Gypsys Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1)

Gypsys Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1) I M Not All That Special, Really Or Uncommon I M Sure There Are A Lot Of Girls With Old Gypsy Blood Who See The Dead, Have Killer Cults Hunting Their Family, And Turn Into Something That Gets Scary When They Panic Yep Completely Unoriginal, If I Do Say So Myself Move Along Nothing To See Here Nope I M Just An Ordinary Girl I Wish People Would Believe That I Ve Been Labeled As One Thing Or Another For Most Of My Life Death Girl Crazy Gypsy Girl Gothic Chick Monster It Took My Mother S Death For Me To Finally Start Getting Answers About What S Really Been Going On Unfortunately, Most Of The Answers Come From Menwho Aren T Just Men Somehow, I Ve Gone And Landed Myself In A World Truly Filled With Monsters, And I M Starting To Think This Is Where I Should Have Been All Along OnlyI Don T Understand What S Going On I M Walking Into The Middle Of A Story That S Thousands Of Years Old, And I M The New Girl On The Block Who Doesn T Have A Clue How This World Even Works My Only Guides Happen To Be The Most Lethal Of The Bunch They Decide Who Lives Or Dies They Decide Who Gets Stabbed Or Tortured Yeah I Ve Gone And Drawn Attention To Myself, And The Ones Paying Attention Are The Ones Everyone Else Seems To Fear How Do These Things Always Happen To Me Reverse Harem Language Warning Sexual Content Dark Humor

Kristy Cunning always loves a good laugh, and lives and breathes the emotions of the characters she becomes attached to Though she came from a family of musicians, she has zero abilities with instruments she sounds like a strangled cat when she sings and her dancing is downright embarrassing Just ask anyone who knows her Her creativity rests solely in the written word Her family is grateful

[Read] ➫ Gypsys Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1)  By Kristy Cunning –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 294 pages
  • Gypsys Blood (All The Pretty Monsters, #1)
  • Kristy Cunning
  • English
  • 28 May 2017

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    It wasn t the title that pulled me in There seem to be two things that make me look twice at a book cover, a striking not necessarily handsome bloke and a beautiful cape I m not sure what it is about them, but I would LOVE to have a hooded cape of my own Maybe it s the historical romance reader in me because I m still envious of the one Jane Bennet wore in Pride and Prejudice BBC version Now, the practicality of having a big sweeping hooded cape in Australia has held me back from ordering one For starters, it would be too bloody hot Secondly, where the heck am I going to wear it So, I saw the cover of Gypsy s Blood from a recommendation thanks, Lily on Goodreads and I was intrigued enough to look a bit closer.So, I m reading the blurb and nodding my head thinking Yes, this works for me THEN REVERSE HAREM Now, don t mistake my explosive reaction as being fully in the negative It just kind of shocked me for two seconds It s been a wee while since I ve stumbled across any group action in my reads so I had to readjust my expectations I m feeling kind of risqu and up for taking a walk on the wild side why the heck not Ummm excuse me, I think someone left out the harem action.Ok, what I was expecting and what I got was completely different, but, as you can see by the four stars, I still really enjoyed Gypsy Blood In my dirty little mind, I was picturing Violet getting ravished by the monsters What I got was a young woman moving to a town and finding out that all those scary stories she thought were unreal, were very, very real Violet is surrounded by monsters and some of those monsters won t leave her alone Side note these are my kind of monsters, there are no 3 headed, green skinned or ugly monsters in sight These monsters are the bossy, growly, sexy and magical kind that I love.At times while reading Gypsy Blood I was a little frustrated Things seem to be moving along at a snail s pace and I had so many questions that needed to be answered And, of course, I was waiting the whole time for a little of this harem action to kick in But, alas, we re in the first book of the series, and I need to get to know the lay of the land before I get any action.Honestly, I chuckled when I read the author s note Don t kill me Please I was lucky enough to have Gypsy s Blood recommended to me at the same time the second book was released I went in knowing it was going to have a cliffie ending, but with the second one waiting, it hardly fazed me.The characters were interesting, the storyline, while slow to begin with, definitely picked up speed There is an underlying hum of sexual attraction between Violet and the monsters but at this stage, we re still mostly in the dark as to where it will go I ve already bought Gypsy Freak and I can t wait to see if All the Pretty Monsters come together for the reverse harem thingamajiggy.

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    BR with my cake eating gurls at Reverse Harem Revolution eatallthecake 2 Gypsy Freak 3 Gypsy Origins 4 Gypsy Moon 5 Gypsy Rising 4.5 StarsAs you might be able to tell I thoroughly enjoyed this book I didn t even know existed three or four weeks ago I mean, this books name was thrown to me at random, as most thing are in the RHR lair The place is wack There are rooms within which are populated by LOTS of cake, swooning, books and the occasional random stranded male specimen, all randomly and suddenly airborne without notice, rhyme or reason It is quiet and then boom suddenly out of nowhere everyone appears, chaos ensuing shortly thereafter It was a fine day when I walked into a room and narrowly avoid a book about Archangels or something that was thrown at my beautiful face, along with a piece or three of cake Suddenly out of the chaos a voice rose, saying GYPSY S BLOOD I had only a moment to think of it before Praying Kitten Aqua Sparkle poofed on either side of me, chirping about it so loud you could hear them from space.Having read her very first book, Four Psychos, I didn t need much convincing to read this one I read it I loved it.Now, having not finished her other series and me in reality being three couch potatoes and a muffin in a fifties dress pretending to be human that knows how to people, I can t help but compare these two books in a fashion that greatly resembles nothing of a review.These two books are nothing alike yet they have two key ingredients that are the same in both The Structure and the Pace.Beyond that everything and everyone else is different.The story is intriguing I ve never read anything revolving around Gypsy s and the paranormal elements blended well with it to create something new and exciting The characters were great, and above all, distinct Each one had its own clear voice To reiterate this was the fact that we got POVs from most all main characters My absolute favourite one was Anna, The Pet Ghost Sidekick extraordin re to our heroine I can go as far as to say that I WANT AN ANNA FOR MESELF ASAP The guys are my seconds I mean is the sun blue Yes, yes it is I love their frienemy status You can just taste the comfortable second skin familiar hate that can only be brought forth from the strongest of Bromances.I think there was someone else I had to mention. Hmm. Oh yes, Violet or whatever her name is Lol, don t let me fool you my peoples She is a good character, she s just quiet As death That however, fits extremely well with the rest of the cast If she was with other people instead of this set then you would have forgotten her before you started reading I forgot her at times during, if I am to be honest Overall I greatly enjoy French Fries and being as random and as creepy as fuck You can now pretend you haven t already stopped reading and go away to read this book.

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    Great start, very funny Gypsy Blood All the Pretty Monsters Book 1 by Kristy Cunning is a funny and clever book with all kinds of creatures living in one area One gypsy comes to town to take over her mom s business after her mom is murdered Many monsters want her dead but no one will tell her why Lots of action and hilarious fun along the way She is saddled with a horny ghost too Pure hilarity

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    The Dark Side is one of my favorite series.This one is already topping it though.The world building had me scrambling a tad in the beginning and I sort of had a hell of a time separating the new characters initially It definitely got better at about 40%.Damian, Emit, Vance and Arion are all separate individuals I enjoyed their personalities immensely They are all cursed They are also sort of bad dudes I am fairly positive that everyone in this book is cursed a bit They all apparently deserve it too Poor Damian has it the worst in my opinion.The curses are not that predictable either so that is fun.I am not sure is fun is the right wordViolet January is great I love her She is in the dark about so much She has her own secrets too though Violet moved to town when her mother died because her mom left her the shop in the will, she assumed it would be safe there.The town ends up being full of monsters and monster hunters There is no way for Violet to hide who she is even though she does try.I absolutely loved Anna Her character had me laughing out loud so often my family thought I was losing my mind Anna is so perfectly, insanely, inappropriate.

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    So I m a bit of an idiot and I downloaded a bunch of books after taking some muscle relaxers for my back spasms and when I woke up, I found this book and many others on my kindle as a great little surprise for myself I started reading this one and got about halfway through before I remembered Oh There was a reverse harem in there This is one of the few times where under the influence me and actually got along but I do not condone this method of shopping or you will end up with a 5 pound bag of gummy bears delivered to your door and received by a slightly judgmental husband.Anyways, I went into this book thinking it was just a quirky paranormal romance and while it was that, the addition of the reverse harem was just icing on the cake.Violet has old gypsy blood which makes her able to see ghosts and interact with all the spooky spooks in the world, including but not limited to werewolves and vampires Her crazy albeit charming sidekick, Anna, is the world thirstiest ghost who is about to jump on any warm male that she can find and give you a full narration in the process Since she can t actually touch anybody and nobody but Violet can see her she is than happy to live vicariously through her friend and encourage her most strongly to get on the pony.Violet is sort of the silent but deadly kind She is powerful with the magic in her blood and she uses it in unconventional ways I love that she able to take people by surprise in this book and actually fucking defend herself instead of relying on the menfolk to get her out of sticky situations.This is definitely a promising start to the series I don t want to get too much into the plot because there is so much that could be spoiled, even by just describing what the hell is going on There are twists and turns and manly men that like to walk around nekkid Which Anna is completely okay with As I would be too Yow.

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    I was honestly going to give this a 4, but Anna deserves a 5 I could give her nothing less.

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    This was so good but I feel like I have so many freaking questions Mostly because of that god damn ending Gypsy s Blood will definitely make you swoon, laugh, and get mad occasionally It will definitely depend on the reader Now I loved Anna the ghost and Violet Their friendship just gave me joy and I loved them so much Anna was that one friend that just made everything funny She was hilarious from start to finish and I can t wait to see what the hell I m going to get in the next one Then there s Violet. and I was a bit confused with the whole family tree I have no idea who her actual mom is. or where her deadbeat dad is.I have so many questions when it comes to her.Besides all of that, there s Damien, Emit, Vance, and Arion I loved the first three because they seemed like such heart throbs We don t really get to meet Arion until the end. and if you want real information. he s basically Ace It was a little twist that blew my mind.Overall, I loved this book The twists, turns, and sexual tension were everything I want so much in the next book and I can t wait till I jump into it.

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    On the whole I really enjoyed this There s tons of reviews so I ll keep mine short so I can move straight onto the next book.I liked the guys, their relationship and the way they interact Anna was the star of the show, she stole the book and made me laugh She s the reason for the 4 not 3 Well her and the humour.Violet was naive, boarding on completely unbelievably clueless.Yes it felt overlong in places and I just wanted it to get moving and find out what was going on It s a first in series but now the scene has been set so I m hoping the next book won t drag Just don t run up the stairs Anna calls from behind me as I gamble and pick a direction The secondary characters always end up dead first when they go up the stairs, and you re simply not interesting enough to be the lead character in this story,

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    I m uncharacteristically late to this BR with the Reverse Harem Revolution but better late than never First Cunning gives us Four Psychos, now she gives us four monstersand they are epic This book has been all I ve heard about since Dec So I had some pretty big expectations, but I m happy to say Its worth all the hype I wont even be able to review this fully because I am itching to start into the next yes I am glad I waited so I don t have that awful wait for the next one haha I can start right now So I ll be brief Anna is the star of the show I love that crazy ghost Violet really was the Robin to her Batman The lines she came out with were just, classic Too many to highlight Every time she appeared I wanted to highlight the whole thing I just gave him a phantom blowjob If I lick it first, that makes it mine she shouts from somewhere behind us I ll stop, Gov nah Anna shouts with a faux Southern accent Please don t throw salt in my vagina again I just want to be her when I become an invisible ghost some day The monsters are just the icing on the cake Such a great harem I love it when its a mix of paranormals So slow burn but it s going to be hella satisfying The tension is building and I love it I m supposed to be the reckless one Arion is the psychopath Emit is the broken, savage beast Vance is the one who has his knickers jammed up his asshole and is supposed to keep the rest of us in line They haven t shown us too much of their monster side yet but I have high hopes I live in Ireland right So my view of gypsy s are not in line with the gypsy s we have here in this book.I need to re align my mental picture from this to They seem to be a race of supernaturals in their own right but with some of the foresight and potion making we might associate with a gypsy fortune teller Violet is a powerful one and holds some secrets herself I cant go on any, suffice to say this is making my top 10 RH but then so did 4psychos by the end of book 1 so I still have my fingers crossed this doesn t head the same way Maybe it took a nose dive because Kristy was working on this little gem instead

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    I am surprised I enjoyed this book I was introduced to the author with the Four Psychos series I still haven t read the fourth book because Paca got too much for me to handle and I m not in the mood for her chipper.This book had a character that was like Paca but it was easy enough to ignore her Violet is a pretty nice heroine but I just don t like the way she s so trusting I can understand why, since she had been left in the dark by her mother, still I wish she was a bit discerning.I really love that we have the guys POV in this, finally a chance to read a RH that gives individual personalities to the guys I can t wait to read the rest of the series.

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