Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 1

Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 1 Basic Kanji Book VolumeThis Volume Covers AboutKanji And The Second Volume Completes TheIn The Basic Series These Books Are Really Textbooks Just For Learning Kanji Each Lesson Covers AboutCharacters And Begins With A Section Called About The Kanji Which Gives Interesting Background On The Kanji You Are About To Learn Next Comes Writing And Reading Lessons For Each Kanji Lastly, There Is A Longer Reading Section Followed By A Game Or Some Quiz

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Chieko Kano author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 228 pages
  • Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 1
  • Chieko Kano
  • Multiple languages
  • 06 February 2019
  • 9784893580917

10 thoughts on “Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 1

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    Very good book for a start You need to know some grammar basics to do exercises, so it is not a book for someone from level 0 I especially enjoyed excersises All other books that I saw in a shop don t have them It took me about two months to finish it.

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    Really good for learning Kanji It shows the steps of writing, different readings, and a few words using each character It also has exercises so that you can practice reading.

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    I used this as a supplement to my class textbooks when I was a beginner in Japanese A very simple but useful way to learn the most important kanji As the kanji are grouped together some lessons have kanji that share a radical or meaning etc I found it easier to remember, and there are of course exercises to practise the kanji you have just learnt Importantly, the Basic Kanji Book also has lessons to introduce important fundamentals such as radicals, stroke order, wago, kango etc that I have found to be missing from some other beginner s kanji textbooks Both Vol 1 and 2 are in the same format and I do recommend this for beginners either to learn or review the most frequent kanji.

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    Great book for learning kanji My teachers in Japan used this book to teach us kanji I really liked the layout of the pages It gives the kanji, the meaning, the on and kun readings as well as the stroke order For each kanji the book gives common words that that kanji is used in It also includes tips on how to remember a variety of kanji Definitely my favorite book series for learning kanji.

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    Honestly it s the best book for kanji I ve ever used It comes with English translation of character s meanings and words, so it s a good book to use if self studying Japanese too

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    In 22 lessons, 250 high frequency kanji are introduced, grouped by categories sometimes multiple lessons with the same category , for example, kanji made from pictures, numbers, signs, adjectives, verbs, time, radicals, human relationships, movement, position, etc Meanings and readings are taught with a good amount of both recognition and production practice This is a workbook and you should do all the exercises to get the most benefit out of it It s good for a beginner but would need to be used in conjunction with other language materials that teach grammar, etc since you might have difficulty with the reading practice otherwise in understanding the sentences It goes without saying that you should already know your hiragana and katakana before opening this book For me, I already recognized all the 250 kanji, if not in Japanese, then in their Chinese meaning, so I was using the book for Japanese reading and usage practice For that purpose, I really liked the exercises, their relevance to real life, and their variety reading simple maps, letters, little games like crossword puzzles, etc I also learned a fair amount of new vocabulary from the kanji compounds presented.

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    I like this kanji book a lot They give you kanji in a nice order for learning, balancing starting simply with usefulness Showing a path of evolution from picture representation to kanji is useful, and interesting The various readings, examples, and exercises help me to remember the kanji, and how to use the different characters Overall, an excellent supplement to a Japanese textbook and class.

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    This was my first introduction to kanji as a beginner student in 1998 1999 and it was an indispensable learning tool It gave me a great foundation in the language and was structured well in that the grammar used in each section ramped up slowly as the units went on, complementing what I was studying with my teacher An excellent primer on kanji there is no other study text I would recommend.

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    Sudah saya babat habis buku ini sejak jaman kuliah Kanji dasar berjumlah kurang lebih 500 kanji di ajarkan di buku ini Mulai dari kanji alam sampai kanji tubuh Struktur kanji masih sederhana tidak terlalu rumit, begitu juga dengan jumlah coretannya masih sedikit Buku ini sangat bagus dan mudah di gunakan Sangat bermanfaat sekali bagi pembelajar bahasa Jepang.

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