The Amazing Spider-Man: The Saga of the Alien Costume

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Saga of the Alien CostumeIt All Began On Battleworld, Where The Amazing Spiderman S World Famous Red And Blue Costume Was Destroyed While He Was Fighting In The Secret Wars Advanced Technology Was Employed To Create A New Black And White Costume That Would Respond To Spider Man S Every Thought But When The Wall Crawler Returns To Earth He Makes A Startling Discovery The New Costume Is Alive

Tom DeFalco is an American comics writer and editor, well known for his association with Marvel Comics and Spider Man.

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: The Saga of the Alien Costume
  • Tom DeFalco
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9780871353962

10 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man: The Saga of the Alien Costume

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    Algo dispersa, pero Spidey es lo m s y esta etapa est muy bien.Guion 7Dibujo 7

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    Just a bunch of random Adventures while he s wearing a black suit None are really worth remembering There s one story about Mary Jane that was okay Mostly disappointed though.

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    I m not always a fan of Tom DeFalco s writing, but I think his work on Amazing Spider Man is a career best for him, and these are great issues.

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    It s a great Spider Man classic Love the story telling and the art.

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    A fairly absurd thing to review, as it doesn t even register with graphic novel potency, but nevertheless I inherited in a recent comic collection to become ebay fodder, found it passable crash out reading, and so Essentially this is the reprinting of Amazing Spider Man 252 259 and deals primarily with the Alien suit SM brought back from the Beyonder s planet in Secret Wars, the alliance of The Rose with Hobgoblin, and Mary Jane confessing she knows SM identity and tales from her troubled past.What is it about the Spider Man character that it s popularity has grown to such heights Is it his teenage creation that makes him so identifiable for youngsters The journalist angle And why the F have they not yet had some bombshell running around the movie franchise in a Black Cat costume Maybe they have..I didn t really keep up It s such an homage to NYC, or a mythical NYC where the populace is routinely looking up to see costumed freaks chasing one another, and common thugs, popping in and out of dimensions, magic and science run amok in stunning spectacle Notice how Spidey always goes into James Bond Swartzenagger bad pun jokey mode whenever the fighting starts, but his inner dialogue carries the drama and his self doubt, assessment of his and his opponents powers.He is a relatively young American hero, when compared to others, like Flash Gordon, or the older school DC Batman or Superman It s a real testament to Stan Lee and other collaborators that they generated such a figure, but then they ve certainly cashed their checks, so enough horn blowing there

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    A good set of stories, relating the history of the black costume, right after Secret Wars One of the things that is so likable about Spiderman Peter Parker , is that the great Spiderman comics are about Peter Parker, with Spiderman playing a feature role He seems real because he has real problems, that being a superhero haven t solved, just complicated.

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    Interesting look into peter parker s struggle with life after acquiring his alien costume Great example of how P.P has to manage his life as spider man while at the same time not allowing his other life to fall apart Watching him do so while he manages multiple baddies and pissed off family members is classic spider man Not the most interesting collection, or even the best, but I liked it.

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    Simple fun right after the Secret Wars High on drama, fast on action and quite nice on art Simple fun.

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    A well written and interesting story Definitely deserving of the acclaim it has received over time

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    Loved the stuff that actually concerned the costume Some of the other material didn t really scratch the itch for me.

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