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فئران أمي حصةI loved some of the main characters, the writer s style is intriguing and beautiful However, his first book will always be my favorite The novel was monotonous to read It could not create nor maintain interest Some of the characters left a touch but most were bland I also partly attribute my dislike of the novel to my ignorance of the socio political situation of the country. Full review at Syrian Researchers website Too long, too many details but it made me cry, smile, laugh and freak out every time this sentence was written I love how much this book made me miss home but I hated it because the cliffhanger and the fact that i have no idea what am I suppose to think about the end.But the ending feels similar to an Indian movie Rang De Basanti. From the author of TheBambooStalk and winner of the International Prize of Arabic Fiction comes an apocalyptic and caustically funny novel about the power of friendship in a war torn world MamaHissasMice is a powerful novel that talks about Two time periods in Kuwait, between 1985 and the fictional time in 2020 From simplicity and kindness to the struggle of racism and identity It was a heavy read, don t get me wrong it wasn t because of it s weight, but emotionally I couldn t bear the idea of a civil war in Kuwait It ll make you realize after all we are our own enemy Nothing have the power to destroy a country like hatred.One of the things I liked the most about this novel is the authentic Kuwaiti accent, that made me feel like I m listening to my grandma s tales It was full of history like Iran Iraq war 1980 1988, the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait 1990, and Iraq war 2003 And let me tell you ll feel it all Alsanousi is a very talented writer, and I believe that this novel will be considered one of the modern classics someday I highly recommend it for any one looking for a Middle Eastern literature FYI this novel was banned in Kuwait for three years English copy will be released on November 12,2019 1985 2020 1979 1980 1988 1988 1990 2020. Can t wait to read it This book tells a compelling story set in Kuwait It starts on one street and telescopes out It reveals the conditions that existed before the Iraq Invasion and the aftereffects The narrator, as a boy, a young man, and later an older man, tenderly recounts the steadfast friendships he cherished in his neighborhood Friendship is inaccurate here as the intimacy is almost as close as those in a family And it is that proximity which makes the ensuing conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings all the painful and powerful Amid differences based on religious sects, on ethnic or national origins, and on perceived loyalties, he engages in ceaseless questioning and hungers for stories Stories, heard, read or written, become a vehicle for how he navigates relationships across the street and through local and national turmoil The plotting is intricate and, at times, dense Metaphors and events, multi layered and multi faceted, pack the book While the writing translated into clear and clean English appears straightforward, the story arc is complex and contains much depth A radio station exemplifies the confusion of life in Kuwait It is simultaneously viewed as pro government or anti government, favoring one sect or favoring the opposing sect, and promoting one ideology or contradicting that set of beliefs Given this environment, the narrator s questioning and hunger for stories cannot be satisfied but he persistently tries to makes sense of his world.I enjoyed this glimpse into the work of a capable Kuwaiti storyteller.I thank Crossing, via NetGalley, for providing this ARC. I could spend a very long time praising this work I actually was reluctant to finish it This has taken the Arab political fiction to a new level A contemporary, elegant, and literary level I am forever impressed by the craft of this author, starting slightly from the first novel up to his 2017 novel There are no loose threads, and he always closes his novels at exactly the right time The convoluted double threaded plot here remind me of the time continuum of the movie Dunkirk At first, the reader remains uncertain of the veracity or order of events, till the author allows him her to become enlightened.Since I am not a Kuwaiti reader, I would love to know about the symbolic motifs that frolic throughout his latest three novels It is a carnival of folklore that weave the thread of the novel The same applies to the use of animals the pigeons, the snake, the mice All these are wroth exploring across his fiction.From a literary perspective this is a very well written work, a tapestry of imagery and symbols, as well as a vivid portrayal of political strife borne out of religious conflicts in the Arab world. From The Author Of The Bamboo Stalk And Winner Of The International Prize For Arabic Fiction Comes An Apocalyptic And Caustically Funny Novel About The Power Of Friendship In A War Torn WorldGrowing Up Together In The Surra Section Of Central Kuwait, Katkout, Fahd, And Sadiq Share Neither Ethnic Origin Nor Religious Denomination Only Friendship And A Rage Against The Unconscionable Sectarian Divide Turning Their Lives Into War Zone Rubble To Lay Bare The Ugly Truths, They Form The Protest Group Fuada S Kids Their Righteous Transgressions Have Made Them Targets Of Both Sunni And Shi A Extremists They Ve Also Elicited The Concern Of Fahd S Grandmother, Mama Hissa, A Story Spinning Font Of Piety, Wisdom, Superstition, And Dire Warnings, Who Cautions Them That Should They Anger God, The Sky Will Surely FallThen One Day, After An Attack On His Neighborhood Leaves Him Injured, Katkout Regains Consciousness His Friends Are Nowhere To Be Found Inundated With Memories Of His Past, Katkout Begins A Search For Them In A World That Has Become Unrecognizable But Not ForsakenSnaking Through Decades Of Kuwaiti History Well Into A Cataclysmic Twenty First Century, Mama Hissa S Mice Is A Harrowing, Emotional, And Caustic Novel Of Rebellion It Also Speaks To The Universal Struggle Of Finding One S Identity And A Reason To Go On, Even After The Sky Has Fallen DNF ed after 200pages, skimmed through the rest and read the last chapters I m so disappointed since this one of my most anticipated read and a 5 stars prediction I just couldn t even force myself to finish it The topic in this book is a bit over done, yet still so important to talk about, the execution of it was however absolutly terrible The same ideas were repeated over and over again, every 2 pages we re reminded of something that already was talked aboutit feels like the author is taking us for 9 year olds Basically no dialogue, it s 95% narration, leading us to have the most flat, most uninteresting characters, in a character driven book It s all telling not showing Stating historical events in the most unmemorable, boring way possible Just boring, it had potential but unfortunatly it didn t deliver

Saud Al Sanousi is a Kuwaiti novelist and journalist, born in 1981 His work has appeared in a number of Kuwaiti publications, including Al Watan newspaper and Al Arabi, Al Kuwait and Al Abwab magazines He currently writes for Al Qabas newspaper His first novel THE PRISONER OF MIRRORS was published in 2010 and won the fourth Laila al Othman Prize, a prestigious award for novels and short stories

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