Amazing Grace

Amazing GraceGorgeous Teen Superstar Grace Kincaid Has It All An Electric Smile, Million Dollar Endorsement Deals, And Blond Cover Girl Looks But What Happens When America S It Girl Doesn T Want It Any With The Paparazzi Stalking Her Every Move, Grace Quietly Slips Out Of A TEEN PEOPLE Photo Shoot, Ducks The Press, And Calls Her Mom From The Boiler Room Of The Fabled USTA National Tennis Center And Right There, In Her Custom Made Nike Warm Ups, Tears Streaming Down Her Face, Grace Says The Three Magic Words That Her Mom Told Her She Could Say Anytime, Anytime This Whole Crazy Life Wasn T Fun Any Three Simple Words And Her New Life Begins For The Hottest Girl On The Planet, Life S About To Change Grace Gets A Make Under, A New Identity, And A New Life In A Rugged Little Town On The Edge Of Nowhere, Population Including One Cute Boy One Very Cute Boy Megan Shull S AMAZING GRACE Will Grab You From The First Paragraph Go Ahead,read It And Keep You Reading Till Its Satisfying,transporting Shhhh Happy Ending A Sparkling New Voice In Teen Fiction

Megan Shull is the award winning author of many books for kids, including The Swap, now a Disney Channel Original Movie, and Bounce HarperCollins, 2016 Megan holds a doctorate in educational psychology from Cornell University, where she also earned her undergraduate degree Born and raised in Ithaca, New York, Megan lives and writes in her hometown a small college town surrounded by waterfalls,

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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Amazing Grace
  • Megan Shull
  • English
  • 08 March 2018
  • 9780786856916

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    I really couldn t stomach this book Every night when I finished reading for the evening, I d throw it on the floor I know it s written for teens, but it s still SO totally unbelievable that I couldn t find the motivation to keep turning the pages especially since I was turning a page every 20 seconds It would have been better as a movie It moved WAY too fast and everything ended up just WAY too perfect Not just in the ending, but all throughout the whole book I would have liked to get to know Grace a little better before she quit tennis so I could see how much she really changed.The little mystery about Ava wasn t mentioned until the last two pages of the book that was really annoying I did enjoy the setting and the cabin in which Ava and Grace lived I loved the thought of living in an eco friendly cabin in Alaska the way it was described Of course, I d have an eco friendly way to take hot showersI imagined Teague as cute in a 16 year old s way of being cute, but there was never much description of him besides dimples and how CUTE he was It was mentioned that he WAS Eskimo Didn t tell me much I really would have enjoyed a LONGER book about the same story More background on the characters, believable BAD things happening I think this story lacked a PROBLEM Like a set in stone, main PROBLEM I teach 2nd grade EVERY story has to have a PROBLEM

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    grace ace kincaid burns out at 15 she s a tennis champion and spokesmodel with 30 M, but she s had enough cue the makeover scene, and undercover grace emily o brian heads to alaska to live with a friend of her mother s in a tiny cabin with no indoor plumbing mere hours into her visit, she has a run in with a moose and meets a cute boy teague who is conveniently her age conveniently, he likes her on the spot, and takes her to his kindly aunt, who bandages her moose injuries cute boy conveniently has a cousin fisher , who immediately and conveniently becomes emily s BFF everything is immediately and conveniently perfect, so the plot kind of skips a couple of months, in which nothing happens between emily teague despite their love at first sight unrealistically, emily has no complaints about this but she does go to a party with fisher where she drinks four sex on the beaches, gets pawed at by an old perv, and throws up she is immediately bundled off to therapy, and vows never to drink again and goes on a date with teague lalalalalala in short boring, sunshiny plot, boring sunshiny characters but i did like the alaska setting and the ending was pretty ok still, i think this would be pretty appealing to some of my teens who enjoy light fiction, and i ll definitely recommend it.

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    This book was completely unbelievable and everything happened way too fast There was no plot or character development The story was interesting, but it never developed There was so much potential to be good, but with no character or plot development it didn t have a chance The only thing I really liked was the setting Alaska and the green living could have been used a lot better Overall, I was not impressed with this book.

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    Ratings 1.5 generous stars Amazing Grace is one of those books with an interesting cover I saw once at the library when my arms were already heavily laden with books, so it ended up on my to read list for years because it was passed up by other, appealing books So I finally borrowed it and I m reading along, when, 20 pages in, I realize I ve read this before. Now this can really mean one of two things 1 it s so predictable and full of cliches that you can easily find a dozen or so books that are essential the same OR 2 I ve actually read it before, but it failed to leave a lasting impression because it s so forgettable.After breezing through 256 pages of a lot of white paper seriously the line spacing and font size is kind of ridiculous , I logged onto Goodreads, tried to add Amazing Grace to my shelfand realized, it was already there Apparently I read it on December 28, 2011 and forgot to cross it off my to read list Opps I do have to say, I was probably surprised by the fact that 2011 Veronica originally gave this 3 stars than anything else As you can see, that has since been rectified So, all this to say, Amazing Grace is, in my opinion, not worth a read It s a story that s been written countless times before Hollywood it girl goes into hiding in the middle of nowhere, experiences real life, falls in love, yay normalcy Granted, it s not totally like the other reverse transformation stories out there Instead of being an actress or model or singer, GrAce is an athlete turned spokesperson Instead of getting shipped off to a small town in the Midwest, she gets to go to a small town in Alaska And there s no hiding behind mousy brown hair and glasses for her instead, she gets cropped red hair and a ruby nose piercing to match How original Obviously these types of stories require an extra dose of suspended disbelief to be enjoyable, but Amazing Grace is so ridiculous it requires suspended common sense NOTHING IN THIS BOOK MAKES SENSE For example, do you seriously expect me to believe a 15 year old girl endorses so much her life consists of limos, the paparazzi, designer bags, bling ed out pink cellphones, stalkers who jump out of bushes, magazine covers that cover her chest than her face pseudo verbatim from the book , and enough makeup to open a mini Sephora All this while still managing to be an elite, no I m sorry, the pro athlete she is ranked 1, after all with a 107 mph serve and an impending match against Venus Williams in the US Open Then, when she does decide to give up everything and run for the hills, her mom orchestrates this elaborate hide away scheme in the matter of a few hours, mind you and sends her off with a let s not talk for the next 3 months because it ll be too hard Excuse me 1 That s possibly the dumbest excuse ever At least try, we don t want the paparazzi to find you or something 2 What kind of mother says that to her daughter Like, it ll be too hard to not see each other which, by the way, is what s been happening the whole time Grace has been Miss tennis superstar , so let s not talk to each other too Then, when she s in Alaska, she supposedly goes to school like a normal child, but mostly just spends her days chopping wood and bowling and making goo goo eyes at the cutest boy ever view spoiler THEN when the paparazzi supposedly has a lead on her location because they somehow stole her mom s phone and saw her call history they decide to send her bodyguard theoretically to protect her from the paparazzi after he leads them straight to her , but he doesn t really do anything Big T or whatever his name is served absolutely no purpose in the latter half of the story except to drop the oh no, they re coming for you bomb and to bring up an eco friendly hot tub and be a potential love interest for Ava obligatory aunt surrogate mother during pseudo normal life My other problems with the book Perfect boy next door, love interest Teague It s like insta love to the extreme you don t even need it add water it just plops right out of the package They meet, warm fuzzies, weird flirting, goo goo eyes and then love I still don t get what s so great about him other than the fact that he s ultra responsible two jobs to support his deadbeat brother , orphaned, and has dimples hide spoiler

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    My opinion of this book was, it was really good and the book makes the readers really feel like they are involved in Teague and Grace s relationship For example, You re heading out Teague looks sad I look sad I am sad Teague looks at Ava and back at me If it s okay with Ava He pauses and loops his fingers around mine I would love the pleasure of your company for one last night We both turn toward Ava like two love starved teenagers pg 228 This makes the reader sad that Grace has to leave because they want Teague and Grace to be together because they were meant to be The theme was also very powerful I thought the theme was money doesn t buy happiness Ava sighs and rolls over, and I run for the back door Before I wake her with my laughing Deep, belly laughing Something I ve noticed I ve been doing a lot of these days pg, 113 This example shows that she is a lot happier in Medicine Hat than she was in Malibu Obviously Medicine hat isn t as luxurious as Malibu but Grace is happier there then she was in Malibu However it could have been a little dramatic and descriptive, but all in all, this was a really good read and I totally recommend it

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    Objective this book was about a girl named grace who is a famous tennis superstar She is tired of the paparazzi and all that crazy stuff She just wants a normal life She tells her mom that she wants out So, she dyes her hair, pierces her nose, and moves in with her aunt in Alaska She finally has a normal life It is much different from her famous life She falls in love with a boy named Teague.Subjective I liked this book I like how the story was in different parts and how her life just switched from famous to just some normal girl It is sad when she has to leave Teague to go back to tennis, but she is no longer a model, just a tennis player.

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    Teen chic lit a fun, quick read Light romance A teenage tennis star wants out She is sick of all the glitz, glamour, and pressure She wants to have a real, normal life So she flees to a small town in Alaska to hide from the paparazzi There she discovers friendship, love, healing, and decides who she really wants to be I think the author s writing style works very well for her subject matter I also like the voice of the main character Her life is incredibly charmed, but hey, it s fiction It also makes me want to visit Alaskain the summer

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    Honestly, I could not get over how unrealistic this book is Even for a YA book, everything about this is so unbelievable A young girl who is used to a life of lavish then gets thrown into unfamiliar situations and she handles it with such grace She describes every person in the book as ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL or Gorgeous, which is also again so unrealistic It is a very quick read, but I would not read it again or honestly recommend it.

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    Other than total and complete sweetness, there isn t a lot to say about this book It was good natured and written in a fast, easy pace I loved that Grace Emily was an easy character to like and learn from She was naive, but mature at the same time and I adore characters like that Many times main characters of YA books can come of almost perfect, but Grace was definitely flawed as were many of the other characters It was just a sweet book.

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    One of my favorite quick, short YA reads Grace Ace Kincaid is a fifteen year old teenage tennis phenom, until she decides right before the US Open that she s done She is spirited away to the wilds of Alaska to hide, recover and find herself Is this book a masterpiece No Is this book awesome Yes It s quick, fun and touching.

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