Power of Five (Power of Five, #1)

Power of Five (Power of Five, #1) actual rating 4.5 stars I m not even sure why I m taking the half star off because I loved this book so much I considered buying a ring and asking it to move in with me Pleasant suprise I really enjoyed it Reverse Harem is still new to me, but I think this one is one of the best RH out there I hope the sequels are just as good. Four Elite Fae Warriors One Mortal Female A Magical Bond They Can T Allow Or Resist Orphaned And Sold To A Harsh Master, Lera S Life Is About Mucking Stalls, Avoiding Her Master S Advances, And Steering Clear Of The Mystical Forest Separating The Mortal And Fae Worlds Only Fools Venture Into The Immortal Realms, And Only Dark Rumors Come Out Until Four Powerful Fae Warriors Appear At Lera S Barn River, Coal, Tye, And Shade Have Waited A Decade For Their New Fifth To Be Chosen, The Wounds From Their Quint Brother S Loss Still Raw But The Magic Has Played A Cruel Trick, Bonding The Four Immortal Warriors To A Female A Mortal Female Distractingly Beautiful And Dangerously Frail, Lera Can Only Be One Thing A Mistake Yet As The Males Bring Lera Back To The Fae Lands To Sever The Bond, They Discover That She Holds Power Over Their Souls Than Is Safe For Anyone Especially For Lera Herself Power Of Five Is A Full Length Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel So, I totally forgot to write this review plus a ton others for September but since I just finished the third book of this series well, I thought it was the perfect time to write the reviews for this series Power of Five was a pretty good book I was a big hesitant to jump into this reverse harem book for having trust issues with past books I didn t want my heart or my eyes to be utterly disappointed Well, thank my lucky stars because I loved everything about it The characters were easy to like, maybe love, and the story was pretty entertaining.In it, you will meet Lera She is an orphan who is treated poorly by her master the douche canoe He beats her for so many reasons and I just wanted to sucker punch the shit out of him One day her life changes when four mysterious men show up River, Coal, Tye, and Shade were delicious in my mind and I wanted to know about them.Well, they are a part of a quint but they are missing a fifth member They ve been waiting for decades to find their fifth member and let s just say they were smidge disappointed to find Lera to be it Mostly because she s a female and a human They aren t human and all they care about is her safety because she will mostly likely end up dead from everything.So they go on this journey to tell the elder council that they don t want to bond with her Of course, they all start to develop feelings for her pretty fast and vice versa Out of all the guys, I m so intrigued by River I get that he s the commander and a prince but I don t get why he s wanting to get rid of her Everyone else is slowly getting on board to keeping her Heck, she wants to keep them.There s some smut, but not enough I need and I can t wait to see how far she and the guys go I also really want to mention how much I hate Klarissa Trust me, if you meet her you ll hate her too. Rating 4 stars1 The characters were all developped and were all likeable The guys were great and for once I don t think I had a favorite and Lera was a good heroine, a bit weak but with quite a mental strength She was definitely a perfect fit to her guys, vulnerable yet not afraid.2 While I found the wold building a bit lacking, I was pulled in the story from the first chapter It was nicely written and with the right amount of romance and action.3 Yes, there is instalove instalust or whatever but it didn t really bother me It just felt right and I really wonder how the author managed that 4 I very much want to read the next book and I m hoping that Lera is gonna develop some kind of fudging powerful magic That would be awesome.5 Shade in his wolf form was adorable Thank you Alex Lidell for providing me this ARC. Story 4Narration 3Overall 3.5Naturally for a reverse harem this book was steamy, but it had going for it than that The characters are well developed and the narration for each is clear and definable.I really did enjoy the story but while I felt the characters were well rounded and well developed I did feel that the story required something I cannot put my finger in what was missing for me, I think it just needed tweaking I do think that this is still worth a listen, it just didn t quiet fully work for me.Initially I admit, I was not a fan of the narration however I feel this is down to personal taste, it did grow on me a bit, but I did not love it I cannot fault the narration, there was nothing wrong with it I just didn t like some of the characters voices though as I said, they were clear and definable I do wonder if I would enjoy the story with different narration as I always feel that for an audiobook to completely be enjoyable the listener has to appreciate both the voice acting and the writing.I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Alex Lidell The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it. Note I beta read this for Alex It s Alex so of course it s amazing I love everything she has written and I am STOKED that she s venturing into my new fave, Reverse Harem Her world building is fantastic and the characters are amazing and omg all the swoons But it s not over the top it s the right amount of story with swoons added in This is a perfect book if you want to start a reverse harem series but aren t sure where to start I was planning to be dead Instead, I m alive than I ve ever been I think I just died.3.5 stars but rounding up to 4 stars because this was so entertaining and fun.We all know how much trash I am for anything fae relatedFour elite fae warriors One mortal female A magical bond they can t allow or resist in a REVERSE HAREM If I had to choose my one escapism fantasy THIS IS IT Buddy read with Reverse Harem Revolution.What a nice surprise this little book was Once again, I was tempted by my crew at RHR to try something out, and it was great Let s be real, this is PURE escapism fantasy, Leave your brain at the door and just go with the flow.Twenty year old virgin with big, strong, hot fae males, all hundreds of years old She is tiny and special, but not too special since she is mortal, and doesn t have any powers She was just chosen by magic to complete a quint A quint is a 5 warrior grouping of immortals to fight the evil monsters from another realm.River is the stoic leader who smells clean and woodsy Tye is a flirty shifter with red hair who smells like pine Coal is a blonde haired grumpy caveman from the monster s realm who smells metallic and musky, and Slade is the sexy wolf with healing abilities who smells like earth These guys are GREAT There are even a couple steamy scenes sexy, but not too raunchy We decided musky smells like this The guys think the magic made a mistake by choosing a human, but of course, they change their minds Now, they just have to convince the curmudgeonly, corrupt Council. 2.5 starsThis book was written like a YA fantasy romance, only with very NA romance scenes Based on that, I wouldn t recommend this for adults heroine is too immature, characterizations are weak or for young adults one romance scene is too explicit for that audience This was also my first reverse harem book, and yeah, no thanks to that The whole concept feels too Mary Sue for this book specifically all the guys want her because she s SPECIAL even though so far she has not done a single special thing other than exist.

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