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Die Physiker M Bius, Ein Umworbener Weil Genialer Physiker, Will Eine Gef Hrliche Verstrickung Von Wissenschaft Und Politik Verhindern Und T Uscht Darum Vor, Geisteskrank Zu Sein, Damit Er In Einer Klinik Verschwinden Und Die Gew Nschte Kooperation Oder Kollaboration Mit Der Macht Boykottieren Kann Aber Der Gesch Tzte Raum Ist Nicht Dicht Zwei Grossm Chte Haben Agenten In Die Klinik Eingeschleust, Auch Diese T Uschen Krankheiten Vor Der Fluchtort Ist Zur Falle GewordenThis A Previously Published Edition Of ISBN

Friedrich D rrenmatt 1921 1990 was a Swiss author and dramatist.D rrenmatt was born in the Emmental canton of Bern , the son of a Protestant pastor His grandfather Ulrich D rrenmatt was a conservative politician The family moved to Bern in 1935 D rrenmatt began to study philosophy and German language and literature at the University of Zurich in 1941, but moved to the University of Bern af

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  • Die Physiker
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    Imagine an insane person with an abnormal need to dominate others at any cost Imagine that person having access to nuclear power Imagine the feeble resistance of scientists, thinking that they can escape from true insanity and responsibility for creating weapons of total destruction by hiding in an institution for the mentally ill Imagine the despair when they realise that they are trapped in a system running like a fine tuned machine to the tune of the Pied Piper, relying on human rats to follow the powerful psychopath and to turn the notions of good and evil, sane and insane, right and wrong, true and false, knowledge and belief into their complete opposites.D rrenmatt wrote an inventive masterpiece of universal impact, signalling to the world that civilisation is but a thin layer of polish, and that the bullying power of ruthless narcissists will almost always be a step ahead of reflective thinking and responsible behaviour If we needed proof that brutal ego centrism is successful than the much cited values of common sense and solidarity , The Physicists offers it in an uncomfortably accurate drama But it also shows us that art and sciences have an ethical core, a message to deliver to those living under the spell of an insanely needy personality We might not be able to stop those who are violent enough to disregard all of humanity, but as long as art and science exist, we can speak up in the name of reason Historical mistakes can t be undone, so we have a universal duty to keep thinking creatively to deal with them.This timeless classic is probably my favourite D rrenmatt an absolute must read

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    Macavity s Not ThereIn T.S Eliot s poem, Macavity The Mystery Cat, the protagonist is an accomplished feline criminal who causes havoc and confusion but is always is out of sight when the sheriff arrives when a crime s discovered, Macavity s not there In Durrenmatt s play, Macavity is there, in a Swiss asylum, but he disappears into a psychotic mind, or rather three such minds, of the men identified as Newton, Einstein, and M bius Three nurses have been strangled by those who apparently love them with only the delusional husks of the perpetrators left behind Like Macavity, these are outwardly respectable but really quite dangerous.While all are mad, each is mad in a different way Newton only pretends to be Newton he is really, he believes, Einstein The pretence is a courtesy to the one who believes he s Einstein Or perhaps the pretence is a pretence and he really believes he is Newton, or someone else M bius has visions and conversations with King Solomon Einstein is a homicidal maniac But Fraulein Doktor is in charge of everything, including identity It is I who decide who my patients think they are A bit like Chesterton s A Man Called Thursday, things are not what they seem As an intimate and devotee of Carl Jung, Fraulein Doktor, is part of a symbolic subterfuge The name of the place, Les Cerisiers, points to Chekov s The Cherry Orchard as an inspiration High intrigue, depth psychology, and murder mystery, all in the space of a theatrical hour A piece hard to better for complex simplicity To echo Eliot, There never was a Cat of such deceitfulness and suavity Postscript The Physicists addresses a similar ethical theme to Julien Benda s classic, The Treason of the Intellectuals but with a rather different twist It also might be considered a sort of riposte to Hermann Hesse s The Glass Bead Game regarding the desirability of a disengaged intelligentsia.

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    The fact is, there s nothing scandalous than a miracle in the realm of science. Three of history s greatest physicists meet in a drawing room Newton, Einstein and M bius Newton has a bottle of cognac hidden in the fireplace Einstein has just strangled a woman to death And M bius is being visited by the ghost of King Solomon, who is telling him the secrets of a Unified Field Theory.Except the drawing room belongs to a Swiss insane asylum, and the three men are patients.What follows is a playful mash up of a country house murder mystery with a scientific drama of ideas At first the execution reminded me of Tom Stoppard high praise round my way, because I think Stoppard s one of the greatest writers alive But while Stoppard s work is always discursive, and never tries to convince you of a particular position, D rrenmatt takes a polemic approach here especially in the second act, where the characters are increasingly fixated on the dangers of scientific discoveries falling into the wrong hands.She considered me an unrecognized genius She didn t realize that today it is the duty of a genius to remain unrecognized.Great line Of course when this was first performed in 1962, the Cold War was still on and this felt of a live issue It was less than 20 years since the real Einstein had famously said that if he d known what the results of nuclear research would be, he would have become a watchmaker He also said, The discovery of nuclear chain reactions need not bring about the destruction of mankind any than did the discovery of matches, but no one remembers that one These are still crucial questions, but I think the sophistication of the debate has slightly overtaken the moral of this play Nevertheless, there is a huge amount of fun and intellectual enjoyment to be had here, with jokes and theories and interesting dramatic ideas on every page I d love to see it staged but if waiting for your local theatre to get on board seems daunting, the ideas involved make this well worth reading in the meantime.

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    Drei Physiker in einer Irrenanstalt, offensichtlich schizophren, begehen Morde an ihren Krankenschwestern, und die Polizei l sst sich von der resoluten Anstaltsleiterin einreden, dass die armen Patienten nicht f r diese Ungl cksf lle verantwortlich gemacht werden k nnen D rrenmatt hat sein St ck als Kom die deklariert, aber es will einem nach dem ersten Akt voller Drama gar nicht einleuchten, was daran kom diantisch sein soll Vielmehr sind die Szenen sehr grotesk, und man begibt sich recht verwirrt in die Pause Worauf wird es wohl hinauslaufen Die drei Physiker wirken weltentr ckt und verr ckt, so dass man sich gar nicht vorstellen mag, wie das absurde Theater endet Doch der zweite Akt berrascht und letztlich zeigen fast alle wesentlichen Personen ihr wahres Gesicht Nichts ist so, wie es urspr nglich scheint Das St ck entstand im Zeichen des Kalten Kriegs und noch unter dem Eindruck des erstmaligen Einsatz einer Atombombe 16 Jahre zuvor Welche Rolle hat in diesem Zusammenhang die Wissenschaft Wie weit darf man denken und forschen Wie ver ndert sich die Rolle der Wissenschaft in den letzten 200 Jahre Das St ck hat nichts an Aktualit t verloren und mich sehr begeistert Parallel zur Lekt re schaute ich mir den Film aus dem Jahr 1964 an mit Therese Giehse als Anstaltsleiterin und anderen namhaften Schauspielern Kieling, Knuth, Lowitz Es ist einfach eine Augenweide, wie Schauspieler es schaffen, so ein St ck mit Leben zu f llen Ich denke, wenn ich das St ck nicht auch noch gesehen h tte, w re ich vom reinen Lesen nur halb so begeistert gewesen.

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    The content of physics is the concern of physicists its effect the concern of all men Friedrich D rrenmatt If one assumes a story, it must be thought through to the end Friedrich D rrenmattThe Physicists is a 1961 cold war tragic farce or black comedy by German playwright D rrenmatt based on the 1945 bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima How did the rational and supposedly apolitical discipline of science get us to the point of slaughtering millions of humans It s an absurd comedy, until it is no longer funny, of course, with a very moving conclusion, addressing the ethical dilemma that arises when politicians gain access to scientific knowledge that has the potential to destroy the world Kim Jong Un and 45 will surely help us recall the relevance of this play But it s not just about the bomb it s about rapacious greed and the future of the planet.Three physicists or three men who claim to be physicists are locked up in a madhouse, Newton, Einstein, and M bius Sounds like the beginning of a joke Three physicists walk into an insane asylum Yup, it s a grim joke, which asks about the appropriation or misappropriation or ignorance of science, but also, as does One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, who is the real madman, or who are the real madmen M bius s final speech I am Solomon I am poor King Solomon Once I was immeasurably rich, wise, and God fearing The mighty trembled at my word I was a Prince of Peace, a Prince of Justice But my wisdom destroyed the fear of God Now the cities over which I ruled are dead, the Kingdom that was given over into my keeping is deserted, only a blue shimmering wilderness And somewhere round a small, yellow, nameless star there circles pointlessly, everlastingly, the radioactive earth I am Solomon I am Solomon I am poor King Solomon So M bius admits that it was mistaking scientific knowledge for wisdom that ultimately destroyed his kingdom.I was in a production of The Physicists at Calvin College in Fall of 1971, when I was a freshman Thespian, with the amazing Thomas Bloom as Herr M bius It was my first play on the big stage, and I was the Second Policeman, I think, with no lines, just standing on stage for twenty minutes and taking dead bodies off the stage I was overwhelmed by the play, the production, moved to tears every single night I thought this was an important message to the world, and I thought theater was a terrific vehicle for saying it Still do.You can listen to a full dramatic production, and read along with it, as I did, and here is an intro to it is followed by a thoughtful interview with Richard Rhodes who wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning study of the development of the bomb Kubrick s Dr Strangelove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, the phone conversation

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    Die Physiker eine Komodie in zwei Akten The Physicists, c 1966, Friedrich D rrenmattThe Physicists German Die Physiker is a satiric drama written in 1961 by Swiss writer Friedrich D rrenmatt Informed by the Second World War and the many recent advances in science and nuclear technology, the play deals with questions of scientific ethics and humanity s ability to handle its intellectual responsibilities It is often recognized as his most impressive yet most easily understood work.Characters Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Johann Wilhelm M bius, Herbert Georg Beutler, Ernst Heinrich Ernesti, Mathilde von Zahnd, Richard Vo , Monika Stettler 1984 1363 102 20 1390 112 9786009047567 20 1962 .

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    , , , , 1962 ,

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    Ein unglaublich tolles Werk, das mich sehr berrascht hat Nicht unbedingt dachte ich, es w rde mir gefallen, aber schnell war klar Dieses Drama ist etwas Besonderes Die Physiker ist eine Kom die mit einigen Konflikten, einigen Wendungen, die sehr berraschten und die ich ganz, ganz toll fand Ich habe zus tzlich das H rbuch auf Youtube geh rt, das von jemandem privat eingesprochen wurde, indem er jedem Charakter eine eigene Stimme verlieh, was unglaublich professionell und ansprechend gemacht war Das H rbuch machte somit unglaublich viel Spa und ich kam mir zeitweise beinahe vor wie im Theater Eine sch ne Erfahrung mit einem Werk der Dramatik Es hat zwar nicht daf r gesorgt, dass ich sofort mehr Dramen lesen m chte, doch in diesem Fall bin ich froh, es getan zu haben und empfehle dieses Buch gerne weiter.Im Kurzen geht es darum, dass Newton, Einstein und M bius in einem Sanatorium sitzen und zum Ersten ein Mord geschieht, womit die Geschichte einsteigt Die Aufl sung am Ende ist spannend und ganz anders, als man erwartet h tte Super Geschichte, toll umgesetzt, mit viel Charakter und K nnen

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    This classic on the great ethical debate that followed the American bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 is tremendous fun The question examined is what is the proper course for a scientist who has learned something that is highly dangerous for life on this planet.As an intellectual issue we have become somewhat tired of the dangers of nuclear physics Thanks to Kim Jong Un however we cannot forget that in mundane terms the matter is still quite serious.Fortunately Durrenmatt s contribution to the debate is light hearted and quite funny on paper If I get a chance to see it performed I fully intend to.

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    Nel salotto di una villa che ospita un sanatorio privato per malati mentali, in un luogo ameno a riflettere l agiatezza economica e della proprietaria, unica erede di un immensa fortuna, e dei suoi illustri ospiti, c la polizia A distanza di tre mesi stato compiuto l ennesimo omicidio, ancora una volta vittima una giovane infermiera e assassino un paziente, uno dei tre che ancora vivono nell ala vecchia del manicomio, sapientemente fatti convivere per comunanza di professione sono fisici Colui che ha appena ammazzato si crede Einstein, lo ha preceduto poco tempo prima chi reputa se stesso Newton e che ora, impunito in virt della sua pazzia, in scena col commissario lo intrattiene argomentando sulla sua sanit mentale e asserendo di essere in realt lui il vero Einstein e di fingersi Newton per non recare dispiacere al compagno Infine appare M bius, entra in scena per ricevere la visita dell ex moglie che con i suoi tre figli, ormai adolescenti, essendosi risposata con un missionario e volendo seguirlo in missione, l per far conoscere il padre ai figli Ci pretesto per svelare anche la storia di questo giovane fisico che era ritenuto geniale e molto promettente nel suo campo fino a quando non inizi a riferire di essere in contatto col re Salomone, di parlarci e di seguire i suoi consigli Inizialmente appare come molto assennato e capace di comprendere le intenzioni della ex moglie ma al momento del congedo usa le sue eccezionali doti di fingersi pazzo quelle che gli hanno permesso s lunga dimora in manicomio e ritorna nelle sue vesti permettendo con lo strappo generato dal comportamento pazzoide, un congedo pi facile ai suoi A questo punto tutto si fa molto interessante realt e finzione, pazzia e sanit mentale, scienza e coscienza e un terzo omicidio D rrenmatt gestisce cos le tematiche a lui pi care l impossibilit della giustizia di essere funzionale a se stessa, riflettendo il caos insito nella Natura, l ordine sovvertito qui ben rappresentato dal sottile confine tra pazzia e normalit per volont di un potere che ambisce al potere, in stretta contrapposizione al necessario rigore logico della fisica, infine il dissidio dell uomo contro le sovrastrutture che lo inquadrano, lo inglobano e lo sfruttano minando la sua libert Testo godibilissimo di cui non si pu svelare di pi , attenterei al filone giallo poliziesco che gli sta alla base e che vorrei avere la fortuna di vedere rappresentato perch giocato su una serie di disvelamenti che lo rendono molto dinamico allontanandolo da quell aura tragica che ne rappresenta invece l essenza Il testo inoltre supportato da 21 punti su I fisici che chiariscono in modo sintetico e brillante i capisaldi di un linguaggio drammaturgico giocato sul grottesco e il paradossale in un sovvertimento della realt , necessario per rivelarla allo spettatore senza perci obbligarlo ad affrontarla e tanto meno a risolverla Pirandelliano, quasi

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