Embracing Faith (Embrace #1)

Embracing Faith (Embrace #1) Two S Company And Three S A Crowd, Right Not When You Ve Got A Genius Who Knows That Sometimes It Takes Than Two People To Make A Family Cody S Been Waiting Years For His Sexy Former Professor To Take The Leap And Ask Him Out Unfortunately, Cody S Youthful Looks And The Fact That Jameson Has Known Him Since He Was Fourteen Aren T Helping The Situation Any When The Precocious Student Finally Decides That The Slightly Reluctant Jameson Needs A Little Push To Move Him In The Right Direction, Cody Knows Just What To Do Follow His Curiosity When Ford Is Introduced To Cody At Bound Controlled, He S Interested But A Little Wary Just Because The Funny Little Thing Says He S Looking For A Daddy Doesn T Mean Ford Is The One For Him Guys Are Usually Hesitant When It Comes To Getting Close To An Asexual Daddy Dom But The Unpredictable Cody Seems To Think That S The Perfect Combination A Little Patience And A Bit Of Research Has Helped Cody Find His Mr Rights He S Just Not Sure What It Will Take To Get His Nervous Professor And His Loving Daddy To See That All They Really Need Is Each Other K Words Story Contains MMM Sexual Content, BDSM Elements, Spankings, And Age Play Author S Note This Is A Slow Burn Romance That Has A HFN Ending Book Two In The Series Will Be Out In Late June Preorder Sale Price Will Increase At Release 3.5 stars for a cute start to this new series I look forward to watching the dynamic between these three now that everything is out in the open. 4 starsI ve never read about Daddies and littles so this was very enlightening I love that with reading, you learn so much of the world that otherwise would have been a mystery Anyways, I want to point out that the author does a good job of giving each of them individual voices Each chapter is a different POV and it s very obvious whose voice you re reading the perspective from Not many authors do this well In this case, their voices were very distinct I like Cory s innocent, curious and intelligent voice best Jameson, for all that he s a seasoned college professor and all is actually rather indecisive and somewhat skittish And Ford, as the Daddy, is very firm.I would say this book is about exploring Daddy little so there s not really much romance But it s the exploration of Daddy little that has me intrigued and fascinated It s an aspect of BDSM I ve heard of but never exposed to So I enjoyed this book for the part entertainment and part learning I got from this 4.5 starsOk So I ve been pretty stingy with my 5star reads the last 12 months but I m so glad I ignored the questionable cover because this was hands down my favourite M.A Innes book I think I ve ever read Usually they sit in the 3 star range, tending to be too slow and overly sweet and fluffy for my tastes But the pacing here was perfect and this was super sweet and fluffy to boot, and I loved pretty much every second of it and didn t want it to end The quality of the writing is the same, the difference for me was the characters These three men were just so intriguing, right from the start Cody s voice was unique and adorable Jameson was in love but a bit out of his depth, and Ford is just a wonderful Daddy and, in turn, a friend Put them together and they are scorching, in their own unique way Happy sigh I loved how the relationships were set up and how by the last 10% it was all starting to change and move and come together It didn t seem awkward or manufactured For Cody it was simple and practical and how it had to be And as a reader it just made so much sense They are all equals who need and want very different things in a relationship and it s easy to see how they can get everything from each other I can t wait for the next book to read all about it. 4.5 starsLooking forward for the next book When I first learned that MA Innes was writing a slow burn romance with an asexual character, I was a little hesitant because sex in a romance book is very important to me Then I learned that while asexual, Ford enjoyed touch and hugs and cuddling with his partners, so that made me feel interested in finding out what this story might be like Then I learned this book is about a threesome, so even though one of the guys is asexual, the other two aren t, and I felt even interested I ve loved all of her other books and know she has an amazing ability to create characters I just fall in love with, so it seemed very likely that even though I d never read a story with an asexual character, I d love anyone Ms Innes invented.Once I read the book, I really learned that there can be so much intimacy without a sexual relationship, especially with including the intimacies of a Daddy Dom taking care of a little I really fell in love with Ford, the asexual Daddy Dom, just as much as with Cody, the brilliant young little, and Jameson, Cody s former professor and a good friend of Beckett, the MC from Unconventional, who makes an appearance here I loved Cody s trust and determination to find the life that s right for him, even if what works for him involves two men meeting very different needs of his And I loved Jameson, scared from some bad things that had happened to him in the past but wanting to move past them so he wouldn t lose what he d always wanted from Cody but never felt it was OK to have Which leaves Ford, the strong Daddy Dom who wants what s best for Cody, to bring them all together in the best way I love how open Cody and Ford keep their communication about their relationship and Cody s interest in and then relationship with Jameson, so there is never a feeling of cheating or anything being hidden And I loved how sweet the ageplay between Ford and Cody is, and the trust and closeness it engenders The ending left me feeling very excited about where things will go in book two I have to say that I m so glad I decided to take a chance on this book, and I highly recommend it Now I just want to read ALL of M.A s and Shaw s stories again Right now Damn RL for getting in the way sigh When is Embracing Love coming out I need to see how these three work out their relationship ASAP So much potential for Ford and Jameson can t wait Update Embracing Love comes out on Friday 6 14 19 only four days to wait Go pre order the hell outta that book time for Ford and James to fall in love with each other 1.5 stars.I found it boring, and hard to connect with the characters that seemed to only be one thing Cody s a genius, Ford s a daddy, and Jameson s reluctant. This is my favourite MA Innes so far Her works get very repetitive and while they re fun, sweet and kinky, you do need to take a break between them This book however was something a little bit special.I love that this was a threesome I love that it was 2 very clear and honest relationships that merged into one so in the next book I love that Cody was new to age play but dived into it with such enthusiasm I love Ford as a confident caring daddy I even loved Jameson who was so scared of Cody but learnt and accepted him being little with as much love as a vanilla guy could.I just thought the build up was great The kink was great The intricacies of Ford s asexuality was great Pretty much I moved straight onto book 2 to read about these three. I loved how Cody and Ford s first meeting went, it was super cute They seemed perfect for each other I laughed at their conversations that went round and round without either of them saying what they really want to say It was kind of adorable.I also loved how Cody and Ford grew their relationship Having an asexual Daddy was new and different The intimate non sexual relationship between them was really sweet and perfect Sex was like avocados for me I understood from watching other people s reactions that it could theoretically be enjoyable, but for the most part, it just looked squishy and unappealing Their was great relationship growth and development I really felt like I was getting to know Cody and Ford and Cody and Jameson The relationships seemed to evolve so naturally except when Jameson needed a little push He s never been mine, I d made sure of that but he was slipping away Cody felt so right and comfortable as a little Getting Jameson to understand was a cause for concern though..I loved the open communication these three managed to establish Each man complimenting the others I really enjoyed this story and would have loved just a little bit

I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A Innes Normally I write femdom romance and bdsm romance under the name Shaw Montgomery M.A Innes is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments.

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