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Over the TopWhile there are certainly shades of propaganda running through Empey s account of his time in the British Army, as a call to arms to his fellow Americans, Over The Top is still not as in your face as Uncle Sam s or Kitchener s finger To me, this memoir is a valuable recount of life in the trenches because it was written relatively shortly after leaving them Empey does not shy away from the darker details of life at war although certainly he omits the extensive level of gruesomeness that later memoirs would introduce and I can t think anyone who calls this simply an adventure lark remembers reading the several times Empey recalls a man s brains spilling out, or taking a handful of them unintentionally He doesn t go on about how this makes him feel at the time, but one mustn t fail to grasp the starkness of such an image It undoubtedly affected him, even if he has neglected to tell us of the effect in an effort to buck up patriotism and enthusiasm for the war.I enjoyed this WWI memoir, as I have enjoyed many others Empey does not wax poetic about his experiences, and the details stand out all thefor it It s nice to read something contemporary of the time, and as long as one takes the call to arms propaganda slant for what it s worth, Over The Top is a fascinating memoir. I have read a good part of this book and have come to the conclusion that I really wanted to read Her Privates We I have since had a discussion with my son and he confirmed itThis book has some instances where people should grieve and be outraged This soldier s attitude is well, let s get on with our adventure He volunteers for so many training opportunities and gets all these opportunities I feel this is a propaganda piece and this guy was no soldier.I read mostly to learn I am a veteran and I can t believe this for one minute.I apologize to those whom I recommended this book. Clearly the publisher doesn t believe in editors or proof readers, which is extremely unfortunate. For all the horror the narrator experiences as an American fighting for the British in World War I, he has a surprisingly sterile view of things Author Empey spares no time to dissect his circumstances He only lays out events as they happen in a blunt, journalistic fashion, detouring only to make some chest thumping comment about defeating the Germans.Make no mistake, this is a propaganda piece It wouldn t have been used to rally the American war effort otherwise.However, there s still plenty to take away from it Life in the trenches, weaponry details, tactics and gallows humor pepper the narration That s what kept me interested the whole way through.This isn t the quintessential World War I book But given the role it played as a propaganda piece, it s worth a read for its historic value. A good read I was very disappointed to note that this reprint included all the captions from the book, but none of the photos themselves With that said, it s easy to understand why this book became a runaway bestseller Full of wry trench humor and personal stories of the author s experiences of the Great War. I was quite disappointed to see that the Kindle reprint of this classic included all the photo captions from the original but none of the photos With that said, it s easy to understand how this book became a runaway bestseller It s well written, skates carefully around the gory details of combat but is also full of wry trench humor It was written by the guy so many future Sammies wanted to be in those days a real, live American who went over there and lived to tell the tale I liked this one so much I hope to find a print copy so I can see the photos Highly recommended. This book provides a unique description of trench warfare during World War I Was written by an American, who, angered by the American failure to respond to the sinking of the Lusitania, resigns from the New Jersey National Guard, travels to England, and enlists in the British Army Serves in the trenches Is wounded After several months of convalescence, he is medically discharged, returns to America, and writes this book Wrote it to provide Americans, now in the war, some understanding of combat as it was being currently being fought to prepare them for what their soldiers would face on the Western Front His description the trench warfare is vivid, graphic, realistic Is an unsurpassed account of WWI from the perspective of an individual frontline infantryman Empey has a novelist s ability to convey a true sense of place has a fine eye for the significant detail, an understanding of the importance of the mundane He tells us everything about his life in the trenches how he dressed, how he was equipped, what he ate, how the food was delivered, where he slept, tells us of his constant battle with lice and mud Explains his weapons, what he carries, their use and value Explains the use of the gas mask, the tactics used to establish listening posts, to do trench raids, to counter machine gun fire Describes going over the top in an a major advance Explains the trench system, provides maps of the typical layout Empey covers everything, even the burial of the dead Chapters of the book could serve as a field manual on trench warfare while others are Empey s personal memoirs, full of his unforgettable war stories However, what makes this book truly unique is its tone Almost all WWI books were written after the war are full of disillusionment, bitterness, of disgust at the waste of lives This, however, was written while the war was still on going written before American involvement was significant And the author wrote it with an almost Teddy Roosevelt bravado with an attitude that sure war is hell, but it is what men do His unquestioning acceptance of this war is to a modern reader, odd He seems to have no problem with the static nature of the conflict, the random deaths from sniper fire or artillery shelling, the trench raids that never accomplish anything, the hopeless advances over the top into murderous machine gun fire His passive acceptance of all this as just the way things are is truly remarkable Perhaps this is proof that human beings can adapt to anything Or, perhaps, Empey was simply writing from the perspective of a survivor one who survived the ordeal and does not want to discourage others or seem to be defeatist, or unpatriotic Or a cynic might wonder if his rather positive view of the war might have been influenced by, or the book s publication promoted by, the British propaganda folks They were at this time, 1917, the best in the world however, there is no proof of their involvement here And Empey continued to write successfully after the war wrote other books, novels, pulp fiction, even screenplays In fact, he wrote the screenplay to this book, and when it was made into a movie, he acted his role himself Was quite successful Acted in several other movies Had an amazing life And this is an amazing book is a time machine taking the reader back to a different world. Just to be clear, I purchased an original edition of this book in a second hand store It s copyright is 1917 and it has the original cloth bound cover GoodReads does not currently have this edition listed and I, for some reason, am unable to add it.Given the time in which the book was written and that it was not written by a professional author, it reads pretty well It s simple and easy to follow, though some of the events related are obviously meant as propaganda and at least partly to reassure the potential young recruits of the comparatively inexperienced U.S army that the war wasn t as terrible as they might fear.What I liked best about the book was that it gave me a pretty good idea of what it would have been like for an American to join the British army in the First World War The characterization of the Tommies was endearing, though a little simplistic and never went into very much depth They weren t fully fleshed out even when they were the subjects of one of the anecdotes This, I think, can be chalked up to the inexperienced nature of the author.Over the Top is not a history book I think it would be fare to say that in large measure it is a fictitious account of the experiences of the man who wrote it Real events are contained in the book, but not everything in the book sounds quite right Some of it is clearly based on second or third hand stories likely recounted during lulls in the fighting The parts with the greatest detail and most vivid characters are surely events the author lived through What comes across most is that A G Empey was a brave man who witnessed a part of history most of us would never want to experience first hand His book is worth a read and it is sitting on my shelf next to my copy of Private Yankee Doodle. This book was first published in 1917 and was a best seller at the time It should be recognised that Empey was replicating his experiences of war and not writing a fiction novel so he portrays his experiences bluntly, just as they were The book is very fast paced, exciting and to the point It is fairly graphic but not unnecessarily so It clearly conveys the traumas that every Private experienced during this war Empey touches on the horrific reality of war and talks about his day to day experiences of trench warfare, rations, lice or cooties and friends dying before your eyes However, he also talks about the humorous side, the songs the soldiers sung, the memories they shared and how he made brothers out of strangers as well as military tactics, being a machine gunner and the firing squad Overall, it is a fantastic memoir of one man s recollections of the First World War and I would highly recommend it It s gripping and there s tonnes to learn from it This Work Has Been Selected By Scholars As Being Culturally Important, And Is Part Of The Knowledge Base Of Civilization As We Know It This Work Was Reproduced From The Original Artifact, And Remains As True To The Original Work As Possible Therefore, You Will See The Original Copyright References, Library Stamps As Most Of These Works Have Been Housed In Our Most Important Libraries Around The World , And Other Notations In The Work This Work Is In The Public Domain In The United States Of America, And Possibly Other Nations Within The United States, You May Freely Copy And Distribute This Work, As No Entity Individual Or Corporate Has A Copyright On The Body Of The WorkAs A Reproduction Of A Historical Artifact, This Work May Contain Missing Or Blurred Pages, Poor Pictures, Errant Marks, Etc Scholars Believe, And We Concur, That This Work Is Important Enough To Be Preserved, Reproduced, And Made Generally Available To The Public We Appreciate Your Support Of The Preservation Process, And Thank You For Being An Important Part Of Keeping This Knowledge Alive And Relevant

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