Feminist Fight Club

Feminist Fight ClubUn Ensayo Incisivo Y Enormemente Divertido Para Acabar De Una Vez Por Todas Con El Sexismo Laboral Y La Discriminaci N De G Nero En Los Lugares De TrabajoEra Un Club De Lucha, Solo Que Sin Luchar Y Sin Hombres Cada Mes, Una Docena De Mujeres De Entre Veinte Y Treinta A Os Nos Reun Amos En El Piso De Una Amiga Para Hablar O M S Bien Para Quejarnos De Nuestros Empleos Ramos Ambiciosas E Inteligentes Y Luch Bamos Por Abrirnos Paso En Nueva York Pens Bamos Que La Batalla Del Sexismo Se Hab A Ganado Hac A Mucho Tiempo, Sin Embargo Continuamente Nos Top Bamos Con Minas Terrestres De G Nero, Incluso Con Algunas Cuya Existencia Desconoc Amos Por CompletoSi Volvemos La Vista Atr S, Es Evidente Que En La Actualidad Se Han Logrado Muchos Avances En El Mbito De La Igualdad De G Nero Aun As , Por Ejemplo, En El Primer A O Despu S De Concluir Su Formaci N Universitaria, Las Mujeres Todav A Ganan De Media El% De Lo Que Ganan Suscolegas MasculinosNecesitamos Un Cambio Pol Tico, Una Resistencia Y Una Protesta En Todos Los Frentes Y Necesitamos A Otras Mujeres Y A Hombres A Nuestro Lado As Que, Comencemos Por Unir FuerzasEste Libro Es Para Las Mujeres Que, Como Nosotras, Han Constatado Comportamientos Sexistas Y, No Obstante, Se Han Autoconvencido De Que No Suponen Un Problema Real O Si Lo Es, Han Cre Do Que Era Por Su Culpa Es Para Esas Mujeres, O Esos Hombres, Que Quieren Hablar Alto Y Claro Cada Vez Que Son Testigos De Una Injusticia Pero Que Temen Sufrir Represalias Si Lo Hacen Y Para Que T S , T Te Conviertas En Alguien Demasiado Orgullosa, Demasiado Informada, Demasiado R Pida, Demasiado Preparada Y Demasiado Fuerte Para Que Ninguna Persona O Ning N Sistema Te Ponga L MitesDentro De Cada Mujer Hay Una Guerrera En SerioBienvenida Al Club De La Lucha FeministaRese As Fresco Y Divertido Uno De Esos Libros Que Cualquier Persona, No Solo Mujeres, Deber A Leer Glamour Con Agudo Ingenio, Bennett Muestra C Mo Las Mujeres Pueden Derrotar A Sus Enemigos Y C Mo Los Hombres Pueden Dejar De Serlo No Pensaba Que Me Reir A A Carcajadas Mientras Aprend A Tanto Sobre Una Cuesti N Tan Seria Adam Grant, Professor De Wharton Business School Y Autor De Originales Y Opci N B Bennett Aspira A Transformar Los Lugares De Trabajo, Y Su Manifiesto Es El Arma Que Las Mujeres Estaban Esperando Booklist El Club De La Lucha Feminista, Al Igual Que Vayamos Adelante Y Girlboss, Es La Biblia Sobre El Entorno Laboral Que Toda Mujer Necesita Al Iniciar Su Carrera The Observer El Libro Ser De Gran Ayuda Para Sus Lectoras Y Tambi N Para Las Empresas Donde Trabajen The New York Times Un Libro Enormemente Interesante, Divertido Y Pr Ctico A La Vez, Repleto De Sencillas Herramientas Que Cualquier Mujer Deber A Tener A Mano Para Combatir El Sexismo En Los Lugares De Trabajo Jessica Es Una Voz Excepcional Y Proclamo Con Orgullo Mi Pertenencia, Con Carnet, Al Club De La Lucha Feminista Sheryl Sandberg, COO De Facebook Y Autora De Vayamos Adelante Y Opci N B Bennett Aspira A Transformar Los Lugares De Trabajo, Y Su Manifiesto Es El Arma Moderna Que Las Mujeres Estaban Esperando Booklist

Jessica Bennett is an award winning journalist and author who writes on gender, sexuality and culture She is a contributing writer for the New York Times, where she has covered sexual assault on campus, profiled female pot entrepreneurs, and was the first journalist to profile Monica Lewinsky in a decade She also writes a column on digital language called Command Z A former staff writer at News

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 413 pages
  • Feminist Fight Club
  • Jessica Bennett
  • Spanish
  • 12 May 2017

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    I am so conflicted right now I really don t want to be, but I am kind of hating this book Not because the content wasn t good or legitimate, but because whoever designed the physical layout of the thing decided to sprinkle girly fucking glitter dust all over everything The whole GD book is smothered in pink, frilly doodles and mindless diagrams that don t actually make any sense Empowerment Please It used to be empowerment until the girls toy aisle threw up all over it and turned it into GRRRLPW3R This is all so disappointing because the content of the book was actually pretty good Bennett made all kinds of valid points and observations about sexism in the workplace yes, it still exists , but by packaging her ideas in the literary equivalent of a pink princess dress she pretty much lost me FEMINIST AUTHORS It is not necessary and is, in fact, generally off putting when you market your work as though it were being sold to a Lisa Frank loving fifth grader Let s just collectively stop this, okay Thanks.

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    although the repetitive format bored me to death, this book has a lot of useful and interesting information, specially since I m just entering the work world myself but it s a shame this is very America centred and it tells again and again that women are people with vaginas, when it doesn t take a lot of common sense to know that s not really truefull review here

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    3.5 5 A humourous and handy guidebook, easy to read but refreshingly no nonsense approach to the patriarchy everyday sexism women face Biggest criticism is you need to cut down on the genital references Not all women have vaginas Equating women to their parts, even with the intention of being light hearted, alienates the shit out of trans women who are most discriminated against in the workplace, by far

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    I get what this book was trying to do and I do believe it has a some good points, suggestions and resources for women in the workforce BUTthis was SO TERF Y There was so much vagina centric rhetoric and puns oh god all the puns which is insanely unnecessary for workforce advice Overall, the advice for women of color, LGBT women or women with disabilities felt secondary to the main narrative if present at all If its not intersectional its not feminism This book got old REAL quick.

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    I think this book is going to get panned in the media Either that or it will be a big hit It s very buzzfeed it tries to engage through quizzes and humour and lists I understand where they re coming from and what they re trying to do Business books can be dry and they re trying to appeal to the 20 30 something female that may not have been enticed by Lean In To me it felt immature though I legitimately cringed at parts Then again, I don t like The Office, 30 Rock or most shows people find funny so maybe I just didn t get it As a note, I was sent a copy of this by Glamour to review

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    I m not certain how Feminist Fight Club got on my to read list, but when my hold came in at the library, I settled down for what I thought would be an instructive and in depth look at the casual sexism that continues to exist in the modern work place.I did not get that Feminist Fight Club is instead the highlights version it lists some of the various forms of sexism it mentions some of the stereotypes women can be labeled with it briefs over the trap scenarios women might fall prey to And while it makes a point of the data there s always data it doesn t take anything past surface level Most of the scenarios suggested to alleviate the situations raised are specific to a very specific type of office environment, completely disregarding the breadth and width of office life in America today This book also fails at taking into account the breadth and width of femininity in America today, too Rife with vagina tastic language, and blazing by the fact that women of color face multiple isms in the work place with only a brief mention, Bennett neglects to engage with the very worrying problem of white feminism Dedicating one chapter in this naval gazing book to the fact that black women struggle with the stereotype of the angry black woman does not suddenly erase the whitewashing of this problem Overall, a disappointing read.

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    Today s sexism is insidious, casual, politically correct, even friendly This is a book I wish I d been able to read when I was 21 and in those first jobs after graduating although based on US experience, it still identifies those office perennials the guy who talks over you in meetings, who assumes that you ll always make the coffee for visitors, that you ll always be happy to take the notes, and that your role is to be nice, kind, maternal and nurturing cos that s what being female means, right But rather than just identifying those problems that still irk women in the workplace, Bennett offers solutions funny, sharp and politically aware Best of all, she alerts us to the ways in which we can reel in allies to balance things with some subtlety allies who are both male and female.So, yes, a book I wish I d read, and one I d recommend strongly to anyone, male or female, about toenter the messy terrain of office politics.

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    I ve struggled with writing a review for this book than any other I ve ever read I did not like this book on so many levels As an upper management professional, I was completely offended by the portrayal of the workplace as hostile to women, and can t help but wonder how much of the hostility is self perpetuated even within the stories in the FFC Millennials, your mothers worked hard to break into business, get maternity leaves and other friendly practices, and climb higher than women have before My colleagues are women, my superiors are women, and we have always spoken our minds, shared our ideas, and been recognized for our expertise Bennett s picture makes it sound like we are back in 1965 If that is your office place, don t whine, get out Besides just hating the pessimistic tone of the entire thesis I was annoyed by the genderfication of language throughout the book which other reviewers have documented and do not think the liberal peppering of profanity helps make the authors arguments Profanity isn t necessary, it isn t scholarly or academic, it isn t pleasant, and it certainly doesn t prove anything positive Don t do it

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    The advice and information in this book is good, but to me, not very novel It felt like a sparkly, cartoon filed version of Sheryl Sandberg s Lean In I also felt disappointed that it gave only lip service to issues facing women of color, people of diverse genders and sexualities, and really anyone outside of certain white collar creative fields.

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    I wish I could give this book four to five stars, but I can t The book is chock full of snappy one liners and interpersonal business strategies for dealing with a sexist workplace It explains the importance of building up and encouraging your female coworkers and fostering a support system for other women in your field It also touched on racial issues within the feminist movement which I feel takes a backseat in many feminist circles However, this book comes off as TERFish Vagaffirm and various references to anatomy as indisputable proof of feminity along with idolizationof transphobes like Amy Schumer soured the book This book had alt of potential to be a great piece of feminist literature but sadly fell short of excellence Thus I could only award 3 stars on the basis of good advice but without inclusivity.

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