Four Ever

Four Ever Surrounded By A Group Of Devoted Four Footed And Two Winged Family Members, Zak And Killian Have Built What Should Have Been A Dream Life In Their Countryside Farmhouse But A Cruel Twist Of Fate And The Re Emergence Of Old Demons Has Frayed The Edges Of The Men S Seven Year Relationship Until Just One Wrong Move Could End Up Severing Their Bond For Good Seemingly Content To Walk On Eggshells Around One Another, Things Come To A Head When ER Nurse Zak Brings His Work Home With Him Literally After Being Forced To Leave Their Posh Southern California Lives, Homeless Stepbrothers Liam And Noah Are Slowly Losing Themselves To The Streets They Can T Seem To Escape When Twenty One Year Old Liam Is Beaten Up While Protecting His Younger Brother, The Pair Find Themselves Being Welcomed Into A Home Where Being A Stray Is Considered A Good Thing But Liam And Nineteen Year Old Noah Have Learned The Hard Way That Nothing Is Given For Free And There S No Such Thing As The Kindness Of Strangers Survival Means Only Counting On And Trusting In Each Other Will Zak And Killian S Offer Of A No Strings Attached Place To Heal End Up Being Than Any Of The Four Men Bargained For Especially When Feelings Between Liam And Noah Begin To Crawl To The Surface And The Truth Of What Zak And Killian S Relationship Has Turned Into Becomes Harder To Deny And What Happens When Lines Begin To Blur And Needs Start To Change Will Zak, Killian, Liam, And Noah End Up Going Their Separate Ways Or Will They Learn That Love Doesn T Always Come In Twos This Is A Novel About A Foursome Relationship, Not Just A Story Of Two Separate Couples In Physical Relationships With One Another Thus, There Is No Cheating In This Story This Is A Standalone Novel Trigger Warning The Trigger Warnings In This Book May Be Considered Spoilerish So They Can Be Found By Using The Look Inside Feature Or By Downloading The Sample And Going To The Section Entitled Trigger Warning

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[Reading] ➹ Four Ever  By Sloane Kennedy –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 334 pages
  • Four Ever
  • Sloane Kennedy
  • English
  • 18 September 2019

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    Sweet baby Jesus, this was one highly entertaining read I know, I know, you read the blurb and think hot, dirty porn, but that would be the furthest thing from the truth here.As I d expected, yes, there was some mild attraction, though not even immediately But once the genuine caring for the two wayward boys got page time, the extremely slow burn attraction did follow But that s the thing, it was nothing than a mild attraction, kept very much in check by the relatively dire circumstances of Liam being badly beaten and Noah suffering from panic attacks from a past horrific event.So no, This Was NOT Whores On Ice.I swear.You have ex cop Killian and nurse Zak, a couple in their early 30 s and together for 7 years, with their relationship in ruin due to the fallout after a tragic event at work, but the deep love never faltered for either man You also have 19 y.o Noah and 21 y.o Liam, step brothers and homeless for the last 6 months, after Liam took steps to save the guy he loved, only to be seriously injured while protecting Noah Just like with the strays that Zak and Killian were in the habit of taking in, it became apparent pretty quickly that, once Noah and Liam were safely under the older couple s roof, it was very likely that they d never want to or be asked to leave I loved that so hard.Then as soon as a mini horse named Nana and an injured toucan named Waldo started helping a mute Noah begin his process of healing, dudes and lady dudes, I was DONE FOR emotionally.Do not pass go, do not collect 200, take my goddamn money Take it, take it, take it I was truly blown away by the level of feels that the author evoked here, without resorting to even a single ounce of fuckery or unneeded plot acrobatics, which I have to say, doesn t happen to this seasoned cough semi jaded cough reader very often these days.And in regards to steam, as I d said, this story never felt dirty or exploitative, not for a single minute However, once all four of the MC s got on the same page, with feelings firmly involvedHOLY HELL This story had some of the steamiest steam to have ever been steamed Even though I d seen Sloane Kennedy s books floating around the Goodreads ether for several years now, somehow, this was my first book by her, but will most definitely not be my last.All 5 stars and this book will probably make my Top 10 of 2019 list And if it doesn t make the list I ll have been one lucky asshole to have found 10 other books this year that were at least as good This book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited membership.See All My Latest Reads Review Quick Links

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    Ever since I found out that Sloane Kennedy was writing an MMMM story, I have been on pins and needles to read it I haven t always been a MMM fan, but Sloane s books changed this in a big way and I was sure she was gonna rock this foursome as well I was right not surprising , at least that s how I feel about it Zak, a former marine medic who is now working as a nurse, and Killian, a former cop, have been together for 7 years Most of those years have been wonderful, but they have been hanging by a thread for the last one Traumatic events happened, decisions were made and talking never really happened Communication is key people So they have been trying to move forwardwith lots of fake smiles and lots of avoidance Thankfully they get plenty of love and comfort from all the abused animals they shelter because they can t seem to find that comfort in each other any Things are about to change though when Zak brings home a stray of the non animal kind P Liam has been on trying to take care of and protect his stepbrother Noah, ever since they had to run away from the only home they had Being on the streets is rough and dangerous, and fighting to protect Noah, lands Liam in the hospitaland in the hands of Zak While Zak and Killian offer both of them a safe haven to heal and to rest, feelings start to stir Not just between Liam and Noah, but a flame is being rekindled between Zak and Killian as well Now, what will they do when some very HOT interactions, has all four of them falling

    I was being loved from every possible angle and I d never felt relieved in my life

    I absolutely loved this one It was so HOT but also so very sweet I loved how these four men started healing and comforting each other They all had their own demons they were fighting I also feel that even though this is an MMMM book and the smexy scenes were awesome, it s a bit subdued when it comes to the steam factor I really liked it that way yeah I know weird right It made it so much than just sex between 4 guys No worries thoughthere is plenty of goodness P Hold on a little longerwant to get my tongue in that sweet ass of yours I love Sloane Kennedy s MM, MMM and now I also fell in love with her MMMM Let s hope there will be plenty books to come.Now I can t end this review without giving some extra credit where it is due Waldomy little dudeyou were absolutely awesome I never once felt that someone was being left out in this relationship Once they started all being together, there was no jealousy and no sex without all of them presentJust some misunderstandings and I will say it againcommunication is key

    When love doesn t always come in twos

    I highly recommend this one

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    Look at all those tags This book has it all relationship angst for not one but two couples committed but emotionally estranged couple Zak and Killian sexual discovery virgin MC Noah age gap Zak and Killian are a few years older than Liam and Noah, and established intense hurt, comfort, healing all four MCs, as well as the secondary animal characters, are damaged in some way past abuse trauma kink mild, but the book features a foursome after all slow burn but also plenty of steam in the second half strong HFN HEA I didn t think a book featuring a foursome would work for me I still can t see a relationship like this working in real life god knows relationships are hard enough with just TWO people But Sloan Kennedy has a way of mixing tender and dirty In the end, I fell hard for all four men and thought they were perfect for each other I also LOVED the menagerie of animal strays Zak and Killian took in I have four dogs, so I can relate Waldo the toucan was adorable This story has its share of angst because, hello, Sloane Kennedy , but I didn t mind The plot is very much relationship focused, and there s hope than tragedy.My only frustration was that the men seriously lacked basic communication skills which had nothing to do with Noah s selective mutism Zak and Killian especially were like two stone walls until the younger guys came along and tore them down Absolutely recommended.

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    1.75Whew chileeee I got some thoughtsFirst, I was all in for a MMMM because the the merrier and why the hell not, but what made this book such a damn bore is the MORE.Second, these dudes got way too much going on It would have worked better if a couple was out getting their freak on at a club and ran into another couple for a bit of fun and boom feelings start to happen There is way too much emotional baggage on these men for it not to feel like multiple dicks heal the world Third, not a damn thing happens 50% of the book is them not saying anything but feeling so much, 30% is crying and reassurances, and 20% is fucking BORING Fourth, sex shouldn t have a been a thing for the younger couple, and most of the fucking feelings from the older couple was inappropriate and shouldn t have even been a thing I m gonna look at you suspect if you think you wanna fuck a sick person by sick I mean a person with the flu and another who has gotten the shit beat out of him, and how it was mentioned both dudes looked sickly from lack of nutrition.Last but not least, the South Africa bit I stopped reading at 90% because that explanation of why Noah was the way he is pissed me off I see South Africa and the word barbaric and I ain t about that life, not even the piss poor explanation about genital mutilation made it ok I feel this way coming out of the RWA blatant discrimination against writers of colour and characters of colour Reading an email from a reader who wrote that she didn t think black people fell in love, that she didn t know we loved our children and basically have been viewing us as animals I m not here for using a predominately Black Country to further your narrative of how a character sufferedMISS ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT Overall, these are my feelings for this book It was a whole mess honey There is a time and a place for men who have suffered, and four dudes to fuck was not the time nor place.

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    I m away to hide in a corner after publishing this review, being one of the few that didn t like this much Four Ever really didn t work for me which is a shame because when Sloan Kennedy publishes a book I drop everything to read it My biggest problem was that the whole M M M M hoopla felt forced See, when a couple s relationship is already in difficulty the last thing they should be doing is adding another couple into the angst pot, especially when they don t TALK to each other The lack of communication drove me bat shit crazy and it made the angst feel manufactured, it certainly didn t give me the feels like the author intended it should, and I found myself skimming at times.I felt like I was thrown in at the middle of the story because for than half the book I had no clue what the hell was going on with Zak and Killian Yeah, there were teeny tiny hints but not enough to stop me from being irritated by not bloody knowing I get drip feeding to build the suspense and angst I love angst but this wasn t that, it was annoying.For me, this was a book of two halves and should have stayed that way Zak and Killian working on their committed albeit shaky relationship, and then Noah and Liam finding their feet in their own very new relationship because as a foursome they did not work Less cheese and character development might have made their M M M M relationship believable.2.5ish stars

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    Angst Lack Of Communication ER nurse, Zak early thirties and Killian early thirties has been together for good 7 years, old demons from the past has their relationship hanging by a thread Their lives suddenly gets upside down when Zak literally brings his work home Enter homeless stepbrothers Liam Savage 21 and Noah Bristol 19 who Zak mets when Liam is committed to the ER after taking a beating while protecting Noah Noah who doesn t talk, and is dependent on Liam Liam who does everything to protect Noah and doesn t trust that anything doesn t come with a price Certainly not a safe place, a roof over their heads that Zak and Killian is offering Then there s also that spark they all feel towards each other, but that can t beright It was on the tip of my tongue to remind Zak that no one loved him than I did, but I kept silent They were words I wouldn t have hesitated to speak eighteen months ago.But a lot had changed since then.Sometimes I wondered if maybe too much had changed.Maybe I d changed things too much.My heart pounded frantically in my chest as I watched Zak nervously pet Dash The need to walk up to him and take the cat from his arms so I could claim Zak s touch for myself was strong, but I managed to stay where I was But I couldn t stop my eyes from roaming over Zak s body.He was actually a hair taller than me, but not as heavily built We were often mistaken for brothers since we were both in our early thirties, had dirty blond hair, some scruff on our faces, and various piercings But whereas my tattoos went all the way up and down my arms and part of my chest and back, Zak only had a few on his upper arms And while my eyes were a boring shade of brown, Zak s were a startling, crisp gray that had flecks of gold and green in them His eyes were windows to his soul, even when he didn t want them to be.Like now.There d been a time earlier in our relationship that those eyes had only been filled with lightness, but that d changed.I d changed that for him. Overall, the book wasn t bad, but my expectation wasn t really all that high to begin with so there as little chance of getting disappointed There was little happy times, but there was a whole lot of angst in the book Four stories wrapping into one I think this was my first book with four men I had wondered how that would work, fitting all of the into a love story, into a healthy relationship But somehow it worked However, it s really annoying that the main problem in the whole book is simply communication Or the lack of it Seriously, there was absolutely no communication whatsoever It got really frustrating And as you know me, I always get a favorite, and if you ve read this book and know me then you shouldn t be surprised that Killian is indeed my absolute favorite in the book Also, I should probably mention that that book would ve been just as interest if not if there had only been Killian and Zak in it Liam and Noah just added to the story, at least that s what I felt Parts POV Part I 3% Killian Zak Part II 18% Liam Noah Part III 33% Killian Zak Part IV 43% Liam Noah Part V 49% Killian Zak Part VI 56% Killian, Zak, Liam NoahQuites From Book view spoiler They re not a stray dog or cat, I countered, because it almost sounded like he was letting me off the hook I should have discussed it with you Killian finally looked at me When he started walking toward me, I was both relieved and terrified.Maybe he d finally lay into me for the mistakes I d made It would be a goddamn relief if he did And maybe he d finally walk away like he should have so long ago.It would be my worst nightmare come to life, but maybe it would be a relief in some ways too Don t do that, Zak, I heard Killian say as he came to a stop in front of me His hand came up to clasp my face.Oh God, how I d missed him doing this I m never walking away, baby, Killian whispered in my ear before he kissed the soft spot behind it You want me to go, you need to tell me so No, I choked out No, never I couldn t bear to look at him because despite his words, it felt like I had a noose around his neck and he was practically ordering me to tighten it And no, they re not a stray dog or cat, but they needed someone to fight for them, Zak If not you, then who No one comes before you, Killian I m afraid you don t know that He tipped my head up because I was staring at the floor It was a behavior I hadn t felt the need to do in a really long time I had no idea why I was reverting to it now.I waited for him to answer me To say that he did know it That he d never had any doubt and that he never would.But instead, he leaned in and kissed my cheek His mouth was so fucking close to mine I held my breath, but his lips didn t move. Three Years Earlier Hey look, Liam, it s your new brother, The Creeper Stepbrother, I automatically corrected as I watched Noah walk slowly across the quad On his way to the library, no doubt.Or wherever it was he disappeared to during lunch.And before school and after.I still couldn t believe The Creeper was now officially related to me Aww, I bet your vows were beautiful, my friend Jack said as he stared dreamily at the sky and clasped his hands together Fuck off, I said good naturedly as I shoved him away from me Has the little queer tried to climb in bed with you a friend who was of a non friend, Derek, murmured as his eyes followed Noah until he disappeared into the building The way he d said queer put me on alert I had a lot of friends, but Derek was one of those guys who you knew hung around you just to be popular by association I d grown up with Jack and a couple of other guys and considered them buddies, but Derek had always rubbed me the wrong way, though I d never tried to oust him from our group Admittedly, it had kind of turned into a keep your enemies close kind of thing with him Not to mention the heavily built asshole made one hell of a center on my football team, and as quarterback, I d suffered fewer hits since he d joined the team And less hits meant less risk of me getting injured in such a way that a career in the NFL was out of the question As it was, I only had a few games to go before the season ended I d already been recruited to play for Ohio State when I graduated, so my main two goals in life these days were to win the championship game against our rival the following month and to do it with as few injuries as possible. We ll figure something out when we get to that point, Killian said I could see his mind already working through the problem in his head It was what had made him such a good cop SWAT He was able to look at crime scenes from all kinds of angles and he d applied the same thinking to suspects.Not was.Had.He had been able to look at crime scenes from all kinds of angles Because he wasn t a cop any. hide spoiler

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    Oh boy, this pulls my worst trigger A wrecked relationship that will presumably be saved by two additional guys.Not even the promise of interesting sex scenes could get me to continue with it.AND these guys live with a ton of animals from toucans to ponies and LOTS of other pets in the house That s not romantic, that s a mess, LOL.I ll have to pass this one.

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    Not for meDNFDefinitely not four ever for me, I got out of there at 42%.Yes, I ve rebooked my place on the Witness Book Program, as I know a lot of readers are going to disagree with me on this I feel really bad as I love Ms Kennedy books and she is only one of two authors that I would read a m nage storyline from, but I had problems with this.four big problems.I found it all very confusing, and dare I say, boring Yeah, I ve said it Boring Zak and Killian had their own problems not that we were allowed to know what they were and then, we had Noah and Liam s and their problems and on top of that, the way it was formatted that didn t work for me either And don t get me started on their zoo, well ok, zoo may be an over exaggeration, but it was verging on a menagerie and waaaay OTT on the realism side.If only they had communicated..So these four weren t forever for me .

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    It s been awhile since I ve read a Sloane Kennedy book And I m not sure I ve ever read a book that involved a relationship with four people I have to say, I quite enjoyed this one The beginning annoyed me a bit with all of the internal monologue between Zak and Killian about what happened between them They both internalized a lot of guilt but it took forever to finally figure out what that was all about Once that was all out in the open and Noah and Liam started to heal and they all four grew closer, I enjoyed it a lot .

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    Estoy en la minor a de las minor as con este libroEstoy mirando el ordenador pensando qu decir y no tengo palabras xD O mejor, s tengo palabras, pero no quiero ser ofensiva, aunque en este caso creedme que me cuesta.Ya de por s una relaci n de cuatro personas me resulta dif cil, las probabilidades de que cuatro personas se enan entre ellas son, cuanto menos, peque as Pero vale, pasamos eso de largo, cuatro personas se enamoran De verdad pretende la autora que yo me crea que sucede como pasa en este libro Una pareja establecida, con problemas de comunicaci n, que se aman y reaman, acogen en casa a dos chicos j venes, que se aman y reaman, pero en secreto, ya sab is, problemas de comunicaci n tambi n Y a partir de aqu , surge el amor, as , porque s , en cuesti n de d as, sienten algo especial desde el principio, pero no saben qu , algo especial, esa cosita en el est mago, ese bla bla veis desde el minuto uno se pasa una entornando los ojos Todo este procesamiento de enamoramiento tan monito y presioso y cre ble, sobre todo cre ble, el amor fluye, pero ellos ah todo tan natural, eh , poco an lisis ni na, muy realista Pues bien, como dec a, este enamoramiento va ir acompa ado con muchos animalitos que parecen salidos de una peli de Disney, conflictos internacionales a tope de clich s, abusos, intentos de violaci n, disparos, buahhhhhhhhh, algo m s Por favor Adem s, estas personas son muy lloricas, hay llanto cada tres p ginas aproximadamente.Que no, vamos, tonter a suprema Y si est is aqu por el sexo, pues tampoco es pa tanto.Lo mejor que puedo decir del libro es que no me he aburrido, pero claro, imposible alternando el entornar los ojos y el descojone total xD.Si no tienes KU, no te gastes el dinero.

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