Confessions: Julien

Confessions: Julien4.5 starsSometimes the best memories made are the ones you don t even realize you re makingIt s no secret that I loved Robbie when I met him in theTemptation Seriesand I ve wanted him to get his own book ever since When I found out that he was getting not one book but an entire series, I was so happy And so far it has not disappointedJulienwas just as amazing as the first book and I loved getting of Julien The Prick Thornton s story It was heartbreaking but it will make you swoon, smile, and fall even in love with Julien, Robbie and PriestAnd how does Priest look at me, princesse Like you re everything he needs to survive another dayI mean, come on swoons Their relationship really worked It was not easy sure but they each brought in something to balance the other two out and it was something special to watch Also, HOLY HELL this book was H O T It was crazy steamy If there s one thing you can expect from Ella Frank, it s that she always brings it her allJuliendoes end on a cliffhanger but it s not as bad I thought it would ve been So thank god for that small miracle I m excited for the last book plus it s going to be in Priest s point of view and I cannot wait for itThose who are meant to be yours will always find you An arc was provided in exchange for an honest review ROBBIE left us with a mild cliffhanger and JULIEN continues right where the first installment of the Confessions series stopped I was excited to continue Robbie, Julien s and Joel s journey and see where this new situation would take them.Robbie has moved into Julien and Priest s apartment It takes a special man to be able to not feel like the third wheel in an established relationship when you are the last to join but Robbie has no problem at all to grow into their new three ways relationship Neither do Joel or Julien for that matter There is no jealousy, no hidden aggression, each of them enjoys their connection to the other two, which is surprising and admirable, especially because there is so much history between Joel and Julien that there is a lot of potential for somebody to feel left out.But not Robbie I know I m a little loud Bright colors Suit you You re one of the brightest, happiest people I ve ever met, princesse And whether you are in a black suit or a bright pink one, you will be the shiniest, loveliest person in attendance He is pure light and love Rarely have I read about a character with a pure heart like his He stole my heart in the first book but damn, in JULIEN he is EVERYTHING While this installment primarily deals with Julien s past it is the flamboyant, beautiful man who almost steals the show He is sweet, patient and so, so perceptive He has the gift of waiting people out, listening to them and offering solutions nobody has considered The gentleness that is inherent in Robbie is only surpassed by his mischief which makes for quite some funny situations despite the heavy subjectWhat s not to love Julien cooks, you worry about the important stuff, and I make everything sparkle That elusive smile of Priest s lit his face, and Robbie added, I also love that I can do that What Make you smile It s so rare that it feels like a major accomplishment when it happensIt was hinted in ROBBIE that Julien carried a lot of guilt about his sister s death but how much it weighs him down becomes obvious in this book Around the anniversary of his sister s death he just falls apart and while Priest has always been his crutch through these days Julien never managed to move past his guilt It was harrowing and gut wrenching to see this strong, endearing character go through his guilt and grief when it seemed nothing would help him to move on The betrayal of those who should have been there for him was infuriating and made me feel for Julien even I hope that Ella writes some spiders into their beds in the next book A broken heart of gold, that s what our Julien has Joel Priestley has been an enigma from the first moment I met him in the PresLocke series Now we get to see the real Priest, the one who cares deeply, and even has a flirtatious side He is sexy in an over powering way and the most intense and controlled of the three While other people squirm under his gaze Robbie and Julien revel in his attention He doesn t open up easily but I loved seeing him being sweet and open with our princess Robbie just has this gift to make people feel comfortable around him and it was so apparent that Joel started to fall for him Robbie s sparkling yet gentle personality puts deep cracks in his armor Joel is the caretaker, the person who still functions when things go to hell and seeing his love for Julien was touching But you re never stupid, Julien You were just a little less perfect than you usually are Ella gives us a little bit of Tate and Logan in this book it s always something I get a kick out of when I m united with favorite characters from another series.I have come to love these three men so much and I love them equally and wouldn t be able to choose a favorite They all are so incredibly different yet so perfect for each other All of them have a goodness in them that is palpable and while Priest s is the least obvious it s the most rewarding because of it.This was a fast and satisfying read We are being left again with a cliffy that hurts a little than the last one but fear not, soon we ll have Joel s book in our hands JULIEN is alot angstier than ROBBIE and while the first half is mostly light and fun the second half digs deep in the anxiety department Now the wait for 3 begins Can it be September already People Are Complex Love A Double Edged Sword And When It Comes To A Broken Heart, There Are No Rules, Only Time For The Past Eight Years, Julien Thornton Has Been Living With A Secret One That Only A Handful Of People Know About To The Outside World, He Has It All A Thriving Career A Loving Husband And A Face That The American Public Fell For By The Millions, On A Reality Show That Inadvertently Saved His Life But Behind The Shine Of Celebrity, Behind The Easygoing Nature, A Crippling Truth Fills Julien With Pain And Self Loathing It S A Truth That He Fights To Overcome Daily With The Help Of His Husband, Joel Priestley, And Now Their Boyfriend, Robbie Bianchi But Unlike Priest, Robbie Doesn T Know What He S Helping Julien To Fight He Doesn T Know What Julien Did All Those Years Ago And With The Anniversary Of His Sister S Death Fast Approaching, The Time For Explanations Is Running Out And Thus The Question Will The Princess Be Able To Forgive The Prick As The Priest Once Did Only Time Will Tell Please Note This Book Contains Sensitive Situations Regarding Drug Use This is the second book in the Confessions series and it definitely had some very hot, passionate scenes in it A forewarning, this book is m m romance, and it also is about an unconventional relationship between three men Julien and Priest are married and have brought Robbie into their marriage as their boyfriend I like the fact that they never exclude Robbie from the two of them There is no jealousy either, and I am positive if there was a way they would all three be married This book is Julien s story or I should say mainly his story He has some major emotional baggage from his past, and when it comes out his men are there to pick up the pieces of his broken heart I felt Julien s emotional pain and it sure made me feel his devastation that he had been living with for the past 8 years I loved how Robbie breathes life into both Julien and Priest as they try to overcome their demons I just hope in the end of all of this that Robbie will be taken care of as well as he seems to take care of them I have always loved this author s writing, she has a way with words and is able to write emotion like you are feeling it right alongside the characters My only complaint with this book is that at times it dragged a bit I m looking forward to Priest s book, as I just know it s going to be a heavy one So glad it is out and I can read it immediately if I want to Not quite as good as book 1, but still a good read and a nice addition to the series This one was a bit heavy and serious then book 1 as we find out about Julien s past I liked that there was no unnecessary drama And I liked the progression of their relationship But if I m honest, Priest s book is the one I ve been waiting for Can t wait to get inside his head a bit. 4 It s the Principle StarsI m not going to proclaim I m a connoisseur of m nage because I m not And while I thoroughly enjoyed Robbie, this fell a bit short for me It wasn t the men s interactions but actually Julien s background, while tragic, wasn t all that interesting Sorry I just wanted to bask and further explore these guys new dynamic, because though I initially balk at than two in a relationship, the interplay and the intricacies of how this can work is quite fascinating on all sorts of levels.Most likely it won t come as any sort of big surprise that Priest is the star of this show, and this second installment only served to further solidify his magnetic self and compelling story Every time this man is on page, his scenes are absolutely riveting, searing them into my already mush brain.I would be lying if I said I didn t prefer just Priest and Robbie in a conventional romance, but I won t begrudge Ella Frank stretching her artistic wings If she hadn t done so way back when, we would ve never gotten Logan and Tate in the first place That would ve been a damn shame since it was my introduction to the wonderful world of MM, and after reading 900 stories and still going strong 4.5 years later, I d say she s left an undeniable and powerful mark on my reading habits.Of course this was sexy hot and swoony, and Priest s story will surely guarantee this series as a favorite I can t wait I d been looking forward to a book that focused on Julien, and it didn t disappoint Not only were we able to learn about Julien and his past, we got to see of Priest as he opened up to Robbie, too The three of them together are crazy hot I think my headphones might melt when this comes out on audio I can t really give details without fear of spoilers, but one of the things I loved the most was all the little ways the three men showed each other affection, trust, and love whether vocally admitted or not It s hard to imagine how a third could come into an established marriage without feeling like a third wheel, but everything Priest and Julien say and do shows Robbie that he s a crucial part of the equation He brings so much light and color to their lives I can t wait for Priest s book More seriouser than the first to me.Even though we again get all three s perspectives the story is Julien centric, complete with flashbacks Julien s turmoil is front and center and while I understand why he s haunted I also felt the big reveal was anti climactic I was expecting something MUCH bigger and nefarious.However, what I really liked about this one is the relationship development Frank is building something between these three that is binding them together but is also unique to each couple within the triad Naturally, I favored the dynamic between Robbie and Priest Shocker That scene in the closet I also like how Robbie s bubbliness is softening the rough edges of the other two He s like an eager puppy that just puts a smile on everyone s face, including mine He really is a burst of color in their black and white and gray world.Sex is pretty hot That shower scene gets a gold star Also, DP Not as hot as the first one, though that could just be me.People should watch out for the drug usage and binge drinking Maybe it is overly fluffy but I liked that they all show emotion and aren t afraid of their feelings I m looking forward to how it all plays out in MY BOY S book C mon Priest Hurry Recommend to fans of hurt comfort and m nage romances. Warning This is a Stan s review proceed with cautionWhat s not to love Julien cooks, you worry about the important stuff, and I make everything sparkle That elusive smile of Priest s lit his face, and Robbie added, I also love that I can do that What Make you smile It s so rare that it feels like a major accomplishment when it happens Another gushing and gifs I call review I am a Stan for this series and any Ella s Erotic writing, the woman knows how to write the kind of Erotica I love to read I am in Love with all the MC s in this book I want to read and about them I want 6 books I was hesitant to read this due to the mixed reviews, but I am glad that I decided to put on my big girl pant and read it, because we can t all love them the same I am happy I was among the ones who absolutely LOVED IT The main focus in this book 2 is Julien s story, I found it just ok, not that shocking and was sorry for Julien especially the way his parents treated him.This book had a serious tone than Robbie that was a plus.Robbie, Julien and Priest have some really hot chemistry I enjoy reading about their interactions, the way they all compliment each other These three guys just fit.I Love Robbie And his sparkling personality, He is charming, smart and damn right adorable, and fits perfectly with Julien and Priest I want to be Robbie sooo baaaad and have two men like Priest and Julien sandwiching me every night.I Love Julien and his cooking, He is Sweet, sensitive, speaks French which I find sexy as sin and loves His men.I FREAKING LOOOOOOVE Priest He is right there with Logan He is protective, charming, broken, closet romantic and absolutely adores Robbie and Julien.The SEX Was scorching HOT Robbie putting on a show for Priest poor Coat The DP and that damn SHOWER SCENE, I reread that scene so many times Priest and Robbie lit up the pages view spoiler hide spoiler 4 StarsWhere the first book Robbie was mostly about the chase and the conquest with married couple Julien and Priest adding a third to their relationship in the form of the delectable and sparkly Robbie this sequel followed the trio into a much established and settled place With the growth of Robbie, Julien, and Priest s relationship came better character development and tasty insights into their individual backstories, not to mention substantially emotional weight to their story mostly in the form of Julien s sad past tragedy.As much as I enjoyed this story I have to be honest and admit that I had a realisation while reading which may not be received well by other readers My realisation was this as much as I like Julien, which I do, a part of me strongly wishes that this series was just about Priest and Robbie Yes, that might sound bad but I can t help feeling this way Obviously, taking Julien out of the story would completely defeat the entire purpose of this unique triad romance, yet I can t help but be substantially compelled by Priest and Robbie as characters compared to Julien This small feeling of indifference I have towards Julien became particularly apparent whenever the other two shared solo scenes together and I realised I wasn t missing Julien s presence in the slightest, whereas every time Priest or Robbie weren t present I was extremely aware of their absence Honestly, I still really like the guy I pinky swear but considering it was his focal story, I feel like I wasn t as enad with him and his tragic backstory as I maybe should have been.Speaking of Julien s backstory, I found the reveals kind of anticlimactic Everyone mourns differently, as is their right, and the impacts of personal loss can certainly be felt strongly years on, but I honestly expected the details of Julien s past to have a greater emotional punch than they did There is no denying I m a crier and get emotional at the drop of a hat, yet I didn t ever really feel anything regarding Julien s past loss or his ongoing emotional turmoil I basically reacted with a confused is that it reaction when all the details were finally laid bare in the later portion of the story Even saying that makes me feel like a heartless bitch, but honestly, I just didn t get why he was beating himself up so badly over the circumstances that I ultimately didn t think were anywhere in the realm of his fault I m sure most readers will find Julien s backstory very moving and I m probably just a curmudgeon of an exception here, I just wish I had felt engaged with the feels than I was Now, some of that sounds a bit negative, but I promise, on a whole, this was a really successful reading experience for me As always, I found Frank s writing so smooth, polished, and with that ish quality that made it difficult to put down for very long I love her characters, and the fact that their story is predominantly relationship focused makes this my kind of story.As an inexperienced reader of m nage stories generally speaking , I m still wildly impressed by Frank s ability to make this a romance I can happily root for I think the key here is how completely transparent these men are regarding their wants, needs, and every desire Their honesty and openness keeps communication at the forefront of their potentially complex relationship and they make it work, putting all jealousies aside and supporting each other in all things It s quite inspiring when you think about it As far as sequels are concerned this was a win for me I ll now be waiting with bated breath for the final installment which certainly promises to be the best of the bunch although, I may be a bit bias there considering my utter obsession with Priest s character swoon

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co author of the fan favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict A life long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction.

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