The Princess, the Prick & the Priest (Confessions, #4)

The Princess, the Prick & the Priest (Confessions, #4) Everyone Said Our Love Wouldn T Work That It Was Too Hard, Too Complicated, Too Messy Oh How I Enjoy Proving Everyone Wrong My Men Are Smart, Sexy, Sophisticated And Most Of All, Crazy About Me The Only Problem Is Trying To Explain That To My Big, Opinionated Italian Family But After All We Ve Been Through, We Deserve A Happily Ever After And If There S One Thing I Know About My Guys, They Always Manage To Have A Few Surprises Up Their Sleeves

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co author of the fan favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict A life long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction.

[KINDLE] ❆ The Princess, the Prick & the Priest (Confessions, #4)  ❤ Ella Frank –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 269 pages
  • The Princess, the Prick & the Priest (Confessions, #4)
  • Ella Frank
  • English
  • 22 November 2019

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    2.5 starsHuh I tried listening to the audiobook, but Robbie s voice was just off, he sounded like a whiny little thing It s me not the book Or maybe It is not me Me thinks we will be blaming all of this on my recent reads I was looking forward to this one and it just fell flat And I didn t get my DP or maybe it was in the book and I was not paying attention Nothing was really happening in book It was just all lovey dovey, too sugary and lusty for me And our Princess this our Princess that He is so perfect, we love him, we belong together, we are lucky to have found him It became repetitive and the theme for this book I felt that this was Robbie the Princess s show, Priest was the Prince and Julien was just there throwing around French one liners then disappearing I didn t feel his presence in this book He was too much in the background I also didn t feel the love between Robbie, Priest and Julien like I did in the previous books Anyhoo, don t mind me I still get a lady boner whenever Logan and Tate appear on page so there is that.I liked Robbie s supportive family.I liked the epilogue too It was all tied up neatly with a pink bow THE END.

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    This is the fourth book in the Confessions series and I have really come to love these three awesome men What I needed after three books though, was for them to have their HEA It was time PIn the past couple of books, we got to know everything about Julien and Priestand their horrible families But what about Robbie He is actually pretty close to his boisterous Italian family, but how are they gonna react to him being with two men.who happen to be married to one another.Thankfully Robbie s family is just as awesome as Robbie is and so all they ever wanted was for their son to be happy And he is They all are.This was definitely the fluffy read about of all 4 books Plenty of feel good moments and definitely plenty of steam.Yowza. A dirty talking princess is much fun than a proper one Trust us, we should know This book gave me all the closure I needed It was sweet, steamy, romantic and adorable All in all the perfect conclusion I highly recommend this series

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    4.5 StarsThis story made me feel happy and satisfied all the way down to my bones If the huge smile on my face when I finished wasn t enough of an indicator of how much I loved what I d just read, then the sheer number of times I was brought to happy tears throughout this story would have cinched it for me.In my opinion, this was a damn near perfect way for this particular series to end I loved seeing Robbie, Julien, and Priest in a much settled place in their lives and in their relationship There really wasn t any drama here not like in the last two stories This was just three guys madly in love and making plans for forever swoon Most of the plot simply revolved around Robbie finally taking his men home to meet his family I loved witnessing how Julien and Priest were welcomed into the Bianchi fold it was at times nerve wracking, but mostly it was filled with lots of humorous and heartfelt exchanges that left my heart light and happy Seeing how neither Julien nor Priest really have any important family of their own at least none who deserve the title it was truly lovely to see them both be so happily embraced by Robbie s family.I adored where this story went with this relationship It was all things magical, romantic, and swoon worthy, and it felt like a natural progression for these three characters to make things permanent And I can t even mention the levels of hotness and tenderness depicted in their intimate scenes without potentially succumbing to a fatal case of spontaneous combustion It was just unf There is definitely an argument to be made that this was perhaps a little too perfect, particularly considering the ease at which Robbie, Priest, and Julien s unconventional relationship was just effortlessly accepted by literally every person in their lives I, sadly, don t believe for a second that this would be the outcome in similar real life situations, but I read romance fiction for a reason, people, and the way these three men and their love were embraced and supported by those important people in their lives was bloody beautiful to witness and personally inspiring Ultimately, I just have to sing Ella s praises for helping me to be open minded in my own life, through making me fall in love with these three men and their non traditional love story It was a damn fun ride and I have no doubt Robbie, Julien, and Priest will be characters I ll enjoy revisiting in the future.

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    4 Super Sweet StarsOkay, so this one may have got a tad too sappy for me.

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    4 Stars I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to reviewing Frank s works, but she s consistent in bringing the feels and the smex and if that s something you like about her stories, then you will have no problem with this lovely conclusion for this trio.Simply put, Priest and Julien make it their mission to bring the feisty Robbie into their lives permanently, and they do it with all the sweet swoony romance and smexy smex one can imagine Hot hot hot I ve said it before and I ll say it again Robbie is one lucky fucking bastard This was a great send off showing their unconventional love being the best thing ever

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    IT S LIVE EARLY We re back with our 3 darling boys It s been six months since Priest s criminal father died and the boys have finally found their peace again They have a beautiful new home Great jobs An amazing home life.But now it s time for Robbie to introduce Priest and Julien to his big crazy italian family.Awww That was adorable And sad because it s over now Our three guys now have their happily ever afters And we got to witness it all.I really adored this final story It was so sweet and funny and erotic and romantic and happily ever after ish And we got some Logan and Tate again.Perfect finale in this amazing series Can t wait to see what s next

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    UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT Forgive me.2,5 stars They are HOT and PERFECT every hour, every minute, every second I was hoping this book would totally make me love them but NO I was suffering though the pages rolling my eyes so hard.I feel like I have to explain myself so be gentle I tried, really tried but in the end of this book I have to admit I didn t LOVE this series I like it some parts That s it I was reading because I love Priest and because it s Ella Frank But this is my last with these boys I can t read another thing about them The first book Robbie was beautiful These three coming together was good and so sweet I was so excited by their next adventure Julien s book was my least favorite now he s number two since this and Priest s was my favorite one I was struggling with this, SO so so this book was my last hope I never ever doubt about Logan s love for Tate or Tate s love for Logan Never And everyone who read about them know that they get down and dirty everytime But LOVE was there Undoubtable This series on the other hand I feel like it was all about LUST I mean he s just standing here he s perfect He s walking omg that s the sexiest walk ever He s talking OMG that s just awesome I mean woh All about arousal Shit That look told him one thing Priest was done holding back on that indomitable self control of his His arousal, his pent up desire It was on the surface now for Robbie and Julien to see FUCKING HELL PRIEST had known tonight was going to be a test of his self restraint, especially after Robbie had walked out of their bathroom dressed in skinny black jeans and a black mesh top Priest let him go and fished his keys out of his pocket, and as he did, the morning sunlight caught in his hair, making Robbie want to run his fingers through it The light and dark strands of copper, and the short scruff on Priest s cheeks was just wow You couldn t pay to get such gorgeous colors It was striking Robbie looked back out to the scene he was trying to comprehend, and Felicity chimed in, helpful as ever I can think of a few words hot as fuck Who knew Priest could dance Me, Robbie thought But not like that, that s for damn sure.Yes, it was Priest And yes, he was dancing But not the smooth, charming foxtrot around the kitchen No Priest was out there looking drop dead gorgeous under the twinkling lights getting down to some sexed up song Robbie couldn t even place right now .HOT all the time I was feeling kind of ugly myself haha Who can be that perfect And Priest omg I was in love with you the first second I met you You were just a bastard clearly But you were MY bastard so I like you like that Now You ve been reduced to making jokes all the time You just spoke to say nothing interesting Grrrrrr In the end I did not recognize you any.Don t start me about Robbie and the fact that for everyone he s special Why And Julien Nothing to say because nothing interesting about him in this He was just in love and amazed by the beauty of his men Every second Every minute Every hour of the day Every day.I just don t understand the purpose of this book I didn t learned about the characters In fact, there have never been any serious discussions in this Since the previous books all secrets were out, all background were shared It s time to BUILD a relationship And hell these boys were all about warm the sheets I really liked Robbie s family They are good, kind and just lovable I don t know why but something was missing with them Too much I mean everyone was accepting of everything It was like all was ok I just wanted one serious talk with their kids Just one But no I mean their son is just THAT amazing that he needs to date two guys who are married in the same time That s logic I just wanted a good talk about the feelings, the story between them I wanted to feel the insecurity for their son in this relationship I would have feel insecure for my child, I would have questioned him about his place in this, about his love for them, about his choice and about the plan because wow This is not common Same to the pregnant daughter I will have accepted them no matter what but a good talk can do no wrong Robbie s father with his capito throwing around all the time was so damn funny His sisters on the other hand was my favorite people Funny and adorable This was a sweet road Everything was ok So why this Tate and Logan s story was feeling so real I was laughing, hurting, crying with them so many times Tate s accident, Tate s family, the proposal , their fightsit was real This book Not so real I can not project myself in the hard reality with them They are too perfect to live in this world The scene in October was beautiful I have to admit it And the epilogue is my favorite part Five years later. It was sweet, funny and really cute I really loved the family they built Happy for my Priest And and and I really liked seeing my babies Tate and Logan again Hope we ll have some news about them soon

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    I don t know if you two are brave or just crazy to take him on for life I have absolutely adored this series by Ella Frank, and in this book Ella Frank delivers the ultimate happy ever after, the cherry on top, the love lottery win and this reader had a smile from ear to ear throughout the whole book These three stole my heart in book one, and by book four, these three had cemented their place.I will miss these guys.

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    The author delivered on what I wanted to readMy rating tells you all you need to know Ella delivered The Princess delivered The Prick delivered And The Priest certainly delivered .Loved it.

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    It s time to say goodbye to Robbie, Julien and Priest and Ella Frank sends them off into their Happily Ever After with much love and laughter The three unusual men are settling into their life together and there is only one thing to do The big family introduction Not without reason Robbie is a little fidgety about that His coming out was accepted by his family in stride but will they be OK about him living with a married couple It s remarkable how far these three have come Robbie is an endless source of joy and smiles for the stoic lawyer Priest and his drunk state in Robbie s childhood home, seeing him relaxed and devastatingly charming made me fall in love with him all over again She kept bringing them to me and was asking me to guess what she put in them Other than a shit ton of alcohol Robbie said, and rolled his eyes Have you ever heard of the word no Priest turned his heavy lidded gaze on Robbie and grinned Yes But I wanted her to like me, for you puddle of goo Julien has found his equilibrium after his heartbreak He rejoices in his relationship with the other two It s never been apparent that these three men balance each other out than in this one There is a sense of peace and calm they give one another that wasn t there before We d always hoped for that, for someone who could balance us out But I never knew how complete he d make us feel I loved Robbie s rambunctious family and especially his father He is the rock this family leans on in hard times This family s acceptance of Robbie s sexuality and his choice of lifestyle was miraculous, especially when you know that they are Catholic Italians That s definitely not something you see everyday I loved this tolerance and acceptance Robbie s sister has an interesting story and I wonder if Ella will tell it at some point.The Princess, the Prick the Priest is one long epilogue full of love and smiles and while I think that things could have been shortened that would have meant saying goodbye sooner This lovely book concludes the series and the three men with the unconventional relationship are finally ready to start into their Happily Ever After But I suppose we ll see them pop up in other stories now and then That makes the goodbye a little easier As he sat there staring at the young man who d walked into his and Julien s life not too long ago, Priest wondered what he d ever done to deserve not only one great love in his life, but two.

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