Witches of Ash and Ruin

Witches of Ash and Ruin Modern Witchcraft Blends With Ancient Celtic Mythology In An Epic Clash Of Witches And Gods, Perfect For Fans Of VE Schwab S Shades Of Magic Trilogy And A DISCOVERY OF WITCHESSeventeen Year Old Dayna Walsh Is Struggling To Cope With Her Somatic OCD The Aftermath Of Being Outed As Bisexual In Her Conservative Irish Town And The Return Of Her Long Absent Mother, Who Barely Seems Like A Parent But All That Really Matters To Her Is Ascending And Finally, Finally Becoming A Full Witch Plans That Are Complicated When Another Coven, Rud To Have A Sordid History With Black Magic, Arrives In Town With Premonitions Of Death Dayna Immediately Finds Herself At Odds With The Bewitchingly Frustrating Meiner King, The Granddaughter Of Their Coven LeaderAnd Then A Witch Turns Up Murdered At A Local Sacred Site, Along With The Blood Symbol Of The Butcher Of Manchester An Infamous Serial Killer Whose Trail Has Long Gone Cold The Killer S Motives Are Enmeshed In A Complex Web Of Witches And Gods, And Dayna And Meiner Soon Find Themselves At The Center Of It All If They Don T Stop The Butcher, One Of Them Will Be NextWith Razor Sharp Prose And Achingly Real Characters, E Latimer Crafts A Sweeping, Mesmerizing Story Of Dark Magic And Brutal Mythology Set Against A Backdrop Of Contemporary Ireland That S Impossible To Put Down

E Latimer is the author of The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray.Her second book, Witches of Ash and Ruin, comes out from Disney Freeform on March 3rd, 2020.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 384 pages
  • Witches of Ash and Ruin
  • E. Latimer
  • English
  • 06 February 2019

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    I received an early copy of this book to review 4.5 5 starsMy god, this book I knew I was going to like it it was one of my most anticipated releases of the year but MY GOD.So, straight off the bat we have Irish witchy vibes, following multiple characters of the LGBTQ community bisexual, lesbian , the main character living with OCD, and the angsty hate to love trope Are you in yet Because that s all I needed to know beforehand And while that may sound like there s a lot going on, trust me when I say it works Everything about this book just felt right The witchy atmosphere was instantly believable, and one I fell into without a problem If anything, I wanted of it just slightly about the general small town community she lived in and its affect on her life The severity of her secrets being revealed in this conservative town didn t quite reach the mark for me, though with most of the book spent in a separate area almost away from the town, it s easy to see why this might ve happened Still, I was drawn into this book entirely It especially helped that the relations between characters were just so interesting, ranging from friendly banter and sarcasm, to angsty glares and protective covens Without question, I wholeheartedly believed these characters were exactly as described, and couldn t help falling into their story.And what a story it was Magic and murder mystery I m sold I adored the Celtic mythology ties to this whole gritty murder plot I ll say right now, it s dark It s bloody, there s mutilation involved, rituals and sacrifices and everything But my god is it written well for that dark tone There were moments where I felt genuine chills run down my spine, reading scenes that sounded like something from a horror movie It s been a long time since a book pulled that reaction from me, let me tell you But equally so, there s enough lightness and soft, family friend scenes to pull the book out of being downright horrific, and it s that balance that toyed with my emotions and made me love the book I feel like not enough people are talking about this, despite it being what so many people are looking for So if you re reading this and like the sound of Celtic mythology, Irish witches, angsty relationships with the added sprinkling of bisexual and OCD rep, all I can say is READ THIS BOOK TW self harm, OCD, panic attacks

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    Modern witchcraft blends with ancient Celtic mythology I m listening Bisexual MC with OCD YES

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    Wait, what This book features a modern witchcraft x Celtic mythology crossover AND OCD AND bisexuality Em, excuse the fuck out of you for not being published earlier

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    This book is absolutely amazing I mean queer witches, serial killers and Ireland, that s one hell of a great combo in my books and screams READ ME to me I was instantly hooked from the beginning, I mean how could I not be considering the subject matter, it s like it was written with me in mind I love that it features queer witches, it s so refreshing to see featured and and especially in a YA novel, I think that s really important I really loved how snarky and sassy and dark the characters were, it made it so easy to relate with them and care about them It also got a big plus from me for taking a bit of a dark turn with the serial killer plot line , I love when things turn dark and sinister and dangerous Long story short, I adored this book and highly recommend it Plus, look at that STUNNING cover I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and this in no way changes or affects my review.

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    My mom gives this book 5 stars JK, JK This book will inevitably horrify my mother and she will pray for my soul love you, mom In all seriousness, I m SO excited for my witchlings to be out in the world, and since ARC copies are just now popping up in the wild, I wanted to do a short content warning for anyone who might need or want it Trigger Content Warning List Homophobia and forced outing forced outing isn t on page occurs prior to story Mention of alluding to conversion therapy Self harm blood magic Mention of rape Alluding to mention of physical emotional abuseAlso, this may go without saying but I m gonna say it anyways, because I never thought about this going into other books and ended up regretting it If you have actual somatic OCD this book has the potential to trigger TF out of you Unless you have a solid handle on your mental health going into this, PLEASE go in cautiously WAR deals with health related obsessions, specifically breathing If you have OCD and are unsure if this book will trigger you, please feel free to message me and ask Stay witchy, my friends.x0x0x.

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    For some reason I m not connecting with this like I thought I would I think sadly, this just isn t the read for me I do love the witches and Celtic lore though, which is why I first picked it up ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    Rating 3.5Here for the bisexual witches, the fast paced plot, and anxiety rep but I need world building and answers The only reason I knew this book took place in Ireland was from the synopsis and just the thought of the missed opportunity on how atmospheric this could have been is truly TRAGIC.

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    review on my blog Dayna was the only thing that made any of this bullshit worth it So many people added this because I gave this 5 stars when I finished it and was inarguably on a high after finishing such an intense book , but I decided to lower my rating after a few days of ruminating First of all, I literally DESPISE the people saying you never give anything 5 stars, so I added this because of you You literally do nothing but make me feel like shit Also, most of the time I love things everyone else hates Therefore, please just make up your own minds about whether you want to read something because I m really, really sick of people relying on me to determine if something is good 98% of the time you dislike it then make a huge deal out of it to me and I hate hearing about it I know this seems really, really petty but I don t like it at all and this is my PSA asking all of you to please stop.A coven of witches and a true crime fanatic notice a killing spree reminiscent of a historical serial killer repeating in their small Irish town, Carman Dayna, the daughter of the reverend, recently ended a relationship with Samuel after her sexuality was forcibly outed, while her absent mother who was forcibly removed to a behavioural camp returns Along with her best friend Reagan, she wants to ascend as a witch Meanwhile, Meiner and Cora arrive in town to help the other coven Between the two, there s a power struggle over who will lead the coven after Grandma King dies Samuel, Dayna s ex boyfriend, is a true crime fanatic, scrolling through forums and seeking information on the Butcher His thorough information proves to be useful to the coven in uncovering information on the serial killer and his targets who happen to be other witches The reason I enjoyed this so much was how action packed and interesting it was Anyone who knows me is aware I get very bored with fantasy quickly, but there wasn t a single moment I wasn t engaged in this one The last 40%, for example, is non stop and keeps you glued to the pages in anticipation of the outcome With the fantasy books I ve read recently, I ve found the complications towards the end are too quick and lack proper explanation, but Witches of Ash and Ruin is fight after fight after fight after battle after plot twist It s probably one of the most engaging and intense complication scenes I ve ever read There was also wonderful diversity for a book set in a small town of Ireland Dayna, the main character out of six leads, has somatic OCD and Meiner insinuates she has something similar that she takes medication for I m not sure if the mental illness representation was ownvoices or accurate respectful, but there were discussions about the stigma surrounding medication as treatment and realistic depictions of panic attacks Of course, Dayna is bisexual and Meiner describes herself as qu r They re in an f f romance with each other, while Meiner and Cora briefly dated in the past It s not exactly an f f f love triangle since there s no reciprocation from those in the f f romance, but there s jealousy on Cora s part In addition, Reagan, Dayna s best friend and also a witch, is Nigerian and has two mothers one of which is Nigerian too Dayna and Meiner s romance is, unfortunately, another one that suffers from f f fantasy that takes well over half the book for them to begin developing a romance syndrome They sort of have a hate to love relationship since they argued when they first met, but it s never an intense dislike We need a subgenre of that trope called annoyance to lovers There wasn t much tension where you as the reader were desperate for them to finally be together, but they were undeniably sweet when they finally overcame their barriers The worldbuilding in Witches of Ash and Ruin is intense and enthralling throughout the entire novel I was glued to the page and found I couldn t stop reading The last 30% of the book is so intense that, despite being dog tired, I stayed up late to fly through it As I stated, it s one of the most action packed final sections of a book I ve ever read The action is non stop and engaging In addition, I ve discovered a lot of fantasy books don t necessarily describe the fight scenes in detail and I m left confused, but I could grasp everything that was happening in this one There s even a major cliffhanger, which I think suggests there ll be a sequel at least I hope so because that would be torturous to leave it like that.I liked all of the characters and their entwining relationships since this was set in a town where everyone knows everyone Despite there being about five perspectives, each could be distinguished as separate voices Some might think Dayna s relationship with Sam where she essentially uses his lingering feelings for her to her own advantage was pointless, but he was included as a character to further the Butcher plot and established complications in Dayna s past Moreover, I liked Dayna s emerging relationship with her mother, but it s incredibly difficult to describe without spoiling Let s just say I m a fan of weird things I love strange characters I love when characters don t act like normal human beings If that s something you re not particularly a fan of, maybe this won t be for you Witches of Ash and Ruin is a fresh take on the witches genre in YA paranormal fiction and was such an enjoyable read If you re expecting something like These Witches Don t Burn this definitely isn t the book for you It focuses on Celtic mythology, gods, triggering content, and is a lot gorier I d recommend with caution, but it was still an enjoyable read for me rep bisexual mc with OCD, sapphic mc with anxiety , sapphic mc, Nigerian side characterstws homophobia, self harm, mentions of rape, forced outing

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    Dnf ed at pg 59Maybe it was me but it kinda felt like I had been thrown into the middle of the book instead of at the beginning.I ended up DNF ing Witches of Ruin and Ash because I felt like I was missing a part of the book I mean, the beginning of the book felt very abrupt rushed to me, it would have been cool to have been eased a bit onto the story, and have had info about the world, the characters, etc I ended up feeling like I was missing a lot of background and then the relationship felt like forced instaloved to me, so DNF it was A pity, because I had big expectations for this one

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    Source Publisher Genre Young Adult Fantasy Rating 3.5 Thoughts E Latimer s Witches of Ash and Ruin tells the tale of 17 year old Dayna Walsh and those around her as a serial killer enters her peaceful small town of Carman, Ireland and creates chaos Dayna is a witch and so is her friend Reagan who apparently has two mothers Dayna is the daughter of a local reverend She recently ended a relationship with Samuel after her sexuality was forcibly outed On top of that, her absent mother Fiona returns looking worse than when she left and she struggles to also deal with OCD Full Review Gizmos Reviews

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