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Godlefes Cuckoo god lefe s cuckoo by Bill Todd.Danny Lancaster has been missing since the fishing boat Will they find him dead or alive a good read I liked the story slow and steady 4. Author and journalist Bill Todd is in his element, as he brings together a not too healthy cocktail of Russian terror in his latest offering of Godlefe s Cuckoo.His material could quite easily be the stuff of today s breaking news stories The Argus and the boys and girls in blue are already on the case.An explosion in a boat leaves an ex paratrooper mysteriously dead or missing at sea It almost feels like its author may have decided to give up on his trade and opt for a 2 deck chair on Brighton beach.But no, Bill breathes new life into our ace detective Danny Lancaster He is now fighting to save the lives of his mates who are being picked off one by one by mobster Star in s baddies in order to flush him out as a loose end, from a previous chapter in his life.Zaitsev, Kubanczyk, Abramov, Hansel and Gretel, are new ruthless characters who feel deadly real, each professionally hired killers in their own field with a mission to do away with our hero.With the odds stacked up against him, how is Danny going to save his friends Only an experienced writer with a well crafted storyline, a sound and aptly researched knowledge of the machinations of the underworld, can help him get out of this predicament.We return to traditional haunts such as the Bellerophon public house, and it s gratifying to see old faces reappear Wanda and Bob Lovejoy, Detective Inspector Pauline Myers, Hector James Wiltshire aka Skidmarks, Big Eddie Archer, Emma Driscoll and Soduko Wally Some of them will not return in future books, if there is any, because they will be dead.Each new novel Bill brings out is full of surprises It s not short on drama and has plenty of twists and turns with a strong narrative Now that Danny is back in the world of the living, it will not be too long before our hero heads for Jubilee Library, as despite the success of his latest book, this author s next book is already long overdue. Danny Lancaster Has Been Missing Since The Fishing Boat Rickyback Exploded Outside Brighton Marina Police Are Winding Down Their Inquiry But Wanda Lovejoy Continues Her One Woman Campaign To Find The Truth Half A World Away An Evil Man Kept Alive By Machines In A Private Clinic Nurses A Corrosive Hatred He Wants Proof That Danny Is Dead As A Toxic Mix Of Drugs And Disease Pull His Dying Mind Apart He Throws The Resources Of His Criminal Empire Into A Scorched Earth Quest To Find One ManIf Danny Lancaster Isn T Dead He Soon Will Be If there s one thing this Ginger Book Geek loves, it s discovering new authors and Bill Todd is certainly a new author to me I must admit that prior to being invited to take part in the blog tour for Godlefe s Cuckoo , I hadn t come across Bill before After having finished reading the book, I cannot understand how the hell I have missed him until now Godlefe s Cuckoo is certainly a different sort of read and I thoroughly enjoyed it butabout that in a bit.One of the main characters in this book is called Danny Lancaster, who is a Private Investigator I wasn t quite sure what to make of him at first especially as I learnt that he is actually supposed to be dead or missing, presumed dead There are five previous books in the Danny Lancaster series and I did feel as though I was missing something by not having read the five previous books That s not meant in a bad way but I am a tad obsessive and I love reading series in numerical order so I don t feel as though I am missing a crucial bit of information about past events The positive is the fact that I now have another five books to catch up on and I can learn a lotabout the legend that is Danny Lancaster Godlefe s Cuckoo is one of those books that is going to stay fresh in my mind for quite a while to come For a starter, the book s title is certainly unlike any title I have come across before I also loved the fact that the author gave a little bit of historical background at the beginning of the story I love learning little nuggets of information that many others would consider to be boring.The author s writing style is such that he grabs your attention from the first word onwards and before you realise what is happening you are hooked on the book That s what happened to me at any rate I found it extremely difficult to put this book down I just had to keep reading to see what fate had in store for Danny Lancaster and whether or not he could escape those who were wanting to capture him and kill him TheI read, theaddicted to the story I became The pages seemed to fly past in a blur and I didn t notice just how quickly the time was passing I picked the book up only intending to read a couple of chapters but a dozen chapters later and I was still sat there glued to the book.For me the story hit the ground running and maintained the pace throughout Reading this book was much like being on a scary and unpredictable rollercoaster ride with twists and turns aplenty This story certainly gets the adrenaline flowing, the blood pressure soaring and the heart rate increasing There were times when I almost had to read through my fingers or from behind a cushion because I feared what was going to happen next.In short, I really enjoyed reading Godlefe s Cuckoo and I would definitely recommend it to other readers The book has the perfect mix of drama and humour I will definitely be reading the first five books in the series and I can t wait to read what Bill Todd comes up with next The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 4 out of 5. This is a very fast paced thriller, with one of the best introductions I have read I love reading about legends, so this gem was a fantastic treat There are many characters that are central to the plot as the story unfolds I did have to concentrate quite hard to follow the action at times The weaker part for me was the Police interaction at the station I found it difficult to feel as much dislike for the DS Acting DI as I felt I should I found the sexual activity surrounding the female main character as unnecessary to the plot If these two points were not there, for me this would have merited 4.5 stars at least A cracking read with lots of thrilling action. Sometimes you just know simply by the author s name that you re in for a cracking read And here we have it Bill Todd No nonsense Sounds like a great bloke, and even if he isn t, he sure can tell a damn good story This book has it all going on Mystery, intrigue or are they the same , anyway, it s the diversity of bustling Brighton that sets the scene for this fast paced seaside escapade, where Danny the Champion of the World meets Ladies in Lavender and I loved it I got slightly confused at the beginning with the flashbacks and newspaper clippings and character count but that s definitely me not you William May I call you William William Todd aye slightly posher version but sounding equally as nice a bloke I reckon Yup, proper story this An unlikely hero, baddies, lust, unorthodox D.I with a penchant for vibrators, and best of all, the writing was a joy A beginning A middle An end And the talented Mr Todd even typed The End Ages since I ve seen that Shall most certainly seek out where Danny s story begins. I nearly gave up after the first few chapters of this book as I got a bit confused with all the characters being introduced in a short space of time This could just have been me as I was a bit tired at the time I am glad that I kept going as it did get better as the story settled down and in the end it was quite a good read I did however find it a little predictable and wondered what DI Myers s sexuality had to do with the storyline as it added nothing to it as know one else seemed to know about it apart from her partner Danny Lancaster does seem to live a precarious life and it might have been better, for me at least , if I had read the other books in the series first as I would have understood some of the dialogue better but having said that this is a stand alone book If you are wanting an shortish action packed read then this book will fill the brief for you. You really need to concentrate well whilst reading this book as there are so many different characters it can be hard to follow if, like me, you stop and start quite a lot Apart from this it was a very fast moving thriller, with lots of action and mystery involved Overall a very good read. This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader. He lit another cigarette Popped the ringpull on another can of Stella This was pointless He could sit here forever debating the pros and cons like some poncy intellectual while all the time he knew what he would do Fuck it, those bastards had to be sorted out Anyway, you had to die of something.So Danny Lancaster is a former soldier, injured in the line of duty leaving him with one prosthetic see also, Cormoron Strike He didn t seem to know what to do with himself after leaving the army and ended up a small time criminal who did a little time in prison Then he started working as a P I I m not sure if he could have officially done that given his record, but I don t know He seems to have skirted the edge of legality through this career helping the police frequently, but a known associate of noted criminals see also, Rebus and Big Ger The picture I get is of a less intellectual,violent, and less alcoholic Matt Scudder Given that this is Book 6 in a series, Danny Lancaster is a pretty established character and the novel doesn t spend a lot of time exploring the character, mostly it s just using him Which makes sense, especially given the plot but that means I have to rely a bitthan I normally would on extrapolating from what we re given and comparing him to better known characters When the book opens, he s been missing presumed dead by many for months There are some hoping he s still alive, who wish the police or someone would find him There are some who are convinced hoping he s dead, and are fully prepared to leave him this way And then there s one person who is convinced he s alive and will continue to be convinced until he sees a body and he s determined to find Danny.The problem is that this man is a Russian mobster, with a lot of money, a lot of power and no patience or much time to live Shortly before the accident, Danny had disrupted this Russian s smuggling enterprise and he wants revenge His associates in England pursue a particular strategy to bring Danny out of wherever he s hiding they start killing people associated with him, and will continue to do so until it works They do this in such a way that it takes the police a long time to realize that s what s going on and no one believes the first one to come to this conclusion.Once Lancaster realizes what s happening, he takes definitive steps to bring this to an end Now that the prey has been flushed from cover, it becomes a matter of hunter vs the hunted I m not sure which is which, really The action scenes are great, and it s easy to see why Danny Lancaster the series or the character have made it through five books already.Most of the characters, like Lancaster, are clearly previously drawn and established There are plenty of them, too Again, if I knew them, I could appreciate their appearance and use Those characters that are used for the first time I have a strong handle on and appreciate for I m convinced that I d have enjoyed thisthan I did if it wasn t my first Danny Lancaster book That said, you can absolutely read this as an entry point to the series it won t work as a stand alone, you re going to want to read a possible seventh, and at the very least to go back and read the previous five I just don t see anyone reading this and thinking, yeah, I m done now I didn t fully appreciate everything that happened here, but I could tell that long time readers would and that there was something about these characters that could inspire loyalty and excitement I liked it, I think I should ve and could ve liked it , if I d only done my homework Give it a shot or better yet, read some of the earlier books and you ll like this all the .My thanks to damppebbles blog tours for the invitation to participate in this tour and the materials they provided including the book image error After an explosion on a small boat eighteen months ago, Danny Lancaster is missing, presumed dead He s crossed a Russian who wants to make sure he is, and to pull him out of hiding if he isn t, by killing his known friends This is a taut thriller with some nasty people Danny has to remain focused to remove the threat He knows that might mean some of those he cares for are put in harm s way The two people who found him after the explosion are resourceful people and their clear heads are vital in a hostage situation I believe this story would work well as a stand alone, not just another in a series There are several points in the story where I wondered how it could possibly work out well for Danny There s some real heart in mouth stuff in this story and I enjoyed it very much.

I ve spent most of my working life as a journalist on local and national newspapers You meet a lot of people, see things, learn stuff For a crime writer, it s a plot factory.One treasured memory was lunching with colleagues when the bar filled with agitated policemen Who s he said a CID man, pointing.A good friend didn t like his tone and announced in her best Lady Bracknell voice, He s the

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