Pale Kings and Princes

Pale Kings and PrincesWheaton Is A Typical New England Small College Town, Not The Sort Of Place For Drugs And Murder But When A Reporter Gets Too Inquisitive, He Finds Both The Latter On His Own Spenser S Call Comes When The Local Cops Work A Cover He Needs Help To Solve This One Hawk For Back Up And Susan For Insight On The Basics Of Jealousy, Passion And Hate What The Trio Finds Is A Cutthroat Cocaine Ring, Where Drugs Have Value Supreme And Human Life Has None At All

Robert B Parker.Robert Brown Parker was an American crime writer His most famous works were the novels about the private detective Spenser ABC television network developed the television series Spenser For Hire based on the character in the late 1980s a series of TV movies based on the character were also produced His works incorporate encyclopedic knowledge of the Boston metropolitan area Parker was 77 when he died of a heart attack at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts discovered at his desk by his wife Joan, he had been working on a novel The Spenser novels have been cited by critics and bestselling authors such as

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    This is a run of the mill Spenser But run of the mill Spenser is still pretty good You could do better, but, believe me, you could also do worse.Spenser is hired by a newspaper editor to investigate the death of a reporter The local Wheaton police department claim the reporter was a womanizer, and that because of the genital mutilation the murderer must be a jealous husband, but the newspaper isn t convinced The target of the murdered man s investigation was a large cocaine distribution center, something the Wheaton police and most everybody else in town claims does not even exist.I have to admit this one bored me If you have never read Spenser before, you might like it The descriptions, the wisecracks and the fights are as good as usual, and a couple of the incidental characters a conscientious state trooper and the intellectually challenged son of the Wheaton police chief are well realized.But, for this Spenser fan, the form of this novel seems all too familiar Spenser, as usual, gets in over his head, and therefore must call on the expertise, this time not only of Hawk who seems less dangerous with every book and like an African American Tonto but also of gal pal Susan Silverman the psychologist there are two traumatized women who have to be interviewed, oh so delicately And I have to admit that Spenser needs them, or at least Parker does he needs them to pad the slim plot of the book.In spite of this, it is Spenser and still entertaining If it is at hand, and you need something to read, read it But do not judge the whole series by this mediocre example.

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    This one took me back to the mid 80 s when almost all the fictional bad guys were cocaine dealers Nowadays with villains like terrorists, serial killers, pedophiles and other psychotic nut cases hogging the mystery crime genre limelight, it almost makes me miss the days when a kilo of coke was considered the root of all evil.A newspaper sent a reporter into Wheaton, Massachusetts, to check out rumors that it s the major distribution point for cocaine in the northeast, but the reporter turned up dead and castrated The idea that a print newspaper would spend money on investigative journalism is another thing that gives me nostalgia for the good ole days The newspaper hires Spenser to find out who killed him.Since the local cops are either incompetent or crooked or both , no progress has been made on the murder and the chief makes it plain that Spenser isn t welcome Soon Spenser will be facing off against the Wheaton police, redneck thugs and a Columbian drug kingpin But maybe the biggest problem that foodie Spenser has is that there isn t a decent restaurant in town, and he ll have a lot of problems getting a good meal.I may have to revamp my theory that that all the Spenser books after A Catskill Eagle don t match the early quality of the series I d forgotten about this one, and it s a very solid Spenser tale with the wisecracking PI facing off against almost an entire corrupt town Parker still has Spenser capable of making fatal errors at this point The story is fast paced, and the dialogue still feels fresh We re past the point where there would be any major changes in the series, but this is still a worthy addition to Spenser s adventures.Next up Spenser Vs The Serial Killer in Crimson Joy.

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    The first couple of pages of this book irritated me with their conformance to so many hard boiled detective cliches Then I read the other 295p in two sessions and I wish it had been only one, because the break came just before the denouement and it lost a bit of tension because of that Not the author s fault, rather the tyrany of clocks combined with my ridiculous lack of sleep rhythm.Apparently this is the bajillionth book in the series of novels about Spenser, former cop, PI with a Code of Honour There are approximately another bajillion that come after it, too It s a genuine friller, page turning, not easily predictable It s also not quite as cliched as it appears in the first two pages Spenser isn t a womaniser, for instance He is also humanised and raised above the streets not so much by hints of intellectual depth e.g Marlowe s chess games and Joe Kurtz reading list as by the peeks behind his mask The hard boiled detective is a persona Spenser uses it because it is expected of him and because it offers emotional protection Also, Spenser does not really have a Code of Honour, after all Instead he just has a sensse of right and wrong that isn t necessarily rigid or overly informed by the concept of duty nothing about it seems codified at all, in fact.So initially Spenser is a lone gunman going up against a corrupt town, single handed It could have gone into A Fistful of Dollars territory but actually never strayed a step in that direction and by the end Spenser had put together such a regular little Scooby Gang that I was half surprised that a Slayer, a werewolf, a vacuum head, a brainy girl and a wise cracking side kick didn t show up Or a brainy girl, a vacuum head, a jock, a coward and his cowardly muttAnyroad, this was such fun amusement that I would happily read from Parker, but I have heard rumours that the latter part of the series shows a decline in quality Maybe I shall try to hunt up the first one Perhaps I should hire a PI to do it for me, but I think the trail of corpses might make me feel both scared and possibly guilty Spenser wouldn t feel the former of those two maybe the latter.

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    The word maroon appears 7 times in this novel Even the least Spenser book is still not bad This one falls into that category.The plot is complex, but the pacing is very uneven, and somewhat chaotic before the big climax fight at the end.There is little advance on the relationship between Susan and Spenser here there is one mention about being careful with it The rest seems to be static but delicate Susan leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips One of the things I like best about you, she said, is how earnest you are about your work You pretend to be such a wise guy, and you are so rebellious about rules but you are so careful to do what you say you ll do There s not too much else to be careful about, I said Post Christian ethics, she said I m careful about you, I said Yes, she said, about me, and about us You too, I said We ve both learned to be careful of us, she said.We looked at each other The connective force of our gaze was palpable Forever, I said finally.Susan nodded. See my review of Crimson Joy for Spenser Series opinionhttps review showThere are some fun quotes, see below.

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    Granted I ve been very busy this week at work so I was a little distracted, but when a book this short takes me 6 days to finish, it failed to grab me Spenser is hired by a newspaper to find out who murdered their investigative journalist looking into Colombian cocaine smuggling in Wheaton, Massachusetts as the local police have made no progress and may even be receiving payment from the cocaine smugglers not to find anything But the murder could also have nothing to do with cocaine and instead be the result of an amorous journalist sleeping with the wife or wives of the locals.The drug smugglers are from a time before cell phones and the internet and thus Spenser s actions can plausibly be successful The evil drug lords, however, seemed to be like small time thugs who dominate the town of Wheaton than infamous, deadly Colombian cocaine smugglers It was hard to take them seriously or get worried for Spenser safety, thus some of the tension was absent from the book.While the wrap up was a nugget perhaps worth the read, Spenser is over the top smart mouthed throughout I like the bantering humor of this character particularly with Hawk , but it just didn t click for me in this book He hangs out in Wheaton, Maine, Boston trying to knock something loose, gets his car blown up and, for the mop up, Hawk joins him for the finale If one wants to see the hanging out until something breaks done well, read Georges Simenon s Inspector Maigret series.Susan appears to go back and forth between Boston and Wheaton to basically sleep with Spenser, give him rides and cars, and join him in making fun of the local restaurants and food wine alcohol offerings Frankly, they came across as big city snobs The white knight, caring Spenser comes into play at the end for the wrap up finale, but for much of the book they both appear vacuous.

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    Lost track of what number in the Spenser series this book is, but it doesn t matter, it was up to par with so many of the others before it Parker hasn t lost his touch and I always enjoy reading a reminder about Spenser s ethics Susan tunes in with You pretend to be such a wise guy, and you are so rebellious about rules but you are so careful to do what you say you ll do To me, this is the crux of who Spenser is and the same, although at a different level, can be said for Hawk This is the primary reason, in my mind, they re great backups for each other They both know that the other has his back Susan a part of the plot by assisting Spenser in breaking down two not so stable women who have possible clues as to who killed a journalist The journalist was hired by a newspaper magnate who also hired Spenser to investigate cocaine trafficking in a small community Happily for me because he s so cool, Spenser called upon Hawk to help Fast moving book especially towards the end Fortunately for Spenser, it s always something to solve or resolve Glad that Parker continues to find that something because my fondness for these primary characters grows with each read.

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    The 14th volume of the Spenser series by Parker contains drugs, affairs and murders All in the small town of Wheaton, Massachusetts Spenser is sent there to investigate the murder of a newspaper reporter who is shot and castarated Valdez was investigating the cocaine business in Wheaton and was also rud to be messing around with the married women of Wheaton.Pretty standard Spenser novel Nothing new or earth shattering Spenser questions people They don t answer him He keeps questioning people they finally get fed up with him and tell him things No real secret in who the bad guy is, just how they went about doing it Hawk doesn t get involved till the end so not much witty banter between them Nothing special but not a bad way to spend a Saturday either.

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    I ve always liked Susan, but in this book I really came to appreciate her relationship with Spenser She was part of the team of Spenser and Hawk like never before There is one point in the story where Susan has to leave her makeup behind in a hotel room, and she likens it to leaving her face behind It is great and so Susan Still, Spenser is still the leading character throughout the tale Hawk, as ever, is the backup plan man This was a really good read, and I recommend it heartily.

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    I like the Spenser books They re smart without being smug as compared to Sanders McNally books It s also interesting to note how much less text it took 20 years ago to make a satisfactory mystery Today all the books are twice as thick, with smaller margins and a smaller type size And yet I don t feel like I was missing anything with the shorter book.

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    I always enjoy the Spenser novels This one was no exception, although I wouldn t rank it as one of the best.The Central Argus newspaper hires Spenser to investigate the murder of its reporter Eric Valdez in Wheaton, Massachusetts a fictional town set about 40 miles west of Boston Wheaton is reputed to be the capital of cocaine trafficking in the Northeast, and the newspaper had sent Valdez to look into it.Spenser soon discovers that no one in Wheaton is willing to talk about Valdez or cocaine The police make it clear that Spenser is persona non grata, and they try their best to thwart his investigation This leads Spenser to suspect that the police chief and or other members of the force may be linked to the cocaine trade.Spenser s investigation is complicated by the uneasy relationship between the Colombian and Anglo communities in Wheaton It s also complicated by Valdez s reputation as a womanizer, raising the possibility that he was killed for a reason unrelated to his investigation.As usual, Spenser mostly operates on his own and plays things close to the vest, but he does welcome some help from a state trooper who shares his doubts about the local police Ultimately, he also brings in Hawk for added muscle and Susan Silverman for support and advice Hawk doesn t make his appearance until near the end, which is a bit of a minus in my book Susan is there throughout, either in person or in Spenser s typical idealizing thoughts, but for some reason she s not quite as irritating in this one as she usually is Or maybe I m just building up an immunity.All in all, it s a fine story told with Parker s trademark wit and philosophizing Others in the series are better, in my opinion, but I wouldn t pass this one up.

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