roxy is a deli maid at the Whole Foods in Austin She is an artist but hasn t been able to do anything since the breakup with Brant Bitterbrush and is looking for ways to get back at him for leaving her She is a vegan who worships Venus, is determined that Austin doesn t fall to corporate greed and is determined to close the Lululemon The story is written as letters to Everett who is an ex boyfriend and roommate After Everett moves out she continues writing to him but really it s a journal I thought I was going to like this a lot There were some laugh out loud bits in the beginning but I didn t really like her I found her to be pretty selfish and wanting things her way She was looking at men strictly as sex objects and pursuing an orgasm not provided by her vibrator She jumped to conclusions and behaved badly I m not against a good sex scene but there were some that were quite crude Of course in the end things wrapped up quite nicely I would not recommend this book to anyone I was provided a copy of this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion. Many thanks to INSERT for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 11 16 19 thanks to my sister for helping me take this picture i requested this from S S because It was compared to Where d You Go Bernadette The cover is beautiful According to Edelweiss , the first print run is going to be 150K For those of you who don t speak publicity, that s a huge amount of copies Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Reddit LinkedIn Meet Roxy She S A Sometimes Vegan, Always Broke Artist With A Heart The Size Of Texas And An Ex Living In Her Spare Bedroom Her Life Is Messy, But With The Help Of A Few Good Friends And By The Grace Of The Goddess Venus She Ll Discover That Good Sex, True Love, And Her Life S Purpose Are All Closer Than She RealizesBridget Jones Penned A Diary Roxy Writes Letters Specifically She Writes Letters To Her Hapless, Rent Avoidant Ex Boyfriend And Current Roommate Everett This Charming And Funny Twenty Something Is Under Employed And Under Romanced , And She S Decidedly Fed Up With The Indignities She Endures As A Deli Maid At Whole Foods The Original , And The Dismaying Speed At Which Her Beloved Austin Is Becoming Corporatized When A New Lululemon Pops Up At The Intersection Of Sixth And Lamar Where The Old Waterloo Video Used To Be, Roxy Can Stay Silent No Longer As Her Letters To Everett Become Less About Overdue Rent And About The State Of Her Life, Roxy Realizes She S Ready To Be The Heroine Of Her Own Story She Decides To Team Up With Her Two Best Friends To Save Austin And Rescue Roxy S Love Life In Whatever Way They Can But Can This Spunky, Unforgettable Millennial Keep Austin Weird, Avoid Arrest, And Find Romance And Even Creative Inspiration In The Process

Mary Pauline Lowry is a native of Austin, Texas She is the author of The Roxy Letters Simon Schuster, April 2020 and Wildfire She has an MFA from Boise State University.She s a regular contributor to O, the Oprah Magazine Her writing has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times, The Millions, and other publications.

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